Terrifying Moment Hooded Gunman Pointed His Weapon at New York Taxi Driver—Just Seconds Before He Shot Him Three Times

Amanda Williams, Daily Mail (London), January 14, 2013

This is the chilling moment a gunman was caught on security camera just seconds before shooting a taxi driver three times.

The bearded man jumped into the back of a cab in the Bronx area of New York in the early hours of Sunday, police said.

He then pulled out a gun and threatened driver Raphael Martinez, 54, in his cab around 5.10am when the driver did not understand his demands.

The attack was captured on the in-car security cameras.

According to the New York Post, police said he shot at the cab driver five times, hitting him twice, before waiting until the wounded, married father of three stumbled outside the vehicle — and shot him again.

Police said the incident happened at White Plains Road and Lafayette Avenue in the Soundview section.

The victim was hospitalised but is now in a stable condition, at Jacobi Medical Center.

His brother Julian Martinez said: ‘My brother was saying, ‘Wait! I don’t understand you!’ and [the perp] just started shooting.

‘[The gunman] didn’t give him time,’ Julian said. ‘He just shot him. All he had was $8.’

Manny Lopez, a dispatcher at DAT, the livery service where the victim works, said that after the shooting, the driver had called for help via his radio.

Raphael Martinez was in stable condition last night.

The suspect, described as a man in his 20s, was last seen wearing a tan bubble jacket and a hooded sweatshirt with ‘Abercrombie Fitch’ written on the front as seen in the images here.

Gunman who shot a Livery Cab driver caught on surveillance tape


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  • Perhaps those Hispanics should be enrolled in “Ebonics as a second language” classes – for their own safety!


    • The__Bobster

      Too bad this Hispanic didn’t have enough “White Hispanic” blood in him to fend off the hoodied skittles eater.

  • falsedawn

    All you have to do is look at that black guy and you know what you’re dealing with. A remorseless killer. It’s not anything extroadinary with blacks. Whether or not he gets money from the robbery is irrevelant. Add to that, it doesn’t matter what is done to him, jail, execution, nothing phases him. He’s/they’re way beyond all normal controls. In the end of course, we have to repatriate them to africa as humanely as possible. When i say humanely, I understand completely they’re not going to go quietly. We are going to have to get very, very rough with them. But that’s just what has to be done unfortuneately.

    • Sloppo

      Your idea is the the kind of action which would be taken if the elite globalist policy setters wanted mankind to experience some sort of peaceful prosperity. That’s not what they want however. They promote policies which are intended to cause perpetual violent chaos so people will become desperate enough to desire an ultra-powerful global governing body to control that chaos. They work to create problems designed to cause people to want their own enslavement.

    • Morris Thecat

      promise them that a free pair of air jordans will be handed out when they get off the boat in liberia and most would take the offer

    • rudy

      You will be sent back to Africa b4 they will. They own this country now.

      • falsedawn

        Possibly, but if I’m sent “back”, they’ll be sending a corpse.

    • Yorkshireman.

      This is amazing!! He actually knows the correct way to hold a gun!!

  • Andrew Cuomo wants us all to be as progressive as New York.


    How did this future astrophysicist get a gun in a gun free paradise like New York City?

    • MekongDelta69

      Duh. Because ONLY ‘future astrophysicists’ are allowed to own guns in NYC. C’mon Q.D. – you need to brush up on your guns laws!

      • Puggg

        Looks like a revolver, which means only six shots. What Cuomo/Bloomberg need to do is limit revolvers to one shot. That will fix everything.

        • The__Bobster

          Technically, revolvers are semi-automatic weapons.

          • I’m waiting for some idiot to get on TV saying that we don’t need 30 round revolver clips, that only real life cops like Marshal Dillon needed them. Which means someone’s probably loading that on Joe Biden’s teleprompter right now.

          • anmpr1

            Technically speaking, you are wrong. A semi-auto pistol chambers a round from a magazine, and cocks the hammer (if the gun has one), using gas pressure from the previously fired cartridge. This is known as single action firing. A revolver is fully manual, either in double or single action mode.

            By the way, is that a can of malt liquor next to the thug?

          • Unperson

            “By the way, is that a can of malt liquor next to the thug?”

            I was wondering the same thing. Don’t recognize the label, but it sure doesn’t look like any brand of sody-pop I’ve ever seen. That can doesn’t really have an “iced-tea vibe” about it, either.

