Canadian Anti-Idle No More Racism Grows Online

Heather Mallick, The Star, January 13, 2013

Is Canada more racist than we think?

It turns out that writing a column about Idle No More and the ongoing battle by Indians in Canada for fair treatment attracts racists the way a wet lawn calls out to worms.

I had always thought that one of the joys of Canadian life was its abhorrence of racism. But judging by some of the email I received and the comments I read online elsewhere, it’s getting a bit Mississippian around here.

The racism unleashed after Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, the Federal Court Métis ruling and the effort to get Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the same room as chiefs and the governor-general? It was extraordinary.

It’s unfair to judge all Canadians by the anonymous cowards who post online. But was so troubled by the extreme racism in comments on stories about the Idle No More movement that it asked readers on its Community Blog for advice.

As lawyers know, never ask a witness a question to which you don’t think you already know the answer. Most commenters responded with angry cries about free speech, not appearing to realize that hate speech isn’t free at all. Moderating comment threads is expensive.’s problem is that unless it takes action, it’s going to become a non-paywalled main stage to which racists flock.

CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning host Matt Galloway spoke out about the problem on his radio show. “Legitimate and informed criticism is important,” he said. “Racism is something completely different. For people trying to understand what Idle No More is from a non-aboriginal perspective, those comments muddy the discussion. For First Nations people, it can be much more damaging than that.”

I think I can imagine the pain of Indians reading those racist comments, but I am wrong.

As reported, Galloway talked to a Toronto aboriginal artist named Keesic Douglas, who said he has read the comment threads and has had to make himself stop.

“I keep thinking, who are these people who write these things?” Douglas said. “Is that my next-door neighbour?”

Until websites force readers to use their real name, with address, as newspaper letters pages do, we’re always going to get racist muck on our boots.

But here’s an email that’s much more troubling: A white nurse I’ll call Margaret (she provided her name, email and phone number) wrote to me about Indians she knew in Calgary.

“Out west one sees First Nations daily. They are not hidden away like in Ontario. I have been in some of the homes (on the reserve) and in my experience there was no excuse for the squalor. Not when they had a TV that probably at the time cost a few thousand dollars. But the windows were broken, the sinks were out of order, etc.”

This woman doesn’t know she sounds like a 1950s white lady complaining about shiftless negroes. She doesn’t know how sententious and smug she sounds about the pain of others. Her drains run free and clear.

“I took care of quite a few First Nations for various things,” she wrote. “They were funny, smart, maddening, exasperating. The majority of them could not seem to harness that positive energy to do something constructive.”

This is a competent assessment of a Grade 2 class. As a race descriptor, it’s scarcely better than “pickaninnies.”

And here comes a real beauty: “You have to learn and move on. I have a great deal of admiration for other minority groups that have done just that. The Jews, the Roma faced some of the worst kinds of treatment just for the fact of being born to a certain ethnic group. After WWII they picked themselves up and moved forward. History is full of role models of people that made lemonade out of the lemons in their life.”

That last phrase especially hums, and not just for its inaccuracy. It resembles the 2010 advice of Sharron Angle, the failed Nevada Senate candidate, to children raped and made pregnant by their fathers. She said abortion would be wrong, and the trick was to make “a lemon situation into lemonade.”

What’s with the lemon metaphors? Strange fruit indeed. They’re part of a humblebrag, a disguised boast, an effort to discount the pain of others while subtly pumping one’s own comparative virtue.

Watch out for humblebraggers trying to lure you into companionable anonymous cowardly racism. Don’t fall into their hateful trap.

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  • LastBastionOfHope

    The comments sections of sites is where the PC filter is removed and the true feelings are revealed. It’s where people get to say what they really want without being alienated in their lives. They are perhaps the last bastion where free speech lives. Even in liberal areas, you will notice that diversity causes great unrest when people are allowed to truly express how they feel. Take the New York Post for instance…every time a minority commits a crime (hourly), many will regard it as “typical” behavior.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      It’s not fair for people to be able to express their honest feelings without having to face a lynch mob.

