Four People Set on Fire During Assault in North Denver

7 News (Denver), December 14, 2012

Denver police say four people were set afire during an assault in North Denver Thursday night.


Police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said two black males knocked on an apartment door and when a woman answered, she was sprayed with some type of liquid from a lawn and garden sprayer. The woman was then set afire when the men threw a match or lighter on her.


Three others—two men and a second woman—inside the apartment were also sprayed and set afire, but suffered only minor burns, she said.

Lopez said the woman who answered the door was the most seriously burned and she was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

Police do not have a motive for the attacks but they called the incident “highly unusual and extremely scary.”


Police are also investigating an earlier robbery with flammable liquid used at a check-cashing service at 32nd and Champa streets, in the Curtis Park neighborhood.

Witnesses told 7NEWS that two men entered the Ace Check Cashing and stuck a tube through a cash portal and sprayed a flammable liquid on the counter inside the protective glass, then lit it.

“We noticed the smell, it smelled like burning plastic,” said one of two men who was in the area. “We came around to the front of the building and noticed . . . an employee of the check cashing business and she was trapped in the enclosure where she worked—there was a cloud of smoke and the counter was on fire.”

The woman who was working in the secured area was not injured but was quite distraught, the man said.



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  • DO NOT open your door to these beasts. Simply call the police. Most have at least one outstanding warrant.

    • Jeff

      Yes, simple rules: never open the door for blacks. Never stop to help blacks in “distress” (like needing a jumper cable). Never listen to a black con story (“I need twenty dollars because my car broke down”). All of these actions provide an opening and invitation to be assaulted, raped, burned, and murdered.

      • pcmustgo

        They used to beg for $20 at the airport… used to happen all the time at NYC airports… always had a story too about being a schoolteacher who’s car broke down and they just needed $20.

      • Libearlsuck

        One black guy came up to my once liberal friend while we were eating outside on busy street at a fast food joint in a mixed area. I ignored him, but my friend gave him $20 because the guy said he needed gas money. I was perplexed and said to him,”Dude, do you see any gas stations around here? If he needed gas that bad ask him to point where his car is, go up and fill up the gas for him; don’t just give him money.” That’s another trick I have noticed people do in big cities. Anytime they ask me for money for food or gas or whatever, I always offer to buy the food or gas for them. If they refuse that, to hell with them then. While I know we’re talking about blacks, I do the same thing to whites or Hispanics or blacks or anyone asking me for money. If they refuse me giving them free food, they aren’t hungry. If they refuse me actually going up to their car and buying the gas for them, then they don’t need gas (or they don’t have a car). So tired of people’s BS! Why can’t they say just “I want money”?

    • Luis

      I’ll go you one better, this is an actual episode that happened to me:

      Sveral years ago, I returned home to my condo in the morning after having spent the night at my fiance’s. When I got off the bus and approached my home, i noticed a Bantu male looking into the garden level windows in the front of the building. Mindful of the fact that our building was broken into a couple of times previously, I went up to him and asked him what he was doing.

      He replied that he was from the electric company and that he was looking for someone to let him into the basement area, so he could read the electric meters. I thereupon asked him for an ID (which I’ve been told, one should always demand from someone purporting to be from a utility company). He showed me an ID, and we went into the basement. I stayed there the whole time, never taking my eyes off him.

      Did I mention I had my Ruger .357 magnum in my pocket?

      • Joseph

        Utility workers are supposed to have key or arrange with manager/owner for access but then, AA hires are frequently not too bright so may be legit. By letting him in you are training him to be irresponsible, which probably isn’t really needed.

  • IstvanIN

    Stories about setting people alight always seem o involve Africans. Is it because fire is, relatively speaking, such a new invention that they are enthralled by it or are they just natural born fire bugs?

    • NYB

      Usually it involves Africans lynching other Africans.

    • tickyul

      ZERO sense of humanity, yes that would describe a lot of Urban Americans.

      • François

        Or a lot of Third World immigrants, perhaps?

        • tickyul

          Yes, but Urban Americans have to be the worst.

