Police Use Pepper Spray on Crowd Waiting for New Air Jordans

WAFF (Huntsville), December 20, 2012

Huntsville Police and HEMSI responded to the scene of a disturbance at Madison Square Mall.

According to witnesses, around 100 people were waiting in line to get the new Air Jordan Bred 11 shoes which retail for about $185.

Police said the shoes were not being released today; people were waiting in line to receive one of 36 bands to get the shoes at a later date.


Most people were waiting patiently until the mall doors opened, at which point, the crowd got unruly and police had to use pepper spray.


Police said they did not actually use the pepper spray on the people, but they sprayed it in the general direction of the crowd.

Everyone in line refused medical treatment because they did not want to lose their place in line.



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  • pcmustgo

    But they won’t have money saved for their kid’s education. And their kids will blame the “rich privileged white people”. They won’t have money for the rent sometime in the future.

    • The__Bobster

      Soon Social Security will be means tested and you won’t get it because you failed to blow all your money on Air Jordans.

    • gemjunior

      Who are the only people who care about sneakers to this extent? They reallly are alien. Like you’ve written above, they place so much importance on stupidity and none on the basic needs of life, perhaps because someone has always taken care of them. What’s more gross than a man who lets his wife work and take care of him and his family or a man who is on welfare because he is putting it to the man?
      Black people like to spend their money on fancy cars NOW and fancy clothes and jewelry and gadgets NOW because they have such a poor future-orientation. I gues they think that they will always be cared for, like children do. And they resent this being said to them or about them because they can grasp enough to know this is not respectable behavior.

    • flawless

      We got Obama tho!!!!

  • OlderWoman

    And the crowd is…..BLACK. No surprise there.

    • Johnnie Appleseed

      My goodness. How many videos have I seen over the years about “Black Friday” shoppers off all races running over and stepping on others just to be the first inside a Wal-Mart.

      • But the worst behavior in that regard is blacks and Hispanics.

      • flawless

        Mmm but how quick they forget….

      • Not Politically Correct


    • flawless

      Are you mad you couldnt afford a pair….?

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I wish I could get that excited over a pair of shoes. I don’t think I would brave that crowd for a Rolex for $2.98.

  • Ulick

    Poor spending habits, poor decision making, emphasis on status symbols, violence, inability to comport with societal standards, worship of the sneaker. It’s a short article, but it still manages to hit upon several black community standards.

    • Tim

      Drop worship of the sneaker and you pretty much have band night at Good Time Charlie`s… Funny that!!

    • Johnnie Appleseed

      Kind of like that family in Tampa, the surgeon doctor and his wife, who spent themselves into bankrutpcy trying to impress General Petraus.

      How many “white” americans bankrupted themselves between 2001 and 2008 trying to gain the “status symbol” of a larger house than their neighbors, only to see their idol worshipping go up in smoke after the financial chimera of an economy we have went up in smoke?

      Charles Murray in his book “Coming Apart: The State of White America” speaks of hundreds of millions of American whites exhibiting the same attributes you list here Ulick.

      • Ulick

        There are, unfortunately, millions of whites who do live like that. They generally occupy the lower ranks and accpet their lot as a byproduct of their life choices rather than “The Man” working to hold them down. Whites who act like that, including the violence, are treated as greater outcasts than they are in the black community, and whites who act like that are percentage-wise a much smaller fraction of the white population than percentage of the black population who lives like that. There’s a stark difference in level of acceptance and percentage that act like that.

      • The very economic conditions which caused that were a result of race-based affirmative action, and some unscrupulous and foolish white people rode their temporarily positive consequences, until the bubble inevitably popped. Riding the bubble doesn’t mean you blew the bubble.

      • shmo123

        Oh c’mon, the entire population of whites in the US is less than 200 million–there are no “hundreds of millions”. I’ll give you that there a lot of whites who are poor and uneducated and do exhibit the kinds of traits that Ulick describes, but not nearly in those numbers.

  • 48224

    IQ doesn’t matter….gym shoes DO! lol

    • StillModerated

      To quote Deteriorata: … know that a walk in the ocean of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet.

  • PesachPatriot

    How come there are never riots and pepper spray for new work boots? I don’t understand the shoe obsession at all..Why is a dumb pair of sneakers made for a next to nothing in a chinese slave factory worth getting this excited over?

    • Puggg

      Because the dumb Chinese made sneakers are endorsed by an afawete. It’s the talisman mentality at work again. Wear the shoes of St. Michael of Jordan, and you’ll be able to dunk like him, and earn money like him.

      QD has a picture of what these shoes look like on his own blog:


      • i am

        The losers in our society need to attach themselves to a winning image to “temporally” feel good about themselves. It is also the reason why we have so many loser immigrants attaching themselves to the U.S. and our welfare system. Haven’t you noticed how “successful” mexicans and blacks feel in this country, when they would be considered losers if they went back to where they came from?

        • Celebrate Homogeneity

          You mean like pasty-faced ivy grads with heart conditions gluing themselves to the boob tube to watch “their” team’s hired “stoodint” team win the big game for the college they attended 30 years ago? THOSE losers?

