Atlanta Mayor Lets Council Pay Increase Become Law, Wants to Talk Raises for Employees

Jeremiah McWilliams, Atlanta Journal Constitution, December 13, 2012

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has allowed a roughly 50 percent pay increase for City Council members to become law, but is also committing to sit down with employees next month to start hammering out an agreement on an across-the board pay increase for more than 7,500 rank and file staff.

The move may help defuse anger among Atlanta employees who said the City Council pay increase was way too much.


The City Council pay increases, which take effect in 2014 after city-wide elections, will increase the annual salary for City Council members to $60,300, an increase of more than $20,000. The City Council approved the legislation by a 10-4 vote on Dec. 3.

The vote sparked an immediate backlash, with employees protesting outside City Hall.

On Thursday, Ken Allen, president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 623, criticized the vote.

“How is it possible that council members believe it is a responsible act for them to use their power to vote themselves such a significant pay raise, knowing that they would never vote for an equal increase for city employees?” Allen wrote in an op-ed column for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


In an interview earlier this week, Reed expressed some reluctance to commit to a citywide pay increase. The city needs a better sense of how its crucial revenues from property taxes have weathered the economic downturn, he told the AJC and other media outlets.


“Obviously, I have grave concerns about moving forward with pay raises and then having to solve for a budget gap,” Reed said. “I don’t want to agree to a pay raise and have layoffs of employees on the other end.”

[Editor’s Note: Here is the Atlanta City Council website where photos of the members can be found.]


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  • Sure, give a raise. Worthless politicians are overpaid no matter what they make. Look at US Rep Hank Johnson. He earns his money by worrying whether Guam will capsize.

  • Whiteman Awakening wow Check out the council members

    • Bill

      Unh huh. Guess WHICH four voted against? And which others voted for? No brainer.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      My brother lives near Atlanta and is seeing his neighborhood “diversified”.

      Who would you rather have leading you: The Atlanta City Council or the group pictured?

      Cabinet Ministers in Chile. (Yes, if necessary, I could learn Spanish).

      • Major

        Wow….great scenery….too. And If it’s all white…a real temptation. If we have a choice…lets leave America to the Negros and the Illegals. Then sit back and watch the inevitable. Or…secession to all the former White states….let the libs and multi Culturalists…have at it.

    • OlderWoman

      I wouldn’t want to be Yolanda or Carla.

  • storibund

    Gonna be interesting when the white taxpayer base north of the city finally manages to declare its independence.

    • Fire Eater

      Biggest fight in the GA General Assembly in the upcoming session will be over the re-creation of Milton County on Atlanta’s “fashionable northside.” Blacks already making threats over this as north Fulton is the much-abused cash cow funding every ghetto boondoggle in the minority-dominated rest of Fulton further south.

      Funny to watch the upper crud types insist that “it’s not about race.”

  • You Are Now Enriched

    White taxpayers in Atlanta will celebrate the opportunity to pay higher taxes for “moving us forward into a richer, more Diverse future.”

    When we drive through Atlanta, most of the cars with Obama stickers are driven by Whites. Clever cammoflauge, or Stolkholm Syndrome Whiteys?

    • Fire Eater

      I am a native Atlantan, now safely relocated to the North Georgia mountains; Ninth Congressional District, 95% White.

      Due to family issues I frequently visit the capitol of the Republic of New Africa several times per week. I concur with your observation of the rampant idiocy of the type of “Whites” that actively choose to live “ITP” – inside the Perimeter I-285, as pronounced with their nose in the air.

      I have seen posts in the past where some stated that “Whites are moving back into Atlanta.” This is not really true…the type of “Whites” who would move into that pesthole are feminists, gays and rabid leftists; our vicious enemies whose psychoses propelled Comrade Obama to a second term. I can assure you that none of “our kind of people” would dream of being closer than thirty miles north of Atlanta.

      Atlanta’s close in suburbs are actually more dangerous than the city itself. Black-ruled Clayton and Dekalb counties provide the overwhelming majority of murders in Georgia…black criminals from there have been prowling and preying as far north as the White flight counties of Forsyth and Dawson.

      Yes, “Atlanta” on the lips of a Republican office-seeker here is generally understood to be dog-whistle for the N-word.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        HUD will reach out an find you and enrich you with Section 8 so that your neighborhood can relfect enriching Diversity. Every day you don’t see Diversity swarming up there, could be the last day you don’t. Whiteness like yours will not be tolerated or allowed.

        Just a few nights ago I saw what has become a very rare sight in this brave new racially diverse world of ours. I saw a white soloist, with an all white chorus, singing traditional Christmas carols to an all white audience. It was a wonderful sight. When I was growing up I took such wonderful sights for granted. But for the last thirty years or so I have not taken such events as an all-white Christmas celebration for granted, for the simple reason that the liberal oligarchy in charge of my nation does not want anything that is exclusively white to exist.

  • Kasim Reed? I never vote for people with names like Kasim, Tyreefus, Kyreesha or Mfweze. Way too risky.

  • NYB

    San Bernadino just went through this, and now they’re laying off street sweepers to pay for senior public officials.

    When municipalities are going broke they dig themselves in deeper, in anticipation of going hat in hand to the state or feds for a bailout. They threaten to default if they don’t get it.

    Eventually the buck stops at some white taxpayer.

    • IstvanIN

      The street sweeper performs a more important function. Never understood why cities need so many council members.

  • Anon

    The irony is that, as taxpayers, these people are still taking home less than a welfare mom with a part time job at McDonald’s. I wonder how many of them are going “son of a %#$%#” as tax season comes and they realize that their salary increases pushes them into a higher tax bracket and results in them taking home less, not more, in after tax income. Welcome to the 10% my friends! Here’s your sign.

  • Sloppo

    I think it is good that the pay increases went through. Now the lawsuits can begin. The lawsuits will generate loads of cash for lawyers, which will allow them to pay more taxes, which will allow the city of Atlanta to afford those pay increases.

  • Epiminondas

    If you live in Buckhead, the priciest part of Atlanta, you’re getting precisely what you deserve. Bend over and grab your ankles, white boy.

  • Jefferson

    Only White people call it Atlanta. According to the Bantus, it is called the ATL Shawty. Either that, or they refer to it as Hotlanta.

  • Major

    Really people…why such surprise? You’ve never seen this happen before when the Negro gets “elected” on race alone by other idiotic Negroes longing for power and to get one over on the man?

    Tsk…tsk. There’s a long record folks…Detroit, DC, Cleveland, Baltimore, Trenton, Camden. Philly and of course but not last…Atlanta.

    And how many of these Negro thieves ever got to jail? Nope…they get re-elected.

    Maxine Waters, Jordon and that old pimp…Charlie Rangel. I admire Charlie…..he’s in Harlem….100% Negro voters…he gets re-elected for 40 years…..and his ah….”constituents” are still poverty stricken…section 8….dirt poor. And Charlie…..lives in two rent controlled apartments…wears $3000 Armani suits….has a Cadillac with a chauffeur….office paid for…staff well paid….a vacation home in the islands.

    Nothing like it….ain’t America great?

  • 53% of citizens actually pay taxes, and about 90% of them are white, this is why obama runs up the debt, this is why democrats payoff unions with fat labor contracts and lavish pensions. They are confident that they have the power to collect taxes and raise taxes, and they are confident that whites are in no position to challenge them.

  • Pay them $1,000,000 a year. Anything to make the ship sink quicker. 😀

  • Eurobeing

    In 20 years the Big A will go the Way of the Big D and I ain’t talking about Dallas.