Les Murray Slams Australian Citizenship Oath He Penned as ‘Farting with Sincerity’

Jonathan Pearlman, Telegraph (London), January 25, 2013

Australia’s most acclaimed poet and the author of the country’s citizenship pledge, Les Murray, has slammed the oath as overly sincere rubbish and says forcing it on new citizens is “akin to Nazi Germany”.

Mr Murray said the pledge, adopted in 1994, is “farting with sincerity” and should be either abandoned or changed to “Ha, ha, ha, ha” or “Not a bad place”.

Les Murray

Les Murray

“What is the nation feeling guilty about to force this rubbish on us?” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “Why should I, the citizen, have to affirm any bloody thing towards the nation? . . .  Everybody now feels like a provisional citizen; you haven’t got any rights any more, only affirmations.”

Mr Murray, winner of numerous awards and occasionally touted as a Nobel Prize contender, said the pledge had been ruined by bureaucrats who changed his wording and removed one of his favourite lines, which stated: “And I expect Australia to be loyal to me”.

The pledge is sworn by new citizens at a citizenship ceremony and includes two versions, one which mentions God and another which does not.

“It’s heavy and pompous and sort of farting with sincerity,” Mr Murray said.

“If you’re born an Australian citizen or become one that should be it. They’re laying too much emphasis on nationalism altogether I have spent most of my life living here and taking it for granted, and I think that is a healthy way to be.”

The pledge requires citizens to declare “loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey”.

About 17,000 people from 145 countries will take the pledge this weekend during ceremonies that fall on the Australia Day weekend, which marks the arrival of British settlers.

Britain is the nation of origin with the most number of new citizens, followed by India, South Africa, the Philippines and China.

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  • God forbid that someone becoming an Australian citizen should have to offer any sort of loyalty to Australia!

    What an insight into the ugly, twisted mind of a typical leftist,

    • ArmenianWN

      Non of the muslims who are now 15% of Australia’s population are loyal to Australia….

    • GM (Australia)

      If I was an Englishman wanting to become an Australian citizen I would find it totally beneath my dignity to have to stand stand in the same line (at the public ceremony) as all the trash from the third world.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Those Indians just cant wait to escape their own people and the hell they created.

    • The__Bobster

      To create a new hellhole wherever they settle.

    • DT

      Assuming there was hell prior to the occupation of imperialist forces. Oh wait, there wasn’t.

  • David Ashton

    Australia (which weathered the global financial crisis) and New Zealand should remain linked to Britain, North America and Europe, not become a helpless appendage of Asia.

    • GM (Australia)

      Try and tell that to our politicians. (Last year the PM announced a thrust towards Asia and wants Asian languages taught in our schools)

  • The__Bobster

    About 17,000 people from 145 countries will take the pledge this weekend
    during ceremonies that fall on the Australia Day weekend, which marks
    the arrival of British settlers.

    Holy crap. They’re as far gone as we are. I’d have a hard time being loyal to a cesspool like that, too.

    No wonder Katie Couric gushed about “The New Australia”.

    • GM (Australia)

      Fortunately we have not gone as far as you guys, it is early evening here and I have just watched your president pleading the plight of 11 MILLION illegals in the USA. Fortunately we are surrounded by ocean which gives us a bit of protection but as you have asserted quite correctly the loony left determines immigration matters here just like it does where you are.

      As for Australia Day celebrating the arrival of early white settlers, pioneer farmers explorers, explorers and such like, that is a big NO NO. Not only would that celebrate the real Australia it would also upset Aboriginals who call Australia Day “Invasion Day”.

  • bigone4u

    The fat ugly lefty with 5 chins in the picture deserves his Nobel Prize. Just like the skinny ugly lefty in the White House deserved his.

