Birth Rate at Lowest Level Since 1920

The Washington Post, November 30, 2012

The U.S. birth rate has plunged, with the decline being led by immigrant women hit hard by the recession, according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The overall birth rate declined 8 percent between 2007 and 2010, with a decrease of 6 percent among U.S.-born women and 14 percent among foreign-born women.

The decline for Mexican immigrant women was more extreme, at 23 percent. The overall birth rate is now at its lowest since 1920, the earliest year with reliable records.

The decline could have far-reaching implications for U.S. economic and social policy. A continuing decline would challenge long-held assumptions that births to immigrants will help maintain the U.S. population and provide the taxpaying workforce needed to support the aging baby boomer generation.

The U.S. birth rate, 63.2 births per 1,000 women of child-bearing age, has fallen to just over half of what it was at its peak in 1957. {snip}


The falling birth rate mirrors what has happened during other recessions. A Pew study last year found that a decline in U.S. fertility rates was closely linked to hard times, particularly among Hispanics.

“The economy can have an impact on these long-term trends, and even the immigrants that we have been counting on to boost our population growth can dip in a poor economy,” said William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, noting that Hispanic women, who led the decline, occupy one of the country’s most economically vulnerable groups.


A vast portion, 47 percent, of immigrants to the U.S. are Hispanic. In recent years, however, immigration from Mexico, the biggest contributing country, has dried up; for the first time since the Great Depression, the net migration from Mexico has been zero.

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  • JohnEngelman

    Has the Great Recession reduced the black birth rate?

    • Gary

      I just read that report. Apparently the number of Black children born since 2002 hasdropped by 48%! WOW! If this continues Blacks will become one of the smallest minorites in the nation.

      • Tucker

        I would not believe that report for a second. I pay very close attention whenever I am out and about, and I am routinely stunned by how many enormously fat and ugly, really huge, really dark colored black females I see in department stores and even these beefaloes will usually have 3, sometimes 4, little black kids in tow.

        It makes me break out in a cold sweat, trying to imagine the scenario that lead these awful looking women to get impregnated. Clearly, men in that demographic group are either hornier than is humanly imaginable, or they are able to perform their duties with a cocked pistol resting against the side of their heads.

        • john

          and I always ask meself:”WHO in the name of God impregnated…THAT??”

      • Indiana Guy


      • Indiana Guy

        As the black gospel song goes: “Oh happy day!”

    • ed91

      are you kidding? babies increase their income

      • Anglokraut

        Exactly. My b.s. meter is reading off the charts!

      • Indiana Guy

        yes but sheneeqwah and deshawndra beez goin to kuhmoonity college an sheet, gnomeasayin?

    • blacks don’t have a “birth”rate,they have a “birf” rate

  • ed91

    race wars aside………….. there is no shortage of people — I remember the 60’s and the 70’s —- lots less people……. it’s getting crowded. I’m fine with a lower birthrate, for everyone.

    • Indiana Guy

      there are people, and there are humans

    • No… if you need more land you take it from a less militarily competant nation.

  • Funny our birth rate is the lowest since 1920.In 1924 we more or less closed our doors to immigration and we survived the depression and World War 2. Obamas destruction of the economy might be a good thing. Maybe all those employers who love cheap labor will realize that the Labor put Obama in office and Obama will put them out of business. After he amnesties them they will have to give them all expensive health insurance.

  • The__Bobster

    Minority birth rates are still far higher than ours, so while we’ll be lucky to maintain zero growth, the number of minorites will still explode, even without immigration.

    • Unfortunately, White births are at below replacement rates. This is due to subscribing to leftist, life-denying culture.

  • William Allingham

    in some sense, liberalism is a rebellion against life itself, if existence is not as “equal” as i want let not be existence, so in some very deep level perhaps, low birth rates have something to do with liberalism, taking on account the feminist movement and children not being safe anymore among blacks and mexicans

    • ed91

      the aztecs had unique ideas about keeping the population down

      • IstvanIN

        They had a unique form of soccer.

