3 Arrested in Hate Crime Attacks in Compton

Jason Kandel, NBC Los Angeles, January 25, 2013

Two men and a teenage boy were arrested in connection with a series of race-based attacks on an African American family in an attempt to drive them out of Compton, sheriff’s officials said.

A group of Latino males who claimed to be in a local street gang used metal pipes and shouted racial epithets at a black man who had recently moved into the neighborhood, sheriff’s officials said.

One of the suspects, identified as Efren Marquez, 21, allegedly pointed a gun at the victim and threatened to shoot him while he was being beaten with a metal pipe allegedly by a second suspect, identified as Jeffrey Aguilar, 19, officials said.


Marquez and Aguilar returned 30 minutes later with a group of up to 20 gang members, who surrounded the front of the victims’ home shouting racial epithets and telling them that members of the African American race (using the ‘n-word’) were not allowed to live in the neighborhood, sheriff’s officials said.

An unidentified member of the group threw a beer bottle through the front living room window.

Sheriff’s officials said the suspects continued to drive by the home of the family—which includes four children—several times a day, shouting racial epithets while ordering the family to leave the neighborhood.


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  • And when our leaders in Washington pass immigration reform[amnesty], watch for things to get worse. Much, much worse.

    • Magician

      Don’t you mean “When the losers in Washington”

      • Good point. I usually put ironic quotes around leaders, (“leaders”), so there’s no question that I’m using the word sarcastically.

  • Don

    At least they have the balls to stand-up to these Africans.

    • TheTRUTH

      Exactly…though we know there are other factors involved for us Whites wanting to stand up.

      I’ve been hitting up other sites that posted this. In particular, black sites. Funny, they are sounding a lot like us. Talking about how they were there first (actually us Whites were), why it isn’t bigger news, it’s not right to be attacked, they’re (Mexicans) animals, they should all be deported, etc etc etc. This is KARMA.
      I know blacks will end moving into White neighborhoods some, but it STILL feels good to read these stories. Actually, I LOVE these stories…and they’re becoming more common.

      Funniest comment I read yet on another site: “The mexicans are even taking our jobs of hating n****** “

    • Persona Non Grovel

      They have the “balls” to do this because they won’t be held accountable like Whites are if they were to do the same thing. Unless the state of California or the Feds wrangle all of the Mexicans up and prosecute because of gang affiliation. They tend to be harder on gangbangers of all colors (White neo-nazis included), rather than just a civilian causing mayhem and madness. But brown on black crime seems to be a rising tide out West.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Hispanics have been kicking blacks out of their communities in L.A. for a number of years. They don’t want to live around them either.

      • liberalsuck

        These Hispanics will eventually go after us and, even if they don’t, now the blacks are flooding into white areas. They will knock up our daughters, beat us up, rob us, sue for not doing business with them (or just scream racism to suck money out of us), etc. Why? Because the average white male today is too stupid or to too chicken to overtly state his politically incorrect racial opinions with conviction.

        • saxonsun

          My sister put it well; “they crossed the line and we stepped back.”

        • Katherine McChesney

          Mexicans should be called Latino’s not ‘Hispanic”. Hispanics come from Spain.

    • Bernie

      Yep. I read some of the original comments on this story and Hispanics sounded a lot like us: blacks have been attacking Mexicans for years, black predations on Hispanics never make the papers, this is just revenge for previous attacks …etc.

      • anonymous

        While I resent the Hispanics being here, I get the feeling their ‘hatred’ of blacks didn’t just come out of nowhere. Much like in the old days when whites “discriminated blacks” or when Asians cautiously eye blacks in their stores. I ask why instead of immediately having racial guilt. When it comes to blacks, we are only hearing a one-sided/problack version.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I don’t blame them except they should threaten with weapons. I wouldn’t want them to be in my neighborhood either.

    • TheTRUTH

      Mexicans also have an innate ability to know that blacks are no good. This video below proves that without question. The kids are too young to have been “taught” this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z341bBS7oj0

  • bigone4u

    There must be some mistake here. The official party line spouted by liberals is that whites are the only group who dislikes blacks. The Latino boys were just welcoming their new black neighbor to the block. I’m sure that must be it.

    • **BLUTO**

      blacks will findout Mexicans are not like us weak spined whites, they don’t like blacks and they will say it. Mexicans will cut a black to shreads for just looking at them so how can any white not be proud of our Latino brothers?
      blacks owe the American White Race their very lives but these black beast don’t even know it.

      • So CAL Snowman

        OUR Latino Brothers? Speak for yourself Bluto. I would no more live next door to a latino than i would live next door to a black. Calling Latinos our brothers is insane as obviously you do not live anywhere near the mexican invaders.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I know a White couple who live between two Mexican families. When they complained about one of the families barking dog, the dog was gone the next day. They invite this couple to picnics, dinners and are very good neighbors to them. These aren’t anti-White Mexicans.

