Black Mobs Take over Washington Metro

Colin Flaherty, WND, December 13, 2012

No one knows what the two white women were doing on that Metro in that part of Washington, D.C.

They “did not want any trouble,” they said on the video. To the black mob that confronted them, threatened them, beat them and robbed them, it was no trouble at all.

So they grabbed their iPhones, but not before the girls fought back to retrieve them. Unsuccessfully.

All the while one of the members of the crew was rolling video.

Members of this mob call themselves the 44th Street Crew in Southeast Washington. For those not familiar with the different sections of Washington, that is not the lobbyist/media/functionary dinner-party part of town.

Reporters at the Fox affiliate in Washington seemed surprised at the mob violence. But to people who ride the Metro, it was just another day.

Metro police have seen so much of it they are ready with instructions for riders who encounter it: Resistance is futile:

“There’s nothing worth fighting over and getting assaulted for,” said Deputy Chief Ron Pavlik of the two women defending themselves. “There are lot better ways to fight back.”

Some people devote entire newsletters to the lawless Metro, where black mob violence is often seen, but seldom reported. According to UnsuckDCMetro, here’s a “Harrowing Account of Yet More Metro Violence” that never made the Washington Post:

I have never been more disgusted or shocked by what I witnessed Saturday night at the Anacostia Metro. I went to pick up a family member at the Metro, and just as she was telling me about the fights (Yes, plural!) that happened on the Green Line train [between L’Enfant and Anacostia], we witnessed a group of 6 to 8 young black teenagers kick, stomp, punch and push a lone teenage girl.

I could not believe my eyes! I also could not believe there was not an officer in sight.

When the family member arrived, she had her own story as well:

When she got on the train toward Anacostia, a group of teenagers proceeded to verbally and physically assault a group of young women. One of the boys threw a bottle and another threw the contents of a bottle in one of the woman’s face. The assaults got so out of hand that some people landed on a woman and her baby.

The attacking group had the doors to the train blocked so people couldn’t get off the train. My cousin told me she was so scared that she hid behind some seats and pulled out the box cutter she used for work.


Over at, they are also not in any danger of running out of material from the Metro violence beat. Whether it is a “huge fight” of 100 black people, or violence on a more modest scale, they got the goods.

“Stunning is the sheer number of participants in this fight,” said DCist. The site does not report the race of the participants. also reports on the Metro. The big story last year featured Allen Heywood. A black mob attacked Heywood as he was reading a book waiting for a train. As they beat and taunted him, Heywood begged for mercy:

Haywood repeatedly asked the girl why she was attacking him, pleading with her to end it. “Stop it! Stop it! G——it! You stop this s—right now! I did nothing to you!”


Robert Joy lost a few front teeth and took a few stitches when he tried to stop a black mob from beating someone at a Metro station.

The headline pretty much tells the story: Teen mob kicks and punches man at metro station.


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  • Ulick

    The sections of DC listed have a black majority population. When blacks are the majority at any spot, or even a sizable minority, they feel free to act authentically black. Often, the attacks described above are the result. No amount of money changes this dynamic.

    • JohnEngelman

      When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

      In order to learn what most blacks are really like it is usually necessary to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the vast majority.

      White liberals who are quick to accuse others of being racists usually come into contact with few blacks. Those few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.

      • NoName

        “When blacks are in the minority most try to behave.”

        Beg to differ….

      • tickyul

        “When blacks are in the minority most try to behave.”
        LOL, you must never have been to Seattlebabwe.

      • Jane Goodall would understand.


      The word is out, “KILL THE WHITE PEOPLE.”

      • My long wish is that blacks would start this race war. Their population would be cut in half and the remainder would be shipped back to their rotten homeland where they can build their rotten, bloodthirsty culture.

  • tarczan

    Violence comes from the bottom up.

  • [Guest]

    Much thanks is due, once again, to Colin Flaherty for exposing black savagery.

  • JohnEngelman

    The high rate of violent crime among blacks can be explained by the fact that they are one third as far from a paleolithic existence as are whites and Orientals. Warfare was much more common before the beginning of civilization. The best warriors had the most wives, so the best killers had the most sons who inherited their violent abilities and inclinations.

