Changing Faces

Haya El Nasser, USA Weekend, January 17, 2013

If Rip van Winkle had slipped into his deep sleep 20 years ago and awakened today, he would have missed a stunning American revolution—a demographic one.

The USA now is:

• Led by a biracial president who will be sworn in Monday for a second term.

• More crowded (88 million more people).

• More diverse (Hispanics have surpassed blacks as the largest minority).


Van Winkle probably would be even more slack-jawed at the cultural upheaval before his eyes.

There are “childless cities” and even more childless neighborhoods because people are having fewer babies.

There are more single people. The median age of marriage is at a new high (28.6 for men and 26.6 for women). More people are living alone or with unmarried partners, and less than half of households are traditional husband-and-wife arrangements.


For most of the nation’s history, black-white race relations have dominated. Now, the surge in the number of Hispanics—who can be of any race but are counted as a group—has changed the equation. So has the rapid growth of Asians.


Fueled by immigration and births to immigrants, diversity truly is at a tipping point.

“When one demographic group reaches one-third of the population, the group—if united—becomes very powerful and large enough to affect the election outcome,” says demographer Cheryl Russell, former editor in chief of American Demographics and now editorial director of New Strategist Publications. “This is what happened in the last election.”

Consider: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gained an unprecedented advantage among whites but lost largely by underestimating the political clout of blacks, Asians and Hispanics, according to a Brookings analysis of the 2012 election. President Obama carried those groups by a margin of 80%.


Change is happening fast. Just since 2000, the percentage of non-whites went from 31% to 37%. But among the under-45 group, share of whites will slip under 50% in 15 years. Among kids, it will happen in six years.


So, to all those who may have slept through this demographic revolution, wake up to the new face of America. Says Russell: “We are going through a major transformation.”

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  • Svigor

    America is “going through a major transformation.”

    Sort of like how what my cat eats every day goes through a major transformation.

    • The__Bobster

      I wish we could bury our transformation in a litter box.

      • Svigor

        Will the last white man to leave the room please empty the litter box and turn off the light?

  • The__Bobster

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gained an unprecedented
    advantage among whites but lost largely by underestimating the political
    clout of blacks,


    No, he lost that advantage by turning his back on White voters, who stayed home.

    • ed91

      vote fraud, massive

      • Bob

        You go ahead and think that. Romney turned his back on me, I did not vote for him, and he can go to hell for all I care.

        • Torshammar

          I think both are true. Whites stayed home. And if we ONLY KNEW the level of voter fraud. I have a feeling the election wasn’t even close to legit.

    • Vanessa

      I didn’t stay home, I went to the voting place and wrote in huge letters across my ballot “NONE OF THE ABOVE.” The machine wouldn’t accept my ballot, so I took it home and framed it. If there were a place for write-ins I would have exercised that option.

    • He lost support when he proved he was going to be another one of Israel’s stooges.

  • David Ashton

    And don’t forget our “gay brothers and sisters” as the POTUS emphasized along with swearing on his Bibles.

  • NYB

    Who is responsible for the demographic change, van Winkle would ask.
    The Kennedys, Emmanuel Celler, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, the Bush’s, and a long list of un-elected profiteers.
    How did it happen so fast, he would wonder.
    Control of the media, the seductive power of bread and circus’s, and the morally corrupting effect of easy credit.

    • NM156

      You forgot to mention fiat money, borrowing by the US Treasury, and affirmative action, all of which are necessary for the ongoing invasion. Eighty eight million immigrants and their offspring added to the US population since 1993 is mind boggling. We’re lucky if we can save what’s left. On the bright side, white natives own 99% of the land in the US.

  • enough already

    Saw this article Sunday,and these people are so ecstatic whites are shrinking.Excuse me ,but are they so masochistic that they can’t see our future(South Africa,ghettoes ,etc).Unbelievable to me.