          • White and Proud

            You might want to get over your love affair with Hispanics. They are rapidly destroying the fiber of our nation. You sound like a race traitor to me.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I’m no race traitor. Would NEVER want to live near Hispanics. But the legal ones are improvement over the criminal blacks. These legal ones are the people who moved next door to the White couple I know. They don’t complain about them. They also work, tend their property.

          • Joseph

            Long ago, I took some computer apps classes with a guy from Mexico, now citizen- came when he was about 10 or something like that. I asked him, sort of joking one day if he liked Mexican food. He said he likes some Mexican foods but he didn’t want anything to do with Mexicans or to live around them and neither did his (Mexican) wife. (?) I guess he’d know.

          • bluffcreek1967

            That’s because some Mexicans fully realize the problems their own people bring when they exist in large numbers in any community. Usually, when they become educated and begin to prosper in the white man’s world, they start to distance themselves from their own kind. They try to move into white neighborhoods and encourage their kids to have white friends. Granted, it’s not true in every case, but I have seen it on a few occasions, including among some Mexican families that attend the same church I once did.

          • Joseph

            Yeah, we went to the same church also. He was not thrilled with that either. He said that when he started there he thought most of them “were pretty messed up” because of the sordid backgrounds that many had -and it was like 99% white people. He said when he was growing up they were too busy to get into all of the trouble these people apparently did. He was a real decent guy but unfortunately, true to the statistics, his kid turned out to be a loser -at least by my friend’s accounting. I don’t think criminal, just a goof-off who wouldn’t go to college or hold down a job. I don’t know what ever happened to them all.

          • Vanessa

            I once worked with a mexican like that. We used to talk during our lunch breaks and he constantly complained about those who were in this country illegally and hated mexicans who commit crime and give their people a bad name. He had nothing but contempt for blacks. He was pretty ignorant about the jewish problem, though. But we did have some interesting conversations about blacks and their personality disorders.

          • bluffcreek1967

            I like that you refuse to befriend DWLs and that you distrust them the most. That’s the right attitude – especially when one discovers how many problems they have brought to whites in America and Europe. I cannot stand DWLs either. I deal with them daily in both my job and the area I live in which is completely hard-core liberal. They are smug, self-righteous and, contrary to popular opinion, they are NOT open-minded and intellectually reasonable. I will talk with them only if I need to. If they show some fairness in considering alternative views (a rare occasion), I will politely try to engage them to think differently about things, especially race-realism matters. Other than that, they are a waste of my time.

          • TheTRUTH

            What are DWLs? Can’t figure it out and googled it too lol

          • Tom_in_Miami

            I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing. I’m sure it’s simple.

          • Luis

            Deluded White Liberals.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Disingenuous White Liberals.

          • josh

            Dickheads With Lexuses

          • DWL’s are the worst. So many will not really recognize the problems we face as a nation. Fantasy is far more preferable than having to deal with old man reality, but old man reality is beginning to roost. See all the balkanizing around the world. America is not immune from such realities. I see the USA balkanizing one day.

          • josh

            get a gun.

          • Vanessa

            Majority of mexicans aren’t trying to destroy the fiber of our nation, they’re just doing what mexicans do. The only ones to blame are the politicians who allow them to pour across our borders and the people who hire them when they get here. If a burglar is robbing every house in a neighborhood but the police refuse to do anything to stop him and the neighbors insist on leaving their doors open, at what point can you still insist on blaming the burglar and not the police? ‘Our’ government and corrupt businesses pretty much hung out a welcome sign to latinos and they pretty much accepted it. The Athenians and Spartans had lots of illegal immigrants. In Sparta there were 7 helots for every Spartan, you couldn’t spit without hitting one. Did the helots destroy their fiber? The Athenians had foreigners in spades living in their midst that were mostly for labor. In the end, what destroyed their empires was their own fighting.

            We need to completely stop ALL further immigration except for white Europeans, find and deport every illegal alien, and seal our borders with a fence and armed guards. Any business that knowingly hires even a single illegal immigrant we need to send the HR managers to jail. Still, if I were given the choice: trade the 13% blacks and 2% jews we have living here now for 15% law-abiding LEGAL Mexicans, I could deal with that.

          • bluffcreek1967

            I see what you’re saying, and I would agree with some of it. However, Mexicans may not be trying to overtly destroy our nation per se (at least not the most recently immigrated ones), but as soon as they are persuaded by social-Marxism and get ‘educated’ by DWLs on how evil the white man is, they will start to do all they can to radically alter this country – particularly any remaining white influence. You might be content with 15% law-abiding legal Mexicans, but I DON’T want any of them here – not even 1% percent of them! I see what they’ve done to my once beautiful Los Angeles County – and I will never forgive them!

          • Vanessa

            I’m with you bluffcreek, I don’t want them in our country either and would gladly get rid of them if I could, especially the puerto ricans and the dominicans. The way I see it the difference between mexicans and blacks is there are a select few mexicans, mostly old-timers and cattle ranchers, that if they really try hard and follow our example, can become decent human beings. Blacks, on the other hand, as a general rule don’t even have the capacity to do anything but hold their crotch, rap/mumble to themselves, and point their pistols when they have their photographs taken. It’s only because white nations have been underwriting the black race that they haven’t ceased to be an ongoing concern. In Mein Kampf, Hitler classifies races into three types: culture-creating, culture-sustaining and culture-destroying. We all know blacks are culture-destroying, that is clear for all the world to see. Even if mexicans can sustain a culture -and I’m not sure they can – they still belong in their own country, with their own culture, that way both our two peoples can be as happy as possible.