          • Tim

            I thought a semi auto had to use the gas or recoil from the cartridge before to load the next and eject the last. …

    • Luca

      There is a concept which liberals do not want to understand because it gets in the way of their agendas. Now, I will admit, it is a very complex, sophisticated concept but it goes something like this: Criminals do not follow laws. Therefore when you make new stricter gun laws, odds are they won’t follow them either.

      • tickyul

        No, the Libscum DO get it. They want to disarm law abiding citizens……so there will be less threat to their Urban American Stormtroopers. Think I am joking……this is how the Demorats keep control of so many failed cities.

        • RaymondWalnuts

          Then they can be “liberating” their favorite pet race from white privilege…

          • tickyul

            Haha, so true!
            Urban Americans are and always will be a very poor fit for this once fine country.

    • redfeathers

      Cuomo is my governor, Bloomberg is my mayor, Schumer is one of my senators. What a trio. During Cuomo’s state of the state, he launched into a hysterical tirade about guns. He’s nuts.

      • IstvanIN

        He is actually worse than his father.

        • redfeathers

          I think so too.

      • You have my condolences on all three fronts. Cuomo claims to be a gun owner, but with that rant of his, (I call it a Caucasian C.O.), you’ve got to wonder if under his own mental health proposals and gun control proposals, he’d have to give up his own supposed gun. Then again, I doubt he really owns a gun, and I doubt that most of these left wing Democrats and Mod-DUH-rate RepubliCons who claim either to be gun owners and/or claim to be or once have been NRA members really do or ever did own a gun or are or ever were NRA members. That’s just a rhetorical-propaganda technique to give your current position or argument a veneer of credibility; it makes it seem more credible if you were “converted” to it by either arguments from its existing advocates or pure circumstance or events.

        • Luis

          QD, if you look up “Sullivan Act”, in Wikipedia, it says Schumer owns a concealed carry permit.

          Talk about rank hypocrisy!

  • MekongDelta69

    Looking for the word ‘black‘ in the article (as usual).
    Looking… looking… looking…
    Hmm – don’t see it. I guess it was those crazy Amish making trouble again.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s either them or the Swedes.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I was looking for the word “ape.”

      • falsedawn

        Possibly, but if they send me “back” there, they’ll be sending a corpse.

      • Bruno

        ThomasJeffersontold us many years ago.
        If you accept them as equals they will destroy you and your world.
        Tommy as so so right.

    • RaymondWalnuts


  • JohnEngelman

    One time a black taxi driver drove me from the Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore, Maryland to my mother’s house outside of Washington, DC.

    With no prompting from me he told me which neighborhoods he enjoyed working in in the Washington Area, and which neighborhoods he felt unsafe in. Without exception all of the neighborhoods he enjoyed working in were white neighborhoods. All the neighborhoods he felt unsafe in were black neighborhoods.

    • David Ashton

      A local friend in Norfolk, England, last week went back to Birmingham, England, to see her brother after some years without direct personal contact, and was horrified at the city’s ethnic transformation in such a short space of time. Her brother said white people travel only by car and sometimes by train, but on no account dare risk using a bus – a fact confirmed when she saw every one occupied solely by blacks. Race realism!



        • Nathanwartooth


    • Tom_in_Miami

      You mean it may not be just racism that keeps them from picking up young blacks with hoodies and a hand in the pocket?

      • The__Bobster

        Even if they don’t get mugged, they still won’t get a tip.

    • The__Bobster

      Any airport named Thurgood Marshall Airport is one I’d try avoiding, just like I avoid all MLK boulevards.

      • JohnEngelman

        If I remember properly, Thurgood Marshall Airport is located on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

        • Morris Thecat

          marchin lootin koon blvd

        • Anonymous By Necessity

          No, it’s on Aviation Blvd.

          Nobody around here calls it “Thurgood Marshall Airport”;
          that’s always felt like something imposed from the outside.

          Mostly it’s referred to just as “BWI”, or for the locals who’ve been around a while, we still sometimes call it “Friendship Airport”.

          • JohnEngelman

            I was being facetious.

      • OlderWoman

        How about Rosa Parks Blvd.?

    • Tim

      My cabbie in Monterrey N.L. not only told me about the worst neighborhoods, he drove me through at his suggestion and my assent.

  • The suspect, described as a man in his 20s, was last seen wearing a tan bubble jacket and a hooded sweatshirt with ‘Abercrombie Fitch’ written on the front as seen in the images here.

    When they don’t mention ethnicity today, you know dey be talkin’ bout a sista’ or a brotha’.

    Looking into that shooter’s face, his eyes, pure evil. That is what progressives[sic] are unleashing upon America.