    • Not in the Buffalo News.
      Last year, the Buffalo News did away with anonymous posts. In order to post a comment on line, you now have to register with your real name (which is used as your screen name), your town/city (which appears in your comment), and it all has to be verified by the Buffalo News through contact with the poster.
      Now, I don’t use bad words when I post. I always stay with the posted rules guidelines. Even so, I was banned because people didn’t like my take on issues and kept pushing the “abuse” button.
      In the mid 90’s, I foolishly went forth on the intent using my real name and giving my email for contact purposes.
      I was once inundated with hate mail, some noting my home town (which I didn’t give) because of my views on a movie.
      I now prefer to remain anonymous.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I always post under my real name, and while I have a wife and daughter, I’m not afraid.

    • The__Bobster

      The NY Post hasn’t had a comments section for the last few days. At least I can’t see one. Even when I could post there, no one but me could see my comments.

    • pcmustgo

      Not everyone in NYC is pc or liberal and even most of my liberal friends are politically incorrect on race , at least somewhat

      • Barrack Osama

        Anyone who says different is simply lying due to social pressure, or utterly deluded.

        • anonymous

          There was a message board where someone said “Europeans don’t buy into your racism” in regards to the Islamification. I pointed out that is because those white Europeans countries haven’t been flooded with nonwhites and/or they have laws that prevent them from speaking out. Most whites in the UK and in the US don’t like multiculturalism; we fear job loss or imprisonment. If whites lost their fears and fought back hard, the enemies would have to back off.

    • Soon those Canadians who yearn for Freedom and Liberty will join those Americans who yearn for the same. Together we will struggle side by side to return the Liberty and Freedom that once blessed all of North America.

      • anonymous

        The white canadians haven’t had to deal with a 20-30% nonwhite population turning their lands into an anti-white, third-world cesspool the way the US and the UK have been over the past 50 years. The only whites who like diversity haven’t nor do they have to live with diversity on a daily basis.

        • Richard from Vancouver

          Anonymous you’re wrong. Whites will be a minority in major Canadian cities by 2031, and in the rest of Canada by the year 2050. Currently the non white population in Canada stands at around 25 percent. As a Canadian I would love to unite with my white American brothers and sisters to reform our continent the way in which it was intended to be. I am angry, embarrassed and thoroughly disgusted by this article. Free speech and freedom of expression are fleeting rights at best in Canada. You can be arrested for hate crimes by simply having a pro white conversation in public. And what is disturbing to Canadians is that the CBC is funded by tax dollars. We have to support the CBC’s cultural Marxist dogma with our hard-earned cash. Thankfully there are Canadians like Paul Fromm and Doug Christie who work tirelessly on the behalf of white, English speaking Canadians.

          • anonymous

            But it’s the whites who are fighting for these self-hating guilt-ridden whites, and yet these self-hating whites will attack them and have them blacklisted. They are like spoiled rich brat kids who will never be happy for anything their rich parents give them.

    • The Voice of the People was once called the Voice of the Gods–and when it rose in anger, there was understanding that a natural law had been breached.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Correct that some sites moderate posts, but if you leave people the opportunity to post what they want, the core of truth will rear its head. That truth meaning diversity is not cherished, but rather condemned. Some would be surprised…whites are definitely waking up. It may not be loudly and boldly, but our people see what is happening, we are not a stupid race. By the way, one of my favorite things minorities do in comments sections is talk about mass-killings being some major issue in the white community. They fail to realize that mass-shootings probably occur once every 5 years or so if you average them out over the past 50 years. Minorities however, commit crimes every single night and their targets are babies, women, elderly, children, adults, etc. they don’t care. Explaining the concept of ratios and per capita to a black man is like explaining neuron conduction to an ant.

  • The Manar Kid

    Way to go – Eskimo.

  • I had always thought that one of the joys of Canadian life was its
    abhorrence of racism. But judging by some of the email I received and
    the comments I read online elsewhere, it’s getting a bit Mississippian
    around here.

    There’s hope after all, if CANADIAN politics at least in the underground sense are becoming Mississippiized.

    • Joseph

      When they get a city of more than 100,000 which is 50% black they’ll begin the process of “Mississippiization in earnest.