          • True. Often good fences make the best neighbors. I know that what I wrote is an old meme but true.

          • Gordon

            Not me! While I would rather not deal with either Blacks or Hispanics, I would still take Blacks (reluctantly) over Hispanics any day. The fact is that Hispanics are a FAR greater danger to the well being of Whites than Blacks. In fact, in an AMREN newsletter in 2009 Jared Taylor made the point that “Blacks do have some moral claim to our nation. Hispanics on the contrary, do not.” Even Pat Buchanan has echoed similar sentiments. With Blacks there is a history. The same cannot be said for hispanics.
            Moreover, Blacks are only concentrated in certain parts of the nation. Mainly the south, the northeast, California (parts of California) and in urban areas on the east coast and parts of the midwest. You are not going to find large Black populations in northern New England, the rocky mountain states, the Dakotas and similar areas.
            Say what you will, but as far as I can tell, eboonics or “Black english” has yet become the “official language” of any major American city. I can tell you that Spanish is the OFFICIAL language in Miami, Florida and several other cities. Have any of you tried to condict business over the phone and heard “press one for english, press two for “black english or ebonics?” I have not. However, I have heard “press one for english, press two for spanish.” Schools are being forced to engage in bilingual education, restaurants have menus in spanish, hospitals have spanish speaking employees to assist those who speak the language etc…. It goes on and on.
            Again, as I earlier stated, I would rather not have to deal with either group, but if I had to choose, give me Blacks over Hispanics any day.

          • josh

            dude,there are many attractive mexican girls. not all are Indians with the squat,fat bodies OK? Mexican women look very favorably on white men. Guess what that means. Theres gonna be a lot of mestizo-mestizoes being popped out. the racial lines,as wel as the iQ lines ,will get wobbly. i see the darker more Indian latinoes being the bottom class—and if you’ve ever met Quoxacans (sp)you be feelin me!–with varying stages of colr going up the line How far this goes i dont know–but surely trying to live with “blacks” as you call them,is a futile hellish effort. YKW and the wealthy do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT countenance “blacks”. The rest of us cant either. they are demonic.

          • bigone4u

            Since the area where I live is 80 percent Mexican, to have a social life I have interacted with many Mexicans, including girlfriends. One such lady was called a coconut by other Mexicans for dating me. A coconut is white on the inside and brown on the outside. It’s an insult. She and many others have treated me well. There are also those who are clearly holding a grudge. The point is you can’t generalize, but if you did you might come down on the side of making friends with Mexicans. Many of the ladies would like white husbands I can tell you that for sure. But their culture teaches them to play hard to get, which some white guys misinterpret as anti-white.

          • It’s the Zionist plan to destroy western culture. I sure wish white people would wake up, but so many do not want to hear the hard truth, because if they did, something would have to take place.

          • I agree. In Minneapolis, on Lake Street, a street that was once very threatening because of menacing blacks(and I hate say it), has come to be much, much safer due to Latinos. Even the Somali’s have a desire for running some form of commerce and do not want a bunch of street crime which kills $business$. American blacks have for so many years depended upon government (which killed the family) for their respective livelihoods from Section 8 housing to quotas in government service, that any business sense is something they do not have. They simply do not have a stake in the communities where they live. In the Cedar Riverside district of Minneapolis there are a lot of Somali’s and say what you will, those people really do have a love for that neighborhood, a love that is sorely lacking in American black communities.

          • gemjunior

            One of the worst problems that whites have is lack of unity and forgetting they are on the same side. They frequently bicker on these sites or are qucik to throw out a rude or thoughtless remark, or attempt to provoke one another. I think it’s a symptom of our lack of cohesion. I think that we must develop a sense of extreme racial kinship that is so second nature that it is pointless to argue or even to think for a second that we should be offering opinions to one another that are uselessly or needlessly critical. Even if the person says something stupid or seemingly not racially loyal enough.

          • Joseph

            A. -they want no contact with the law for a variety of possible reasons.

            B. -these folks are all nice when they need to be to survive but when their ship comes in -like Rubio and Jindal, their true racial colors will come out.

            C. -succeeding generations become more hostile and shiftless, by the stat’s.

          • josh

            joe,you are surely correct-o-mundo!!

          • Jenna Kerr

            When I lived in the Southwest I encountered a couple of decent “hispanics”. Of course at the very minimum they were Castizos. The majority of the mestizos & indios were not very nice people. I want to live around my own kind.

          • josh

            What would happen if she complained about one of the kids? BTW you’re kinda stupid. Theres plenty of mena mexicasn as theres plenty of good ones. But theyre not our friends,its only good as long as its good for the mexies.

          • Katherine McChesney

            They didn’t have children. As for you, you are the epitome of a DWL.

