State Dept. Cites Murder, Kidnapping, Disease in New Haiti Travel Warning

Washington Post, December 30, 2012

The State Department has issued a revised Haiti travel advisory, warning Americans planning to travel to the Caribbean island nation about robbery, lawlessness, infectious disease and poor medical facilities.

“U.S. citizens have been victims of violent crime, including murder and kidnapping, predominantly in the Port-au-Prince area. No one is safe from kidnapping, regardless of occupation, nationality, race, gender or age,” the department said.

The new travel warning was released Friday to replace a less strongly worded advisory issued in June.

In recent months, travelers arriving in Port-au-Prince, the capital and largest city, on flights from the United States have been attacked and robbed after leaving the airport. This year, at least two U.S. citizens were shot and killed in robbery and kidnapping incidents, the State Department said.

“Haitian authorities have limited capacity to deter or investigate such violent acts or prosecute perpetrators,” the department said.

The State Department also noted that while the incidents of cholera have declined, the disease persists in many areas of Haiti. Medical facilities, including ambulance services, are particularly weak.


[Editor’s Note: The full advisory is available here.]

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  • tightwad

    A filthy, wretched 208 year experiment in black rule.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The State Dept should issue similar warnings about Haitian neighborhoods in NY and Miami.

  • Seek

    Is there any civilized person in this country nutty enough to visit a place like Haiti in the first place?

    • The__Bobster

      There are still tear-jerker commercials running on TV asking for more money for that worthless hellhole.

      • IstvanIN

        I only see the fat white guy telling me to give money to little, starving Maria and Israel, who also have no clean water.

        • Nicholai Hel

          Why don’t Maria and Israel eat the local locusts?

  • PesachPatriot

    seek…maybe some horror movie fanatics who want to get a close up view of bizarre voodoo rituals…next thing you know the state department will mention that parts of south florida and new orleans that have many haitians are dirty and dangerous….you know a country is bad when the dominican republic puts your level of civilization to shame.

  • “Murder, kidnapping, disease” in a NEW warning about Haiti?

    Isn’t that every year in Haiti?

    • Nicholai Hel

      It’s just another typical day in the socialist paradise.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Dey be goood eatnz

  • IstvanIN

    Who heaven’s name would go to Haiti?

    • Johnny Clay

      Exactly. I could never understand why people go to hellholes like this, as well as Mexico and other countries known for violence, for vacations.

      • Don’t know about Haiti, but Mexico is a big place with areas that are as safe as most of the U.S.

        • Nicholai Hel

          Yeah. The safe parts of the US still without Mexicans.

          • mobilebay

            Where is there a place without Mexicans in the US?

          • Ilovemyrace

            This is true — there are still some parts of California that are still safe.

        • Luca

          Perhaps you should read the State Dept.’s warning about travel to Mexico. More people are killed there than in Afghanistan. If you’re not killed you stand a good chance of being victimized in any number of ways even from the police or other authorities. Mexico should be boycotted from tourism just on principle alone.

      • Flossie

        “Slumming” has always been popular with segments of the upper class. And many visitors to Haiti — probably the majority — are do-gooders. That’s their choice, obviously. Speaking of which . . . I remember reading recently that a significant percentage of female Peace Corps volunteers admitted having been raped at least once during their overseas stays!

    • Non Humans

      Round-Trip Departing to Haiti: Really Really deluded and naive libtards.
      Upon Return: New-Born Realists ready to shed their old ways of thinking.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Don’t be so sure, last year there was a case of a Canaidian couple who went to south Africa to do mission work with a christian church.. his wife was raped and murdered in front of him, his rescue had to be negotiated.. and upon his return he forgave those people for what they had done and is anxious to go back.. I’ll post a link once I find the story

        • Sloppo

          I have a lady friend who goes to Haiti occasionally to do missionary work. She tried a few times to get me to contribute. She backed off with her requests after I explained to her son that I prefer to direct my charitable efforts toward people of my own race instead of sending it to a collection of violent savages with a seemingly unwavering desire to kill my people. I heard through the grapevine that she was very offended at me for being so “racist”. A year or so ago, it came out that some of the “good people” she was working with down there were stealing money from the missionary organization. Maybe it was wrong of me, but I laughed my butt off. I felt kind of vindicated, but I think she still plans to keep going there. It seems so crazy to me.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Thats what gets me right. Like why don’t these missionaries go someplace like the Ukraine to help underage prostitutes or something/someplace where their help is wanted and appreciated and can make a difference?
            I just don’t get it!