        • William Allingham

          They had unique forms of everything but that doesn’t mean they were desirable, the way they obtained protein (cannibalism) was unique in the scale and systematic way of doing it. They cooked the (human) flesh with pumpkin flower, chilli and a small kind of tomatoes. Today their Christianity is also “unique” (a polygamous one) but no more than the way they ferment one of their national drinks (with feces).

          to see how these people excel in doing bad things i cannot help to think that we all have the same capacity to do evil (or stupidities) but we differ greatly in our capacity to do good, creative things.

          The genius can behave like a beast if he wants but the beast cannot behave like a genius no matter how hard it tries.

          • ed91

            are you sure about the feces in the fermented drink thing?
            could you direct me to some documentation of that? I find it hard to believe.

          • William Allingham

            “…a practice of using a muñeca (“doll”), which was a textile bag containing human or animal feces, which was placed in the aguamiel to hasten the fermentation process … Some insist the muñeca is completely a myth, but enough accounts indicate it had been done in the past”


            Never underestimate differences in values!

            Here we are talking about “Pulke” that is the original alcoholic beverage of mexicans, Tequila was created by Spaniards only after bringing to mexico distillation techniques from Europe, we have to remember that on the time only 1 or 2 generation Spaniards had access to technology and innovations in mexico under the caste system.

    • Liberalism was O.K. maybe four-hundred years ago but since then has become a life destroying or denying force. They (liberals) will die out soon (historically speaking), taking huge portions of the population with them, and leaving a much more conservative demographic behind.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ” A continuing decline would challenge long-held assumptions that births
    to immigrants will help maintain the U.S. population and provide the
    taxpaying workforce needed to support the aging baby boomer generation.”

    Of course the assumption was that third world immigrants are EXACTLY the same as the European immigrants who founded and built the USA. Of course those in charge absolutely knew that they were wrecking the country, but the soft headed weak minded liberals that were in the positions to enforce policy actually believed that 5 foot tall indians from mexico were capable (and WANTED) to achieve at the same level as Whites. Right the mexicans and central americans are just DYING to pay taxes! I just laugh in the faces of liberals now, knowing what a farce they are. They get so mad too, and I preempt them by always saying, “just so you know I am a rabid Nazi intent on killing 6 million jews.” They get so mad when you preempt their ad hominem attacks.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The decline in standard of living coupled with the rise of Feminism in Latino and Black women is starting to result in fewer large families and more childless women. Furthermore it is bizarre to me the people out there that think population explosions can just keep going forever, and ever. Can anyone really be that shortsighted?

    • Indiana Guy

      send the mexican women to college and pump their heads with nonsense about “empowerment’, “achievement” and “career”, make it all seem glamourous with nice cars and cell phones and the ever present cup of starbucks coffee in the hand, and the factory between their legs will be shut down for good.

  • Susan

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s there were lots of goodlooking men.Not so much anymore because all these swarthy looking third world types flooding the place.They are all the same(black hair and black eyes]. Another downside to 1965 Immigration act.

    • Skincognito

      I spend at least 12 hours a day on a Southern campus full of healthy, attractive Nordic young men (I’m a monogamous married father, by the way). The problem is their arm candy tends to be Asiatic (either Ashkenazic or Oriental). I am a firm opponent of miscegination and find the old 2.5 children per (homogeneous) couple standard ideal. I agree that immigration is making us an ugly nation, but there are socio-cultural factors that are driving our sons and daughters into the arms of strangers. Yes, return to Johnson-Reed quotas, but let’s also consider a boycott of companies that encourage this fetishization of miscegination in advertising, film, tv, etc.
      In general however, I side with Ol’ Pat and other Papists; a people unwilling to reproduce itself is not worth reproducing. C’mon White folks, 3 kids and a dog is manageable. Quit being selfish. Kids are rad. Let the muds suffer when the welfare state collapses, but we are evidently evolutionarily/spiritually endowed with the ability to expand our numbers. Not doing so is pathologically childish.
      Sorry Susan, I have digressed. This is an emotional topic for me. All the best.

