Baby Shower Turns into 200-Person Brawl Ending in 4 Arrests

Daily Mail (London), January 14, 2013

Just one sucker punch turned a happy Massachusetts baby shower into a brawl of bottle-smashing and chair-bashing between 200 people.

The unruly mob surrounded police who say they were urging parents to get their kids away from the fray.

‘The behavior was appalling. It was absolutely appalling. There’s just no other way to put it,’ Stoughton Police Executive Officer Robert Devine said. ‘The worst part was there was a lot of children. Our officers were concerned about the safety of the little ones, while the people who were fighting apparently could have cared less. They were swinging chairs and smashing bottles.’

One man, Patrick Cardoso Lopes, 24, of Brockton, was even hit with a Taser.

Patrick Lopes

Patrick Lopes


‘Despite the danger they were in, they went with the less lethal option,’ Devine said. ‘The officers exercised extreme restraint. They had every right in the world to be in fear for their safety. It was a chaotic scene. It was probably one of the more dangerous ones they’ve been in. It was a baby shower. The baby’s father wasn’t any help. He was arguing with us that this was his party and no one was leaving.’

The brawl took place at Portuguese rental hall Club Luiz De Cameos in downtown Stoughton, where things went bad at roughly 20 minutes to midnight.

A man, allegedly bleeding from the head, approached a detail officer claiming he’d been hit by a partygoer.

‘Never really said why,’ Devine said. He said the detail officer was in the process of calling the Stoughton Fire Department ‘because people just kept showing up.’

The club does not face any fines or reprimand over the incident yet.

‘We’re working with them right now,’ Devine said. ‘We’re working to see if alcohol was a primary factor, who were the party goers  . . . ’

Club management could not be reached for comment.

Three men were arrested, including Lopes, who was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice and intimidation of a witness.

Also arrested were Paulo Pires Depina, 24, of Brockton, charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer; Aderito Lopes Deandrade, 22, of Brockton, charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.

An unidentified 14-year-old male was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.

The men will be arraigned in Stoughton District Court.

Devine said Stoughton police called in backup from state police and police in Canton, Easton and Randolph and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Department.

‘It swelled our numbers to the point where we could regain control,’ Devine said.

Officers suffered bumps, bruises and scrapes, but no major injuries.


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  • skara_brae

    “…we’re working to see if alcohol was a primary factor…”.
    Here’s a hint: It wasn’t.

    • OlderWoman

      One picture showed many Corona bottles on the counter of the bar. They look mixed latino/black to me. I was under the impression that latinos don’t like blacks. In LA they move into black communities then proceed to kick the blacks out of the neighborhood.

    • gemjunior

      No, the primary factor is a condition known as “boony”.

      • blight14

        AKA ‘DNA’………….

  • MekongDelta69

    Blacks go berserk in malls. Browns go berserk at baby showers, etc. Over and over and over. It happens so often, the exception is when it doesn’t.

    • The__Bobster

      Blacks go berserk anywhere groups of them are allowed to congregate. They are especially dangerous at anti-violence rallies.

      • 48224

        Bobster, the joke in Detroit is….OOPS another child killed in Detroit, when does the anti-violence march start? It is THAT common.

      • They have removed this.

        • Garrett Brown

          Of course they did. It’s CBS.

    • Morris Thecat

      blacks go berserk in baby showers, Stoughton has a very large black population, the story says the rental hall was “Portuguese”, but more than likely it was “Cape Verdean”. Portuguese are white, Cape Verdeans are mixed, but mostly black.

      • jeffaral

        Some Portuguese are white, but they do love race-mixing!

        • Morris Thecat

          There is no “race mixing” in Portugal. In Portugals African colonies-Angola and Mozambique, the Portuguese maintained their separatness, they did not mix. The present day portuguese in Brazil, the white ones, do not mix with the Blacks. They sometimes mix with those who are mixed but in general, the white population of Brazil is not disappearing through miscegenation. Amren had an article on this subject about a month or two ago. Neither the mixed not the whites in Brazil are keen to mix with the blacks.

          • williebrown

            The hell they didn’t!!!! I’ve been in and out of Mozambique for the last 9 years. There are plenty of mulattoes there. Especially the capitol city Maputo.