      • Richard from Vancouver

        I know what you are saying Joseph, but as of the 2006 census, Toronto has a non white population of 47 percent. This percentage must be higher today. Vancouver aslo has a 47 percent non white population. Now most of these people are Chinese not black, and, after reading Amren and likened publications, I realize that blacks can be a horrific, destructive element in society. Don’t fool yourself, the Chinese are just as destructive to our way of life albeit in different ways. They too ghettoize neighbourhoods, and force whites to relocate.

        • Stats Canada are long overdue in releasing Canada’s race statistics from 2011, but the 2006 figures are accessible HERE.

          Choose your province, then your city/town and scroll to near the bottom of page for the 2006 race statistics.

          Canada’s total population is now past 35 Million with an estimated 81% White proportion … down from 84% in 2006.

          • Richard from Vancouver

            Thank you for the Stats Canada link, Elliot. I completed the calculations for Vancouver 2006, and the non white population at that time was 41.7 percent according to Stats Canada. My statistic of 47 percent maybe wrong or may include mixed race people. In any event, the point I was trying to make was that Canada is an afflicted country too. It is not longer the bastion of European culture and morality that the world may think. We too are under siege, and, according to major Canadian publications, whites will be a minority in Canada in 2031. In other words, I’ll be spending my retirement years in a country whose citizens couldn’t care less about me, my history, my culture or my morality. Scary thoughts to be sure!

          • Canadian Seer

            Hi Elliot Lake. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Liberalsuck

      Ask her why if she is against racism that she only associates it with white people? Ask why if she loves diversity and multiculturalism so much that she doesn’t just move to the hood or to Mexico or Haiti or South Africa so she can see what whites there go through?

  • Sounds like Margaret has some valid points. As for “anonymous cowards who post online”, it’s not like Miss Mallick is being courageous by attacking “racism”. She won’t lose her job over it and she won’t be threatened, attacked by mobs, have her tires slashed or the safety of her family compromised – but all these things happen to those who take pro-white (“racist”) positions. Mallick feels free to attack the vulnerable in her column: Mississippi and 1950s Southern whites. She knows she runs no risk to her safety or career by attacking them. Hence, she’s the coward.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Not only that, but she won’t be prosecuted by her government. See Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant.

    • liberalsuck

      There are white people who do publicly advocate prowhite views. What is she talking about?

    • goy in a synagogue

      jew among who? Oh, I just love Organized Jewry’s presence on American Renaissance. It’s not like we don’t know they monitor this site already.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Both this story and the Australian one are why I believe the 1st Amendment isn’t praised enough. The legal systems of the US, Australia, and Canada all have a similar history–yet only here do Marxist politicians seem incredibly wary to violate personal freedoms of speech (which isn’t to say they don’t try).

  • John L.

    Heather Mallick is the epitone of Politically correct, Liberal, and She is of the attitude that “racism is all, and only white”, etc. She loathes Stephen Harper.I surprised she called Him Prime Minister. She is a feminis,t and “progressive” and so on. Apparently, she is part Indian, which helps explain it.

  • Andy

    “I think I can imagine the pain of Indians reading those racist comments, but I am wrong.”

    What? If you can’t imagine it, what are you judging your wrongness against?

    If white ladies in the 1950s said the same things, then they were making some pretty good points. Someone who doesn’t take care of the basics but spends large amounts of money on luxuries is irresponsible and has little foresight.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “Legitimate and informed criticism is important [when you agree with how terribly the *you name the group* is treated in their free housing],” he said. “Racism [when you notice that they don’t do anything to help themselves] is something completely different. Let’s face it, they won’t even unplug a sink or fix a window!

  • josh

    Why does every knucklehead have to try and prove thjat theyre “good” by praising the Jews???I admire the skid marks in my underpants more than I admire the jews.

    • The__Bobster

      Because if you express the slightest criticism of them, you get Hageled.

  • jay11

    “It turns out that writing a column about Idle No More and the ongoing battle by Indians in Canada for fair treatment attracts racists the way a wet lawn calls out to worms.”
    – Criticism of people of a different race is automatically ‘racist’ in the eyes of leftists. But if a white person criticized a white leader for the same thing, magically it is just criticism. This is why we can’t win. We no longer control the language, nor do we have leaders or writers who can confront this stuff head on.

  • Chris

    The white nurse she quotes didn’t say anything racist. She just reported what she saw (like the media used to do.) She was trying to help them but became exasperated at their lack of motivation. We see the same thing here with minorities on welfare. The ever expanding definition of racism is what’s truly exasperating.

    • IstvanIN

      Just noticing the truth is racist.

  • Unperson

    I had always thought that one of the joys of Canadian life was its abhorrence of racism.
    Then you thought wrong, Ms. Mallick.
    But then, you’re wrong about absolutely everything. You are probably the most reliably wrong journalist in Canada, and that’s really saying something.

    • The__Bobster

      I remember when Canada was a White country. There is very little racism in a White country because there is no one to be racist about.

  • The__Bobster

    Most commenters responded with angry cries about free speech, not appearing to realize that hate speech isn’t free at all. Moderating comment threads is expensive.

    So why moderate them? Oh yeah, so only your point of view can be heard.

  • anew

    If the writer was truly surprised by these comments then she is supremely out-of-touch with her countrymen, at least with the rural white population. I noticed the theme after a few fishing trips; for whatever reason, rural Canadians (those who live amongst them) hold their first nations in extreme contempt.

    • liberalsuck

      That’s the thing with white liberals. They are shocked to realize that this diversity stuff they push isn’t that healthy and they are also hard pressed that outside their small group of liberal, latte drinking friends that most (white) people don’t agree with their views on gun control or high taxes or illegal immigration or multiculturalism, etc. In response, they pass laws so silence the majority of people who don’t share their views. Talk about insecurity and hypocrisy, too.

  • Matt

    I’ve given some training on native reserves in Canada, and on all occasions, the housing on the reserves was rather run-down. “Why don’t you do something about them?” I finally asked one Indian guy. He replied that the band council said they had no funding available. I simply replied that it didn’t take government money to pull weeds, clean up trash, and wash windows. He gave me a pretty filthy look. He didn’t call me a racist, but it’s apparent that’s what he thought. Just pointing out the obvious facts in a professional way is grounds for accusing a white person of racism these days.

    • IstvanIN

      But you need money to pay the Mexican who pulls the weeds, washes the windows and picks up the trash.

      • Liberalsuck

        I don’t hire Mexicans to do my work. I would rather pay a working class white guy to do carpentry work even if it costs more than pay Juan, Jose, Carlos and Enrico.

        • In the long run, it costs a lot more to hire Mexicans. Think “pound of flesh” prices…

  • libertarian 1234

    The Canadian people I’ve encountered in Florida on vacation certainly don’t agree with this reporter.
    It seems the out-of-touch elitists and the rank and file live in two different worlds jusrt as they do here.

    • Liberalsuck

      Certainly sounds like most whites in the US. We don’t agree with the anti-racist crowd or the liberals, but they act like they speak for us.

  • Reggie Wrongthoughts

    “First Nations” means Eskimos, right? If so, yeah, they really do stink. P.U.!

    • IstvanIN

      Eskimos and Indians.

  • Ulick

    “it’s getting a bit Mississippian around here”

    I love how those that say we can’t discriminate or profile are the very first to profile all white Southerners as racist and then slander them. Mind you these are the very same people that won’t tolerate thought crimes from whites, but will tolerate real crimes from minorities.

    • liberalsuck

      Exactly. Racist is codespeech for white people. Always ask an ‘anti racist’ white person why they don’t live in a racially mixed neighborhood or mixed country the if they like diversity and multiculturalism so much?

  • Joseph

    Yes, the Jews and Roma as “role models” along with the Amerindians. Ain’t diversity grand?

  • Ulick

    “It’s unfair to judge all Canadians by the anonymous cowards who post online”

    They have to post anonymously because people like the author will impugn them, others will attack them, and bosses will fire them if they share their real thoughts with their real name. This is the environment you created, Liberals, so it’s disingenuous to now complain about it.

    • IstvanIN

      The Canadian human rights commission will put them in the big house if it tracks them down for making hurtful statements.