      • pcmustgo

        i’m half jewish and I read amren daily. Didn’t know Jewish women were such a fetish among white men… asians of course

        • Skincognito

          Jewish women also fetishize other physical types, Nordics among them. I suggested that Jews are Asiatic and I’m aware that this a touchy subject here, but in Frank Wu’s Yellow, he presents some interesting comparisons between Asians and Jews in the American racial imagination. I don’t mean to be insulting, but I consider Jewish-Nordic unions just as treasonous as Negro/Mestizo/Asiatic-Nordic unions. No disrespect, but American Jewish women tend to be a bit experimental in sowing their wild oats, acting as though youth is a sexual buffet.

          • Dave Heller

            This is ridiculous !! White italians like Rafael Nadal and Bobby Cannavale are look less “Nordic” and more Asiatic than most Jewish men and women !! In fact people from Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Caucusus look more “Nordic” than Greeks, Southern italians and Spaniards. Your fetishization of the imaginary perfect “Nordic” phenotype seems an unfortunate longing for the times of the third Reich !! Most Jewish people in the world have intermarried with white people so much that they are hardly indistinguishable ! If you want to see examples, I only suggest you take a look at prominent Jewish entertainers most of whom appear as “Nordic” as the Scandinavians themselves !!

          • Skincognito

            Whew, I’ve inadvertently struck a nerve. Maybe you should discuss race and politics on a site that does not feature a revised edition of Madison Grant’s seminal work, The Passing of the Great Race.

            I don’t fetishisize my phenotype, but I can’t help but feel that Jews are aliens. I don’t find Greeks, Cicilians or Bulgarians particularly racially akin (they don’t pass the cliche “marry my daughter” test), but they don’t loom particularly large in the cultural assault on my people. They are in fact perfectly suitable neighbors and co-workers/fellow citizens. Name one who has advocated for anti-White legislation in the US (or the UK, Australia, Canada, etc). So no, I am not a crude Nordicist.

            I am also not a virulent anti-semite. My point was simply that I have rather keen jewdar, and consider them (your people perhaps?) non-White/asiatic. Philologists and theologians have discussed the “Whiteness” of Jews long before the rise of völkisch Nationalism in Germany in the late-19th century. And I must ask, why, of all the scribbler sites out there, did you choose this one for Nazi-baiting? I am a European American nationalist, German National Socialism is not a significant component of my intellectual heritage. All the best, please read Grant’s The Passing and Richard Kelly Hoskins’ Our Nordic Race. Shalom.

          • Indiana Guy

            You are just plain wrong. Jews are not a homogenous group of people for one thing. They can range from totally nordic looking to middle eastern looking. Most Jews are white, as white as Italians and Spaniards and Greeks.

          • Le Gaulois

            “White Italians like Rafael Nadal and Bobby Cannavale are look less “Nordic” and more Asiatic than most Jewish men and women !”


            Excuse me, but Rafael Nadal is a Spaniard from Mallorca which was occupied for centuries by the Moors, and Bobby Cannavale is actually half Italian and half Cuban.

            Like the Nordicists on this website, you’re are completely misinformed about the original phenotypes of Southern Europe which weren’t so much different as it is today before the successive Arab, Turkish and Mongol invasions after the Fall of the Roman Empire.

            Moreover, for you to pretend that people from “Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Caucasus look more “Nordic” than Greeks, Southern Italians and Spaniards” is beyond ridiculous when it is these same people who invaded, occupied and darkened Southern and Eastern Europe in the first place…Hello ?

            Finally, most “prominent Jewish entertainers” do not appear as “Nordic” as Scandinavians at all (i.e.: Larry David, Adam Sandler, Woody Allen, Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, etc) and most have the same typical Jewish phenotype than the average Jew in the real world…it’s as plain as the nose on your face, don’t you know ?

            C’mon now, you are dreaming !

          • Indiana Guy

            you are cherry picking

          • Jefferson

            [QUOTE] I don’t mean to be insulting, but I consider Jewish-Nordic unions just as treasonous as Negro/Mestizo/Asiatic-Nordic unions.[/QUOTE]

            Except the off springs of Nordic-Jewish unions tend to look significantly Whiter than the off springs of Mestizo/Negro/Asiatic-Nordic unions.