  • IstvanIN

    Australia was founded and built by people largely from the British Isles. Their language is English. They were Christians. Australia could survive European immigration intact if, and only if, those non-British immigrants could fully assimilate into that founding culture, which means those immigrants would have to be Christian, or, at the least, non-hostile atheists, willing to support the Australian flag, constitution, and monarch AS THEIR OWN. They removed the oath of allegiance to the Queen, a greater insult to the Australian people than they may realize, as it was just the beginning of the attack on their founding culture. General MacArthur was very wise to retain Emperor Hirohito as “the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people” of Japan. Is it any wonder communist Cambodia brought back its royal family? Wonder why the North Korean communist party has that fat Kim kid as a front man? What “glue” will hold the Australian people together? Kangaroos? Grass-skirted Aboriginals?

    Multiculturalism is a recipe for disaster even if all the immigrants are white, let alone multiracial. Multiculturalism is what gave rise to the old world’s various nations. Multicultural states are artificial constructs, which is why most post-independent African and Latin American nations are such disasters. The United States was remarkable in that it was able to forge a united people out of the wave of polyglot immigration of the late 19th/early 20th century. Those people were expected to speak English and abandon foreign ways. The 1922 immigration semi-moratorium helped that process greatly by allowing the US to digest the children of the newcomers, and yet, even today, people who have never been outside of the US will refer to themselves “Italian” or “Irish” or “Polish”. Assimilation is a long and arduous process. If the US had not changed its immigration policy in 1965 we might have truly created an “American” man by the 22nd century, fully united by a flag and constitution. But isn’t to be.

    A nation is a single people, language, culture and religion working together toward a common goal. How else can one explain a tiny country like the Netherlands becoming a world power while India is a cesspool?

  • fakeemail

    Murray looks like a fart.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      and the smell!

  • gemjunior

    He is so disgusting and so hideous that he’s unbearable to behold. When one thinks of a poet, one doesn’t imagine a morbidly obese pink porker whose veins and rosacea are untreated. He is another self-hating white who hasn’t half the character of those men who built the country – all the men who came before him.

  • jtree

    “About 17,000 people from 145 countries will take the pledge this weekend during ceremonies that fall on the Australia Day weekend, which marks the arrival of British settlers.”

    My jaw dropped when I read that. They have drank the kool-aid and apparently with extra sugar.

    I can only assume that their merchant class is as traitorous as ours in the states. I had no idea it had gotten this bad and I must plead guilty to not paying enough attention to what’s been going on down there.

    • Anders

      Australians are quite fond of kool-aid and many Aussies do enjoy getting high on it.
      Multiculturalism/racialism is the state religion down here. Just about every politician down here is an overgrown university undergad leftist that is crazy about gays and refugees.

    • bigone4u

      When I was in high school Australia’s policy was to only allow whites in. I wanted my family to move there. Kangaroos, beaches, the Outback,all seemed so romantic. Plus, there were hardly any people there. I guess my idea was not such a good one the way Australia has turned out.

      • Anders

        You would have ‘bloody loved it’ back in the old days. And the ‘old days’ weren’t that long ago. When I was at school in the 70s all the kids had Irish/Scot surnames with German ones and a few Italians (Catholic school). There was about one or two well-heeled Chinese and one Vietnamese. That was it.

        The only Indians I saw (until fairly recently) were the ones playing Australia at test cricket. We used to go to the cricket and we’d meet the teams now and again and I remember us kids thinking the Indians and Paki’s were great blokes.
        Ah well…

      • GM (Australia)

        Yes, the good old days but you don’t need to get too far out of our main cities and towns to find an Australia that is still mainly white, has beautiful uncrowded beaches as well as the great outback, and not a Mosque or Muslim or Temple or Indian in sight. You will find real men and women working and mining the land and you will see lots of kangaroos, in fact they are in plague proportions and a driving hazard but the town based greenies won’t let us shoot them.

        • newscomments70

          They let in thousands of Africans/Muslims. Try immigrating there if you’re white. I tried getting in there. They want me to have 1.3 million AUD in assets for a provisional visa in Sydney, and 800,000 AUD assets to live outside the city. I’m still not guaranteed citizenship nor permanent residence. Who in God’s name has that kind of money? Should I just lie and say that I am a Somali rapist who wants to go on the dole? I imagine I would have a better chance.

