Children Banned from Dressing up as Gingerbread Men . . . Because School Says Costumes Are Racist

Daily Mail (London), December 10, 2012

Schoolchildren in Sweden have been banned from dressing up as gingerbread men for a Christmas parade because their teachers fear the costumes could be considered racist.

Youngsters from a primary school in Laxa told their parents they had been ordered not to wear the outfits for the St Lucia celebrations on Thursday.

Traditionally, children dress as either St Lucia, or gnomes, stars, or gingerbread men for the candle-lit parade.

But heartbroken 10-year-old Mio Simiv was told he could not wear his gingerbread man costume to the celebration because it might be seen as ‘offensive’.

Angry mum Jenny Simic told local media: ‘I thought he had to have got it wrong so I called the school and they said people might find a brown gingerbread character offensive.

‘I said, well then my son won’t participate. He won’t support some Ku Klux Klan procession – because that’s what the little Lucias look like when they all come in with white hoods and white dresses.’

She later sent a text message to Mio’s teacher to see if the ban still stood.

She received the response: ‘I know what you think and what you’re writing. Unfortunately we have no gingerbread men or songs in our procession! We cannot offer gingerbread cookies because of allergies among pupils.’

A school spokesman blamed the row on a ‘misunderstanding’.

District schools head Marghareta Zetterlund claimed: ‘The children and their teachers chose the songs for the parade and they didn’t chose the gingerbread boy song, so there will be no gingerbread boys.

‘We don’t serve gingerbread cookies because of possible nut allergies. I can’t comment on who might find the costumes offensive,’ she added.

But Mrs Simiv said: ‘This is not what we were told at all. There was no misunderstanding, this is just an excuse.’

‘Why should they remove these things from a traditional celebration just because someone might be offended? You could turn that around and ask, “Why are we removing it? Aren’t brown people like us, or what? Can’t they participate?”‘

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  • Puggg

    With Sweden’s fanaticism for gender equality, I’m surprised they prohibited gingerbread costumes for racial rather than gender reasons.

    • The Verdict of History

      Scandinavia, the land of the formerly adventurous and innovative Vikings, has been completely and thoroughly converted to the faith of Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness and Gender/Racial Egalitarianism. I was unaware of the extent to which the fanaticism had taken route, though.

      • svartekaptenen

        Not all of us and it is changing slowly but the counterreaction are picking up speed, Sverigedemokraterna that has been mentioned here earlier has over 10% of the votes in the latest pools, the journalists and the other parties are in a state of panic that has to be seen to be believed, they try everything, slander, outright lies, political commissars at working places nothing helps and the next election is in 2014.

      • fsagas


        You didn’t know that the dominant ideology of Sweden is Feminism?

        That is all they breathe up there.

  • Kronolog

    After some public and parental outrage, the school has actually changed their stance on the subject. It’s nice to see that in at least some of these battles between the intellectuals and the people, the people mange to come out ahead.

    • NorthernWind

      Yeah. The problem isn’t so much the people of Sweden but the people they are duped into electing to positions of power. They need to stop voting for the bought mainstream parties packed with sociopaths…

  • This is further proof that white people are devolving into the passive, weak, and timid Eloi from H.G. Wells’s classic. Eventually, the swedes will be asked to sacrifice one of their children so they can feed starving cannibals, and the swedes will not protest it.

    I used to wonder why the people of Crete never tried to stop the annual sending of their youth over to the Minotaur.

    I guess they don’t call in Stockholm syndrome for nothing.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Today, I saw a full blooded black n’gro muslim fambly dressed up like they were headed to the Haj.

    Why isn’t that racist against Arabs?

    Every time I see black girls with dyed blonde hair, I want to take a photo, have it framed, and join with Jared Taylor in presenting it to the Museum of Tolerance for placement in the exhibit of the “hateful and shameful tradition of demeaning and stereotypical depictions of African Americans by White actors in blackface”.

  • guest

    The public school system is so out of control now with all of this PC crap. How exactly is a delicious and well-loved holiday cookie racist? These idiots are never happy unless they try to find racism in everything they see. If I had children, I’d feel like a bad parent if I sent them to public schools the way they’ve become nowadays.

    • David Brims

      ” These idiots.”

      They’re not idiots, they’re marxists, in a communist society everything must be equal, thus standards must be lowered to the lowest common denominator.

      • If standards must be lowered to the lowest common denominator then I would simply suggest removing standards completely as they would be so low that it wouldn’t make a difference. Sad world, nothing to aspire for because people are just fine the way they are.

  • Fredrik_H

    “Has Sweden surpassed all other nations in political correctness?”

    As a Swede, I regrettably will have to answer yes to that question.

    • Smeagol2

      Which would seem sort of odd, because Sweden and Norway have no real history of colonialism to “feel guilty” for. Who have Sweden or Norway ever extensively colonized in the last 1000 years? Yet, as you say, some of the most fanatical PC is seen in those places. This goes for many other European countries and nationalities as well. It just goes to show the true agenda of the Western politcal elite, the destruction of the white race by simultaneously importing diversity and imposing PC in every last corner of the earth where we reside.