    • I doubt that paleolithic warfare is the reason, nor do we have any reliable information that would suggest that warfare was more common during that time period. I think the difference is better explained by the length of time a race or ethnic group has been under strong central government. Strong governments have effective punishments for crime and random violence and the reach and organization to catch perpetrators and either imprison them thus removing them from the breeding population for a period of time or executing them and removing them permanently. This to me explains why Asians in general, especially Chinese, have lower testosterone levels and are more docile and less likely to commit spur of the moment rage crimes. African populations have not had this selective pressure as they have not lived under civilized rule for very long in terms of genetic selection. It also explains why they fail to adapt well to situations that require civilized disciplined behavior: school, public transit, waiting for a train without throwing someone onto the tracks, that sort of thing.


        Exactly! Small hunter-gather bands need a few extremely violent males to protet the band whenever they encounter another band. Once humans begin living in towns, that sort of propensity for violence was incompatable. The result? Laws and punishment, including exicution. Over many centuries, those races that lived in cities, slowly reduced the percentage of “violent genes” from their populations. They were self-domesticated.
        This did not happen among Africans, because they didn’t live in large towns until recently..

        • ATBOTL

          By that logic, Iraq, Syria and the whole Middle East should be the most peaceful places on Earth.

          • sure, except for the whole conquest thing over and over and over…

            it’s not like the ancient Sumerians still live there.

      • Pelayo

        My first trip to Spain was when Generalísimo Franco was in power. My wife and I walked in the Retiro Park after Midnight without fear. IT’s a different story now with the influx of criminally inclined Arabs and South Americans. They don’t know how well they had it under the Falangistas.

        • Liberalsuck

          I admire General Franco. Read “The Last Crusade: Spain 1936” by Warren Carroll. Read about what the leftists communists were doing in Spain, who funded them and all the obstacles Franco and the Spanish Nationalists had to go through to get their country back.

    • Interesting link btw thanks.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    My People’s vibrancy will reach out and touch you no matter where you are:

    Kate Waring, Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Brittny Watts, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Karen Grammer, Marie Schneeberger,Jennifer Koon, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins, Jacqueline Gardner, Nancy Harris, Brianne Ginty, Nicola Furlong, Elizabeth Hucheson, Jackie Wisniewski, Thirza Sweeten, Megan Boken, Mary Parnell, Brittany Killgore, Celeste Fronsman, Heather Jackson, Fredia Collins, Amber DeLoach, Autumn Pasquale, Christine Cook, Helen Wells, Teressa Ann Bass, Taylor Fitting, Linda Ness, Brittnay Grosse, Stacey West, Kayla Peterson, Steffanie Ross

    Who’s next on the Enrichment Watch List?

    • Jaego

      Hopefully you.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Raquel Gerstel and Bobbie Sartain, victims of a Diversity Encounter

  • The__Bobster
    • MekongDelta69

      You mean the Septic System I believe…

  • The__Bobster

    Haywood repeatedly asked the girl why she was attacking him, pleading with her to end it. “Stop it! Stop it! G——it! You stop this s—right now! I did nothing to you!”

    A truly disgusting display of cowardice. What have our men come to?

    • ncpride

      He was unsure what to do because it was female. Fellas, if these ‘women’ insist on coming at you like a man, then by all means, defend yourself like a man. After all, don’t most females insist… er…demand, equal treatment these days?

      • StillModerated

        She wanna act like a man I beat her like a man! Quote from a Clevelip bus driver

        • ncpride

          I had to google that one. Whoa! Oh well….. Maybe she will think twice before getting in someone’s face like that again, but I doubt it. That bus driver was fired for defending himself, but I’m sure as a black male, he knew exactly how violent the black female could become, and acted accordingly. Most of the comments from those articles agree with my line of thinking. Women, particularly black/brown women, have become just as violent as men these days…… Just look at the ‘Bad Barbies’ article from today’s news. What are fellas supposed to do? It’s a no win situation, so might as well defend yourself.

        • WhiteFalcon1

          LOL…I know him from when I lived in Cleveland and he really IS a decent guy who’d simply been pushed too far by that silly girl! Spit in my face you’ll get the same thing…black or white!