            If a Nordic man impregnates a Guatemalan woman, I doubt their off spring will come out looking as White as the half Jew-half Nordic off spring Scarlett Johansson for example.

            Especially since the the overwhelming majority of Guatemalans are basically just Indigenous Amerindians who just happen to speak Spanish.

          • Skincognito

            How many children do you have sir? I don’t mean to pry, but it’s dreadfully relevant. “Looking” White is important, but there tends to be a pattern of certain fair-complected monotheists who are usually incapable of blushing acting in a manner contrary to the interests of White Christians. Again, I didn’t mean to go in this direction, my initial statement was simple and genuine, but apparently there are more die-hard philo-semites at amren than I realized. I’m pretty sure most Jews in the US would consider Mr. Taylor a hate criminal. Whom are you guys defending/courting? Move on, breed, pray for grandchildren that look like you. Quit talking about race-mixing and just produce racially pure children. I’m workin on it. To do it right is the only struggle that matters.

          • Indiana Guy

            European Jews are a European people. In ancient times, Middle Easterners were not racially different than other people on the mediterranean coastlands. Many Europeans are descendants of other semites- the Phoenicians, that settled along the Mediterranean coast and Spain . A Jew moving to Poland was no different than an Italian or a Spaniard moving to Poland and mixing with Polish people.

          • Indiana Guy

            There are many Jews that you would consider to be nordic until you are informed otherwise. Then there are many non Jews that people assume are Jewish because of their appearance. I think perhaps skincognito is assuming that some Italian, Arab, and central Asian women he sees are Jewish when they are in fact not Jewish. There are many celebrities, such as Kathy Griffin, whom people assume are Jewish when they in fact are not. She is in fact of Irish ancestry. I do not know how he can know, by sight, that some woman is Jewish.

          • john

            Until Mila Kunis opens her mouth.Her dear parents you see had to leave Ukraine because those nasty Ukraines ,when they got free of the Russians,for some racist reasons,stereotyped the jews as having been part of the problem.Imagine THAT!! She will gladly bang the white man,but is no friend to whites in our distress!!

          • Some Jewish people *are* Nordic; obviously, it’s the religious culture that sets them apart. However, calling them Asiatic is generally not incorrect.

          • john

            I have a Jewish friend who has a cousin who is married to a Pakistani(!)and incessantly cheats on him with various ethnic males. No. No. Dont marry a jewish woman.

        • Tucker

          I would place the possibility of this White man choosing a jewish female for a dating or marriage prospect about 5 notches below the possibility of my choosing a black woman.

          And, that possibility is zero.

        • David Ashton

          Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson are Rebeccas that resemble Rowenas.

          • pcmustgo

            Elizabeth Taylor was part Jewish… there’s no denying that she was quite beautiful, as people of all groups can be. There’s also no denying that in America, she is labelled and legally classified and treated as “White”. Or, now, “Non-Hispanic White”

      • Neal

        Wow! So you see this problem in the south now too? I don’t recall seeing much of that variety of miscegenation when I lived in North Carolina back in 2001-2006, but out here in Southern California I see more White Male/Mongoloid Female couplings than WM/WF. I do unfortunately reside in Los Angeles so I just chalked it up to only being an issue on the left coast and Northeast. Terrible!

      • David Ashton

        Your campus seems to be overcrowded with John Engelman Juniors.

    • ed91

      I got old…………. believe me, I’m sorry about it too.

  • Mike Lane

    I have noticed that nearly all racially conservative forums are pessimistic about the survival of our great people. If we truly want to make an impact, then we are going to have to start finding techniques in which we are to succeed, rather than constantly complaining about it.
    We must remember, our enemy (cultural Marxism) simply consisted of a few kosher intellectuals sitting around day dreaming about their egalitarian vision. After decades of dedication to “marching through the institutions” look at where they have come: +90% of universities, mainstream media, and our government. Can we not do the same. If so, we must make no compromises.

