Greece’s Treatment of Migrants Shameful, Says Amnesty

BBC News, December 19, 2012

Greece faces a “humanitarian crisis” over its mistreatment of asylum-seekers and migrants, according to a report by Amnesty International.

The group accuses the government of detaining thousands of refugees, including many children, in “shameful [and] appalling” conditions.

Greece is a major gateway for migrants from Asian and African countries as they try to enter the European Union.

Attacks against foreigners have been on the rise in the debt-stricken nation.

The report claimed that Greece systematically fails to provide the most basic requirements of safety and shelter to the thousands of asylum-seekers passing through the country ever year.

“Greece is clearly failing very significantly to absorb and respect the rights of the many migrants that are crossing its land and sea borders with Turkey,” Amnesty International spokesman John Dalhuisen said.

“It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the EU has a humanitarian crisis not beyond its borders, not on its borders, but within its borders.”

‘At mercy of violence’

In particular, the report highlights the plight of unaccompanied children held in “very poor conditions” at the recently opened Corinth detention centre, calling it a breach of international standards.

The study also draws attention to the “dramatic increase” of racially motivated attacks, now reported on an almost daily basis.

Mr Dalhuisen said many migrants found themselves “at the mercy of violence” in the capital, Athens.

The BBC’s Mark Lowen in Athens says there is growing pressure on Greece to develop an effective and fair asylum system and improve its policy towards migrants, and on Europe to step in with concrete solutions.

The far-right Golden Dawn party has recently seen a rise in its popularity and won 18 seats in parliament on a wave of public anger against austerity.

The party blames some of the country’s economic problems on illegal immigration.

Observers see this as a key factor contributing to the growing climate of xenophobia in Greece.

In August, police in Athens arrested more than 1,100 immigrants without documents, and brought in another 4,900 for questioning as part of Operation Xenios Zeus.

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  • Greece and no country should have to “absorb and respect the rights of the many migrants”. They show no respect for us and neither do they deserve our respect.

    • kjh64

      Absolutely. All of these migrants have perfectly good countries that THEY messed up. So if all the races and peoples of the world are equal, then why do they have to come live around Whites? Why can’t they make their own countries equally sucessful? Saying these migrants HAVE to be allowed into Western countries in order to have a better life is really saying they are too inferior to make a sucess of their own country.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The head of Amnesty International is a young rootless cosmopolitan woman who is very very good friends with the nasty Bulldyke War Criminal Hilary Clinton…wife of the War Criminal and Rapist Bill Clinton. She also has a very strong attachement to the State of…take a wild guess…six letters if you need help. So, I would like to know her personal views on…..fill in the blanks…six letter word….immigration policy.

    It’s the rootless cosmopolitan racket….

    • The__Bobster

      That’s easy. Non-White Immigration is good for White Gentile nations and bad for the nation of six letters.

    • Jackryanvb

      We could use a bit more personal information like:

      What posh, safe place she lives, works.
      Photos of her with rich celebrities like Bono (has all his money in some tax haven)

      We have to make these things personal. Make it a very serious personal thing to publically promote the dispossession and genocide of our people.

      This was once done to arch rich liberal Ted Kennedy as he promoted forced racial integration for working class White South Boston but put his children in to posh private schools.

  • RedPA

    Amnesty should take in all of these “refugees” themselves and leave the people of Greece alone so they can solve their own problems.

    • The members of amnesty should have to put their money where their mouth is. We’ll do a “adopt-a-refugee” program. They can have Mfweze or Tibooma come live with them on their dime.

      • Stan_Mute

        But don’t they do that now? In their pointy little heads, inviting them to the USA is the same as inviting them into their home.

  • OlderWoman

    Kick.them.all.OUT! Golden Dawn has my vote.

  • guest

    I have written Amnesty several times asking them why they don’t ever mention black on white violence, nor white farmer attacks in South Africa. I haven’t received an answer yet. Maybe it’s time to call and ask them? Their phone number is helpfully displayed on their website, if you choose to do the same.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Dunno if it’s worth wasting time lobbying those p.c. leftards. This is a “human rights” org that supports gun control, open borders and the abolition of the death penalty.

      They also absurdly declared Mumia Abu-Jamal- a black thug convicted of killing a white cop- a “prisoner of conscience” even though there was a mountain of evidence against him.