  • So CAL Snowman

    The Globalist Masters have worked their nefarious plans to perfection. The implementation of the Federal Reserve to steal our hard earned wealth. Two World Wars to fracture the psyche of the Western World, destroy its civilization and convince the White man that he is capable of the greatest evils imaginable. “Freeing” the blacks from the evil South and unleashing them on the entire country, while at the same time removing all barriers to non white immigration. Massive immigration from Mexico and Central America combined with the “refugee” resettlement by the UN (which oddly never places Afican refugees in the middle east or asia). Finally the “election” of the greatest fraud in human history to oversee the final stages of the death of America. Either the Fed Gov. will wipe most of us Whites out, or we will be forced to fight a bloody civil war in America that will make every other war in history look like a congenial game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  • kjh64

    Yeah, America is going through a transformation and it’s not for the better. You can see the decline, decade by decade. I shudder to think what America will look like in a couple more decades. It will be America in name only and resemble nothing of what it used to be. I see the non-White author of this article is of course, happy but will s(he) be when living in a 3rd world country, because that is what the US will be. All these non-Whites came to America for a better life but will, as a whole, be unable to maintain America as a first world nation because if they could, their own countries would be first world countries. They’re too stupid to see that with few Whites, they will kill the goose that layed the golden egg.

    • NM156

      We can stop immigration as soon as public opposition to it is strong enough. Too many idiots screaming about illegal immigration yet supporting mass legal immigration as long as its legal. These people need to be slapped out of their delusional thinking.

      • kjh64

        Exactly. Illegal immigration is a big problem but it’s not the only problem. I’ve heard that around 2 million people come to the US legally every year. Eighty percent of these are non-Whites and half require some form of welfare. So we are legally, every decade allowing around 18 million 3rd worlders and 10 million welfare recipients into the country. In 2 decades, 36 million more non-Whites and 20 million welfare recipients would be added That is like adding a new state of Texas made up entirely of non-Whites, half of whom are on some form of welfare, every decade and this is done legally. This country cannot continue to do this much longer and remain a first world country.

        • NM156

          Your figures didn’t include their children and grandchildren added per decade. The only way to support them is by borrowing, printing money a la the Fed, affirmative action quotas, and taxation of not just the rich, but the declining middle class, who are already disproportionately responsible for their enormous costs at the local level, such as public education. Immigration, therefore, is a massive redistribution scheme as well as a population replacement project. This cannot continue is right.

    • Flossie

      The short-term thrill of killing a goose is too much to resist.


    I have no loyalty to the new face of “America”. I will not fight for a country that my people made, so that the whole world desires it, which then turns around and says I am the only true evil that does or could exist.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Scorched earth strategy.

  • IstvanIN

    We will be Brazil North living like Indians with a billion slum dogs. Only God or a virus can save us now.

    • My money’s on a virus.

  • Triarius

    It doesn’t matter anymore. Even this election didn’t matter. Whites are by nature individuals, further dividing us. Since we are 60% of the population AND divided we will never have control with our interests first by any legal means or elections.

    It is civil war, secession, or enslavement.

    Is anyone else happy that they are young enough to probaly see and participate in our revenge. I wish it started yesterday.

    • kjh64

      “Since we are 60% of the population AND divided we will never have control with our interests first by any legal means or elections.”
      Well actually, nobody knows what percentage of the populace Whites are. The census is NOT accurate. The census counts everyone living in the US at the time of the census, regardless of whether they are citizens are not. Illegal aliens, yes people here illegally, are counted as “Americans” and there are around 35 million of them or so. People who are foreign nationals here legally say on student visas, or H1b or other visas or for any reason, and again there are millions, are counted as “Americans”. Ironically, American cizitens living abroad, and there are a couple of million, are not counted in the census. A much more accurate census would be to count American nationals living abroad and to county ONLY citizens or differentiate between citizen and non-citizens. That would give a much more accurate number of racial percentages of Americans. I don’t consider foreign nationals here to be Americans, they are foreigners living here.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Even worse, they count Latinos as Whites in huge numbers. I guarantee the total White population according to the census is higher than it actually is. Its all part of the plan to not allow the truth to worry White America too much, until it is too late. We are fast approaching too late.

      • Jefferson

        [QUOTE]”Some hispanics are White but they are lumped in with non-White hispanics and not with Whites.[/QUOTE]

        The U.S census does not underestimate the number of Whites, it overestimates the number of “Whites” in this country.

        The U.S census lumps anybody who is neither African American nor Asian into the “White” category.

        So that means under the current U.S census definition of “White”, people like Jennifer Lopez and Osama Bin Laden can be considered “White”.

        That is why officially “Whites” still make up still make up 72 percent of the U.S population on paper. But in reality, that is certainly not the case.