          • TheAntidote

            Southern Portugal is partly africanized. This is the legacy of the 14th Century Portugese mariners exploring the African coast. Indeed, they brought a lot of those blue-blacks back with them.

    • Yorkshireman.

      Let’s face it, these new-born kids are not to be trusted, they cause mayhem wherever they go, even though it may take a few years, but not that many.

    • tarczan

      The corallary to this is if young whites consume massive quantities of alcohol, they sometimes act like blacks.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Jus’ keepin’ it rills, dawg.

  • Afro-Portuguese, these men are.

    First off, why are men holding a baby shower? Second, why at 20 of midnight at an alcohol-serving night club? Third, one of the arrested “men” is actually a 14-year old teenage boy, who was allowed to enter (and presumably consume alcohol) in a night club. Yet the cops aren’t even fining the joint? I guess they can’t, because of the racial/immigrant implications of it all. Must not be racist or anti-immigrant in Boston.

    I guess that one of them is about to procreate in a paternal sense is now a convenient excuse for a lot of teenage boys and adult men to drink. Imagine if North St. Louis held to that logic: Everyone would be drunk almost all the time.

    • Puggg

      They probably let the 14 year old in because he’s probably the expectant father.

      • The__Bobster

        Second time over. Okay, maybe third or fourth.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    For what it’s worth, there was at least local media coverage on the Fox affiliate and in the Boston Herald. And the last word in the club’s name is “Camoes”, portuguese. These folks are Cape Verdeans. They seem to constitute a special Massachusetts subset of vibrant diversity. I understand one of their customs is to be married in effect, but not to be married officially. I wonder how much that generates for them in claims of single motherhood, etc.

    • Morris Thecat

      Cape Verdeans are an interesting group. They are a mixed people. Some of them look to me completely Portuguese. Most of them look mixed. Some look totally African. It has been my experience that the whiter they appear, the whiter they act. It truly is genetic and also demonstrates something else-genetic linking- which means that traits are inherited in groups, it isn’t a total mix and match. Traits that are handed down on the chromosome from the white ancestors stays together on the chromosomes in the next generations, they are passed down together. So although hair texture, facial morphology, and brain development are determined by different genes, those genes tend to be inherited in groups.

  • David Ashton

    Why the London “Daily Mail” as your source? No US reports?

    • The__Bobster

      In many cases, Zulu crime can only be found through overseas sources. Our MSM try to hide it.

      • The thing I love about the DM is that British newspapers are not allowed to print the photos of British accused criminals. But, they seem to be the go to source for photos of American suspects. I think it might be schadenfreude.

        • Pat

          We do not have ‘baby showers’ over here. A lot of people would not know what they were, I’m not one hundred percent clear myself. Maybe they are printing these just for you. They get a lot of ‘traffic’ with American news items and it always brings in comments from the U.S.

          I think the ‘ non photos’ of criminals stems from the fact that no cameras are allowed in court. They are shown after the verdict is announced.

          • Some Guy

            Generally Baby Showers in the US are attended by the expectant mother, her mother and family and friends. Her husband’s (if she has one) mother would usually come too and they would bring gifts for the baby and play games based on a baby theme. It is usually a luncheon or dinner at a home or restaurant, not a nightclub with a cash bar! And men usually don’t attend.

          • This was a baby shower specifically thrown by the men for the men on behalf of the father to be.

          • Pat

            Thank you for the explanation. The first time I heard of them was an episode of Friends! Sounds a nice idea.

  • Don

    Yo my ni66a I was juxt tryin to sell-a-brades my twelf kid wit my twelf baby momma and deez poleeeece izz raycisss! Call da ambalance da poleeeece beats me ups fo no reezun. We aints got no guns. We juxt havin da funs gnome sane?

  • Susan

    Soon as I read this story(this morning with no photos) knew it was the browns of some kind.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Having a baby shower for 180 at Club Luis De Camorones with a cash bar until 1 AM and little babies and children attending is very “sheek” these days.

    Next baby shower I’m invited to, I’m going to carry!!


  • Sloppo

    “‘The behavior was appalling. It was absolutely appalling. There’s just no other way to put it,’ Stoughton Police Executive Officer Robert Devine said. ‘The worst part was there was a lot of children.”