  • Bob

    I used to own a taxi and for a long time it was a middle-class existence. Now it’s a job for the lower classes because of the importation of Third Worlders who drove wages down to povery levels.. A driver who doesn’t speak English picking up a black kid a hoodie. I call this When Morons Collide

    • I spent three days in Madison, Wisconsin last month. I had more white cab drivers in my short trip than in all of the last 20 years, not since my childhood/adolescence on Long Island NY.

      • I prefer being waited on by white service people (or east Asian). As a rule they are clean-cut, polite, knowledgeable about their product or service and are working hard to provide you, their customer, with a good experience. When Juana, Kyreesha or Tyrufus waits upon you, usually they are more concerned with shouting back and forth to friends, stuffing their faces with snack food and make it clear from their body language that you’re taking them away from being with their homies.

        • Morris Thecat

          true, and now the chains are giving us one server to take our orders and then having the non english illegal actually deliver the order. The delivery is done “hit and run” style. If you get the wrong food, or you get your entree before the appetizer, or he only delivers half of the order, then you are up the creek. Delivery boy doesn’t speak english, you then have to wait for him to get “order boy” , this adds one to ten minutes whereas the communication would have been immediate if order boy had also been delivery boy. You then have to explain, for a SECOND time, what the problem is. Then you have to wait for thew two of them to paw through the orders and try to figure out what happened. By that time you are ready to leave, the whole experience is so bad that no matter how good the food is you can’t enjoy it.

  • A multiracial individual

    No one chooses: Their genes (brain/IQ), their level of testosterone, their upbringing.

    So anyone that thinks this sordid individual had some choice in the matter has some explaining to do.

    • JohnEngelman

      The people who need to explain are those who defend Aid to Families with Dependent Children.

      • A multiracial individual

        Isn’t most philanthropy just enabling writ large?

        • Tim

          “The trouble with giving people a helping hand is getting them to let go…”

    • whiteyyyyy

      Even negroe’s dont get a free pass when they shoot people, I know what your saying though. It’s not like he killed anyone, I’d be reluctant to judge him on this one incident. He probably just got out the wrong side of the bed that day.

      • A multiracial individual

        I think you misunderstand me. Humans merely witness what their brains decide. This gentleman needs to be jailed forever because he is dangerous. I am not letting him off the hook am I? Just switching useless, emotional language for composed language.

        • whiteyyyyy

          Maybe you misunderstood what YOU wrote.My grasp of english is fairly good.Yeah, you did let him off the hook. Add competent and logical to composed and maybe you’ll be less misunderstood.

  • josh

    Trayvon? You back?

    • Morris Thecat

      it’s like “whack-a-mole” , isn’t it?

    • Too bad George Zimmerman wasn’t there to smoke the bastard….

  • James

    I drove a cab once, but quit after I was attacked by a black. He’s lucky he had run away by the time I got the car stopped, that’s all I can say. When I went to the police station they pulled out two mug shot books. The one for Whites was very thin. The one for blacks was really thick and I found the jackass’s picture. Of course. I’m sure cabbies have a lot of these type of problems. This was 1978 I’m talking!

    • Luca

      I drove one in LA in ’77, I’d see blacks on Hollywood Blvd. waving me down and flashing cash to prove they could pay the fair. I’d hold up my mic like I was on a radio call. See ya!

    • Brian

      Blacks gravitate toward low-return, high violence, high risk crime. This guy knew he was recorded but STILL carried out an armed robbery and mindless unprovoked shooting anyway.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Future “Civilian Nat’l Security Force” general?

  • Snowhitey

    How did this happen if guns are illegal in NYC? We all know how….. I guess Bloomberg has “no comment.”

    • Luis

      In this case, Bloomberg has nothing to say, for two reasons (a.) the victim survived (b) the victim is NOT a police officer. Had either been the case, Bloomberg would be foaming and frothing at the mouth about how more gun control is needed.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Looks like a .38 caliber which is plenty to get the job done. Thankfully, most hood rats can’t shoot worth a. . .


  • Anonymous

    almost every cabbie i’ve ever seen has been a recent immigrant, speaking horrible if any english. what’s up with that?

  • 48224

    Hey, I recognize that guy, that is Trayvon Martin’s dad….I think.
    I keep waiting for the day when security cameras are declared “RACIST” by Al Sharpton and others.

  • Ulick

    I live in a major US city that is a gun free zone, and I take cabs frequently. Sometimes I’ll chat up the cab driver. If I sense the cabbie is pretty open, willing to spill the beans, and non-black (many are Arab or Hispanic), I’ll ask the cabbie if he’s ever been robbed while driving; and, if so, what did the robbers look like. Almost all of these guys have been robbed at some point, many with guns and some beaten. In EVERY story I have heard the robber has been black.

