Many Freed Criminals Avoid Deportation, Strike Again

Maria Sacchetti, The Boston Globe, December 9, 2012

Qian Wu thought the man who brutally attacked her was gone forever.

She was sure that Huang Chen, a Chinese citizen who slipped into America on a ship and stayed in the country illegally, would be deported as soon as he got out of jail for choking, punching, and pointing a knife at her in 2006.

But China refused to take Chen back. So, after jailing Chen on and off for three years in Texas, immigration officials believed they were out of options and did what they have done with thousands of criminals like him.

They quietly let him go.

Nobody warned Wu, or prosecutors, or the public. The petite, 46-year-old woman learned Chen was still here when he stormed into her unlocked apartment one day in January 2010 and announced, “I bet you didn’t expect to see me.” Terrified, she called the police, and he fled. But for two weeks, Chen was free to stalk her and finally, to catch her as she hurried home with milk and bread one afternoon.

Chen then finished what he had started earlier, bashing Wu on the head with a hammer and slashing her with a knife. As she lay crumpled in a grimy stairwell, he ripped out her heart and a lung and fled with his macabre trophies.


Wu is just one casualty of an immigration system cloaked in a blanket of secrecy that the Founding Fathers could not have imagined, a blanket that isn’t lifted even when life is at risk. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and its sister agencies have emerged as the largest law enforcement network in the United States since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and they are increasingly dealing with criminals, but they play by very different rules than the local police, prosecutors, or even the FBI.

A yearlong Globe investigation found the culture of secrecy can be deadly to Americans and foreigners alike: Immigration officials do not notify most crime victims when they release a criminal such as Chen, and they only notify local law enforcement on a case by case basis. And even though immigration officials have the power to try to hold dangerous people longer, that rarely occurs.

The Globe also found that the pattern of secrecy extends to the treatment of immigrants who end up behind bars, though they have no criminal records. Foreigners in immigration detention have fewer rights than ordinary criminal suspects and limited ability to get word to the outside world about their plight. Even their names are kept secret, purportedly for their own protection, and many never get a public hearing to make their case.


It is also a system in which—as Wu would learn in her final days of terror—Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, routinely releases dangerous detainees to the streets of America without warning the public. Over the past four years, immigration officials have largely without notice freed more than 8,500 detainees convicted of murder, rape, and other crimes, according to ICE’s own statistics, mainly because their home countries would not take them back.

Deporting illegal immigrants requires more than simply putting them on an airplane to their own country. People being deported need travel papers—such as a passport—like anyone else who travels abroad. If their native country refuses to issue the necessary papers, the United States cannot send deportees there. And the Supreme Court has said ICE cannot hold the immigrants forever; if immigration officials cannot deport them after six months, the court said, they should generally set the immigrants free.


But a disturbing number of foreigners have been arrested after their release, including some for heinous crimes. Abel Arango, an armed robber who was released when his native Cuba wouldn’t take him back, shot and killed a Fort Myers, Fla., police officer who responded to a report of a loud fight between Arango and his girlfriend in 2008. Binh Thai Luc, an armed robber from Vietnam, couldn’t be deported either, so he was released. In March, he allegedly massacred five people in a San Francisco home.

McCarthy Larngar, a Liberian national who served several years in prison for shooting and wounding a man in Rhode Island, was released in 2007 when Liberia would not take him back—even though a Boston immigration official had described him in court records as “a danger to the community.” After multiple brushes with the law, Larngar was arrested last year and charged with tying up and robbing a man and a woman in a bizarre kidnapping in Pawtucket. His lawyer said in court documents that he is not guilty, and he is now in a Rhode Island jail on a violation from an earlier crime.

In New England, immigration officials have released as many as 10 convicted murderers since 2008.

They include Hung Truong, a robber who repeatedly stabbed a bound and gagged 15-year-old Everett girl during a 1989 kidnapping that left the girl and her mother dead. Massachusetts released Truong on parole about 20 years into his life prison sentence in hopes that he would be deported to his native Vietnam in 2010. But ICE could not deport him because Vietnam has refused to accept deportees who came to the United States before 1995. Now, he’s back in prison after failing a drug test that was part of his release deal with the state Parole Board.


More than 20 governments from Jamaica to China routinely block deportation of their citizens, even dodging calls from US immigration officers seeking to expedite the process, and critics say they suffer few consequences. Some, such as US Representative Ted Poe, a Texas Republican, argue that the United States should stop accepting diplomats from countries who do not repatriate their citizens, but the State Department has shown little interest, preferring to work through diplomatic channels to deport immigrants. Federal officials have refused to issue visas to only one nation, tiny Guyana in South America.

Even when foreigners cannot be deported, immigration officials, under a 2001 Supreme Court ruling, could seek to hold them longer on the grounds that they are a danger to the public. Immigration officials say the legal standard for holding an immigrant longer for that reason is very high, limiting their ability to use it. They point out that immigrants are detained for civil immigration violations and not crimes.