    • Flossie

      My thoughts exactly. When I hear the Republican talking heads saying “we simply need to tailor our message,” I involuntarily roll my eyes. It’s well and truly over. I pray I’m around to witness the dénouement. I’d like to do my part, too.

  • Skipper

    When the demographic numbers flip to where the left has its permanent majorities then the rivers of blood will eventually flow just as Enoch Powell predicted. If anyone has not noticed the nation is sinking into chaos with only the reckless printing of fiat currency keeping the masses somewhat peaceful. This stupid USA Weekend article is giddy over the demographic changes but cannot even contemplate a downside to adding 88 million people to the United States in a mere twenty years.

    The new additions are diverse except in their desire for their respective groups to dominate, or at least obtain what they believe is their deserved share of the nation’s economic resources and political influence. And their spoils will come out of the lives of the white population who are supposed to welcome their dispossession and compromise their own existence in the process.

    • kjh64

      “When the demographic numbers flip to where the left has its permanent majorities then the rivers of blood will eventually flow just as Enoch Powell predicted.”
      I think a lot of White leftists who welcome this thinking they will dominate, will be in for a rude awakening. The White Left are the “useful idiots” of the non-White Left. Once non-White leftists get the upper hand, they will throw the White leftists to the wolves.

      • liberalsuck

        I hope the majority of the whites who have been buying up guns and ammo are willing to use them when the time comes, because it will. It won’t be pretty either.

  • LHathaway

    I thought white births were already below 50%?

    • No, these turned out to be wrong assessments.

      • liberalsuck

        you’re joking, right? With the rise of mulattos, high birth rate of Hispanics and white couples having less kids, it wouldn’t surprise me that we are below 50% and shrinking.

  • Vanessa

    I didn’t stay home, I went and scrawled in huge bold letters across my ballot NONE OF THE ABOVE. The machine wouldn’t accept my ballot, so I took it home and framed it.

  • bigone4u

    Traditonal values are an essential foundation to a rising standard of living. With the debasement of those values by the indocrination industries–education, books, TV, radio, movies, newspapers, and music, I expect the USA welfare/racial socialism economy to come down hard and fast, like Building 7, in not too many years. Without white civilization and money to finance the charade, I expect the blacks and browns to impose gangland lifestyles on much of urban America, with black vs. brown race wars and whites caught in the middle. Perhaps whites will be the new slaves, toiling for their black and brown gang masters.

  • Athling

    This reads like a nightmare in every particular. Like a doctor numerating the symptoms of a dying patient. We are witnessing the death of a society.

    • Vonhauer

      Nonwhites, in both race and spirit, find the replacement of the white man a great cause of celebration. They want everything he has — his women, technology, creativity, his civilization, but all without him. They cannot see the folly in this because they have taken hold of the lie that all men are created equal.

      • Robert

        I support this, Vonhauer. Yes, I’m hispanic. 🙂


        • jay11

          Undoubtedly a ‘white’ hispanic.

  • Holy Christ. We’ve added 88 million people in the last 20 years? Shut the effing door. The boat is full.

  • apple tree

    The game is always lost by the team who makes the next to last mistake. In this case you can blame Bush posand his entire clan ( remember the Colin Powell pos ) for paving the way for this freak mutt offspring of a slutty white bitch in Honolulu in 1961 who like the Kardashian white sluts only wanted black males as her mates even allowing nude pics of herself by some commie bastard negro named Frank Davis who could have been Obama’s paternal as many believe.

    We do know the apple never falls far from the tree.

  • split needed yesterday

    No why no mention to split into a separate nation provided it is legally agreed to in Congress and all assets are split accordingly into 50/50 proposition.
    This way Obama and his homo liberals can do whatever they want and allow as many illegals into their own blue nation to become citizens plus can be as socialist as they wish not to mention marxist, fascists or communist etc.
    Can the time for an equal split be any better than now before Obama ends any opportunity with his liberal white scum to do so?
    Whites forget that 30% of whites voted this liberal back in to finish his dirt work and that only 13% of the nation in black and 15% red while 5% other.

