A chaotic scene erupted at the Taylor Human Services Center when the crowd waiting for a Section 8 housing voucher distribution got out of control.


Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center. Many were homeless, single moms, or disabled.  They were hoping to get help paying for their housing from the government.

“There was elderly, disabled people, pregnant single women. They were here for help, to get their Section 8 vouchers.  It just shows you what a desperate need . . .  some were here since yesterday,” said Rhianna Rodriguez.

7 Action News is being told there were 1,000 vouchers available and 5,000 people showed up trying to get one.


Police say, when the time came for the vouchers to be distributed, there was a mad rush for the door.  Officers tried to control the crowd, but couldn’t.


Several people were arrested. The rest were sent home. Today’s distribution has been canceled and will be rescheduled.



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  • Don

    That’s what happens when you let thousands of wild animals roam the streets.

  • Triarius

    Ah Taylor, MI. The only downriver community giving Lincoln Park a run for it’s money as “crappiest metro detroit city” (I do not consider River Rouge or Ecorse a part of the suburbs, no whites do). The blacks have ruined Taylor and are moving south. Whites, either move to Trenton or Grosse Ile (if you can afford it) or move to Oakland county or Livonia. Section 8 and busng has detroyed downriver schools. Places like Gibraltar, MI is 97% white, but Carlson High is like 20%+ black now.

    At least I can say almost all the youth is awake and I almost never met a girl that liked blacks when I was in the area. Fyi, this was the area (downriver) where I subbed HS a few years back.

    • 48224

      Same story north of 8 mile. Grosse Pointe, GOING, Harper woods, GONE. Eastpointe, GONE, south Warren, GONE.

      • Triarius

        Grosse Pointe? Wow. Also Madison Heights has like 40% of its students bused in.

        Also Souffield is gone, and obviously Pontiblack.

        Pretty much everyone I knew from school that stayed in MI moved to Royal Oak. I told them it was too close and to move to St. Clair Shores. Some went as far as Brighton and a few stayed in Ann Arbor now commuting 45 minutes in an area with no rush hour. I can’t stand Southeast MI. I’d move to Alaska before I came back. I even told my last boss I’d quit if he tried transferring me there.

        I used to work at a big 4 company and my boss liked the fact that I had friends of the family in high places and Ross business conections in Detroit and always brought up me transferring back to where I interned.

        Not a chance.

        • MIGuy

          Livonia is going too. I just fled our Livonia neighborhood for Novi because blacks started renting out all of the foreclosed houses in the neighborhood. I wanted to go all the way out to South Lyon but couldn’t bear the commute.

          • 48224

            Isn’t it amazing how much grief whites go through to avoid violent blacks. We alter our lives, give up the neighborhoods were grew up in and flee farther and farther. What’s going to happen when we run out of places to run to????

          • anonymous

            That is my thoughts. I hope the whites who have been storing up guns and ammo will use that when the SHTF because it will happen. It’s a matter of when.


      The Government did this to cause the riots and get people angry. The blacks in America still do not realize what fools this Obama Regime is taking them for. Some day they may realize that for over 200 years they have been used a pawns and will say no more. Maybe then they will join the rest of we Americans to restore Liberty and Freedom to our land once again.

      • dd121

        You can’t be serious to think blacks will ever think that critically, they’re not evolved and never will be.

      • Ron

        They don’t think like us. You honestly think blacks are concerned with liberty and freedom? If they thought like whites then they would probably work, stick around to raise their children, and they would stop murdering each other in record numbers for little to no reason. Look at modern day Africa, does this look like a country inhabited by deep thinking liberty loving intelligent individuals? Or a bunch of backwards borderline retarded savages? When is the last time your family lived in a mud hut and caught a disease from using their freshwater source as a public toilet?

      • CharlesFinley

        …aaaaaaand, maybe NOT.
        We’re all capable of a delusional thought or two, Aunti.

      • rebelcelt

        They thinkplenty clearly. They receive plenty of free things from the goverment. they get preferential treatment ffor school and jobs. they are getting what they want. They want welfare. they want free stuff. They are getting what they want.

      • And if pigs had wings……

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Don’t hold your breath. The culture of entitlement is firmly entrenched among them.

  • The__Bobster

    This site allows comments to be posted uncensored. A couple of days ago, they were coming so hot and heavy I had a hard time keeping up. Over 90% of them looked like they came from us.

    • Dave Trader

      Freedom of speech

      • Ron

        The constitution is a pact between the people and the government, not between the people and wordpress. Freedom of speech is only being infringed when the government stops you from doing it, not when voluntarily using a private service.