    • Joseph

      I think it is because fire is: A. inexpensive, B. little effort to obtain as it needn’t even be stolen, C. simple to operate.

      Look at the frequent problems they have operating complex mechanisms like firearms.


        Fire enable them to SEE each other in the dark……………….

    • KenelmDigby

      It’s an expression of their natural in-built sadism.
      It’s aquick and chaep method of inflicting the maximum amount of pain and disfigurement – two things they plan for and earnestly want.

    • pcmustgo

      That and Machetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luis

      I’d say they were natural – born firebugs. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Zulu”(1964), but in it, the Zulu army sets fire to the missionary at Roarke’s Drift. I saw the movie and, coupled with the riots and arson that followed starting in Watts’ Los Angeles district (1965), the 1967 Detroit riots, the 1968 King assasination, the South African “necklacing” incidents and Detroit’s ‘Devil’s Night” capers; I’d say that fire holds a special fascination for the Bantu mindset. I believe that then, I believe that now, and I will go to my grave believing it.

      What galls me is that Bantus will still foam at the mouth over the 1963 bombing of that church in Birmingham, AL by a Klansman; but will excuse and justify the arson committed by their race, everywhere and everytime they have done it.

  • MekongDelta69

    Best comment today on this kind of behavior (which happens EVERY SINGLE DAY, OVER AND OVER):

    A Typical Specimen of the Female Homo Eloiensis
    By Larry Auster

    “Did you notice how the motives of both the killer and the victim are described as unknown and mysterious? Lucious Smith “inexplicably” chased and stabbed Stephanie Ross, and Ross went alone to Smith’s home for reasons that are “not clear.” But what needs to be explained? Smith is a savagely violent Negro who was an obvious danger to society and should have been institutionalized long ago, but wasn’t because institutionalization is considered oppressive and unequal; and Ross is a white female Eloi who disregarded her own strong intimations of danger in order to help a black man. Both the murderer and the murdered were following the familiar and established behavior of their type.

    But liberal society refuses to recognize distinct human types and the respective patterns of behavior they typically engage in, because all human beings are equal, and to suggest otherwise is an offense against society worse than,.well, worse than chasing a 25-year-old social worker down the street and stabbing her to death. So, in the eyes of liberals, Ross’s decision to go to Smith’s apartment, and Smith’s murder of Ross, are both odd and inexplicable.”

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Somebody Netflix’d “Money Train” recently.

  • Chemtrail Kid

    Oh sheeit, Presdent for Life Baffhouse Barryis already talking about reinstating the assault weapon ban because of the govt false flag shootings in Oregon and Connecticut. Wonder when he is going to talk about fire control for pavement apes.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    We thought “kill it with fire” was our motto…

  • Dr. X

    I’ll be waiting for Sarah Brady to call for a government ban on garden sprayers and flammable liquids…

    • Joseph

      They have NO legitimate sporting purpose, particularly those 2 gal. high-capacity sprayers.

      • Dr. X

        You can’t hunt ducks with a garden sprayer…

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I’m not certain about that. A blazing duck sure isn’t going to fly very far.


      Don’t forget the “assault” in garden spayer.
      You should be limited to one-a-month and have to fill out a Home Depot registration, get finger printed, and have a concealed sprayer permit……………………………

      This will lower crime.

      Don’t forget to visit the Hardware section to buy that lock for the sprayer.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Never open your door to anyone you don’t know. If they say they need to use your phone, tell them you do not have a phone. If they say they are the police, tell them you did not call the police but that you will be calling them right away.

    Even if the caller is harmless, they are making demands on your time that they are not entitled to, and you do not owe them anything, not even courtesy.

    • Joseph

      And answer the door off center with gun in hand.

    • Liberalsuck

      Or if someone comes up to your door or approaches you while you are parking in the back of the parking lot somewhere and offers you a “free” fill-in-the-blank….or if someone starts talking to you and being all nice and then gives you some story about how they don’t have money for a bus fare or something. I just don’t trust many people living in a big city. To be fair, I don’t even trust some white people in big cities who come up to me and start talking to me out of the blue. Often, they want something from me.