But the Globe found that immigration officials almost never try to declare a detainee dangerous: In the past four years, immigration officials have released thousands of criminals, but court officials say they have handled only 13 cases seeking to hold immigrants longer because they are dangerous.


[Editor’s Note: The full article, available at the original article link below, is quite long, but well worth reading.]

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  • Well, Republican Party? What are you waiting for? Stockpile these crimes, and you have enough ammunition to slam dunk the democrats! But the GOP is still filled with the weak, isn’t it?

    • The GOP has a huge built-in voter base that they ignore and spit on at every opportunity because they’re afraid to appear racist. Let them wither away. We need our own party, if we can’t have our own nation.

    • Joseph

      The GOP is still filled with co-conspiritors.

  • There was a case a few years ago of a man named Tom Holt in Texas who killed two burglars who broke into his neighbors house. One of them was a guy who had been deported before but came back. I guess it was just his fate to meet up with Tom Holt.
    Of course, that was Texas. If the same thing had happened here in the peoples republic of new jersey, God help the law abiding neighbor who shot the two bums.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      You’re thinking of Joe Horn, I believe.

      • Right, Thanks much.

      • ed

        which brings up the old bounty hunter Tom Horn………..

        from Wikipedia:Thomas “Tom” Horn, Jr. (November 21,
        1860 – November 20, 1903) was an American Old West lawman, scout,
        soldier, hired gunman, detective, outlaw and assassin.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Mr. Horn told them to stop, and the Usual Suspects wanted him bad. It turns out that if you are committing a felony burglary of a residence and a neighbor with a 12-gauge shotgun orders you to stop, you really do have to stop, or Mr. Happy Shotgun will make you stop.

        Horn skated, but they sure wanted him.

    • redfeathers

      I remember that case. The burglars were blacks from Colombia.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Ooops. Were you expecting your local law enforcement to protect you from the invading swarms of illegal alien Diversity?

    Too bad. Looks like you are on your own. With demographic shift, you are about to be so far outnumbered, you’d better learn to talk like you “embrace change and social transformation” just to survive. “Jesus tells us to care for the stranger in our midst.” Leave your hate at home. Really. Old fashioned thinking about “our America” and “the Founders” and “the Constitution” will just get you brought up on UN Hate Crime charges. Gulity by reason of White privilege.

    I’m not kidding. You need adjust yourself for your future of trying to live in a different country in which you will be ruled by a hostile and hateful mongrel majority and targeted for extreme cruelty just because you are White.

    This ain’t America no mo’.

    Enforcement of Georgia’s immigration law will vary

    Some state and local police might decide not to enforce a central part of Georgia’s sweeping immigration law, and those who do will rely heavily on federal authorities for information, state law enforcement officials are predicting.

    • David Ashton

      Can’t find Jesus anywhere saying open the gates to as many strangers as possible, but Soppianity is the new faith.

  • This is nothing new. Counties such as China and Cuba refuse to take their nationals back after they have committed a crime in the US. I thought the US had made an agreement with Vietnam to take their nationals back after they committed crimes in this country.

  • Luca

    Gosh, no mention of Mexicans? Well that was to be expected as they are being courted as future voters. Bet their numbers are astronomical if we could ever find out. I say deport them all to any country willing to take them with a temporary visa and $10,000 per head, I’m thinking Liberia or Haiti could use the extra cash.. I don’t care if they are natural born US citizens, deport any of the trash that you can. Remember the Cuban Mariel boat lift where Castro emptied his jails and mental hospitals in 1980 and let them all come here? We should be thinking along those lines. Please write your Congressman.

    • The__Bobster

      Vdare did publish the Mexican number, and it was huge.

    • mobilebay

      Sorry to say, Luca, that writing one’s Congressman doesn’t do any good at all. For more than ten years, I’ve written, phoned and faxed. The answer is always the same, “I’ll take your concerns under consideration. Thanks for your input.” The replies come from aides who have a stocked shelf of reply letters geared to whatever problem the constituent has written about. They do just as they please now. No one listens and no one cares. I can see the change probably more than most on this site. I was born at the end of Hoover’s administration and knew this country when it cared about its people. This, and the last few administrations, care little for us and show it every day.

      • Luca

        You are absolutely right and my ending sentence was written with sarcasm in mind. We certainly have lost our way and I believe we started down this lost road in 1965.

  • NYB

    “More than 20 governments from Jamaica to China routinely block deportation of their citizens”

    Then we can block foreign aid, banking services, travel visas, exported technology, or landing rights.

    • David Ashton

      Absolutely essential response. Get a grip, politicians!