          • i ma

            “THOSE losers?”

            Yes, they are one group, but not the only group.

        • flawless

          I bet your the main welfare user on the hush hush lol

      • i am

        Those shoes are perfect for blacks. They can glow during they day, but when night comes around they can zip up and steal without being seen.

        • flawless

          An u prolly do “White Collar Crimes” steal a penny or two from several bank accounts smh lol I can go on an on an….on!

    • Ron Cheaters

      Work implies having to do something productive.

    • shmo123

      More like what kind of ignorant, unsophisticated, low class people would get excited about something like a new tennis shoe? Take a wild guess.

  • StillModerated

    Is it possible to pay for Air Jordans with an EBT card? By the bye, I bought a pair of New Balance running shoes at Nordstrom Rack for 35 bucks.

    • Celebrate Homogeneity

      EBT is now usable for take-away food and for postage. For those who doubt me: I’ve seen “We take EBT” window signs at Papa John’s, and the automated postal service machines in post office box lobbies will accept credit, debit, and EBT cards. There is a move afoot to make motor fuels EBT-eligible,

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I’ve heard it will eventually cover things like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, pads, tampons, etc. Liberals will likely try to slip in expansions of the food stamp program under the radar, hoping regular taxpayers don’t notice.

        • A secret squirrel source tells me that the most prominent supermarket in Arizona illegally takes the food stamp card for alcohol and tobacco, and management forces the employees to let food stamps purchase those items or they’re fired.

          I wouldn’t mind food stamps being used to buy those kinds of personal care items you use if they actually use them, and believe me, many need to. Even before I got my deviated septum fixed, and my sense of smell was somewhat borked in earnest, I could smell, er, tell that.

        • [Guest]

          But it makes no difference what “regular taxpayers” do and do not notice. We’re way past that now.

      • Some Guy

        KFC takes the EBT card.

        • Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. We live in an upside down world. The same government that wants to take guns away from whites (of course that’s not the stated intent but it is implied – nobody gets too worked up when diversity opens fire on people) taxes those same whites so blacks can eat fried chicken.

        • Non Humans

          Well Duh, LOL. There’s something to the Colonel’s grin (Evil Cackles). He’s actually on our side, clogging the non-humans’ arteries and giving them Diabeetus.

          I smile back at the colonel when I drive by his trough. McD’s too. I don’t eat at either of those nasty places. Food like that is a once in a while treat that deserves a sit down with family. Well (real made at home) fried chicken, anyways.

          If you pay attention, at all, it’s very plain that McD’s is engineering CHF and Diabeetus for the non-humans, just like the Colonel. I just wish that there was a way to spread the “Don’t touch that made for non-humans food” to the greater human population who ignorantly eats that poison.

          At any rate, fast food has gotten so expensive, it doesn’t cost much more to just go in to a nice sit-down restaurant…and get a beer too!

  • StillModerated

    Springfield Mall in Beltwaylandia was torn down last week. The mall had been in decline for several years, and turf wars were taking place between suburban yoof and tattooed mexcrement. An elderly white woman was carjacked and murdered, and after that humans stayed away in droves. The mall management had changed the piped music from string arrangements to drums and some weird sort of wo-o-ho-ho-o-woe yodeling that passes for modern pop. But malls are dying. They were designed for civilized, well-behaved folks. So Springfield will now be rebuilt as an open air “town center” with no warm places for the riff-raff to lurk during the winter, and where store owners will do their best to chase the savages back into the heat of summer.

    • Yeah, that place was terrible and I’m glad they tore it down. The Mexican restaurant that turned into a “nightclub” was the source of a lot of the violence, when that closed it seemed things became more manageable, although by that point half the stores in the mall were gone, likely due to a mixture of the decline in the economy, the decline in the quality of the mall clientele, and the looming redevelopment. I do remember one night back in 2005, I was working late on a Saturday (it was tax season) and after putting in a 15 hour day at the office, I had that “I’m ready to leave work but don’t want to go home” feeling, so I drove over to the mall to catch a late showing of “Sin City”. By the time the movie ended the only way out of the mall was through the Mexican restaurant, which was in full Latino nightclub frenzy. Based on the looks I was getting I felt lucky to escape unharmed. I was 25 at the time and let’s just say I would not have done the same thing today.

  • Robert Binion

    I bought shoes for two, pretty Estonians this summer who were in the country selling children’s books in order to make a little money for college. I doubt they made much; this part of Alabama is hardly a literary hotbed. Having seen the idiots around here drive, I had offered to place their bikes in the back of my pickup and relocate them from time to time. Toward the end of their stay, Arina remarked, “I like your boots.” And she had me cold. So, off to Red Wing we went where she was thrilled by the selection and service. At least, I sent her home decently shod. I remember thinking then that there were probably milliions of American children who have never owned a pair of honest, working shoes. Leaving the store, Olga murmured in the throaty, sensual voice that mature women in the South sometimes develop, “Do they sell running shoes around here?” Now, to leave Miss Olga unattended at the Friday night football game would be like slicing a big, juicy watermelon beside a nest of yellow jackets on a hot, July day. Athletic shoes it was, though my heart wasn’t in it. You know, I have worked with many blacks, quite a few of them kind and tolerably honest. But never for them have I felt the kinship, the affection for these two Russians. I think of them often.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The gal who became my wife lost her hat in a gust of wind, and I fetched it out of traffic; otherwise I’d be envious of you.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      It’s nice to see young people who are genuinely appreciative of something as simple as a good pair of work boots. I suspect that this is one of the many reasons so many American men are looking to Russia and Eastern Europe for wives.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Why buy work boots when combat boots are cheap?