  • redfeathers

    Ann Coulter, on Hannity tonight, put it this way…we don’t have a crime problem, we have a demographic problem. She said the white crime rate is low and then talked about Colin Ferguson (Jamaican immigrant, from a wealthy family) who is the LIRR killer, and Nidal Hasan (parents are Palestinian immigrants) who is the Fort Hood killer. I don’t remember her exact words, but she’s wondering why are they here? It was a great segment.

    • And with Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens, we’ll be importing thousands of more Fergusons and Hasans.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    The real tragedy is that now it will be harder for Danny Glover, Will Smith and other such worthies to hail a cab.

    • Ulick

      Exactly. Nearly every black heist of a cabbie gets no press coverage, yet the New York Times will have a multi-page exposé on how cabbies pass up blacks due to racism. There are never interviews asking the cabbies why they often pass up black men, nor are there crime statistics which show the shocking percentage of cabbie robberies perpetrated by black men. The really fun thing about these exposes on racist can drivers is — when is the last time that you’ve seen a white cab driver in the big city? Many of these “racist” cabbies are black guys themselves that know most of the cabbie heists are perpetrated by their brothers.

      • Racisim = common sense when you’re a cab driver. You have a chance to live.

  • IstvanIN

    Checker never should have been compelled to have to meet fuel economy requirements, those things were big enough to have a bullet proof wall between the driver and still leave room for the passengers. You need a tank like that in modern America.

  • Morris Thecat

    point blank range—and he misses 3 out of 5 times!!!!!!!

  • starlight

    There are some very scary photos in the original article…

    Alright, everyone, it is time for an interview with the father of the wonderful man who murdered the taxi driver.

    “He was such a sweet boy who could never hurt a fly.”

    “He was an aspiring rap artist”

    “He was just getting his life together”

    • toldev

      You left out “he dint do nuffins”

      • OlderWoman

        He was good to his mama.
        He was an entrepreneur. (drug dealer)

    • Some Guy

      He is a good daddy to his 8 babies.
      He was hanging out with the wrong crowd.
      He was an honor student.
      He went to church every Sunday
      He was a victim of a rayciss society.

  • odious liberal

    More true faces of negroism.

  • Luis

    Bantus wonder why they have trouble hailing cabs. Well, wonder no more.

  • KenelmDigby

    I remember, a few yeras back now, that a gaggle of ratther silly media people, activists etc made a great big pantomime and media stunt hoo-haa about taxi-drivers refusing to take black passengers.

    You see the dressed up a well-groomed, short haired black male in a ‘business-suit’, put a pair of specs on him, made him carry a briefcase etc and proclaimed loudly and often into the narrative that ‘Mr So-and-so, was “a highly successful Wall St executive, a well dressed immensly respectable and wealthy good man whom those naty low class taxi drivers woon’t have in the back of their cab only because of his skin color’.

    Yeah, right.

    ’tis wiser to lose a fare (and incurr a possible fine), than to lose your life, as AEsop might have put it. (The fox runs for its dinner, the rabbit must run for its life).

    • Bob

      When I owned a taxi I learned immediately to never pick up any black who flagged me down. Most had big smiles on their face, as if saying, “See, I’m harmless.” I NEVER picked up anyone smiling.

      However, all the decent blacks going to work wore their work clothes, trying to tell drivers, “Hey, I’m a good guy. I’m going to work.” I always picked them up.

      Anyone dressed very poorly, black or white, I never picked them up when they flagged me down.

      I always found a man in a business suit, waving wildly at me with a look of desperation on his face, was invariably going to the airport.

  • genetic curse

    its the exact same the world over isn’t it? but didnt piers morgan say guns were banned in england?

  • mrcan

    It’s Trayvon!

  • OlderWoman

    I long for the time when I went for days without encountering a black person. I miss the good old days when I was in an all white society.

  • shattered

    Shot him, stab him, blow him up with a bomb, etc… these criminal perps will always be amongst us. The real question is why aren’t taxi drivers with no criminal record allowed to be properly trained and licensed to conceal carry with a bullet proof vest?

    • Had that cab drive defended himself—the NY law would prosecute him–literally to the full extent of the law… The cab company would be sued by the black criminal & his homies..

  • PesachPatriot

    I don’t understand how a crime like this could take place in Bloomturdistan…I’m shocked to learn that criminals who rob cabbies don’t obey gun control laws either. I’m very glad I moved far, far away from the rotten apple.