Man Arrested After Chasing Down Woman, Fatally Stabbing Her, Police Say

Kristal Roberts, ABC News (Dade City), December 11, 2012

Detectives are investigating the fatal stabbing of a 25-year-old woman after the suspect chased her down in Dade City Monday.

Dade City Police responded to calls of a man chasing a woman and stabbing her as she fled east on 21st Street.

Stephanie Ross, an insurance company employee, was  delivering paperwork minutes before noon, when she was stabbed.

Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross


Officers went to 37020 Coleman Avenue, just east of 21st Ave, where they found 53-year-old Lucious Smith standing in his apartment.

Lucious Smith

He was bleeding and was transported to the hospital.

The hospital confirmed the victim, Ross, received several stab wounds and she was pronounced dead 1:27 p.m.



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  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    The rest of the story:

    DADE CITY — Since day one, police say, social worker Stephanie Ross had been
    uncomfortable visiting Lucious Smith, a man with a criminal history dating to
    1977 when he was charged with carrying a concealed ice pick and resisting

    “She just felt as if people should not go alone when they go back,” said
    Dade City police Officer Brian Uppercue. “He’s very aggressive.”
    Her employer, Integra Health Management, says the 25-year-old University of South
    Florida graduate never complained of feeling unsafe. She had visited him three
    times without incident.

    Just before noon Monday, Ross once again visited the 53-year-old man known
    as “TooFats” at his apartment complex at 37020 Coleman Ave. to help him manage
    his Medicaid benefits.


    Dade City man accused of killing social worker who came to help
    By Lisa Buie, Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer

    • AutomaticSlim

      She was a social worker? The ABC story said Insurance employee. Guess they don’t want to scare off future college recruits for social work…

      • Xerxes22

        Florida must privatize its Medicaid program. The family of Ms. Ross should sue Integra Health Management for every penny it has. Putting this young women’s life in danger by sending her out alone to the lair of a criminal lunatic like Lucious Smith is the worst type of criminal negligence.

        • i am

          I bet the company is owned by minorities who got their government contract because of affirmative action.

        • Svigor

          Yep. A 10 million dollar suit against her employer sounds about right.

      • TheTRUTH

        Social worker? I apologize in advance for those who think I’m being too harsh, but it appears that Mr. Africanus Maximus just eliminated one of our enemies.

  • JohnEngelman

    When I looked at the photograph of Mr. Smith I wanted to say, “That’s him Officer. I’m sure of it.”

  • Biff_Maliboo

    What will you be doing when diversity strikes?

  • Germanacus

    That is one deranged looking African. You ladies out there better take concealed carry seriously. Get your permit, get the largest caliber handgun your comfortable with, and practise firing it. Dont bother with pepper spray or anything like that. The reason Florida lead the nation in CC was for one reason — black crime. I know, I’m a former Miami PO.

    • The__Bobster

      What an evil-looking hellhound. I just don’t believe he belongs to the same species as the victim.

      Yet the usual suspects, such as Swinestein and Bloomboig, would deny her the right to protect herself from such a creature.

    • Svigor

      I bet if this woman could communicate from beyond the grave, she’d say “my kingdom for an assault weapon! Any assault weapon!” Teachers in Newtown, too.

      • NYB

        Marksmanship won’t help you when they stab you from behind without warning.

        Many of the random attacks reported lately perpetrated by black males are characterized by stalking and then striking from behind.

        • i am

          All predators attack in that manner.

    • TheTRUTH

      “That is one deranged looking African.” Most of them have that deranged look. If you really look into their eyes, there’s something both off and missing (soul).

    • ZB

      He looks possessed!

  • OlderWoman

    ‘Lucious’ – eeeww gross. Desecration of a once beautiful word.

    • Stan_Mute

      Huh? What?

      Lucious is an Africanization of Lucius – an old Roman name. Are you instead thinking of luscious?

      As for our victim, she chose work in a job requiring constant contact with Africans. She apparently did this willingly and without enough concern to have armed herself. From this I deduce she was a multi-culti liberal and probably the offspring of same.

      I closed my heart to those who choose to interact closely with Africans. I only hope her death served to enlighten some other white young woman who will have the intelligence to see the dangers Africans present and choose to avoid them instead of choosing to serve them.

      • i am

        Or it was the only job she could get to pay back her school loans, because all the better jobs are given to incompetent blacks.

      • OlderWoman

        Hahaha. Thanks for calling ‘luscious’ to my attention. I knew better.

        As for the victim, I agree with you about her choice to put herself in possible danger with blacks. She probably WAS a bleeding heart liberal. I have little concern for people who choose to mix with them on any level at all. The odds are not in a whites favor that relationships with them will be anything other than a serious risk to their lives.

        • Pelayo

          The death of every White person is a loss to the rest of us. She, like so many others is a victim of this diabolical Progressive agenda, Amy Biehl was another victim of the same agenda.
          There are army bases where Blacks rule particular areas and it isn’t safe for White soldiers to be there at night. Several hundred thousand White soldiers died and were maimed in the War Between THe States so that these PsOS could be free.

          • OlderWoman

            Blacks are a plague on humanity. Muslims are the same. But Blacks are at the top of the list.

  • falsedawn

    Remember this. Remember all of this. When the time is thrust upon us, we’ll settle accounts for all the Stephnie Ross’ who’ve been run down and murdered.

  • Ulick

    If you’ve ever had the displeasure of associating with blacks, you may know that they also discriminated against darkness. They prefer to marry lighter, and often talk about darker blacks as though they’re worse than the lighter ones. Well, even blacks would want to avoid the guy in that mugshot, but delusional whites have been taught that to do so would be America’s greatest sin — racism.

  • falsedawn

    Moderator, Sir, I don’t know why you erased my comment. Nothing wrong with stating we’ll settle accounts for what they’ve done with these fiends.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    No good deed goes unpunctured.

    • Stan_Mute

      If you choose to serve the African, eventually you will become diversitied.

  • Mr America

    This animal needs to be lynched.

  • Sloppo

    This kind of story makes me wonder what happened. Was her father too ignorant to teach her about reality? Was she too stubborn and well indoctrinated to learn because he started too late? Was her dad banished from contact with his children after a divorce by his ex-wife and some judge? Did he die before he could do his job for her? So many questions.

  • Filthy GD cowardly muds… murdering lone white women or men seem to be their favorite pastime now,,arm up and prepare for the race war that is quickly approaching…

  • ageofknowledge

    I guess he was what they call a “field negro” instead of a “house negro.” You can tell because they act as if they were born and raised in a field with zero socialization. Strangely, the “field negro” is very proud of how ignorant and violent they are.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Next we will be told that because of Smith’s low scores on “meaningless and simplistic” IQ tests, he should be released and the charges dropped.

  • Bill

    a legal CCW holder could have stopped this crime in it’s tracks….OH WAIT
    Fla presses 2nd degree MURDER when you shoot one of it’s protected class
    see George Zimmerman