        • Bill

          Yup. Stupid to ally yourself with somebody just because they hate blacks or jews. Usually, those “brothers in arms” hate whites and Americans just as much. They are just as happy to apply that mindless violence on us givent he opportunity. The more we applaud those whose ingrained psyche is geared to unrestrained violence just because the target happens to be somebody we hold in low regard, does NOT mean they aren’t doing the same thing – or want to – to US. And, we blur the difference between third worlders and ourselves……in general white and Europeans are civilized and law abiding….when we identify with third worlders the least bit.

          • Ed

            Thank you for being one of the voices of reason on this website. For some sick reason, a few of our Amren poster seem to beleive that simply because there are Hispanics who do not like Blacks that they somehow like Whites. Trust me, they do not. And even if they did, I would not want ot live near any of them!

        • Joseph

          Just because a bear kills a cougar doesn’t mean she’s there for your benefit. You will be next.

          • Garrett Brown


          • Joseph

            Meant for “BLUTO”, not So CAL.

          • TheTRUTH

            Nonsense. Most of these Mexican on blacks incidents are because they’ve been victimized first. Stop the fear-mongering. Whites will be fine. As always, the ones to fear are the blacks. That will always be the case.

          • Joseph

            Yeah, and all of the black on white incidents are because the blacks were victimized first. The Hispanic “leadership” is telling them that they have been victimized by whites since 1853 when we “stole” their land and now oppress them by discrimination.

            Then too, I’m sure that all of the various flavors of Latin gangs have no interest in the wealth of white people. They are simply on a mission of just retribution against blacks. Once that is satisfied they will all go back home or become model citizens here.

        • Jenna Kerr

          Mestizos and Indios hate whitey just as much as blacks do. They are in gangs at higher rates than blacks. They are taking over.

          • Ignacio25

            Mestizos in general want to be white, rather than kill them. Maybe there is something in America that make them more resentful, but that´s not how they are in the rest of the continent. They tend to hate the people over them at the social ladder, but not because because they are white but because of the money. Of course you should put a bigger wall in your border and don´t let pass any of them, anyway.

          • Nobody hates white as much as the black African (American) does. The black African (American) has a raw hatred for the Whiteman that NO other race of people have. A deep seated raw vicious hatred of us that I have never witnessed in anyone else. Blacks are the least evolved form of human life on the planet. If a conflict were to arise between illegal alien Mexicans and homegrown blacks from America I would side with the Mexicans. When religious conflicts arise between Arab Muslims and Christian blacks in North and Central Africa, I pull for the Muslims. I

            grew up with Mexicans. For the most part, they treated me pretty good.

            Now I am not saying there is not a subsect of Mexicans that does not like whites. I am sure there is. However growing up in a Mexican area on the Southside of Chicago I was never jumped, never robbed, and aside from a hand full of racial slurs directed at me, nothing ill ever befell me.

            At the end of the day, life for a Whiteman in a Mexican enclave is possible. The same cannot be said for a Whiteman in a Black neighborhood.

          • TheTRUTH

            @Robert, you’re 100% on the mark in my opinion (complete opposite of what those on here believe though). Those who claim Mexicans hate us just as much is silly and only comes from those absolutely despise anyone who is not White.

            I taught in a mostly Mexican school. The parents were great. Most kids had both parents at home. The parents weren’t ghetto, weren’t over involved, and weren’t under involved (though language made it difficult).

            I also lives 5 minutes from a Mexican neighborhood that was previously black. It’s like day and night. NO comparison what so ever. I go into a few stores to buy their breads on a weekly basis and they are cool with me. No hateful, menacing looks like you’d get from blacks.

            We have much more in common with Mexicans (gangs aside). Their religion, language, etc. are European-based. I’ve heard others say their language is terrible, etc. It’s a European language! It’s Latin-derived and linked to the other Romance languages (Italian, French…). And yes, many have European blood as well, though some ore than others.

            All this being said, I know if you despise anyone not White, you will see what you want to see. Nothing I say will change that, and vice versa.

            No matter your beliefs though, it sure is nice to see blacks getting a dose of their own medicine. That’s for damn sure.

          • Larry

            This is wishful thinking. Mexicans and Hispanics in general dislike Whites.

          • Jenna Kerr

            I don’t despise non-whites. I just don’t like living around ones who constantly steal from your property and sexually harass you. The drive-by shootings are also wonderful too.

          • Alex

            I lived in Berwyn when it was turning into Little Guadalajara (like Cicero) and although I was not crazy about that fact; I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. I never felt hostility or hatred around the Mexicans like I did when I was around blacks. The blacks actively try and intimidate and harass White people at every chance they can, especially if they have a chance for a shark attack. They really are animals at heart.

            The Mexicans were generally pretty friendly to me and seeing as how I’m not a gangbanger they never gave me any problems in the neighborhood. I even used to walk my then girlfriend home a good distance back to her house in Cicero, which is gang infested, and never had any issues. My mom still lives there and I don’t worry for her safety around the Mexicans, but I sure do now that the former mayor started importing Section 8 blacks from the west side who are of course, acting the way they do… like savages.

