Best Screenplay Golden Globes: Quentin Tarantino Wins For ‘Django Unchained’

Huffington Post, January 13, 2013

Tarantino, who wrote “Django Unchained,” defeated Mark Boal (“Zero Dark Thirty”), Tony Kushner (“Lincoln”), David O. Russell (“Silver Linings Playbook”) and Chris Terrio (“Argo”) for the award. This is Tarantino’s second Golden Globe award for screenwriting; he previously won in 1996 for co-writing the script to “Pulp Fiction.” Tarantino has been nominated twice before in the Best Director category at the Golden Globes, for “Pulp Fiction” and “Inglourious Basterds.”

In addition to the Golden Globes win, Tarantino has also earned an Oscar nomination for his work on “Django Unchained.”


The Golden Globes are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. {snip}

[Editor’s Note: See here for AR’s review of Django.]


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    Tarantino is a disgusting little troll that loves licking liberal Jew boots. He sells soul poison.

    • The__Bobster

      He’s a Leno-esque son of a coalburner.

  • Oh, you mean they held the Golden Globes? Does anyone but Matt Drudge and Nikki Finke and the editors of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood on the “right” care about the GGs anymore?

    • Robert Binion

      Was the event protected by armed security? I mean, the “beautiful people” must be isolated from those who watch their dreck. And you can’t blame Hollywood alone. How many dolts watch “Meet the Press” to hear some media jack*** tell them how smart they are?

      • Beautiful people? Feh. Just the dreck they wear, (and which some LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTHer will critique on Low Information TV some time today or tomorrow) is too expensive not to secure via LAPD, Chips, FBI, HLS, TSA, National Guard. Someone tell Obama the Oscars are at the end of next month, maybe he’ll get all our men home from *-stan if for nothing else to secure the wardrobes.

    • Ron

      Why people allow themselves to get caught up in this pop culture nonsense is beyond me. Every time my girlfriend and I watch nearly any program on TV it drives her crazy but I point out every instance of anti-white stuff and liberal propaganda that I see. I have noticed that in most new popular shows there is Jew joke after Jew joke after Jew joke over and over again. We get it, you are Jewish, whatever. I don’t need to hear about it every 5 seconds. When watching any of the more popular recent television shows in all seriousness there is some sort of under-the-radar anti-white brainwashing statement every 5 minutes. The worst part is that 90% of people allow this to seep into their head and effect their thought process. People in this country do not even realize that they are being manipulated by the media which they probably plop down in front of a good 6 to 7 hours a day. Ugh.

      • Garrett Brown

        Very well said. I don’t even attempt to watch the garbage anymore. Even if an actual good film is nominated(in this case the Hobbit).

      • I wish some of you would comment on the Entertainment Weekly Television Recap site. It is infested with liberals who have a cow when I try to comment on the ridiculousness of the Political Correction in entertainment today. I am tired of being a lone voice of sanity there and would appreciate any help I can get there. On the Bachelor tv recap site they were very offended when I pointed out that Blacks slaughter their significant other at a higher rate than white men. Absolute outraged about me mentioning it and everyone thought inter racial dating and marriage was so wonderful. Of course a couple of rejected black bachelors have filed a lawsuit against the show for racism so this year they have 4 black bachelorettes, a one armed woman and a couple of other races and religions. I guess they are trying to cover all bases here to prevent future lawsuits. Anyway, I just thought it would be a good idea if some of you could join the conversation there and your intelligent remarks would be much better than mine and add a little common sense to the conversation.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Golden Globe Award..and in a few weeks an Oscar…for best screenplay for egging on young black males to murder White Men and gang rape White Women.

    Keep this in mind, the incitement of violence against Native Born White American Men and Women by Hollywood and the Corporate owned mainstream media is a direct consequence of the racial transformation of “America” set into motion by the passage of the Native Born White American annihilating 1965 Immigration Reform Act which was a “gift” from that well known family of sexual perverts from Boston whose members included Joe sr,Joe jr,John,Teddy and Bobby.