    • The__Bobster

      I’m assuming the down arrow came from our pet mongrel.

  • The__Bobster
    • OlderWoman

      That is a biiiiiiig woman. Is this dna or is it from eating junk food?

      • A multiracial individual

        In a recent experiment scientists fed mice a healthy diet. None got fat. Then the same mice were switched to a high calorie diet. Some got fat, some did not.

        • Ron

          Some mice were brown, some were probably white. Some ran in the exercise wheel. What is your point?

          • A multiracial individual

            My point is none (humans) are destined to be fat if they eat correctly. However, once people eat incorrectly, some have a genetic advantage/disadvantage.

      • Luis

        OW, why was Bobster’s post deleted? Simply because he posted a picture of a fat Bantu woman?

        Bobster, can you repost?

    • Owwww

      Damn! That hurts the eyes! Can’t you be arrested or something for posting pictures that ugly?

    • Dave Trader

      Someone needs to do something with her life. I wonder why the liberals can’t get her to achieve it. With obamacare we can all pay for it’s medical conditions.

  • StillModerated

    The worst part of Taylor MI is 21% bantu. The rest is over 90% white. It used to be called blockbusting. I do believe it’s now referred to as “chimping out.”

  • Dave Trader

    They weren’t out looking for jobs?

    • Brian

      I can’t remember the last time I saw a riot like that in a Jobs Queue. It only ever seems to happen at handouts.

  • 48224

    “Where my free stuff”
    It’s an Obama-nation folks. Look out Haiti….here we comes!

  • IstvanIN

    How did this nation survive before we had Human Services Centers?

    • OlderWoman

      It was called the Personnel Department.

  • They never fail to live down to and reaffirm the stereotypes about them.

    • Liberalsuck

      Right, and if you point out how blacks act badly when they are in groups, the common response from a liberal or black bigot is, “Oh, that’s ignorant” or “Oh, that’s racist.”

  • Haven’t these housing people learned? Similar situations have happened before in Atlanta and Baltimore when they tried to have people come out and pick up the vouchers. The application process should be online and the application could be mailed to the housing authority. This would solve all of these problems. If they do not have a computer, people can go to the public library and print out the application there.

  • odious liberal

    The beginning of the parasite apocalypse. Africanism at it’s finest.

  • LHathaway

    “Same story north of 8 mile. Grosse Pointe, GOING, Harper woods, GONE. Eastpointe, GONE, south Warren, GONE”.

    Not gone. Just not safe for whites. You can bet the history books at the local school don’t consider it gone. The consider it one more zone to celebrate.

  • The “gibs me dat” is strong with this one….

  • shattered

    Gibame my gubbernment money. Imagine if 11 million illegals become eligible what it will look like.

  • I had a great idea! have events like this in EVERY city with a large negro population and say it is for section 8 vouchers, but instead hand them one-way plane tickets to Africa.

    Problem solved!!!

  • TheTRUTH

    Oh Lawdy!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I guess they didn’t play the part where one of the youfs there chimped out and punched the news reporter.

  • lansing

    isnt it odd the black male and female reporters are both assigned inside in a safe place but the white female reporter is on the scene at the dangerous outside field locale

    • OlderWoman

      I notice the abundance of black reporters on videos. Seems they are the ones most often reporting black crime. It appears to be deliberate.

      • The__Bobster

        Of course it’s deliberate. It’s done to show that not all Ubanghis are violent and to intimidate the White witnesses.

  • OlderWoman

    All related to obama.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Black and brown Section 8 rioters: just who we whites want moved into our neighborhoods. Great.

    The townhouse right across from us in Colorado Springs was Section 8 for a while. We got white trash women with at least one mulatto brat, though it was never completely clear who really lived there. They fought all the time, littered the walks and lawn, and parked an unregistered, non-operational van in one of the public spaces and then used it as a storage shed. I had that PoS towed.

    When they finally moved out, the unit was completely destroyed inside. A giant “roll-off” dumpster was filled with all of the carpet, all of the appliances, all of the kitchen cabinetry and much of the interior sheetrock. I was delighted that the owners had to experience that as their reward for bringing that human debris into my neighborhood.

  • vladdy1

    And STILL, in some white-haters’ minds, it’s always the “rednecks” and “conservatives” to blame for any race problems. Getting sick of reading outdated messages from those who don’t have a clue. Thankfully, there are more realistic sites like this one popping up almost weekly.