    • pcmustgo

      Actually he cursed her out a few times. It’s hard to tell what to do in these situations because they are so “startling”

    • I think they were attacking him because he was reading a book. Seriously. The book plays a big role in that fight.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    How much more can we tolerate?

    • C_C_Conrad

      Read Wilderness Empire.

      Jack’s War

  • libertarian 1234

    Colin Flaherty tells it like it is again.
    He’s trying to build up his web site, so I stop by as often as I can to contribute a comment or two.

  • Ed B.

    Many years ago, I was on a subway in NYC. A group of 5 young black men entered the car I was riding. I was standing and leaning against a door as they worked their way through the car. They were busy harassing people who seemed to be doing their best to act invisible. Finally, they reached where I was standing.

    When they reached the part of the car where I was standing, the one who seemed to be the leader stepped forward and stared at me. I stared back and said to him, “if you bother me, I’ll kill you.” I said it calmly and without any chest pumping theatrics. He smiled and extended his hand. You would have thought he was my best friend.

    I know it is politically incorrect, but sometimes a man should act like a man.

    • pcmustgo


      NYC subways are NOT this bad in terms of black on white violence. Sometimes fights do break out , but mostly verbal and non-racial.

    • WhiteFalcon1

      I was riding a bus in Cleveland to a Drs appoint once a while back and had a similar incident. A young black kid, their were probably 15 all together, started in on my as I stood there reading a book, (I had gotten up to allow an old black lady to sit down while they just looked at her like she was stupid to expect any of them to move for her) he pushed and pushed and pushed, kicking my foot, kicking my leg, calling me, “honkey, cracker, white boy, faggot, whatchu’ gone do, huh?”, kinda crap till finally I glanced over at him and noticed he had a 5 inch folding knife in his hand tucked up against his leg, he moved to get up and I chopped him in the throat, punched him in his face 2 or 3 times, I KNOW his nose broke because I felt it and heard it smush against his face, snatched him up by his shirt and nuggets and just tossed him through the side window of the bus!

      Contrary to popular belief, those windows WILL shatter!

      Dude landed on a parked car and that was the last I saw of him! I turned to look at his “buddies”, thinking maybe a few others had ‘also missed their stop’ and the look they gave me was priceless…it was that “your a crazy white man, have a really nice day now, hear”, kinda look!
      I forced the driver, black of course, to stop the bus so I could get off before the law arrived and he ‘almost’ refused, saying “your going to have to wait for the police!”, I reached past him, pulled the lever and just got off walked about a block down the road to a VFW club (I’m former army) and had a few beers waiting for a friend to come pick me up!
      What I remember most about this isn’t that little assholes nose breaking, or him going through the window and landing on whom-evers car…what I remember was the smile on that old black ladies face, and guys, she had to be 80 if she was a day, that simply said, ‘thank you!’.

      • It’s time that violent & threatening thugs be handled in just that way—in a swift, certain and debilitating action. No Mercy.

        Time for Whites to stop taking abuse from ANYONE.

        • Liberalsuck

          That’s exactly why they attack whites, because they know most whites won’t fight back. The blacks don’t mess with Hispanics much because the Hispanics or Middle Easterners or Asians (to some extent) because those other racial groups won’t tolerate their bad behavior. If you are mad at getting pushed around, at some point you have to take responsibility for it because you’re letting them push you around. What’s that saying? “If I fool you once, shame on me. If I fool you twice, shame on you.”

  • StillModerated

    WMATA has been a most effective tool for allowing riff-raff from Anacostia to get to (ultra-liberal) Chevy Chase where they can break into luxury houses. We were told we couldn’t live without it. Wrong!

    • Johnny Clay

      I live near DC, and when Metro opened up the stations in Anacostia and western Prince George’s County, I knew it was a matter of time before the “yoots” and other riff-raff from that part of town would start invading other parts of the area that were untouched by them.

      • Hal K

        Having a Metro station nearby didn’t help Springfield Mall. White Flint isn’t doing so well either. It will be interesting to see what happens to Tysons Corner.

  • zone

    This is obviously a top down problem, and from the very top.
    Have heard “0” from O admin regarding urban crime.
    It is emphasised instead that violent crime overall is diminishing.
    A person who’s eye socket is broken, knifed, kicked, robbed, had acid thrown on them,.. nothing makes the list other than murder and rape. The remainder are “teen” recreational activities.