    I am very disappointed that Officer Robert Devine would use such a prejudicial term to describe Bantus who were behaving in the manner which is customary for Bantus. I hope he receives the diversity/sensitivity training that he so badly needs.

  • Just one look at its “teef” is bad enough to warrant a warning. It looks like it can attack ie chimp out, at any given moment.

  • Dave Trader

    All the taxes regardless of income make workers unhappy. At 15k you general pay more than 50% of your earnings.

  • Angry White Woman

    How many things can we see wrong with this picture?
    A baby shower that lasts till well into the wee hours of the morning.
    A baby shower where there is a cash bar.
    Large numbers of children are at this alcohol-serving event.
    The children are still up and running around unsupervised at midnight.
    Men are at this baby shower.
    The expectant father says no one can leave the party.
    There were approx 200 people at this event.
    People were swinging bottles and smashing chairs.
    The police officers called it “one of the more dangerous situations they’d been in”.
    A 14 year old was arrested for “disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer”.

    I think I missed some,
    That’s it. No more baby showers for me.

    • Non Humans

      Do you think they’ll introduce a bill in congress to “Reform” baby showers? Or one for “Chair and Bottle Swinging Control”?

    • StillModerated

      It’s just as the Reverend Reggie White of the Green Bay Packers once said: Da Blax excel at celebratin’, an’ dem Mexicans gots da fambly values dat’s why deyz be livin’ 30 to a house n’ all. Gnome sane?

  • 48224

    What did the FATHER of the baby have to say about this brawl?????
    Was it Kim Kardashian’s baby shower??
    Did they play pin the tail on Whitey at the shower?
    How many of them were wearing Obama/Biden Tee-shirts?
    So many unanswered questions!

  • IstvanIN

    The crowd got rowdy when they realized no one was sure exactly which fella the father-to-be was!

  • Morris Thecat

    with black populations, violence erupts spontaneously , it is an always present prospect. Civilization can not exist with a people like this.

  • Morris Thecat

    reminds me of the “graduation” ceremonies in the news last year where all the parents started brawling- all blacks of course.

  • Vonhauer

    Black women carrying switch-blades and razors to a baby shower. Figures.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    That’s a Photoshopped picture, right?

  • Luis

    The guy in the picture may be Portuguese, but he’s still a Bantu. Just like Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton – born in England, but a Bantu.

    Race trumps nationality. Race trumps nationality. Race trumps nationality.

    Repeat, rinse and repeat again.

  • June

    Over a hundred years ago a brawl occurred during a service at the First African Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A local newspaper detailed the fray in an article titled “Wool Pulling Last Sunday.”

  • June

    Apparently these people are blacks from the Cape Verde islands. According to this website (and it is run by blacks) 20% of crime in Boston is committed by Cape Verdeans who make up only about 3% of the population. The way to solve this is to deport these people back to their wonderful tropical homeland.

    Check this out:

  • archer

    Morris is probably right, the so called blacks especially in Brockton are Cape Verdean, I think most of party goers were from Brockton not Stoughton. The welfare office killed that small city like so many others.

    • I grew up 50 miles north of Brockton; it’s always been a tough blue-collar town. Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler are from Brockton.

  • hey, I thought Hispanics were all about Family Values! Are we being deliberately misled? Somebody has some ‘plaining to do …

  • JohnEngelman

    Those people are less civilized because they are less evolved. This is because they emerged more recently from the paleolithic era. Behavior that had survival value in the African jungle earns one felony convictions in a civilized country.

    Over a period of many centuries the criminal justice systems of civilized countries removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool. That is why the emphasis should not be on rehabilitation, but on long prison sentences and many executions.

  • mrcan

    Most likely Brazilian. The is a huge African descent population in Brazil who were brought as slaves during colonialism. These are not the Brazilian supermodels we see in the magazines. Of course the only ‘bad’ slavery is white american/british slavery.

  • Spartan24708

    Why are men hosting/attending a baby shower? Where I come from this is an entirely female event.

    • OlderWoman

      The pregnant female who was being ‘feted’ complained to police that she didn’t get to ‘cut her cake’. Typical thinking for a black.