  • PesachPatriot

    Wow…I always thought of Australia as a neat place with duck billed platypus and dingos and kangaroos….this citizenship oath hardly sounds like the stuff of nazism. I don’t see what is so objectionable about it….if I moved to australia I would have no problem saying it and meaning it. This guy is probably the worlds fattest poet…most of the time when someone thinks of a poet they think of a skinny starving artist type,not the individual pictured above.

  • GM (Australia)

    The whole Australia Day celebrations were quite sickening, multicultural madness at it’s worst with a bit of corny folk nationalism for good measure.

    Indians do in fact make up the largest group of new arrivals to this country, why? Not really something to celebrate.

    • Arya

      To be honest, the kind of advertising about immigration, job opportunities in English speaking countries, university courses etc. that are published in Indian newspapers and media sickens me. It makes me wonder if there really exists a shortage of skilled professionals in these countries? I can understand if these said advertisements were for temporary low wage workers but it’s not. Instead it’s in the fields of engineering, banking, management, medicine, ship-building, mining etc. When I visit websites like AmRen, I get the other picture. There are recruitment drives going on for nurses, specialized doctors, civil and mechanical engineers, accountants etc. in my country, as I write this. University officials recruiting for foreign students is another headache. I thought everything will slow down in this sluggish economy. If only, I knew how to put an end to this useless immigration. Time to plant the anti-immigration/emigration seed.

    • btmc

      Late last year, I attended one of these citizenship ceremonies and it made me sick. Africans were there dressed in their native clothes and they looked like clowns escaped from the circus. Middle Easterners/Muslims were there becoming australians, a village full of Vietnamese named Ngyen became Aussies and a few old Asian females who promised to fight for and protect Australia. What a load of crap it all was. They just sign up for the welfare and an Australian passport. It all makes me sick. I hate what has happened to this joint in 30 years.

      I used to look at America with desire, but I am now thankful I wasn’t born there. I love most of the white people I have met there, but the rest of the people that call themselves American I loath. We have gone the same way.

      • GM (Australia)

        Yes, I know that there are many Brits who came here back in the 50s, 60s and 70s when we were ALL British subjects, they do not want to have anything to do with these citizenship ceremonies where they are reduced to the same status as an illiterate Somali welfare recipient. (Who don’t even have the decency to put on proper western style clothes for such an important event)

  • About 17,000 people from 145 countries will take the pledge this weekend during ceremonies that fall on the Australia Day weekend, which marks the arrival of British settlers.

    Britain is the nation of origin with the most number of new citizens, followed by India, South Africa, the Philippines and China.

    Why do I think the country of origin numbers might not truly represent those who are going to be made citizens?

    • GM (Australia)

      Because there are” Lies, Damned lies and Statistics”. The authorities state that arrivals from the UK make up the greatest number of new arrivals here, the public then “thinks +50% ” and breathes a sigh of relief. No, it really meant that the 20% of arrivals from the UK was more than the 19% for China and 18% from India. These numbers have now changed so that Indians makeup the greatest numbers of new arrivals here. Of course the multi-cult activists are drooling from the mouth with delight about this.

      When is this madness going to stop?

  • Pelayo

    May I assume that the South Africans who are immigrating into Australia are the Boers who are being exterminated?

    • GM (Australia)

      Fortunately yes in part, but the do-gooders complain about a white South African farmer being given preference over a resident of Soweto.

  • anonymous

    ““Why should I, the citizen, have to affirm any bloody thing towards the nation?”

    This sounds like a statement of basic libertarianism to me. I agree with it completely. I also agree with the idea that if I have to swear loyalty to the almighty state, then the state has to swear loyalty to me. If they don’t, then all bets are off.

  • Charles Martel

    Hi everybody.

    Hi wanted to tell you, with my low english skills, that the situation is the same every where.

    I think taht in europe, France, my country is the most invaded and our politicians are th most corrupted.