      • Xerxes22

        Amnesty International was at one time a noble organization which did a lot of good helping people imprisoned in dictatorships around the world. Unfortunately like a lot of similar groups it was infiltrated, taken over and now run by people who have their own destructive agenda which is totally different from that of its founders.

        • Strider73

          Infiltrated, or perhaps bribed. Recall how the Sierra Club was given $100M to shut up about the catastrophic effects of mass immigration on the environment. Don’t be surprised if the AI money trail leads to George Soros.

  • guest

    It’s nice to know that Greece is actually doing something about their immigration problems. If only other countries could follow Greece’s example. Allowing in so many immigrants who have nothing but contempt for the countries they migrate to just keeps getting worse and worse and we need to forget the idea of being “caring, welcoming, and accepting” towards those who come to our countries and show nothing but ill will to us.

  • guest

    The white liberals worry that this “intolerance” will spread to other countries….that’s why their trying to take our guns away from us. They don’t want us to take our countries back.

    • Let’s face it. This report by Amnesty is only an attack on Golden Dawn. They’re trying to nip this ‘attack’ on ‘migrants’ in the bud before others see that it is possible to fight the influx of illegals.

      More attacks and defamation to follow.

  • Anon

    Here’s an interesting observation. When, inevitably, another white nation rises and throws off the tyranny of communism, removes the non-white scum from its borders and instantly becomes the most powerful economy and military in the world, as germany did, who is going to stop them?

    Stupidly, the white nations of the world banded together and just barely won WWII. Basically, they managed it because they were all white countries. But today, all those very same countries have become thoroughly mongrelized. Once powerful militaries are now little more than affirmative action do nothing jobs for retarded and extremely cowardly non-whites, completely combat inept women and limp wristed homosexuals. Don’t expect these misfits to be winning any wars against non third world, impoverished nations.

    Quite the opposite. It has to be clear to even the stupid that the US is engaging in tyranny in the world and that whites have become disenfranchised, even enslaved in most of our countries. Were a racial third world war to break out, most of us would identify our side as being the bad guys and hesitate to go to war, even if conscripted. Country after country would literally be liberated and see it as such as first eastern, then western europe and finally the US were brought to heal under white nationalism.

    • whitney5158

      Didn’t Israel just divest themselves of most if not all of their immigrants and refugees of color?

    • saxonsun

      It wasn’t “inept women and limp-wristed homosexuals” who gave the West away, pal. It was you big, strong heterosexual white men. Don’t you dare pass the buck for your crimes.

  • falsedawn

    While Golden Dawn is at it, they should take care of the “amnesty international” and BBC bums in their midst too.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    If it’s true, as some have commented, that Amnesty is run by member of a certain ethnic group, then I’ll wait until they’ve addressed the “humanitarian crisis” of Africans being expelled from Israel until I get worked up about Greece. And then I still won’t get worked up about Greece. Greece for the Greeks!

    • Scott

      The Secretary General of AI is Mr. Salil Shetty, an Indian. The International Executive Committee is made up of diverse members, and can be seen (with pictures) here: Looks to me like mainly Jews, some non-Jewish whites, and some token non-whites, including a mandatory African woman with a name like MWIKALI NZIOKA MUTHIANI . I didn’t make that up!

      It’s a diverse bunch. Like any other far-left group, it’s got a disproportionate amount of Jews, but plenty of non-Jews, including whites. You can’t blame us Jews for everything. Plenty of white traitors as well, just like the Lutheran and Catholic churches, dumping boatloads of Somalis into Maine and Sweden. The Jooz didn’t do that!

      • dmxinc

        You may want to look more closely at the individuals behind Sweden’s immigration policies.

        • asketh

          Exactly, and Englands. The tribe is fully represented in this treason in both nations.

      • Stan_Mute

        Blaming the Jooz as you put it is pathetic and worthy only of contempt. The Jooz are what? 2% of this country? They make a huge amount of noise for their numbers, but the simple fact is that whites have done this, all of this, to themselves.

        Claiming the Jooz did it is EXACTLY the same victim game the radical left plays. “Poor us! Those meanie Jooz made us do it by using big words we couldn’t understand and pointing pointy fingers at us while making frowning frowny faces. It wasn’t our fault.”

        The whites who allowed this, who actively caused our dispossession and genocide, are and have always been our problem. Our refusal to face this even today and to call a traitor a traitor and treat him as such tells me all I need to know about how this all ends.