    • Greg Thomas

      The reason thesemethods have not been implemented is that our government does not want to sendthe trash back. They would rather release this garbage to prey on Americans, rather than deport. Americans are simply cannon fodder in their quest for

      • Then we need to start building work-release housing for illegal alien criminals next door to the home of every senator, congressman and ex-president and 15 feet from the White House. Let our “leaders” begin to live under the conditions they now foist upon Americans.

  • Chris Laselles

    U.S. citizens are being ‘Benghazied’ — i.e., left to die while the administration ducks the ‘tough choices’.
    The current Kommisars are aiding, assisting, and encouraging these criminal invaders
    in the commission of crimes against the American People —– whom they have a
    legal duty to protect.
    By common law standards —– this is murder.

    • Dr. X

      The Administration is not “ducking the tought choices.” The Administration is actively making choices that favor foreigners and undermine the American nation. Obama himself has two blood relatives who are illegal aliens from the jungles of Africa — his Aunt Onyango and Uncle Omar. Onyango lives on welfare and public assistance after magically having been granted asylum in a secret hearing, the transcript of which was not made public, reversing an earlier deportation order. Fancy that! Uncle Omar was accused of the crime of DWI, and magically he hasn’t been deported yet, either. Last I heard he was going to get a new immigration hearing, too. I can telly you right now what the outcome of that will be…

  • RHG

    Just a ridiculous system, you take these guys, put them on a plane to their home countries and you and put them out of plane on the tarmac, at gunpoint if need be. Oh, can’t do that though because we are so “civilized”.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Is it not clear by now that our leaders, our politicians of both parties have completely betrayed the American people – particularly White Americans? Everything that was once considered great in America and admired by people worldwide, has been utterly destroyed and made a laughingstock. Our once highly respected universities have turned into politically-correct indoctrination centers; our criminal justice system is weak and ineffectual; and our immigration laws are openly violated and no one in authority even cares or is even able to do anything about it. Our once great cities that were the modern envy of the world, have been turned into dilapidated and crime-ridden ghettos populated with angry Blacks and hordes of third-world immigrants. Our schools systems are a joke, and the curriculum in most schools has been horribly dumbed-down.

    Decent, White Americans with traditional moral values are ridiculed daily in the MSM; anyone who even dares to question the welfare system and massive third-world immigration is looked upon as some sort of loon; Mexican criminal invaders from our southern borders are seen by much of the public as merely ‘innocent’ and ‘poor immigrants’ seeking a better life – and anyone who thinks otherwise is deemed a ‘racist’; the public openly accepts and celebrates homosexuality and transgender identities, but anyone who even hints that it’s immoral or abnormal is labeled a ‘bigot’; hard work and rugged individualism in America is becoming less appreciated and, instead, Americans are looking more and more for the government to take care of them; and on and on.

    Personally, I think we’re doomed. We’ve moved beyond the bounds of ‘No Return,’ and White Americans have neither the unity nor the will to fight for what our Founders gave us when they created this once great nation. I hope I’m wrong, but we have allowed things to get too far.

    • GSJ

      How did it all spiral down so fast in just 50 years? What HAPPENED to the America of the past? The Democrats and Republicans are no friends to the white man. Someone needs to create a White Nationalist party, for the America which once was.

    • No, I don’t think were doomed. But we need to target more than just the criminal invaders. We need to treat the Americans who enable them, (mostly lefties, but some republicans, also), as part of the problem, also.

      Clergymen, educators, legislators and businessmen who enable the invasion are also the enemy.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, Felix, I think you’re correct that we need to target and look beyond the criminal invaders. The problem, however, is getting enough Whites to unite in ‘targeting’ those who have betrayed us. I don’t think we have the will – at least not yet. Moreover, once we do, who says our political leaders will even listen let alone actually change their direction? They have already proven they don’t care, especially when such concerns come from conservative Whites. Besides, there are too many on the Left who will support and defend our useless politicians.

        So, at least three problems remain: Whites lack the will, Whites will not likely unite racially, and the powers-that-be will not listen to us nor heed correction.

      • Nicholai Hel

        The alien criminals are the flu. The lefties are cancer. Which is more dangerous?

  • mobilebay

    Round them up, load them on C-130s, drop them on the tarmac in their own countries and take off. They are not our problem. If we had anyone in Washington with a backbone, we’d get rid of everyone that doesn’t have a right to be in this country.

    • IstvanIN

      Drop’em from 30,000 feet.

  • Greg Thomas

    It would be very easy for our government to compel the various third world countries to take their trash back. The truth is, the open border traitors running our government
    do not want a single illegal invader deported, murderer or otherwise

    • Luca

      Don’t want your criminals back? Okay, we’ll just shut down your foreign aid and use that money to ship them elsewhere, or maybe to buy parachutes and kick them out of the plane as we do a fly-by.