          • Sloppo

            If she was going there, I would be VERY supportive. I know a little bit about the situation in that region. In fact, I have several Christian Ukrainian and Russian friends and I think I will ask them if they know of such a charity that I can support. Thank you for the idea.

          • Luis

            Sloppo, I’d say your friend is learning disabled.

        • Nicholai Hel

          All liberals prefer death to fighting back.

          • David Ashton

            “Liberalism is the ideology of western suicide” (James Burnham).

    • Luca

      Can you believe it is a port-of-call for certain cruise ships?

  • Ilovemyrace

    ,In his book “The French Revolution, in San Domingo,” Lothrop Stoddard describes the savage brutality of the Blacks towards Whites. In all, thousands of Whites were tortured and murdered. Living White babies were passed from bayonet to bayonet. In one particularly disgusting episode, the belly of a pregnet woman was cut open, and the White husband was forced to eat his baby in front of his still living wife.

    These are the people that the disingenuous White liberals now rush to once again save. You would think that Whites would have learned from the other 100 times they have tried to save those wreched, primative, violent Hatian Africans, over the last 200 years.

    • pcmustgo

      WHITE SLAVE-OWNERS BRANDED THEIR SLAVES WITH BURNING IRONS , WORKED THEM 12 HOURS A DAY OR MORE, sold their babies and families, ETC… Let’s put some balance into that… The Haitian Revolution was brutal, but didn’t the blacks have a right to distrust and hate those whites? At that time? Not now, of course,. I watched a documentary on slavery in Brazil and a particularly brutal slave-owner cut off one of his female slave’s breasts and presented it on a platter to another white male who had commented about how lovely her breasts were….

      Slave rebellions are understandable.

      • TheAntidote

        Yes…but the Haitian revolution was not a slave rebellion. All the slaves had been emancipated and had full freedom given to them by revolutionary France. They used their liberty, fraternity and equality to murder every White on the island. Babies, nuns, the infirm…. every White.

    • gemjunior

      Well he shouldn’t have eaten it period. They were going to kill him either way probably right? So keep some dignity and refuse to do something so disgusting just because these boons were savage enough to want to see that tableau of suffering. I have never run across that story but I will look out for it. Is it in the Lothrop Stoddard book?
      Haitians have been a petri dish of God only knows what for so long it’s disastrous. It’s always shown the world how unable blacks are, no matter where they’re from in the world – if they’re African, they can’t run a country. They have shown they can’t even run a grocery store let alone an economy. Stay away from that place.

  • dave

    coming to you soon, Haitian immigration in NYC and Miami is huge thanks to Bush and his ilk

  • Guest

    Murder, Kidnapping, Disease in Haiti Travel

    It’s just another typical crappy day in the socialist paradise.

  • Tim

    I went to a diversity loving VooDoo exhibit once. It was actually kind of cool… I learned that Haiti consumes like 40% of the worlds sequin production as they are an essential element in the Black craft. When I got back I happened to see that Charlie Sheen movie Major League. It showed the Haitian slugger open his locker and it was covered in them. I said, “Some body did their homework…”

    • Nicholai Hel

      Haiti is the only country that dresses up their sewer rats in cute little Kwanzaa costumes for the holidays.

  • bigone4u

    If the truth be known the government should extend the travel warning to just about all black and brown countries, as well as all black and brown zip codes in the USA.

  • APaige

    “limited capacity” is that a warning or an I.Q level?

  • bluffcreek1967

    Good Lord, why would any American go to such a hell-hole as Haiti in the first place? I remember when Bush and Clinton got together a few years ago to urge all Americans to give our hard-earned money to Haiti relief. They really wanted to play on the guilt and gullibility of whites as do most third-world ‘relief’ charity organizations.

    I knew immediately it would be a waste of time and money, and that most of the charity funds would go to their corrupt officials. No matter how much money Haiti would be given, the people would still continue to rob and rape each other because this is who they are by nature! Haiti hasn’t improved since whites were killed and driven from it many years ago because it’s run by blacks. This toilet bowl of a country remains in the condition it does because of the very people who populate it. It’s a reflection of who they are at their core.