    • jay11

      The share they would get would be very small, if I had any say, and they can have the majority of the debt too, since they incurred it. In the ‘real’ America we get to keep 75% of the land, the founding documents, 90% of the military (aren’t leftists against guns et al?), there would be population transfers with ALL registered democrats, anarchists, social justice activits, community organizors, hipsters, metros, homos and most people of color heading out to the marxist promised land of southern california, hawaii, southern florida, a few bits of the deep south and a few other scattered places. In fact, it would be better if their 20-25% were actually 6-7 small statelets, surrounded by a big wall.
      To show our deference for their wisdom, we will also send them any and all people who commit crimes in our territory so they can provide counseling and community support. Illegal aliens to our part will be deported to them and we will not accept any immigrants (whites) from their places unless they have converted to real american values.

  • Luca

    My Goodness! No mention of the “Changing Face” of our prison population, welfare recipients, drug dealers, high-school dropouts, unwed mothers, and Democratic voters? A mere editorial oversight, I’m sure.

  • scutum

    The author can’t hide his glee at the dispossesion of what was once the white majority. He is ecstatis over the fact that any resistance to the takeover of the United States by the marxists who control all of our institutions and their muslim allies will soon br a fait accompli. Waht he fails to see is that this will eventually lead to the destruction of this nation and it’s break-up into several smaller states based on race, ethnicity and language.

  • shattered

    We’re getting stupider, poorer, and less able to defend ourselves. That’s the transformation in a nutshell.

  • thanksjews

    Thanks, Jews.

  • Mariner33

    The divisions in America are too deep to ever be reversed into a consensus that is Constitutional. The academic and journalistic elites are on board with Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Liberal/Democrat dominance because it favors them as a privileged and pampered class. The uber rich are for this because they will be first in line for special considerations and breaks by a permanent governing elite-who have and will come from the elite Stalinist Island Universities. The “perpetual, perennial “minority groups and gropes”, will be subsidized and maintained on stipend simply for being numb and pulling the voting lever that has the “D” for party affiliation.

    The middle class, where the real tax money is, will continue to be sucked dry and vilified for clinging to their Bibles and Guns, to being selfish resistant to the Secular Church of Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Liberal/Democrat canon law and The Official Guide and Interpretation of Reality, as published and abridged constantly by the High Priests of this ersatz Church.

    Then, those who reject this anti-democratic, authoritarian, anti-G-d, Deconstructionist, morally relative and amoral arrangement will have to secede or arrange for local control of all government, with the National Government collecting taxes from them that are the smallest possible, proscribed by treaty and subject to cancellation if the treaty with the National/Federal Government is abridged illegally or subverted in any way.

    This will be the result: two Americas of two very different visions. One a Marxist/Progressive/Utopian attempt to validate doctrines and ideals of collectivism and uniformity that have inexorably failed in countless historical trials. The other will be the ideals of the Founders, through the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, both rooted in Judeo-Christian tradition and the Holy Books of both religions. This is the American that had been before the alien and foreign and destructive ideas of the Progressives’ ingress and subversion of the early 20th Century, with origins in the middle of the 19th century. These ideas and ideals were imported from Europe; created, promoted, carried, and advanced by fanatic secular, atheist Jews, for whom as True Believers Marx took the place of Moses, and Das Kapital, and the Communist Manifesto substituted for the Torah and Talmud. From Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, The Frankfurt School, the waves of European Jewish emigrants were never accepting of the Founding Principles of America contra to THEIR vision of a Marxist/Communist dominant central, planned and controlled economy and society.

    Look today at the prime movers and protagonists of the drive to “transform” and “transtrash” the USA. The money comes primarily from Jewish sources, the academic and intellectual cover from Jews predominantly in those institutions, including media.

    Is this “anti-semitic”? It is anti anti American animus and resentment, with the Leftist Jews being the mule drivers. Meanwhile Conservative Jews have noted this phenomenon many times in many venues. Most Conservative Jews are just the opposite, realizing that rarely in their history have they found a place where they can prosper and be left in peace, protected and appreciated for their contributions. The views and ideas of Rabbis like Daniel Lapin, Dovid Bendory, etc. provide a direct, extreme contrast. It is the Conservative Jew that has realized that Conservative Christians are their natural allies in faith and broad belief in what works in a civilized society.

  • jay11

    Why don’t all those whites who ‘celebrate’ and cry for more and more ‘diversity’ just move into areas that are now dominated by non-whites? They can start living their utopia right now and can leave the rest of us the h*** alone! Why don’t we call them out on that?