  • APaige

    They need to label every train/bus stop with the name of Rosa Parks, so all whites are aware of the surrounding general population. It is the same with MLK drive exit-‘thanks for the warning’ I will take the next exit.

    • Skincognito

      Part of Lynwood Ave in Detroit is labeled Elijah Muhammad Ave., as if Malcom X was too moderate.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There are lot better ways to fight back.

    Oh, do tell, Deputy Chief Ron Pavlik. Call you on the phone we no long have? Wait 45 minutes for you to get there with your taser?

    What are these “better ways” to fight back against a murderous savage gang?

    Bernie Goetz, pick up a White paging telephone, your services are badly needed in the Washington DC Metro!!


  • “No one knows what the two white women were doing on that Metro in that part of Washington, D.C.

    I’m not sure how to interpret the sentence above.

    Is the writing blaming these two white women for having no business being at this Metro station “in that part of Washington, DC” and they got what was to be expected or is he sympathizing with them?

    • Libearlsuck

      Being that Colin wrote a book exposing black on white violence, I don’t see why he would make that comment either.

  • rockman

    So whats happened to change this bull crap

  • Jefferson

    I do not feel sorry for Whites who purposely go out of their way to move to predominantly Black cities like Washington D.C, New Orleans, and Atlanta for example.

    You want diversity, well you got it.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I don’t think any whites move there; most of them already lived there. The diversity came to them. A few may move there if their job requires it, but that will end as blacks become a larger percentage of the population. The more blacks there are, the less jobs there are.

    • ViktorNN

      One of the premises of the idea of “white privilege” is that unlike non-whites, whites are supposed to feel free to go wherever they want, whenever they want, without worrying about their race as they move about. Obviously, it’s not true – white people are probably the least free to move through non-white areas. “White privilege” is a myth.

      • There is certainly no privilege being in the proximity of blacks.

      • Liberalsuc

        So we aren’t supposed to go to their areas. Fine. I don’t want them on our turf. Sounds fair to me.

  • IKantunderstand

    Unfortunately, the same sad scenario has been played out in all the African underground Metro Systems. What? The British or whatever White people colonized Africa didn’t leave an underground metro system? Why on earth, didn’t the extraordinarily bright Africans of whom we have heard SCADS about their achievements build their own underground transit system? I mean, I know if they had, it would be way better than anything White people would have built. Oh, and less crime too.

  • Poor girls. Their parents should have given them the John-Derbyshire talk. I hope they as parents give their own children “the talk.”

  • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

    When do we start passing out the axe handles?

  • Here in DC, there are numerous busybodies who have websites, twitter accounts and other social media accounts to describe all the shortcomings of the Metro system. What’s real interesting, is that there is no mention of incidents on the eastern part of the system which encompasses SE DC, NE DC, and Prince George’s County Maryland.

  • This is yet another peice of truth that the White Marxists who are in charge, will never post this. We all know by now, that would be headline news for a month.

  • ddw10d

    lol i’m black and these stories are funny as hell! you people sure have a good imagination.

    • Liberalsuck

      We live in reality and have the ability to reason well and see the long-term consequences of our actions. That’s something ‘your people’ seem incapable of doing. It’s a white thing. You wouldn’t understand there, DeShawntae.

  • ddw10d

    LOL. I also have a story but unlike you all, it’s true.

    This happened many years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.
    I was minding my own business, reading a newspaper while riding the
    train. These 5 white guys came on the train. They were dressed like
    skinheads, so i already knew what to expect. There were two other black
    people on the bus but they picked me. These 5 white men came up to me,
    called me a niqqer, a c00n, a monkey, and said that they ought of lynch
    me like their grandfathers did back in the day. They were all laughing,
    while I ignored them. Then the leader of the group decided it was a good
    idea to put his hands on my jacket. I got up, and beat one of the guys
    so badly, I overwhelmed him with punches to the face and then threw him
    to the ground and stomped on his neck. The other four looked like scared
    pussy’s and got off the train and took their leader with them. Everyone
    on the train basically were in shock but I had to do what I had to do.

    • Liberalsuck

      I don’t believe you. This would have been national media attention. Typical of blacks. Always lying and trying to get whites to feel sorry for them.