    • Indiana Guy

      the Amish double their numbers every twenty years. Popular American culture is one that leads toward oblivion yet it is seductive. People want 1″good cahhhh-reeeeeerrrr-sssssss” ( which means years in college and years afterwards paying off that debt and only then, when a woman’s eggs are three quarters of the way to being scrambled , do they even think about having kids) 2″good bohhhh-deeeeees” ( which means no kids , hours in the gym and more hours in front of the mirror), “3 Great lives with great vacations, great entertainment, great cars, great houses and great retirement savings ( more expenses that are considered more important than having children).
      The moral of the story- when one is a lover of one’s self, one is destined to be totally alone.

      • Mike Lane

        What America needs to do is give minority women (and any one for that matter) on welfare two options:

        1) receive welfare if they have one child and get their tubes tied,

        2) or have more kids, but still receive money for just one child. If any starve to death it is their fault.

        Trust me, they enjoy sex too much. Statistically, those of low IQ have more sex (thus more fertile) because they have less things to occupy their minds.

  • Viking_61

    Makes me frightful of what will happen if the economy ever improves. I guess we can look forward to more 747s filled with pregnant Indian women and vans filled with pregnant Mestizas coming across the border.

  • KingKenton

    I dunno, something about this story smells fishy. It seems to be a roundabout way to justify even higher levels of immigration above and beyond what the left have been pushing for.

  • pcmustgo

    I read somewhere Puerto Ricans are now having FEWER babies than White people. That’s shocking…. hopefully it’s true. They are known for having HUGE families.. but then again so are all blacks and latinos

    • Indiana Guy


  • pcmustgo

    Mexicans in Mexico have lowered their birth rate to 2 children, which means eventually the pool of Mexicans who are willing to cross the border will dry up… this is good news for the US… and Mexico. Mexicans in Mexico (I read it on actually have fewer children than Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants… our welfare system at work.

  • Greg Deane

    The writer tries to make zero net migration from Mexico, and a large drop in Hispanic births sound like a bad thing. But surely with reduced demand for social security, health services, public housing, education of the ineducable and the costs of imprisoning thousands of Hispanic criminals, the US will be better off financially. It’s demographic landscape is more likely to survive, and there is more chance of the government receiving tax revenues from the existing population that cover per capita costs. Perhaps California may experience a renaissance. But probably not.

  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]Drop is particularly sharp among foreign-born women.[/QUOTE]

    Oh oh, the Bush family is not going to like this, especially because they are fighting extremely hard to make sure America becomes as Brown as Honduras.

    The Bush family is by far the worst thing to ever happen to the conservative movement. Those RINOs are like a cancer that refuses to go away.

    The Bush family paved the way for Barack Hussein Obama. Thanks a lot Dubya.

  • Johnelis

    American feminism is the force that drives all peoples birth rates to zero. It’s a terrible curse, a weapon worse than World War I mustard gas, but we have to recognize it’s power and use it against Arabs, Blacks Africans, Mestizos etc.

    Let this terrible feminist American curse we put on our enemies.

  • NeoconsNailed

    These statistics are damnable lies. Mexicans come here for a better life and to become good tax-paying ameriKans. If they see the need for more babies they logically must be breeding them — they wouldn’t let us down. And at least a million aliens must must still be pouring in here a year. What they’d pull back just because the economy they’ve been gutting is acting dead? Never! Why, they’re “family values” personified! God and country, USA USA USA!

  • Diamond_Lil

    Thank goodness. AIDS among the Mexican macho crowd is not helping them either. I persuaded a teacher in a majority 99% Latino school to play Edelweiss on Youtube for her first period students and herself in the morning. She won’t walk off the job just yet thankfully. There’s a few whites there who her need help.

    Notwithstanding the anti-German/nazi culmination of the movie, this is a completely and totally White song.

    • Indiana Guy

      Have her play “Maria Durch ein Dornwald Ging”, or “still Still Still” and especially Handel’s “Halellujiah Chorus”

      • Diamond_Lil

        Excellent suggestions, thank you.

  • Cesare

    Rest assured, both the Democrats and Republicans would be happy to increase immigration to boost population growth if this continues.