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE]I grew up with Mexicans. For the most part, they treated me very good.
            There is zero comparison between Africans and Mexicans. There is
            actually a subset of Mexicans that are white. Watch Mexican TV once in a
            while. You would think you are watching the Polish broadcasting

            I live in Mexifornia and the Mexicans I see everyday on the streets most certainly do not resemble the Polish broadcasting association.

            Most Mexicans I see here in California can not even pass for a Portuguese, let alone pass for a Pollack.

            That is why Whites are a minority here in California, because most of the Mexican Illegals have darkened the racial demographics of this state, not Whitened it.

          • Lygeia

            NEVER pull for the Muslims. In addition, there are some very pious black saints in the Catholic church (they were probably part-white). You want to be careful and not let hatred make you crazy. Mexicans are not our friends either. They were just converted to Christianity which civilized them. I will pick a true Christian of any color over a Muslim any day, not that I don’t realize that a very substantial portion of the black community poses a significant threat to white people as do the Mexicans.

          • Hannibal

            side with who you like your just gonna end up begging for mercy.

          • Hannibal

            Not really they have a two year window. there next on list and the easiest to get rid of.

      • Bill

        It’s the Eric Holder axiom. A hate crime can ONLY be committed against a black.

      • anonymous

        They aren’t my brothers, Bluto. They don’t like you or I and will displace us. We, like the blacks, are just another enemy of theirs. Kind of like the Jewish talk on here. We say, “Those Arab Muslims don’t like Jews either”, well yeah, but they also don’t like Christians or Buddhists or Hindus, etc. Just because Group A shares our dislike for Group B, doesn’t follow that Group A is our friend.

        • Strider73

          Correct. The old axiom “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” isn’t always true.

          OTOH, if your enemies truly want to tear each other to pieces (in this case, blacks vs. Mexicans), the only thing we whites should do is stand aside and let them have at it.

      • Garrett Brown

        Latino brothers? You’re alone in that one mestizo.

      • Garrett Brown

        Latino brothers? You’re alone in that one mestizo.

    • Racism/tribalism is not the prerogative of any one group.

    • Gary

      The fact is that Hispanics don’t like us either. W should not assume that just because they don’t like Blacks that they will align themselves with us.

      • liberalsuck

        they will displace us and harm us just as the blacks will.

    • Pelayo

      All Whites want from Blacks is to be left the HELL alone!!!

  • pcmustgo

    I loved reading this story too and posted it to my facebook page… I THINK THIS HAS TO BE THE *FIRST MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARTICLE (I found it 2 days ago on the frontpage of msn.com… you can’t get more frontpage than that) about a non-white group being racist… now we just have to push for articles about non-whites being racist against whites…. it’s not enough for them to talk about mexican on black racism. Talk about the racism “whites” experience from all these non-whites.

  • Some Guy

    The description of the perps will change to White Latino very soon!

    • Joseph

      Especially since the FBI only reports Hispanics as a victim class and not a perpetrator class. This will be recorded officially as a “white on black hate crime” if it gets that far.

  • eavesmac

    Diversity at work, I think. Its so wonderful to have very different cultures interacting in this way. Makes me think I’m in Utopia. Or maybe they’re fighting over the bottom rung of the ladder again.

  • So CAL Snowman

    One government sanctioned victim group attacking another government sanctioned victim group and not a White man in sight. I’m loving it!

    • generalquagmyer

      The African in the interview STILL had to mention hoods and white sheets, though.

      • Luis

        The Bantu female in the photo resembles Bella Abzug. Man, is that ugly.

      • JohnEngelman

        Blacks are safer with the Klu Klux Klan than they are with Hispanics or other blacks.

  • David M.

    Shouting, cursing, and assault. Probably the most work those taco benders have done in a while.

    • Yep I would have thought falsifying all those welfare documents would have tired them.

  • StillModerated

    Lafrances! Hahaha! Moms done gibbed her boy a girlie name.

    There are no black leaders (trying to bring the two groups together).

    Black eye!

    And the MSM deems this pabulum newsworthy. Go figure. Anyway, thanks for the laugh!

    Anyway at least YT are not the only racists in Lalaland.

  • tremendouscoast

    Didn’t the Hispanics get the memo that diversity was their strength and they were being enriched?

    • Joseph

      A grievous oversight- they forgot to send it out in Spanish.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’m certain Latinos and Hispanics want to live among their own kind…just as most Whites and Asians do. Problem is that blacks want to leech off all the other races.

      • liberalsuck

        The BIGGER problem is the whites who don’t or won’t think of themselves as a racial group with racial interests. The problem is whites who tolerate violent blacks, black militants, mexican gangs, muslim fundamentalists, etc. Yeah, they do attack us/take advantage of us, but it’s our fault for letting them continue to do it.