      • Joseph

        They only need to have a homogenous society and affluence to be guilty. What more proof of intrinsic racism is required?!

      • David Brims

        Britain and France has colonial guilt, Germany has guilt over the nazi period, America has guilt over slavery and segregation. But what of Norway and Sweden, why do they feel guilty ? This article explains it.

        Google ” Marxism or decadence, the cause of Western weakness ”

        • The Verdict of History

          They feel guilty because of historical portrayals of their ancestors as racially Nordic and crude aggressors — the Viking legacy. Also, being blonde and blue eyed automatically qualifies them as prime targets for coerced repentance.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I believe Sweden once owned a few of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, which the US bought to help protect the newly-finished Panama Canal.

        • Smeagol2

          True, they did briefly have a few small island possessions and coastal settlements. Hardly a legacy of colonialism though. I know of no place outside of Sweden where Swedish is spoken today. It’s funny though how whenever you hear colonialism being talked about today, its exclusively associated with Europeans. No one ever mentions the most prolific colonizers and slavers in human history, the Arabs. Non-whites doing the oppressing, so no problem there.

          • svartekaptenen

            Parts of Finland.

  • David Brims

    The irony is, Swedish liberals / socialists like to ban lots of things, cigarettes, junk food etc etc, yet they legalize pornography and drugs. The nation is completely subverted.

  • JDInSanDiego

    This headline coming soon: Children Banned from Dressing as Swedes

    • gneek

      Swedes’ Children Banned


    • Coming even sooner, that school will be 100% nonswede within 10 years.


    What is “Mio Simiv?”

    • svartekaptenen

      It is wrong it should be Mio Karlsson which is a name

    • Mio is a name: Simiv is wrongly spelled, it is Simic. In case it’s originally written as Simić, it’s Serbian; on the other hand, if it’s Šimić, it’s Croatian.

  • johncur

    This is a relief…there will be a surplus of gingerbread costumes, could get a big discount.

  • bigone4u

    I bought a Snickers candy bar the other day that was racist. The coating was the color of the typical African-American skin complexion and it contained nuts. Must be racist. I hereby pledge to look for more examples of this kind of racism and then to complain about to Eric Holder.

  • IanJMacDonald

    Everything is racist. You name it, and I will somehow tie it to racism.

    What’s that? You claim that whiskey isn’t racist?

    Let’s just look at some of those brand names. “Southern Comfort,” for example, is obviously racist. Old Southern white men drinking their whiskey and being comfortable. Well, it wasn’t exactly comfortable for everyone down South if you know what I mean.

    “Old Crow”? That’s just dog-whistle for “Jim Crow.”

    And besides, we mustn’t overlook the role that whiskey played in the white-sponsored genocide of the Native Americans.

    Everything is racist. You name it, and I’ll tie it to racism.


    • fsagas

      Ok. I’ll give it a go.


      Prove to me that is racist.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Lillipop sticks are white.

      • IanJMacDonald

        Lollipops are for suckers, suckers who believe that there ain’t no racism in America anymore.

  • Triarius

    This further proves my theory (hunch really) that there is an altruism gene so strong that it leads to self hate and guilt. And apparently ground zero is norther Europe and its descendents.

  • Xanthippe2

    Why exactly are they having a CHRISTMAS parade? Isn’t that hate? In public schools here (California) only Hanukah and Kwanza are allowed. Get with it Sweden!

  • Magician

    I think England is still #1 in this world when it comes to political correctness and hurting its own native people just to make the third world immigrants happy.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The paranoid idea that a gingerbread man might be offensive is patently offensive, what are they suggesting… that a gingerbread man looks like a Black person? (LOL) Also, if you are going to state that something is so offensive it must be banned, you should be required to state who it might offend. They would not do this.

    Nobody even made a ridiculous claim it was offensive, I don’t think those that might be offended would have even thought of this. What they are saying is certain paranoid White people think a gingerbread man looks like an African (I myself had never thought of this) so it must be eliminated.

    If anyone is rolling in their graves it is without doubt The Vikings, Normans and Goths that can’t believe their ancestors are the silliest PC wimps on the planet.

    • fsagas

      Um, you mean “descendants” not “ancestors.”

  • Snow

    Sweden will receive 50000 refugees in 2013 ONLY. In a country where the total population is less than 10 million people. that is 2013 ONLY!!

    We all know the muslim males can’t keep their sexual urges under control when they immigrate to Sweden and see the beautiful young blond native white women in Sweden and proceed to commit endless sexual crimes everyday. And the media and authorities look the other way

    By the way what is the motive behind accepting the flood of refugees and immigrants from the third world? I read it is very difficult for educated immigrants from North America to get extended residence permits in Sweden, yet it is a piece of cake for immigrants from the least developed parts of this world to get citizenship in Sweden.

    How many of them will try to find work when they arrive in Sweden, when they know they are guaranteed to be paid every month by the government of Sweden for the rest of their lives?

    There already is a disturbing shortage of housing in Stockholm and jobs for their own native young people. And the Swedish government keep on getting third world immigrants every year?

  • Ginger is not a nut, and gingerbread cookies do not generally contain nuts or anything else particularly allergenic.