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I bet at least 2/3 of those people are on food stamps and have their children receiving free lunch at school.

    Funny how they can never afford food, but can always afford new Air Jordans. I wouldn’t be surprised if the liberals catch on to how revealing this is of blacks’ true nature and begin refusing to even report on it.

    • Some Guy

      The parking lot was probably full of Caddys and Lexus’ and I’m sure they were all proudly displaying their bling-bling. Time to stop filling up the through.

      • I’m sure most of the folks in that crowd were poster children for the definition of “n****r rich”.

        • flawless

          an you never miss a Black Friday Wally World Sale… I saw u push down a woman for your new 19in flat screen lol

      • flawless

        Well at least we riding clean!

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “…the crowd got unruly and police had to use pepper spray.” Wonder what “unruly” means.

  • [Guest]

    And these people are our overlords.

  • “Everyone in line refused medical treatment because they did not want to lose their place in line”. Having the latest shoe is more important than receiving medical treatment. Typical. That’s the same mindset that gives you people who put rims on a $500 car, have gold chains, cell phones, expensive nail treatments, hair weaves, but no food that isn’t paid for by government assistance.
    I guess the upside is that it will be hard for any of the Bantus to argue they were victims of “poh-lice brutality” if they were well enough to remain in line to buy their cargo cult bling shoes.
    Maybe the police should have threatened to find jobs for them instead.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Whatever happened to mail-ordering the silly things?

  • Shawn_thefemale

    We can create a a whole new lottery. All purchases of these shoes should require registration and public listing of the buyers’ names so that that those interested can take bets on which ones of them will be whacked later for their shoes.

  • Puggg
  • SintiriNikos

    They didn’t wanna lose their place in line to get medical attention. Amazing, gibsmedat trumps basic health care.

    The reporter said Black Friday. Racist!

    Supermarket staff should have authority to revoke an EBT card if somebody wearing $185 shoes is using it. I wonder how many ‘but I didn’t buy them, I can’t afford that. I stole them!’ they’ll get.

    Better yet, random searches of EBT homes for any luxury products like $200 footwear.

    • flawless

      stop hating!

  • SLCain

    This happened in a highly diverse and enriching mall where, as Chris Rock put it, “white people used to go to”. Look for this mall to show up on the Dead Malls website pretty soon.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Just looked; I’m wearing a pair of khaki “Earth Shoe” hiking boots I got on clearance at Wal Mart back in 2004. Together with this article, they make me happy I’m not working to pay taxes for more “gibs me dats” for a race of people who never miss any opportunity to advertise their own greed and stupidity.
    As SintiriNikos mentioned earlier, the public assistance scam is exactly what allows non-workers to afford luxuries like $185 sports while the rest of us have to cut corners. Money is fungible.

  • Another assault on an elderly retail workers by black customers.


    FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS (KMOX) – An East St. Louis couple is charged with beating an elderly employee at a Metro East Best Buy.

    It’s considered normal procedure by most to be asked for your receipt
    while leaving a busy store like Best Buy with expensive items. But
    Latoya Greenwood, 38, didn’t take kindly to the request.

    Police say she began shouting obscenities at the 61-year-old Fairview
    Heights Best Buy employee at the exit door. Her husband got into the
    act and smacked the man across the face, sending him down to the ground
    while his wife didn’t flinch and kept the curse words flying.

    The husband, 39-year-old Hickey Thompson, is charged with felony
    aggravated battery and is held on $20,000 bond. Greenwood is charged
    with disorderly conduct.

    • These two were probably trying for the five fingered Kwanzaa Ujamaa discount, and the exit clerk stopped them.

      Late breaking: The man is an ex-jock for a two time state championship football team, one of the Catholic schools in the area, the woman is a high up administrator in the East St. Louis public school district.

      • Thompson must have been on a free-ride at the Catholic school, he sure didn’t learn any Christian values.

        School districts in highly diverse areas are filled with many do-nothing make-work jobs for blacks.

        • Football student, to be sure. I’m sure that kind of thing is against the law in Illinois even for private schools, but I’m also sure proving it is as hard the dickens.

  • flawless

    Blacks, Blacks, Blacks …smh I guess we do all the wrong huh….Did yall so easily forget Newton Connecticut? I guess we sold him the weapons or he watched BET just before so think before you down grade my BEAUTIFUL RACE… oh yea an stop tanning so much you will never be black! :> Its shoes people get over it…. Whites.. Im pretty sure was somewhere in a line waiting as well.

  • 48224

    I wonder if passing out free Jordans will be a way to get votes in future elections? I could seriously see that happening.