        • curri

          Tell it to the veterans of the USS Liberty:

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I agree. Jews do make up a disproportionate amount of the traitors, likely because of their higher IQs. The higher the IQ, the more capable one is of ignoring common sense.

          But there are far, far too many White liberal traitors to blame this solely on the Jews. And I would welcome any Jew to our fight if his beliefs are the same as ours and if he is willing to fight for White rights.

          When this is all over, and it will eventually end, even if we cannot see that end in sight, all the traitors who have committed treason and advocated genocide against Whites must be punished equally, White or Jew (or Diversity).

          • HamletsGhost

            The walls of the citadel were not breached from without.

            The gates were opened from within.

            By the very people who you now want to embrace as comrades.
            How dumb is that?

            Whites can win against any number of coloreds in battle. But we can never win if we allow even one traitor to stab us in the back while we face the enemy.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            We should not allow a single traitor to stab us in the back, I agree. I simply do not think that every single Jew is necessarily a traitor. Nor do I think that all whites are innocent.

            We must punish all those who are guilty.

        • HamletsGhost

          It was Jews like Franz Boas and his tribal brethren that infiltrated the universities and spread the Big Lie that races are equal and that segregation has no scientific or moral justification.

          It was Jews like Julius Rosenwald that funded the NAACP and other professional agitators that brought down segregationist laws that were firmly established on Constitutional grounds.

          It was and is Jews in Hollywood that continue to produce movies that show blacks as heroic/righteous/sexy/admirable to throngs of impressionable youth.

          We are not committing suicide. We are being poisoned. Don’t blame the poisoned victim. Blame the poisoner.

        • kjh64

          I agree. There are plenty of White christians as well as marxist atheists who are at fault for this. Saying that it’s all the Jewish people’s fault is crazy. There are far more christians who’ve been traitors.

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        Fair enough. I can’t argue that there are suicidal tendencies of the Lutherans and Cat-licks (the Cat-lick hierarchy seems to like immigration to get more bums in pews, literally bums, if you know what I mean). Because I’m too lazy to look it up, do you know if Amnesty has issued a similar condemnation of Israel’s immigration control? I completely support Israel’s immigration control, but my point was to speculate whether a double standard has been applied.

        I must comment, too, on Amnesty’s assumption that if there are infiltrators, that a country must just “absorb” them. That sound like the line that if you being raped, you might as well enjoy it.

        • mobilebay

          SC – I had to laugh at your name calling: Cat-licks. As a child, I recall the neighborhood kids using that term. It made us mad that we “Cat-licks” couldn’t answer Lutherans or Baptists in kind. This was because we were taught in school that name calling was a juvenile way to express yourself. However, since I grew up in a primarily “Cat-lick” city, they hopefully ran into one Cat-lick that wasn’t PC.

      • curri

        Sweden was a quite different place prior to the Ashkenazi-Yankee Puritan conquest of 1945:

        To illustrate what I talk about. Louis Armstrong visited Sweden in 1933. In all the news papers he was describe as something monkey-like let loose from the jungle. All across the line! And in the reviews by the most serious music critics.

        Who would have imagined in 1933, that twelve years later Western Europe would undergo an America-led cultural revolution which would lead to the common belief that there are no differences between races?

        Translation of two of the quotes:

        Knut Bäck in Göteborgs-Posten, November 1933:
        “This world is strange… No protests are raised against how the jungle is let loose into the society. Armstrong and his band are allowed to freely wreak destruction.”

        Sten Broman in Sydsvenskan, November 1933:
        “Dare I say that he at times had something monkey-like about him and sometimes reminded of, according to our perceptions, a mentally disturbed person, when he pouted with his mouth or gaped it to its widest open and roared like a hoarse animal from a primeval forest.”

        The third quote compares the concert with a natural disaster, and Armstrong’s trumpet with a hell machine. The only good thing coming out of it, he says, is that it solves to old dispute of whether monkeys have a language.

        This is what Europe looked like, up until 1945. And since some people will live under the misconception that this was a phenomenon of the ’30s, I here provide a quote from the Swedish Encyclopedia, Nordisk Familjebok, the 1876-1899 edition (here and here).

        “Psychologically the negro can be said be on the level of a child, with vivid fantasy, lack of endurance, … can be said to lack morality rather than being immoral … etc.”