    Nonwhites smell blood..think Colin Powell. This is what happens when civic vigilence has been awol for 48 years replaced by meta-level fantasy….fantasy football. If and when Native Born White Americans become a racial minority within the borders they will have put their racial fate in the hands of very high fertility and hostile post-1965 nonwhites…and you know what this means:murder,rape,chattlel slavery and eventual ecological collapse transforming the once majestic landscapes in America into a giant smelly septic tank…but this septic tank will be a paradise for the e.coli bacteria..may Joe Sr,John,Bobby,and Teddy rot in hell for an eternity…and even longer.

  • MekongDelta69

    There was a mistake in the HuffPo article (no shock).

    It should have read:

    The Golden Globes are voted on by the Hollywood White-Hating, Minority Boot-Licking, Marxist Association

    There – fixed.

  • razorrare

    Title of this article should read…Hollywood Vermin Awards Golden Globe to Q.T. for Fostering Hate to a New Art Form.

  • More like Tyreefus Unchained…
    …just keepin’ it reel, man.

  • guest

    That settles it. As of now, I don’t think I’ll ever watch new movies again. And I’m certainly never going to watch the ones made by Tarantino. Hollywood is nothing more than anti-white liberal trash and if movies like this are seen as worthy of an Oscar, that all the idiots who love this garbage can have them.

    • I have not gone out to see a movie in a year. I am also no longer going to support Redbox. I do not watch sports any longer either. If Hollywood and the media are so anti-white, let them not suffer our dollars.

    • schmenz

      Let’s face it. A John Ford he ain’t.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Completely ignoring the racial angle, I find Tarantino movies to be terrible, and yes this includes the dreck which was Pulp Fiction.

    To say Tarantino glorifies violence is to undersell; he turns violence into a form of pornography. His movies aren’t so much about mistreated blacks or Jews seeking revenge on White slave owners or Nazis. These are merely acceptable targets in PC America and serve as a canvas upon which Tarantino can unleash his violent urges.

    • David Ashton

      Insane gorefest + political correctness. “American culture” 2013?

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Exactly. Violence for violence’s sake.

        • snickle

          Gratuitous violence…gratuitous sex. Good definitions for pornography.

    • Barrack Osama

      At some point I started to notice that even his signature dialogue is nothing more than atrociously bare exposition. Watch Kill Bill or something (actually, don’t) and notice all of the times the characters will just plainly state where they are, what they’re doing, what the catalyst for their actions was. It like he inspires his actors to act worse. It’s actually embarrassing.

    • Barrack Osama

      At some point I started to notice that even his signature dialogue is nothing more than atrociously bare exposition. Watch Kill Bill or something (actually, don’t) and notice all of the times the characters will just plainly state where they are, what they’re doing, what the catalyst for their actions was. It like he inspires his actors to act worse. It’s actually embarrassing.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Pulp Fiction was anti-white. Uma’s (white) character was married to a fat black drug dealer,and I think there was a seen where they beat up a white supremacists.

  • David Ashton

    When will the excellent and beautiful British actress Naomi Watts get her years-long hard work and gifted performances properly recognized by public award? But then Tinsel Town has become more than ever a racket.

  • 1stworlder

    The somewhat good news is that liberal whites watching this in mixed audiences will get to hear real blacks cheering and making loud comments with each death and might have their eyes opened. It actually scares Farrakhan

    • TheTRUTH

      Nah. Liberals are self-brainwashed beyond repair. They probably cheered with the blacks.

  • OlderWoman

    Quentin Tarantino is homely isn’t he? Someone remarked he looked like an inbred Southerner. I wasn’t offended as I agree with them. For someone who spent his life working in video stores I’d say he isn’t very intelligent either. He just knows how to sell himself.