    • liberalsuck

      Here’s what I would ask them, “Ok, suppose a white person had to gall to publicly say who they were and make ‘racist comments’ and stood by them. What are you going to do next? Do you just want these ‘racists’ to speak their mind just for the sake of speaking their minds, or are you going to make their lives hell?’

  • Ulick

    “This woman doesn’t know she sounds like a 1950s white lady complaining about shiftless negroes. She doesn’t know how sententious and smug she sounds”

    That woman doesn’t ‘t know how smug she sounds? Wow, talk about projection.

    And I love how the author (who likely has no experience with Indians in their environment) assumes she knows better than the women who does have that experience merely because the experienced women’s conclusions are “racist”. Classic moral preening delusional race-Liberal.

    • Liberalsuck

      A white person’s love for diversity is based on their distance from it.

  • dhs

    Many years ago (1960), I was told by a full blooded Indian (now a hyphenated American) that the more intelligent and ambitious Indians left the reservation areas, and merged into American society. This is what he and his brothers did.

    Thus a certain amount of natural selection might have contributed to the current state of the human inhabitants of these reservation areas. The accounts of Chieftain Teresa do not invalidate this hypothesis.

    • Actually Chieftan Teresa and those like her do not want their people to succeed and move out of the reservation. The reason for this is that weakens their cause. This reminds me of the Palestinians. Every time I see something on the news about them, they show them living in shacks because Israel will not let them build better housing. They gain sympathy by blaming Israel for their problems instead of trying to resolve them.

      • OlderWoman

        Israel bulldozes the houses for which no building permit was acquired. I’d not feel so sorry for the so-called Palestinians if I were you. They just play the race card exactly like blacks do here and first nations do in Canada. It’s all based on lies and exaggerations.

  • StillModerated

    This woman doesn’t know she sounds like a 1950s white lady complaining about shiftless negroes.

    Of course not! She sounds about the same as the mortally offended EEOC general: Colin Powell.

  • gemjunior

    “I have been in some of the homes (on the reserve) and in my experience there was no excuse for the squalor. Not when they had a TV that probably at the time cost a few thousand dollars. But the windows were broken, the sinks were out of order, etc.”

    A visiting nurse will see the inside of many houses, and probably goes onto reservations frequently since aboriginals have rampant diabetes and other chronic conditions. This “squalor” is also typical of ghetto-ish areas and low-income black areas. One of the things I could never get over is how in the world anyone could walk past it everyday and not feel a deep sense of shame. Why do white people always have the swept stoop and footpath, as well as short grass and often beds of flowers or planned garden? Many of the north asian homeowners, especially japanese, have the same. If the houses or doors look dingy you will always see these people out on saturday morning giving them a lick of paint, watering their flowers etc. What I would like to know is WHY is it wrong to ask anyone why they’d spend money on an unnecessary appliance rather than fix the sink or the windows? Why is that racist? Is it not completely abnormal rather than racist?

    “This woman doesn’t know she sounds like a 1950s white lady complaining about shiftless negroes. She doesn’t know how sententious and smug she sounds about the pain of others. Her drains run free and clear.”
    Her drains run free and clear because when they clog up, she gets off her ass and does something about it – either go under the sink herself, ask her husband to fix it (my own preferred method) or call a plumber. It’s called taking responsibility. And what’s wrong with a white lady complaining about shiftlessness – most likely in someone she’s paying or has hired. That shiftlessness is a really common occurrence in negros is so true that they say it themselves. There was an older woman that worked near me who used to always sit down during her shifts and take a break while she laughingly stated that she was having a bout of “niggeritis” and that was coming out of HER mouth. So apparently – again – THEY are permitted to make statements that whites would undoubtedly be killed for saying.

    • OlderWoman

      Liberals never make any sense of anything. They just rattle off pretending to be do-gooders. They write and speak nonsense. Meanwhile, they don’t put their money into charities or volunteer their time helping their so-called ‘disenfranchised’. They just lobby to steal money from taxes paid by those who do.

  • odious liberal

    One must never use PC langauge, when you are call a racist demand the accuser point out why. Then deamd the accuser turn over a portion of his income to minorites or offer to shelter them in their homes. Their arguement quick falls apart. As for the nurse, I see it ever day, flat screen TV, two new cars in the yard along with the broken windows and garbage thrown all over the place.