        Even though the point here has been to illustrate how social paradigms can shift completely in short time (and this is just one out of numerous examples), let me add how up until 1945 all the focus was put on the differences between races, and after that all the focus has been put on what is equal (while ignoring differences). Let’s see if the next shift means a synthesis of the two extremes. Will people be able to keep two thoughts in their minds at the same time?

  • Ulick

    Any time that whites act in white interests, it’ll be deemed bad treatment by Cultural Marxists. The secret is to ignore our enemy.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Title correction: “Migrants Treatment of Greece Shameful”

    • guest

      That title would be correct. Of course, not to the multicultural marxists who allow this to happen. While they condone the bad behavior of the immigrants, they vilify those who fight for what’s really best for their countries – putting a stop to illegal immigration.

  • StillModerated

    If the Greeks housed all the illegal invaders in the King George Hotel on Syntagma Square, that, too, would not be good enough for Amnesty International. The radicals would demand that the Greek gubmint also provide the wretched refuse with free cars and gasoline.

    • gemjunior

      Wherever the Greeks house these animals and their children (whenever they need to squash a hard attitude toward immigrants they throw in their “children” to target some bleeding heart) where they are subjected to unsafe, dangerous conditions you can bet that they aren’t in danger from any Greekpeople but from their fellow “migrants” as the report calls them. When in fact it would be more correct to call them invaders or even erasers. Because that is what they’re trying to do – erase us and any trace of us. When more whites find out what the agenda is they will not allow it and will fight it. God bless the Greeks and the Golden dawn.

  • The__Bobster

    Asylum-seekers are supposed to be resettled in the nearest safe country, so why do they ultimately end up here? I’m betting that if you look into the funding of groups like AI, you’ll find the answer.

  • Barrack Osama

    Why isn’t there any “humanitarian crisis” in the countries they’re fleeing from? Ah yes, I forgot that only traditionally white European countries can ever be found guilty of some perceived sin.

  • cecilhenry

    Ethnic displacement and genocide of Greek citizens and idenity—JUST FINE!!

    NO way, stop the hypocrisy and double standards. Stop the Genocide.

  • Nimadan

    God bless the Golden Dawn

  • PesachPatriot

    Wow…more worthless bleating from the good folks at Amnesty International…they may have served a useful function at one point but now they are just another useless NGO….they also have a major axe to grind against America and Israel, condemning them in the most strident terms for daring to protect their citizens from peaceful muslim “bottle rockets” and other shenanigans, while Israel’s enemies like Iran and Syria get a free pass for medieval torture of political prisoners. Greece, like Israel is a small country with neither room nor economic resources to absorb or deal with an overwhelming influx of refugees…I’m glad america is located above mexico instead of directly above africa and the middle east like Europe.

  • Wayne

    All they have to respond with is “We stand with Israel”. Why did we hear none of this when Israel was kicking out Afreakans?

  • Stan_Mute

    Unaccompanied children? What manner of savage abandons its child in a foreign land (or at all for that matter)?

    Obviously these savages must like the conditions in Grecian detention better than they like it back home. Just like prison here, they hang out with family and friends all day, do no work, and are fed three meals a day. For the savage, this is Paradise!

    • Unaccompanied children? What manner of savage abandons its child in a foreign land (or at all for that matter)?

      Ever been to D-troit, Chicago or, now-a-days, any American city? The same sort who knocks up a girl he met last night and then skips out of town.