    In my country we have at least 10 millions of foreigners, to wich you can several millions of “naturalised” strangers.

    We have almost 800 no-go cities, these are cities, town, districts where ploice can’t go and and where white people are progressively pushed out of the cities by violent africans, arabs and now romas people.

    We have laws that prevent us from putting a name on the thugs, the ethnic bands and criminalty.

    Our history is constantly rewritten and revised to ashame us about our past, and to inject within the minds that white people are racist warmongers while other races are innocent from every crime they committ.

    Illegals come and work in our contry without controls from the police states, they re employed by dishonnest french people who can pay cheap incomes and avoid taxes as they are invisible on the job market.

    In the same time the least job is required at teast two years of experience, even for short peridos of time like one month job contracts, while the africans, the arabs are required nothing, even not speaking french.

    The european union is also ggravating our unemployment rate by allowing spanish people, italian people, polish people to work in France with salaries that are only the two third of what is expected in France.

    We have numerous africans and arabs rap bands spitting racist texts towards french people, french institutions, calling to rape on french women, murders on french people, french cops, not only aren’t they prosecuted , jailed or merely fined but they are alos supported by the french ministry of culture, our departement en general councils hrough our taxes, while any racial slurs or the just the mere fact of saying that 80 percent of crimes in France are committed by africans and arabs can throw you in jail.

    We have a everlasting propaganda on tv, on radio, in our movies, in our administrative departements saying that our future is racial mixing, to the point that even the so called right wing last président nicolas sarkozy de nagy bocas (what’s french in that name? Absolutely nothing) told us that general racial mixing was the only way and that if the french people was reluctant to it then the french republic would have to use more binding means to

    force us into a general multicultural nation.

    99 percent of our politician are pro-immigration!!!

    Even Marine Lepen told us that in no way she intended to send 10 millions of parasites back to their countries.

    You see our country is lost, my fellow citizen are to soft, they re cokcless, they have no will to fight, they still belive that the solution is voting, again, again and again until they find the right party, wich doesn’t exist because all politician are pro-immigration.

    Why do they all behave like this?

    Merely because they are SO SCARED of what would happen if we decided to send those parasites back to their shit-holes, and because of this we can’t reduce the number of yearly incommings, cannot ban them from job market, financial aids, free health care and we don’t even have the courgae to tell them to stop propagating their customs and religions.

    We are living in a reverse appartheid where the locals have no rights, except the right to pay to feed and heal the invaders, our history is rewritten to pleased them, our celebrations are renamed not to offense them, our schools skills and levels are lowered not to offense them by showing their sutpidity, etc, etc, etc, and soon, they will have the right to vote.

    Already we have arabs and africans candidates to municpal elections in 2014, in belgium they already have muslims in charge in Brussels, muslims who quickly send a letter to the king of belgium asking him to convert to islam…

    And it’s going on, and on, and on…

    Well it’s horrifying and can you aimagine that’s the same in the whole europe?

    Spain is invaded by muslims claiming that they want Al Andalus back (Al andalus was the name of the muslim colony in spain 600 years ago).

    Italians are invaded by africans who set already on fire two cities in italia because italian dared to defend their women again africans.

    Germany is invaded by turks who refuse to learn german language and attack every german they see in their places.

    Sweden has the highest rape rate in the world because of muslims invaders who consider white women as whore simply because they aren’t muslim and refuse to wear the veils.

    Norway has the same problems, and even ruined greece is full of illegals who sell drugs, attack greeks, and pray allah in the streets.

    Australian people: You haven’t reched the levels of invasion we know in europe now, so grabd your balls, grab your guns and go at WAR NOW!!!

    later is going to be to late…

    Don’t mind about the accusations of racism and goodwin points that are going the be thrown at you, AUSTRALIA IS YOUR COUNTRY !!!

    Fight now!!!

    For those who want to know more about my country and europe, and if you can read french, follow those links:




    About our economic collapsing (yes, euro is collapsing inspite of all the lies cast on radio, tv and the net…)


    About islmaic invasion in europe: