Data: Teachers Form LI’s Largest Workforce; More Than 88 Percent Are White

Olivia Winslow, Newsday, January 5, 2012

The U.S. Census Bureau’s latest workforce data show that teachers of kindergarten through 12th grade in Nassau and Suffolk counties outnumber workers in any other occupation on Long Island, and more than 88 percent of them are white.

Among the top 10 jobs with the most workers, the only grouping in which minorities comprise the majority Islandwide is the nursing, psychiatric and home health aide category, the census statistics show. In that category, 52.9 percent of the workers were black and 15.7 percent were Hispanic.

Overall, the “worksite” employment data for Nassau and Suffolk show that whites are predominant in higher-skilled, higher-wage jobs, sometimes in percentages exceeding their share of the population and the labor force. Minorities are found in greater percentages than their share of the population and workforce in some lower-skilled, lower-wage jobs.

The census data, called the Equal Employment Opportunity Tabulation, is produced for several federal agencies responsible for monitoring employment practices and enforcing civil rights laws for the nation’s workforce. {snip}


‘Diversity is essential’

The jobs data for Nassau and Suffolk show K-12 teachers rank first in each county among the 10 job categories with the most workers, with more than 27,000 in each county. {snip}

The data—with the percentage of white teachers in grades K-12 higher than the national average—particularly underscore long-standing concerns among local school leaders and others about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity among teachers on the Island.

“This has been an ongoing concern among superintendents for years,” said Alan Groveman, superintendent of Connetquot schools and immediate past president of the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association.

“We’ve made efforts to recruit at city universities, city colleges, from upstate, out of state,” he said. “It’s very difficult to get people who aren’t born and raised on Long Island to move out to the Island for a single teaching position.”

The Island’s high cost of living and lack of affordable housing pose the primary challenges to successful teacher recruitment, he said.

A teaching corps that is racially and ethnically diverse is desirable, several superintendents agreed.

“I think diversity is essential, not only for students to have the opportunity to learn with all different types of educators, but it’s more reflective of the world they’re going to enter,” Roosevelt schools Superintendent Robert-Wayne Harris said.


Non-Hispanic whites were 69 percent of the Island’s 2.83 million people in the 2010 Census, and Hispanics were 15.6 percent, blacks 9.3 percent and Asians 5.4 percent.

Nationally, 79 percent of K-12 teachers are non-Hispanic white, 9.3 percent are black, 5.2 percent are Hispanic white, 2.6 percent are other Hispanic, and 2.2 percent are Asian, according to Newsday’s analysis of the Census Bureau’s data.


Recruitment efforts

As for the dominance of whites in the teaching profession on Long Island, Rockville Centre Superintendent William Johnson said his district has sought more racial balance among its teachers, to no avail.

“When we have an opening, for whatever reason, we get no minorities who apply,” he said. “We just don’t.”

Recruiting efforts in other areas of the country, such as Atlanta, haven’t been effective, he said. “I don’t have a specific answer for you except to say that we in the past have gone to other areas of the country and tried to recruit from out of state and nobody wants to come here,” Johnson said. “They can’t live on a starting teacher’s salary” on Long Island.

Lorna Lewis, the superintendent of the PlainviewOld Bethpage school district, agreed with Johnson about the difficulties in recruiting teachers to come to the Island. She also echoed his concerns that the education pipeline producing certified teachers may be lacking in diversity.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The U.S. Census Bureau’s latest workforce data show that teachers of kindergarten through 12th grade in Nassau and Suffolk counties outnumber workers in any other occupation on Long Island, and more than 88 percent of them are white.

    Yeah – and 99% are leftist idiots who brainwash and indoctrinate every kid who passes through their classrooms.

    As for the dominance of whites in the teaching profession on Long Island, Rockville Centre Superintendent William Johnson said his district has sought more racial balance among its teachers, to no avail.
    “When we have an opening, for whatever reason, we get no minorities who apply,” he said. “We just don’t.”

    Let me think Willy. How many reasons would you like me to give you?

    • pcmustgo

      50% of Blacks are illiterate. 50% drop out of High School. The “talented tenth” of Blacks is too busy getting recruited by large white corporations to fill diversity quotas for them to go into something like teaching.

      But I had many Black music teachers growing up…

      • dukem1

        They gots natchal rithm.

        • MekongDelta69

          You spelled “They” wrong. It’s “Dey”.

          But I forgive you, b/c I’m just THAT kind of a ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’ guy!

          • dukem1

            Oops. My bad..Force of habit.

          • The__Bobster

            You have a bad habit?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            And BTW it’s “riddim” according to the OED – Ossfurd Ebonics Dishionerry

          • falsedawn

            Iff eu spell korecly, youe gots onlee wun waye of speleing eech worde…

          • Go easy on him. It looks like someone skipped ebonics class in high school. Otherwise, he would know it’s “dey” not “they.”

    • The__Bobster

      Money well spent if he’s using his position to keep the mudflaps out.

  • pcmustgo

    My white ex-friend who teaches in Harlem says 70% of the teachers are white there too… ditto with all inner-city schools.

    Blacks are mostly taught by whites.

    • bigone4u

      Careful, the PC crowd will claim that is why blacks fail.

      • The__Bobster

        NYC teachers aren’t allowed to fail.


        NYC erases the ‘unsatisfactory’ ratings of lousy teachers – if they agree to
        Last Updated: 6:36 AM, January 6,
        Posted: 12:38 AM, January 6, 2013

        The city has a secret weapon to rub out incompetent teachers — an eraser.