  • storibund

    A post from one of the black commenters on the article:

    “Your right!!! Carleena but the problem lay’s in the hand of this obama
    administation as well as the bush administration. Both administration
    allowed theses illegal mexican to cross our borders in the first place
    and coming into black american communities now are illegal mexicans.
    They are a race of people who think they are better than black
    americans. This obama administration need to take national security
    seriouly because black americans lives are at state. Deportation is the
    answer and I mean all illegal aliens.”

    Okay, this *is* getting interesting… 😉

    • SintiriNikos

      Don’t expect the so-called black leaders like Jesse and $harpton to take up the banner of this black man who rightfully realizes the dangers of our lax border security and unenforced immigration laws. Encouraging though that we may have an unlikely ally in opposing immigration.

    • Liberalsuck

      Yet this same black commenter hates whites, would attack whites, won’t speak out against his black brethren for attacking whites, would financially drain us just by screaming racism at us, tries to get other nonwhites to unite with them ‘against the white man’…but he wants us to have pity for him when these groups turn on him? Hell, no! Blacks have been cheering our destruction, so let them get a taste of what they’ve been doing to us even if it’s from another nonwhite group screwing them over. No white guilt here. None.

    • Joseph


      Usually they mention “melanin” or some variant spelling in the complaints.

  • SintiriNikos

    I thought Whites were the worst people to blacks? I’m surprised the lame-stream NBC is even reporting this. Aside: that reporter is calienta!

    • Pelayo

      That’s “caliente”. There’s no feminine form for that adjective.
      Anyway she definitely is muy linda. They’ll report any attack on Blacks by non- Blacks. When Whites are attacked ( most frequently and most horrifically) the Media is sordomudo.

      • SintiriNikos

        Thanks, I thought it sounded wrong. Agreed when Whites are the victims, nada.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Whites usually are the victim. Blacks hate whites with a passion. They are jealous of our success but too lazy and irresponsible to try to emulate us. They claim it’s ‘acting white’. The black race is an epic failure globally.

  • Pelayo

    Interesting that anyone who attacks Blacks physically or verbally are charged with hate crimes but hundreds of Whites are beaten, raped, murdered, mutilated or otherwise assaulted by Blacks every day and none of these monsters are ever charged with a hate crime. They can publicly call for genocide and infanticide against Whites, post pictures of murdered Whites on their websites in a celebratory spirit and NOTHING IS EVER DONE ABOUT IT!!!

    The envelope is about to tear. The “Polar Bear” has had enough! A response is in your future you sons of Africa!!

    RIP Channon & Christopher and all the others martyred in the cause of diversity.


  • brengunn

    Straight outta Compton, and don’t come back!

    • Jefferson

      Why do you care how many Blacks are in Compton ? Do you plan to move there ?

      • brengunn

        No, of course not. It’s a joke that plays on the title of the NWA song.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Reading the comments from the original article is enlightening. Blacks accusing Mexican of perpetrating hate crimes. Complaining that blacks were in Compton in the 50’s and 60’s and it’s their home. Forgetting that Compton was probably White before then. Whites escape from Blacks. Mexicans kick blacks out. Nobody loves the (sarc) poor blacks (sarc off).

    Compton is a cesspool. Mexicans will probably improve the community.

    • liberalsuck

      I tell those blacks on youtube on this issue that they have been doing the same to whites and that they have been trying to unite other minorities “against whitey” yet now they want us to feel sympathy for the fact the Mexicans and Asians don’t kiss their ass the way so many whites have for almost 50 years now.

    • Passerby

      According to CityData.com, Hispanics are 65% of Compton’s population, while blacks are only 32.1%. So if Compton is a cesspool now (and I don’t doubt it) Hispanics have had a part in that. If they were capable of ”improving” it, the improvement would be showing by now.

      Let’s not be too eager to declare Hispanics preferable to blacks in any way. We don’t have to pick a favorite between our disposessors, do we?

      • Katherine McChesney

        Compton was literally a black community back in the 80’s. A crime infested cesspool.

        • Jefferson

          Compton still is a crime infested cesspool, even with it’s Hispanic majority. That is why no White person in the Los Angeles metropolitan area wants to live in the CPT.

          How many Whites in Newport Beach, Malibu, and Burbank for example do you think would leave their safe comfortable enclave to move to Compton ? A big fat zero, that’s how many.

  • latino males are probably a far worse disease to this country than blacks.

    • tickyul

      I don’t care to much for either…..but if I had to choose between the two…….NO WAY would I pick Urban Americans. At least most Latinos can act human.

      • Passerby

        See my reply to Katherine McChesney above, about this trend of ”preferring” Latinos as better than blacks. Based on my experience of both groups, I won’t say one is ”better” than the other. Both are unfavorable to our interests.

        • tickyul

          I understand what you are saying. I prefer this country to be run by and populated with Whites….make no mistake about that!

          But you also have to be able to use logic and reason. Living among Urban Americans is akin to living around insane, angry savages who can go crazy in the blink of an eye. Latinos are better…..not much, but they are better.

    • TheTRUTH

      @Dave: Are you serious?? Guess you’ve forgotten the last few decades or so, as well as the recent, ongoing, COUNTLESS black-on-White killings, rapes, etc. Those who are comparing the two and saying one isn’t worse than the other are out of their minds. It’s like comparing cancer with the flu. One is a serious threat to our lives on a daily basis. The other is more of a nuisance.