    • mobilebay

      On behalf of all southerners, I take offense at the above remark. Ever wonder why so many girls from south of the Mason-Dixon line win the Miss America contest? In fact the 2013 winner, crowned just days ago, might be Miss New York, but she was born in Alabama! Better find a mud fence to compare Tarantino to and leave southerners alone. They can get pretty testy and tell their mommas on you.

      • mobilebay

        Error: I’m correcting myself. Just heard Miss America who was a guest on F&F. Said she was born in TN., but moved to Alabama when she was 2 and was there until the age of 18. Either way, she surely qualifies as a “Southern Belle.”

      • OlderWoman

        I’m a southerner. You do not speak for me. I’ve also seen inbreds in New Mexico among the Penitentes. It’s just a statement. We do have many inbreds among the mountain people and back water people. There are inbreds among all groups, in all states. I just chose not to be so sensitive except when it comes to lies about slavery.

        As for Miss Americas…PUH-LEASE. That’s hardly a compliment to the South.

      • I remember going to Dallas, TX to see cousins (my cousins moved there in 1969) and the humanity was gorgeous there! Of course it was a white American city then. The collection of humanity is no longer the same and less pleasing to the eyes.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The white race is suffering from a kind of sickness, when this odious film can even get a viewing, much less be nominated for an Oscar. I really don’t know anymore what kind of hope there is for whites. We continue to welcome with open arms or casual indifference our own vilification and dispossession. It really can’t get any more blatant than it already is.

    • OlderWoman

      Why do you place so much value on Oscars? They’re just political tools. Playing politics in Hollywood is how films are made. Most films must have studio approval before they’re released to the general public. It can also mean they go straight to video.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        It’s not the Oscar but just the fact that it can be released and not receive almost immediate and universal condemnation. The Oscar is just the icing on the cake, or perhaps I should say the latest slap in the face.

        • Barrack Osama

          We’re too fat. Many whites suffer injustice in silence, but for now, the majority of us are hanging in there. We are smart and we find ways to adapt even to the hypocrisy we live in, and we thrive anyway.

          I’m afraid things won’t really be able to change until things get much worse for us. All we can do as we are now is try and wake others up to the truth and show them that there is an alternative in race realism.

      • Piers Morgan loves LA and Hollywood. He wishes London were more like LA and it’s freedom. I saw his ‘expose’ on LA and Hollywood and the people in power always say it really just about the money and you are only as good as your last blockbuster. Some values.

  • ncpride

    At least they’re out in the open, in your face with White hatred now.

    I was excited when the Hallmark Channel announced the new lineup for weekday nights. They are playing re-runs of what I considered decent, wholesome TV shows like The Brady Bunch and Happy Days….. shows I grew up watching as a child and thought were pretty free from anti-White nonsense.

    Not so, I have learned by watching Happy Days again through adult, race realist eyes. I’ve seen an episode where Howard actually calls his own wife a bigot because she feels uncomfortable going to a wedding where they are likely to be the only Whites there. Then tonignt I see an episode where Potsie, Ralph and Ritchie are trying to impress an older woman but are embarrassed by their pale, White skin, and put their shirts back on. It may have been much more subtle back then, but I just didn’t realize the propaganda had been going on that long. How disappointed I am, and no wonder Whites have been so beat down over the years.

    • TheTRUTH

      Very true. I’ve also noticed how some of those great 70s shows had subtle anti-White jabs which I never saw back then. It’s called subtle brainwashing. The weak turn into liberals (if they weren’t born that way). The stronger ones, like us, know the TRUTH even as teens and that stays with us. We shouldn’t be surprised by the 70s shows. After all, the 70s came right after…..the 60s.

    • This is really bad. Hollywood has been on a war path against Whites and Christianity. People are waking up. Have you seen tv advertisements during a pro sports game. They make White people look like idiots. I don’t watch sports on tv and nor do I go out to the movies anymore. I refuse to support Hollywood in anyway.