    • Pelayo

      Perhaps the Haitians are suffering the retribution for their brutal genocide, infanticide and sexual horrors perpetrated against the French. They’re also paying the environmental penalty for their total destruction of their half of the La Isla Española. They’ve pretty much eliminated the vegetation thereby rendering the soil vulnerable to flooding, massive erosion and mud slides during Hurricanes,
      The Dominican Republic is a poor country but no where near the condition of Haiti.

  • Our govt should show the same concern for domestic travelers and issue the same warnings for several US cities

  • JohnEngelman

    Those who maintain that the races are of equal ability need to explain Haiti. Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic. Those flying over the island can tell where the border is. The Dominican Republic is green. Haiti is red with deforested earth.

    • IstvanIN

      A tiny amount of European genetics separates the waste land of Haiti from the better dump of the Dominican Republic. Get whiter, get nicer, so it seems.

  • JuneSondra65

    The Bahamas are almost as bad as Haiti. In a 2007 UN study of violence against women, the Bahamas had the highest rate of reported rape in the entire world. Compared to Haitians, Bahamians are relatively affluent since they have a tourist and casino industry to steal from. But they still have a murder rate comparable to that of Obama’s Chicago.

  • mobilebay

    I don’t think Haiti is any better off today than when I visited thirty years ago. Sounds as if it’s worse. No progress in economic growth nor better living conditions for its people. Sad state of affairs.

    • stewardofthemystery

      …. and it will ALWAYS be like that. Nothing short of a miracle (e.g. total white re-colonisation) could return it to an island utopia as long as the african colony continues to breed there.

      ….never in an infinite amount of time.

  • Ilovemyrace

    Actually, for an African nation (i.e., populated by Africans), Haiti is not that disfunctional. Poverty, disease, crime, violence, AIDS, and corruption in Haiti are about equal with any other country (or city) run by Blacks. In fact, for a Black nation, Haiti is doing fairly well.
    Of course, when we compare Haiti with any White or Asian nation on Earth, Haiti is at the bottom of the list.

  • Ilovemyrace

    Want to open your eyes?
    Go rent the 2006 movie “Ghosts of Cite Solel”. This documentary shows the stupidity and child-like immaturity of the Haitians. For example, there is a scene where some of the local Big Men (the smartest and most capable among the population) sit around on plastic chairs, smoking dope, and pontificating how their dream is to lead their people out of misery, or maybe become a professional basketball star, or maybe a rap star, or maybe have lots of sex, or maybe shoot someone. Meanwhile raw human sewage flows on the ground at their feet.

    They sit around all day in disease and misery with “I Have a Dream” mentality, but do nothing to improve their lot. If Whites had been in that situation, they would have immediately organized and dug ditches to drain off the raw sewage. But Blacks are incapable of such higher organization or forethought.

    Similar examples are seen in Africa, where White Peace Corp workers build latrines for natives, and teach them how to use them. Then the Whites leave, and within 3 months, the Africans go back to crapping in the bushes, 10 feet from thier huts.

    There is no saving these people. It is impossible to turn them into Whites, no matter how much money and effort we spend, and no matter how many centuries of our efforts and treasures.

    It is time to cut these primative, dysfunctional, low-IQ races loose. Give them the freedom and dignity to develop their own societies, under their own direction. Let them be. Stop trying to turn them into White people — it doesn’t work, they don’t like it, and it harms our society when we dress them up in suits and turn them loose in our cities.

    • Ron Cheaters

      One time I met a guy like this in abusines suit and all real professional like.. he introduced me to his american name, then he gave me his tribal name.. so I started to call him by his tribal name and all was well.. but then he started to put the make on my girlfriend who was irish. I spoke with her about it and she thouht it was innocent. But then I spoke with this guy and called him out on it. At first he was real apologetic. Ok.

      A few days later, he’s back at it again. So I said “Look Mbunglo Okskamwe, I thought we had it clear. She doesn’t like your come ons”

      His eyes filled with hatred and he told me how I had just offended his tribe and his ancestors and told me never to call him Mbunglo again.. I told him Michael was a white name. And I believe he wanted to kill me..