      • Are you familiar with the term coal-burner? Do you think i care if some pet turns on it’s owner? As far as I’m concerned some of these negroids should be getting civil service awards for getting rid of liberal race traitors. You obviously never went to a school in california.

        • What does coal-burners have to do with the mass number of black-on-White killings and rapes mentioned??? Everyone should be for ridding the world of liberal coal burners, but that’s not what was being talked about.

  • tickyul

    LOL, despite these attacks…Urban Americans are delusional enough to still believe in a coming Black/Brown unity that will get even with Whitey.
    UM……just because those little brown people like rap music and can be pretty ghetto themselves……does not mean they like Urban Americans. In fact, I will bet MOST cannot stand them.

    • liberalsuck

      As long as these parasites stay FAR away from us and we don’t have to support them in any way shape or form, I don’t give a rat’s behind what they do to each other.

  • Dude

    This’ll go down as “white on black.”

  • Joseph

    “Diego Unchained”

    • Biff_Maliboo



  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, this is just LaRaza reclaiming Aztlan from black colonists!! The msm doesn’t know what to do — no Whites to blame and which oppressed victim group has favored status?

    With that said, What’s not to love? Dem on Dem violence? Feral animals taking each other out? Al and Je$$e nowhere in sight? (no $$ or national media)

    Blacks being driven “straight outta compton?”

    It’s schadenfreude time

    Cry me a river, dawg!!

    *anyone who thinks old Bon is heartless can look at this link and see what blacks did to Christina Eilman: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-04-27/news/ct-met-kass-0427-20120427_1_christina-eilman-eilman-case-mentally-ill-woman


    • Garrett Brown

      I’m loving it as well. Let them have their war and annihilate each other.

      • anonymous

        Yep. Can’t say I’m losing sleep over it either.

  • Garrett Brown

    Diversity works… See?

  • Dave4088

    Some time ago I saw a special on L.A. gangs and a member of the Bloods admitted that blacks victimized and terrorized mestizos when their numbers were few and admitted that black gangs were reaping what they sowed now that mestizos outnumber blacks. This has forced the “Bloods” and “Crips” into an alliance against fast growing and violent mestizo gang bangers.

    White people are simply too nice, law abiding, brainwashed and non-violent to ever dream of exacting revenge on the black race similar to what the mestizos are doing. In fact, white people are so nice and non-violent that they will lose their ancestral homelands and eventually disappear from the face of the planet.

    • anonymous

      Whites for centuries were strong and would kill anyone who harmed their families. I think white men have it in them, but the problem is–and maybe it’s a blessing–that it takes white males a LOT to get really aggressive and violent. We are too law abiding and too much of a play by the rules people. Trust me, white males again will get aggressive, but it will take something to spark them. I am glad most whites are buying up guns and ammo and aren’t willing to obey the proposed firearms bans coming up

  • Barrack Osama

    Finally, they’re really doing the jobs Americans won’t.

    • Versus Abaddon

      the problem with this particular situation is that the blacks are pushed into white neighborhoods. its happening everywhere that is experiencing this ‘black flight’.

      those of you who see this as being somehow beneficial to white america are deluding yourself. get it through your head that we always get the sh1t end of stick – particularly working class whites.

      oh, sure, if you’re wealthy this won’t really affect you i suppose, since barely any of these fleeing blacks will be showing up in your neighborhoods!

      it might would be better if instead of blacks being pushed in toward us, these latinos created ‘buffer zones’ between us. might. i’m not sure. but it doesnt matter anyway because it’s not going to work that way anyhow.

      eventually we’ll have no where and no way to run.

  • PesachPatriot

    I’m shocked that we still have hate crimes in this era of hope an change. I thought all hate crimes were committed by old drunk white guys in robes way down south…you mean even in the multi-cultural hippy paradise of California there is racial tension without the presence of all those evil confederate tombstones and monuments?

    I’m wondering how much of this is related to the Zimmerman incident…when the media first called him white the blacks grew enraged at YT, then they backtracked to white hispanic. So maybe the hispanics of california are simply taking revenge for their compatriot the same way blacks attacked whites as far away from florida as detroit and chicago ostensibly for trayvon. Hispanic gang bangers have far less to lose in terms of jobs, property, family and credit score than most middle class whites, so they have no fear of confrontation of jail.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I believe in this respect that blacks are really just proverbial canaries in a coal mine and the Mexicans will get around to the rest if us, if we tolerate this sort of behavior.

    • Charles_Peterson

      Well said, latinos attacking white males or females doesn’t even make the news.

      • Joseph

        That is because Latino>white = potential white on white hate crime

        but, much more serious:

        Latino>black = potential white on black hate crime -at least according to FBI

      • anoynmous

        While I don’t say Latinos love us, I am not seeing the hate level. Maybe I don’t know, but areas that have a lot of Hispanics/whites, the whites and Hispanics get along well. Areas with Hispanics and blacks, the Hispanics and blacks are at war with each other. I have never felt the hatred level being around Hispanics or Asians that I have blacks.