      • Greg Thomas

        Luca, do you believe for a minute that China (well maybe China since they
        hold most of our debt) or any other third world country could hold the US
        over a barrel and refuse to take back their criminal trash.

        Our leaders could revoke financial aid (or trade) to all countries unwilling to take their criminal citizens back-but they don’t. That tells me they do not have the wherewithal to deport these people.

        It’s not that we cannot compel these countries to take their vermin back, rather,
        it’s we don’t want to send these people back.

        • Luca

          They don’t hold us over a barrel, they probably have some common sense law that says “we do not allow murderers and rapists to enter our country regardless of citizenship status”.

          The only people who have anything to gain from keeping the criminals here are perhaps lawyers and the prison guard union. I don’t think that’s the reason. I believe the real issue is that politicians lack the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing for the American people because they are too afraid of being labelled “mean-spirited” or “racist”. They have too much phony political compassion and like to be in the spotlight on the political theater stage.

      • Joseph


        • Luca

          Without training.

  • Sloppo

    China knows how to handle this kind of situation. They’re smart enough to know that it costs less to make a 22 caliber bullet than to pay for a trip to America.

  • IstvanIN
  • APaige

    Another story on crimes committed by Asians-who do not commit crimes…well besides stealing trade secrets

  • Room101


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Many Freed Criminals Avoid Deportation, Strike Again:

    You don’t say:

    Ka Pasasouk, was ordered deported to his native Laos six years ago, but it fell through when needed travel documents could not be obtained, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    In 2006, a federal immigration judge ordered Pasasouk deported “based upon his criminal history.” At the time, Pasasouk had been convicted for felony assault and second-degree robbery.

    A Supreme Court ruling in the case of Zadvydas v. Davis in effect set a time limit of 180 days for deportation orders to be carried out.

    For Pasasouk, that meant his release.

    Forward to December 2012:

    Ka Pasasouk was arrested for gunning down four people outside an overcrowded, unlicensed boarding house in Los Angeles.

    These criminals should be shipped back anyway on a slow boat — with the lawyers and any do-gooders who fight for their “rights” and the judges who released them.


  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Deporting illegal immigrants requires more than simply putting them on an airplane to their own country. If their native country refuses to issue the necessary papers, the United States cannot send deportees there.
    In that case I suggest dropping them off from 30,000 feet.

    • Agreed.Tough times require tough measures. Public “servants” who haven’t the stomach for it should retire to a nunnery.

  • Brian

    It’s been a long time since the US government had the interests of the American people at heart. Since the hippies took over and decided to turn the country into a radical social experiment at least.

  • scutum

    D To DB Cooper: The GOP is not weak, it is corrupt and as progressive as the Demoncrats. The GOP is just more subtle about how they pursue their agenda. To emphasize this point I would like to refer you to following: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Bob Dole, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, and the whole Bush family. And this is just scratching the surface. We need a new poltical party in this country that will either lobby for our interests, like the NAACP lobbies for blacks and LaRaza lobbies for hispanics, or we need a strong secession movement. Maybe we need both.

  • whitey

    I bet a lot of these illegals who make it across the border are probably drug mules. With all of the ways they have managed to get drugs across the border why not use poor uneducated types who are going to be crossing the border anyway?

  • mobilebay

    Not another penny, nor aid/trade of any kind should go to the countries who will not “allow” their people to be sent home. What are we? A bunch of wimps? Either make out false papers to give them (probably the same way most of them got here) or send them to Guantanamo and bombard their countries with bills to pay for their upkeep in prison. This is ridiculous! Our leaders have lost their backbone to protect and defend us. I’m tired of us always being the good guy. Let’s let the world have a taste of its own medicine.


    We should send them to Israel so we can learn a lesson about how our moral superiors treat foreign criminals.

  • Mariner33

    Years ago, as a US merchant mariner, I read of a certain ship’s captain on how he dealt with a stowaway aboard his ship. When discovered, he waited until his ship was within a few miles of the coastline of the country of the stowaway. Then he pushed him off, to swim or perish (with a life vest of course).

    The same in this case. Put him on a US vessel, approach the International Border of 3 miles, and toss him over off the coast of China.

    If you put up with a government like this, you deserve same.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The only stowaway problem I ever heard firsthand was a group of Africans who hid in the chain locker. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with seagoing ships, a chain locker is the compartment where the capstan machinery stows the chain while hauling in the anchor. Dropping anchor involves the chain coming out wicked fast, and the Africans in question wound up pureed with horribly heavy anchor chain thrashing around as it payed out.

  • jbrennan

    Put his ass on a plane then kick them off when they get there

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The solution to the problem of countries refusing to take their own criminal citizens back is simple: Break off diplomatic relations and freeze all the US assets of these nations. Seize their government assets to compensate the crime victims.

  • Urik

    well, not necessary a truth. I was deported back to Ukraine for having a weapon, a gun, but then I’m white.