      I’m still friends with the girl.. but Mbunglo I think went back to his tribe

    • pcmustgo

      Who is the crazy white lady in that video who is sleeping with that black gangster?

      Haiti used to have a huge sex tourism industry, including gay tourists and white female sex tourists- before the AIDS crisis…

      “Last Nightmare on Earth” is a good read by Herbert Gold.

      • pcmustgo

        Best Nightmare on Earth… Herbert Gold lived in Haiti for 40 years.

  • PesachPatriot

    Guest…for all its faults and failings I don’t think Haiti is a socialist country…France, Britain, Sweden, Germany,Norway, Denmark and the USA could be called socialist….Haiti is just pure unmitigated squalor….

  • David Ashton

    If all races are equal, how explain the differences between Haiti and Costa Rica or – Iceland?

    Personally I feel sorry for the Haitians who are trapped in a “genetic slavery” which cannot be remedied by liberal ideology. Would not a military invasion with a eugenic birth-control component in reconstruction have been a more humanitarian investment than the murderous and expensive wars against the nations around Israel?

    • JohnEngelman

      What does Israel have to do with Haiti?

      • David Ashton

        The Israelis actually sent some “help” after the earthquake. My point was that the blood and treasure the USA has expended on attacking Muslim countries who oppose Israel far exceed what an intervention, as proposed, would do for a country on the American doorstep. It was a comparison of financial and humanitarian priorities. So no need to report me to the ADL which you love so much for “anti-Semitism”.
        I have just started reading Jonathan Katz, “The Big Truck that Went By: How the World came to save Haiti and Left behind a Disaster” (Palgrave Macmillan). What a story of “liberal” incompetence!

  • TheAntidote

    In the second decade of the 21st Century Haiti has a cholera epidemic. I don’t even think a country as paleolithic as Papua New Guinea has cholera. All you have to do to avoid cholera is to keep your water supply far from contact with sewage—-and if you can’t do that, you can boil your drinking water to destroy the bacteria. Haiti can’t do it.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      PNG is home to lots of clean, fast-running mountain streams, so New Guinea natives would have to work pretty hard at contaminating their own water supply. Of course, they would also have to work pretty hard to destroy all their country’s tree cover, at which Haitians have wildly succeeded.

  • PesachPatriot

    the antidote…there is really a cholera problem in the 21st century….wow…the first basic law of all civilizations, white or non-white is “don’t defecate where you eat or drink”…if haiti can’t figure that one out there is no hope for them. I thought cholera was pretty much an extinct 19th century disease that basically never happened anymore. I’ve read that Haiti has some of the worst AIDS numbers outside of subsaharan Africa….

    Driving around south florida I sometimes see them with “proud to be haitian” bumper stickers….haiti’s only contribution to civilization is voodoo and zombie horror movies…can’t think of much else other than that. They can also be incredibly rude and arrogant and entitled…I went to renew my auto insurance today and the insurance guy told me that rampant haitian insurance fraud is why florida has such high rates. I’m actually kind of impressed that they have the brain power to commit insurance fraud…thats a little more complex than robbing liquor stores or gas stations. One of the worst gangs in Miami is made up of haitians and is called the Zoe Pound gang who are fortunately confined to overtown and little haiti…even american blacks and jamaicans look down on them. Some have been seen defecating in publix parking lots too…Many have been hired to work at wal-mart and target as well as for landscaping crews because they work for even less than illegal hispanics.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I suspect most of the “Americans” who travel to this hideous mudhole are really ethnic Haitians with US citizenship.

  • jefferson rot

    Every since these African slave revolt in 1801 killed all the 65,000 christian white French off in what was once a wealthy elite nation island and cannibalized them using the black pig voo doo juju witch doctor remedy becoming the original black so called democracy the Creator has punished them severely as Pat Roberson of the 77 Club in VA Beach has said many times.

    Did Thomas Jefferson or James Madison not take notice of this and try to change the documents they created or try to outlaw slavery and send them all back to Africa?

    Clearly Jefferson and Madison were nothing but rogues from hell and obviously behind the plot to end the blessed chosen white race that brought forth Marx and his tool Lincoln just 60 yrs later. You have to wonder about Jared Taylor ….