  • Not Politcally Correct

    Is “Django Unchained” really anymore anti-White than “Birth of a Nation” was anti-Black?

    • Vonhauer

      I suppose you would see nothing unusual about this;

      In this Fiat commercial we have three soon-to-be fathers playfully preparing for the birth of their children. Finally, their pregnant wives appear…

      • gemjunior

        Wow. That’s actually the worst one I’ve ever seen out of all the anti-white commercials.

      • CharlesFinley

        We are phuckt, Von.

      • OlderWoman

        Pardon me…..PUKE. Yuck, a black husband, Never in my life would I stoop that low.

    • A multiracial individual

      No it is not. Of course Django did have a white protagonist (Waltz). Did Birth of a Nation have a black protagonist?

      • snickle

        BoaN was an historically, fairly accurate, story about the rise of the old KKK. Why would it have a “black protagonist”? Have you ever watched it?

        • A multiracial individual

          I will of course view the film myself. However, I must say I find it very amusing that people seem so sensitive to the supposed “messages” being conveyed in Django, while presumably, not appearing very disturbed by the messages in Birth of a Nation.

          • snickle

            If you study the history of the KKK, you will understand better the present condition of race relations in America, and particularly, you will better understand “most” of the folks who post on this site.

            By the way, how can you compare BofaN with any film when you have not seen it?

    • Triarius

      Probably not, but that is irrelevant. White kids won’t go around lynching blacks nowadays after watching BoaN. In fact 99% of whites under 30 probaly never heard of it. BoaN would never get made, win any awards, or do good commercialy at the box office.

      Long story short, Django was considered positive, BoaN never would be.

      • OlderWoman

        Birth of a Nation is a great film. There were actually two KKK’s. Try to research it to find the differences between the two.

        • falsedawn

          Yes OlderWoman, I’m researching it all the way from every angle. I hope to do a lecture when 2015 (150 yrs from Recostruction) comes around. Presidential/Radical Reconstruction, KKK, Union/Loyal Leagues. Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, Redeemers, Freedmens Bureau, Etc., etc., etc.

          You may be interested in a great civil War movie – “Ride with the Devil” – 1999

    • schmenz

      You may want to sit down one evening and get one of the restored, tinted and scored versions of BIRTH OF A NATION and watch it before calling it anti-negro. A more realistic depiction of the Reconstruction period could hardly be imagined.

  • LHathaway

    “We continue to welcome with open arms or casual indifference our own vilification and dispossession. It really can’t get any more blatant than it already is”.

    Oh, there will be a news article about how bad poor blacks have everything, as many as it takes, until whites do not notice. How about a new movie?

  • Charles

    “Comedy”….more like imtimadation undertones. I just can’t understand the sight of a white woman being blown away or a slave being eaten alive by dogs is “funny”. Offensive for both whites and blacks. Who is to blame for this appaling disgusting film?

  • The Traveller

    John Engelman: “This movie will win the Oscar because it is written about one of the most beloved subjects and by one of the most beloved directors in modern America…and here’s a link to where 65 historians agree with me.”

    • OlderWoman

      So? What’s your point? It’s just John Engelman being John Engelman.

  • revisionism at work

    Its all payback for taking their upper middle class ancestors 500 years from the wonderful African jungle life of luxury and enlightenment into the terrible hated western world of brutal savage whites who lived in diseased deathly squalor and filth and cannibalized each other in their inferior pagan society.
    One can only imagine the beauty and fulfillment the African black race in America and the west would be experiencing today had it not been for the evil pagan white devils dragging them from their beautiful jungles and heavenly environment and refusing to pay the tribal chiefs for their theft and relocation 3000 miles away.
    Even though western blacks refuse to return to Africa for the past 150-200 years they have their freedom in the south and north, this has nothing to do with the paradise they could have been enjoying for the past 500 years and that 2 billion African blacks who were never captured as slaves are now reaping in delight and joy on the dark continent land of Ham.