  • Personal View

    Greece and the Greeks
    are being swamped by a migration from the teeming depths of despair found so
    routinely in Asia and Africa. This movement of disrupting masses of the poor
    and indigent to Europe is clearly an attempt to bring about the Brave New World
    of the „New Europe“ being created with the goal of installing mixed populations
    amorphous and with little allegiance to anything but their welfare checks, free
    housing and free food much like what has occurred in the USA. This mass forced
    entry is certainly not confined to Greece when one realizes that the UK, France
    and Germany etc suffer from the identical invasion by millions of uneducated,
    uncultured masses with zero skills or abilities considering the mess they left
    behind in their former habitats they will by their very numbers slowly but
    surely erode and forever destroy the cultures of the countries infected. When
    London became a city composed predominantly of migrants recently this should be
    a wake up call to Europeans but the controlled media in these countries will
    not allow any discussion only to bleat this influx / invasion is unavoidable
    and a beneficial phenomenon. Who is behind this insanity? The “friendly folks”
    that are even know constructing the One World Government that would rule us all
    with an iron fist.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The US Executive director of Amnesty International is Suzanne Nossel….who likes to hang out with Hilarly Clinton at “human rights conferences”. Google:Collen Rowley..former FBI agent who testified before Congress…”Amnesty’s Shilling for US Wars”.
    Then go google Suzanne Nossels background. I stand by everything I wrote. The Golden Dawn is being set up for a violent assault by Hilary Clinton and her young feminist immigration enthusiast protegee Susanne Nossel..should the Golden Dawn ever come to power in Greece..or in the event of another Greek Civil War. The same script that was applied to Libya..and now Syria.
    Anyone who doesn’t believe that Suzanne Nossel isn’t acting on her ethnic interests is being very dishonnest. Just go google her background..and her husbands.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Shetty is just another southasian waging ethnic-racial warfare against another European Nation. The fact that Amnesty is bed with the War Criminal and Bulldyke Hilary Clinton..married to a Rapist and War Criminal..what an amazing coincidence!!…means that Amnesty has 0 credibility.

    That Amnesty has given the Bulldyke Hilary Fat Ankles a blank check to eviscerate both Muslims and Christians in the Middle East on behalf of…six letter word…is beyond obvious. Amnesty has now given Bulldyke Hilary Fat Ankles a blank check to eviscerate the Othodox Greeks. But she had plenty of practice for this racket. “She” was the one who egged on “her” War Criminal and Rapist husuband Wild Willie Boy Clinton to eviscerate the Orthodox Serbians and Orthodox Bosnian Serbs on the basis of known fabrications about the mass raping of Bosnian Muslim Woman by Serbians.

  • The headline should read: Greece’s concern for its own citizens should make Greece proud.

    In a time when the US government can’t/won’t take care of its own people and we’re being told that we need to embrace austerity, it makes no sense to continue to import millions of poorly educated 3rd worlders.

    America’s leaders could learn something from the Greeks.

  • mobilebay

    How is it humanitarian to inflict thousands of third world illegals onto other countries? Do those who are invaded need to suffer themselves to know of the misery of others? When developed countries are inundated with the invading hoards, they too will be dissolved. Why is this good? No one will be helped at that point. We have the same crisis. Rather than a prosperous nation, we have been beseiged with illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico who are decimating our welfare systems, out natural resources and destroying jobs for legal citizens as well as neighborhoods. They bring poverty, crime and a disregard for our laws and way of life. Yet, our government, in its infinite stupidity continues to pour money into this hellhole and turns a blind eye to its people who laugh at our laws as they sneak into our unprotected country.

  • Nicholai Hel

    On the flip-side, Greece’s treatment of freeloading “economic migrants” is 100% proper and a model for others.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I love how they keep calling it “xenophobia” when whites don’t want to be around diversity. A phobia is an irrational fear. Anyone who has been around significant diversity knows that the fear is grounded in solid reality and is anything but “irrational”.

    True, fully-Marxist liberals actually believe that fear of crime and genetic competition is irrational. Their mindset gets more and more fascinating by the day.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Since these criminal alien invaders demanding to live in Greece got there by traveling through Turkey, a fair question to the criminal enablers at A.I. is why these hopeful parasites didn’t simply stay in Turkey.

    • asketh

      Actually that is one of the terms of claiming asylum. You must claim it in the first safe country you enter, or your claim is invalid.

  • Fredrik_H

    Greece is falling apart under EU watch and ordinary greeks kill themselves in the streets as a last resort to escape economic ruin but damn them if they don’t clothe, feed and give a free iPhone and leisure money to every african, arab or asian who manage to cross the border.

  • fsagas

    Amnesty International is shameful thinking it can tell others what to do.

  • SintiriNikos

    Israel is doing the same, and much worse, and crickets in the media. Greece is the bad guy for defending its borders, and enforcing its laws. This is an upside-down world. I hope Golden Dawn wins the next election. This would be the pendulum swinging the other way, after decades of commie rule. Makes no difference who was in power, ND, Pasok, Syriza, KKE, they are all commies. ND runs as the conservative party, gimme a break! They’re as conservative as the ND party north of the border

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The only “humanitarian crisis” in this story is the financial burden this migratory horde of parasites and their elitist enablers are unfairly inflicting on struggling Greek taxpayers.