    • Liberalsuck

      I don’t even ask them to say where/why I’m a racist. I simply respond, “You’re only calling me a racist because I’m white and because you know most whites are scared of being called racists. Not me. You disagree with me, fine. I don’t care. But at least explain to me where I’m wrong instead of labeling my arguments. It doesn’t prove your point and it doesn’t educate me either.”

  • LHathaway

    I think the author of this piece is insane. Fortunately, she’s not that good of a writer.

    “it’s getting a bit Mississippian around here”.

    Apparently racism and bigotry are only Ok when those on the left use it… In fact, she seems to be using racism in an effort to show her readers how enlightened she is? Wonder if she’s ever used the word ‘redneck’, a racial slur. . . in an effort to show everyone else how enlightened she is?

    “The white nurse she quotes didn’t say anything racist”

    What’s interesting is that beneath that, there is a description of Indians that reveals only positive things about them. . and the author of this piece is mad about someone even saying positive things about them. I’m willing to bet this same lady, and these indians themselves, don’t always have positive things to say about whites. . .

  • Ron

    Thought Police, coming to an American town near you!

  • Barrack Osama

    “This woman doesn’t know she sounds like a 1950s white lady complaining
    about shiftless negroes. She doesn’t know how sententious and smug she
    sounds about the pain of others. Her drains run free and clear.”

    I know another woman. She hates cliched, superstitious, faith-based religions. This woman doesn’t realize that she acts in a capacity as high priestess of one such religion. The only difference is, she doesn’t pray to an old white man in the sky, but to a collection of institutions which act as her new god, husband, and father.

    She prays for the “anonymous internet racists”, for they know not what they do, and they lack her courage. Also, they aren’t blessed by a massive globalist banking cartel. But mostly, it’s her courage.

  • KenelmDigby

    Let’s be blunt about it.
    That’s what they are all about. That’s what they want.
    They want tyranny.
    They want mind control.
    They want dicatorship.
    Don’t for a second doubt it, or think that I’m exaggerrating for dramatic effect.

  • Sloppo

    Heather Mallick thinks there is nothing worth criticizing about the priorities of people who can own a $2,000 idiot box, but can’t afford to fix a broken pipe or window. Obviously … she has been watching the idiot box WAY too much.

  • C_C_Conrad

    “I think I can imagine the pain of Indians reading those racist comments, but I am wrong.”

    I don’t know why this person has to pretend that anyone is feeling any pain at all, especially a type that she cannot comprehend. She would be better off trying to understand the pain of her own people.
    Jack’s War

  • white lib homos suck

    Maybe the white race will polarize as one voice like they did after the OJ verdict when even white liberals were in total shock at the black pro Simpson jury verdict murder of 2 whites as “payback” for racial injustice in the past. What a joke. White liberals as they have been progressively brainwashed since birth to be pc are worse than ever and today would cheer with the blacks who all celebrated together when he was acquitted.

  • OlderWoman

    Read the comments on the original article. They’re very truthful and politically incorrect.

  • pablo

    As always, the question that rises after talk about not allowing so called racist posts online is the one who decides what is racist and what is not.
    You can look at any liberal institution like college campuses and see how that kind of free speech censorship quickly devolves into silencing any dissent of the prevailing liberal view.
    So in canada now, saying you don’t agree with the indians getting special rights above and beyond everyone else can be determined by this unseen holy elite to be hate talk and racism. Its a very slippery slope and that is why that kind of restrictive policy on free speech is resisted hard in the U.S.

  • mike5586

    Last time I posted on a Canadian newspaper’s comments section was years ago. The article was on multiculturalism, and the comments veered between ‘you horrible racist bigots’ and ‘hitler was right,’ well not really, but you get the gist.

    It was highly amusing.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    It isn’t racism, it’s an acknowledgement that this woman has no case. Their own chiefs are corrupt; those demanding more and more and more based on “treaty” are generally corrupt and have ulterior motives, too.

    They claimed that provincial parks that banned hunting were racist, too. So Algonquin was opened up to them, and they basically slaughtered every deer they saw – so much for their supposed “respect for nature”. It goes right out the window when it comes to “I want”.