  • Unperson

    Although I’m suspicious of, and have little trust in, WaPo statistics — or, for that matter, WaPo ANYTHING — let’s assume Mexicanas in El Norte have in fact reduced their prodigious output of ninos by 23%. The overall US birthrate is (IIRC) just over two children per family (notably higher than any other historically white country, every one of which has been below replacement-level for decades). I don’t have the exact figure at hand, but let’s be generous and assume the average American household has 2.2 children.

    I have also read on AmRen and elsewhere that the fertitlity rate of Mexican women is HIGHER in the US than in Mexico; that those who successfully cross the border “celebrate” their newfound “prosperity” (relative to what they had back home) by raising their average baby-production from 2.7 to 4.3. (Please feel free to correct and/or update my figures, but I believe them to be more-or-less accurate; they are at least in the ballpark.)

    So if the average chicana has indeed convinced her husband/boyfriend/whatever to knock her up 23% less, that drop would be from that group’s extraordinarily high “normal” rate of 4.3. Reduce 4.3 by 23% and you get 2.8 — which is STILL significantly outbreeding the national average.

    • Indiana Guy

      why do you trust them when they say white people have lost so much ground then? Did it ever occur to anyone that that whole story is either exaggerated or just plain fake? Suppose they wish to intimidate the whole of white America by telling them they are a minority when in fact they are not.

      • Greg_Deane

        Quite right, IG. There’s something wrong with the numbers, and the forecasters are too gleefully mischievous.

    • It’s hard to believe the Mexican or Hispanic rate is 4.3 in the United States when it is only 2.32 in Mexico itself, while over 70% of Hispanic immigrants are from Mexico. Immigrants usually have fewer children when they go to more wealthy countries because of a shift in the wealth flow. It should also kept in mind that there are usually more young immigrant males than females, which would mean that majority of the Hispanic migrants are men, not childbearing women. In all, there’s something wrong with the stories about Hispanics producing double the number of children whites do on a per capita basis.

      • Greg Thomas

        Why is that so hard to believe? Mexico does not provide the generous welfare benefits that we do. You must not be from California. Every mestizo I see walking down the street has three of four anchor babies in tow.

  • Indiana Guy

    Minority “birf” rates declined the most because they were so high to begin with.

  • scutum

    “The decline for Mexican immigrant women was more extreme, at 23 percent.” More lies from the MSM. Let me just point out that the Washington Post, like the New York Times, is a propaganda rag. It is not a credible news source. In fact, none of the mainstrean media outlets, including TV, are credible news sources. I obtain all of my news from the internet and talk radio. That way I can filter out the propaganda of both the left and the right. ( google: hegelian dialectic)

  • SmithandSmith

    If this is true, then why are there so many small Towns in America that are now filled to the gills with asians, muslims, africans and hispanics?

  • David Ashton

    “The variation in Total Fertility Rates throughout the world is substantial. For instance, taking Africa as a whole, the average is 4.7, whereas in the European Union it is 1.6, and in the USA 2.0….A substantial group within a population who are somewhat unrestrained in their fertility can quickly undo the ‘good work’ of another substantial group… The optimum population of the UK is about 20 million…. A rise from 62.3 million to 70 million indicates that [by] 2100, the UK population would rise to 115 million…if the rest of the world was willing to feed us….200,000 [anticipated net immigration] a year for 17 years amounts to 3.4 million…1.7 million attributable to a ‘higher birthrate among immigrant mothers’.” – Eric Rimmer & Andrew Ferguson, “OPT Journal” October 2012, pp.21-22.

  • Ella

    From a woman’s perspective too many young men remain asexual and disinterested in family life as Media culture and Boomer parents push materialism OVER family demands. Whites do marry too late and mess of their wealth. I have heard so many times from elders, “why have kids–go have fun in life-party on.” Post-modern culture hails mass consumerism and include in those lib ideologies of supporting others who are really in “need.” Weakened group identity results in less desire to continue on with 2 plus children. Really about 20-30% of White males are ill-prepared for family life. You -conservative men- in here are supporting the larger burden of both failing White males and minorities. It’s not ALL about women’s movement.