  • Veritas

    At least Latinos stand up to blacks. I remember when the blACKS DRAGGED cUBANS OUT OF THEIR CARS IN mIAMA. bIG MISTAKE. tHE RIOTS ENDED WHEN THE BLACKS BEGGED dc TO SEND IN TROOPS TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE CUBANS. Its too bad whites are so craven.

  • Angry White Woman

    Get rid of these (mostly) illegal Mexican gangbangers! If the govt would get them out of our hair, we could stand up to the blacks and either keep them on their own side of town or ship them out. I’d rather fight blacks than Hispanics any day. For one thing blacks cannot think ahead or form any sort of coherent plan of action–the Hispanics can! And for another, blacks usually speak some form of English. Try getting as Mexican to do that.They’re both evil in their own way, and a threat to whites any way you slice it. At least the blacks aren’t usually counted as whites on the crime stats either, like Hispanics are, (unless they’re victims.)

    • TheTRUTH

      Choosing blacks over Hispanics? Wow, we’re in trouble. Not liking either group is one thing, but preferring blacks is beyond disturbing.

      “we could stand up to blacks” Really? Hasn’t happened in DECADES, even with them at 13% of the population.

      • liberalsuck

        It’s taken two generations now to neuter the average white male that it will take almost as long for the average white male to be the kind of white man his ancestors were.

    • Charles_Peterson

      Well said, the mexicans are a far greater threat to this country and continuously state that they want california back(ain’t going to happen). I doubt it would even stop at that. The negroids can barely tie their shoes without some liberals help.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Believe it or not, in L.A., particularly in Santa Monica and Long Beach, Asian gangbangers are the most brutal and ruthless gangs. Even deadlier than blacks and latino.

      • Jefferson

        Than why is the per capita murder rate in Santa Monica not similar to that of Compton, Inglewood, and South Central ?

  • rightrightright

    Let them get on with it. If they are bashing each other they aren’t bashing White people.

  • rebelcelt

    It is going to be interesting as the Mestizos push out the blacks. La raza will make sure of that. Just the Balkenization of the North American Continent.

    • Ni123

      And where do you think they’ll go? Section 8 vouchers will bring them right to our door steps.

  • shattered2012

    Newsflash! Those Hispanics attack white people too when they move into their neighborhoods. http://sanclemente.patch.com/articles/community-workers-urge-groups-to-unite-after-attack

    • Liz Betbeze

      Thanks for the info. It didn’t make my local paper.

      • liberalsuck

        It surprises you that the lack of anti-white violence didn’t make your local paper?

  • josh

    Interesting: I googled “ADL Compton”. Now all you defenders of YKW,you’re so full of recriminations agaianst anyone who criticizes your dear pets,but LOOK: First entry”Racist Skinheads”. now it is YKW itself that says,”Oy the holocaust! the holocaust! we will forever fight raycizzum and bigotry!!” OK. so heres mexicans saying that N-worders cant live here or we will kill you. Shouldnt YKW be there defending this poor black? They HATE us. They HATE us. Its always US US US US!!!! THEY hate US. Got it,einstein?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Your comment needs a re-write. It’s too jumbled and unreadable. And btw, what the dickens is YKW? Besides ADL Compton refers to a man’s name and not the city.

  • KatherineMcChesney

    These groups have been warring against each other for decades.

  • Refugee

    I support almost anything that curbs blacks. Sorry, but that’s blunt honesty. I have lived in two states and a few areas with a sizeable proportion of blacks and I know they have to be managed. It usually takes either violence or force. Little else works.

    But, even now, I can still feel sympathy for a handful of black people with different personalities and thinking from the rest.

  • JohnV

    You guys are missing the context of all this. This Mexican gang, CV 155, has been feuding with surrounding black gangs for years and lost a lot of their members in the process. Their bitterness towards blacks is largely born from these feuds. These Mexican gangs are not really “negrophobic” in the way that many white gangs often are–they listen to and perform rap, use black slang, etc. There are actually high-ranking black members of CV 155 and CV Tortilla Flats, another “racist” Mexican gang in Compton–relics from the days before gangbanging in LA became more strictly racialized.

  • les

    the mexicans are pushing them out because of drug turf not hate or
    racism any other reason they know blacks will start selling drugs.
    autually they hate us more than blacks surprising how naive some of
    these comments are…

  • Steven Bannister

    Now, did they just want them out of Compton? Or Straight Outta Compton?

  • Multi-national empires do not work. America WAS unique in the way that we could bring fellow European blooded peoples and form an incredible nation second to none, but once the 1965 Immigration Act was signed, that was the beginning of the end of America. There are too many people so we are no longer ‘a people’, we have lost our cultural identity. We are no more. We will splinter apart. It is happening all around the world from Catalonia to white flight from cities in Britain. The elite culprits want world wide one world government and that WILL of course fail, the anti-christ will of course teach us that bit of wisdom. I am in love and full of the nostalgia for the old America. This new America is for the birds.