        If a teacher who is deemed a dud agrees to quit or retire before a termination trial, the Department of Education will wipe out all of her “unsatisfactory” or U ratings and — voilà — change them to S for “satisfactory,” thus helping her land a job

        • IstvanIN

          When teaching blacks how does a teacher get a satisfactory rating?

  • Well, comma, it looks like we’re going to have to displace these white Obama supporting teachers with some die-versity. In other words, continue giving them just what they voted for.

  • dukem1

    This article is a good heads up for any young couple in Long Island.
    Get out now.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      My kids are in high school. I can’t wait to get the hell off this God forsaken, overcrowded island of misfit toys!!

  • jay11

    The trouble with these arguments is that the whites were there long before the blacks, latinos and asians came. You cannot replace a population and its way of life in just 20-30 years (barring genocide!) so when some blacks arrive in a quiet long island little town (all white) and then start complaining that the jobs are held by – gasp – white people, it is just so stupid.
    And more, when people with low literacy arrive in a place, such as indios from Mexico, and they complain all the hi-tech or skilled jobs are held by – horrors – the people who live around there and who were educated to hold such positions – what can you say in the face of such idiocy? Oh yeah – Idiocracy!

    • IstvanIN

      That is the problem with slow genocide.

    • JackKrak

      I know what I say to such idiocy.
      “How long have been a Democrat?”

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    There are about 100 school districts of Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties; Nassau is just east of the borough of Queens in NYC). The large number of relatively tiny, expensive districts makes it easier for parents to avoid diversity, which nobody wants, but which no one will admit to not wanting. [There are three or four heavily minority and highly problematic districts, as well on Long Island.]

    When there is a teacher opening in Long Island systems, there are hundreds of applicants. Veteran teachers often make well over $100,000. It’s an employers market. They can pick from a large number of good-by-ed-school-standards applicants. Teaching job seekers are in an intensely competitive market. The possibility that a non-Asian minority teacher applicant could compete on merit is utterly remote.

    Thus, what those superintendents are doing in saying no one wants to come there, etc. is lying. They and their parents want to be left alone. Parents of those tiny districts avoided the big push for school district consolidation in the 70s to retain control of their local schools during the forced busing debacles of the 70s, 80s and 90s. And it paid off.

    The South, with its typically huge county-wide school districts, was not so lucky. Federal judges took advantage of their vulnerability — due to their large size — to devastate Southern schools and communities with racial balance busing schemes.

    Long Island escaped. More power to them. Leave them alone.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Growing up in Queens County right next door in the 80’s I can tell you, we weren’t as lucky either. No neighborhood was safe from the Bantu influx. My brother dropped out, got his GED and joined the Army because of the daily depredations of the savages who were imported to his school. It wasn’t that we whites couldn’t handle ourselves it’s that we were ALWAYS wrong. The poor, underprivileged darkies with their angelic look of “Ahz Din Do Nuffins” perpetually on their faces got away with every criminal act and affront while the white students (WHO ACTUALLY BELONGED THERE) were treated with the utmost contempt for defending themselves. Sadly, my brother was not alone. Many white kids chose the same path rather than enjoy more “diversity”.

    • IstvanIN

      NJ Governor Christie wants school consolidation to save money. NJ has over 600 school districts, but most of us want local control because consolidation means every district in the state becomes Newark. He tells us our schools are bad because of the teacher’s unions. In fairness the liberals tell us our schools are bad because of a lack of money, but we know the real reason some schools succeed and others fail, and it is money or unions. Also, once you are in a regional school district you can never get out if the district that wants to pull out leaves behind a district that is too black. See Englewood Cliffs/Englewood, and Greenwich Township/Paulsboro.

      Greenwich Township (Gibbstown) is forbidden from having its own HS because that would leave Paulsboro HS too black. So grammar schools in Greenwich Twnshp are great but you better send your kids to Catholic school once they graduate 8th grade.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Governor Christie “tells us our schools are bad because of the teacher’s unions. In fairness the liberals tell us our schools are bad because of a lack of money, but we know the real reason some schools succeed and others fail, and it is [n’t] money or unions.”

        Exactly. I am no fan of teacher unions, to put it mildly. But far more fundamental to the destruction of American education is the demographic revolution engineered by liberal judges and open borders freaks in the White House and Congress these past 50 years.

  • bigone4u

    I smell another Eric Holder lawsuit coming on. We must not stop with equality of opportunity, but we must have equality of outcome. Or so the Obama team will argue.

    • Libearlsuck

      I’m more mad at whites who let themselves get bullied around by these scumbags than I am the people who push these lawsuits and threats. After awhile, it’s the victim’s fault since they let themselves be abused and never stand up.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Look at the comments on the Newsday article. White people are waking up even in a blue state.

  • falsedawn

    For the most part “teachers” have the intellect of a retarded Cocker Spaniel (I mean no disrespect to dogs).

  • And what’s the problem?

    If the primary criterion for working as a teacher were mastery of ebonics, then 99% of them would be black.

  • Susan

    The liberals all claim to love everybody,yet they all bring their kids to these white areas.Shows how phoney they are.Snewsday is an awful rag,saw this article Sun. and thought now they are going to start up again.Each year we hear from civil rights leaders how we are the most segregated area in the country.It is sickening..

    • anonymous

      I hope one day these black and liberal ‘civil rights’ people will have as much power and influence as a drunk, drugged out bum sitting in the streets does.

  • Liberalsuck

    How dare white people be allowed to have jobs! (sarcasm)

    In all seriousness, should the liberals be encouraging whites to be as productive as they can? I mean, aren’t we the ones they want to pay for all their liberal programs and to fund the welfare roles?