Posted on December 20, 2012

Man Arrested After Chasing Down Woman, Fatally Stabbing Her, Police Say

Kristal Roberts, ABC News (Dade City), December 11, 2012

Detectives are investigating the fatal stabbing of a 25-year-old woman after the suspect chased her down in Dade City Monday.

Dade City Police responded to calls of a man chasing a woman and stabbing her as she fled east on 21st Street.

Stephanie Ross, an insurance company employee, was  delivering paperwork minutes before noon, when she was stabbed.

Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross


Officers went to 37020 Coleman Avenue, just east of 21st Ave, where they found 53-year-old Lucious Smith standing in his apartment.

Lucious Smith

He was bleeding and was transported to the hospital.

The hospital confirmed the victim, Ross, received several stab wounds and she was pronounced dead 1:27 p.m.