    • Le Gaulois

      Now you know why the French, and especially Parisians, come across as rude to clueless American tourists who think they can just approach pedestrians anytime to ask for directions like at the mall.

      Not respond or open your door to complete strangers is common sense 101 over there, and I wish more Whites would be as alert as you.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Africans in America have learned that if they don’t say anything while they commit hate crimes it will be near impossible to even mention the possibility it was a hate crime.

    • Joseph

      It may be that they frequently avoid this charge because their speech is largely unintelligible outside of the tribe.

      • Paging June Cleaver.

        • You’ll notice her in my Disqus avatar. Strangely, on one episode of Leave it To Beaver, she was called the “Belle of East St. Louis.” Fiction, of course, but ESL was actually once a livable white city. Of course, the reason why LITB had so many allusions to St. Louis (that, Ward taking business trips to St. Louis, several discussions about the Cardinals), was that Ralston-Purina was LITB’s sponsor for the entire run of the show.

          • refocus

            LITB was a serious syop against the boomer generation. It greatly added to the naivete of the children who watched it by making them more trustful than would have been without it.

          • One problem with sitcoms from the 1950s is that it sanitized American life. It was so successful in doing so that there are a lot of people today who think that everyone in the 1950s lived like Ward, June, Wally and the Beaver. I do not recall that there was an episode of LITB in October 1962 that showed the Cleavers building a homemade nuclear bomb shelter, which real Americans were doing that month.

            Today’s TV is just the opposite: It profanes American life compared to reality.

          • Joseph

            That’s an interesting fun-fact. I remember the Purina plant.

            I know that even when I was a kid 50 years ago ESt.L was too dark even in the daytime for anybody I knew in St.L. Mo.

    • Brian

      It doesn’t matter even if they spew racial epithets throughout a crime. The legal and ‘ethical’ assumption is that the hate-filled Black gibberish is just ‘words’, its just ‘adding to the assault’, and not ‘Hate’.

    • pcmustgo

      They do know how much POWER they have in charging whites with being a racist.

      • Gunrunner1

        Sure they do! They revel in being able to say, “Dat White Mofo called me a ni66er”, in which case the the Police say to the reporter, “Racial epithets were thrown” in which case the reporter immediately puts the blame on the White. Like Zimmerman. Given the photos that have only just now been released showing his broken nose, the cuts on the back of his head, the Autopsy showing an upward traversing shot fired consistent with a man lying on his back firing into a man on his chest, Ashtreyvon’s dead body, testimony of witnesses and witness statements, it is shocking that he was not acquitted long ago. negro use anything-ANYTHING to excuse their behavior or put the victim on the defensive. negros like to say,”no justice no peace.” I answer: “No Peace, No Mercy”.

        • WHITE HORSE

          No Segregation. No Peace.

      • Liberalsuck

        The only whites who don’t understand that are the liberal ones and/or whites who grew up in predominately white settings and don’t know what blacks/hispanics are like when they are in their ‘turf.’ They also know whites are scared of being called racists, yes, but so many whites have fooled themselves into feeling sorry for blacks. I don’t. Not a one of them! These are the same people who beat us, rap us, kill us and who we end up giving our tax dollars and who big corporations give money to. I am discaring of blacks anymore that I don’t care about Joyvan Belcher or when I hear about blacks/Mexicans shooting each other where I live anymore.

      • Liberalsuck

        The only whites who don’t understand that are the liberal ones and/or whites who grew up in predominately white settings and don’t know what blacks/hispanics are like when they are in their ‘turf.’ They also know whites are scared of being called racists, yes, but so many whites have fooled themselves into feeling sorry for blacks. I don’t. Not a one of them! These are the same people who beat us, rap us, kill us and who we end up giving our tax dollars and who big corporations give money to. I am discaring of blacks anymore that I don’t care about Joyvan Belcher or when I hear about blacks/Mexicans shooting each other where I live anymore.

    • If they sing “Cielito Lindo” while comitting a heinous crime, will they get a lighter sentence because they’re “racially aware”?

  • Seek

    “Extremely scary?” Yes. “Highly unusual?” Well…no. These are black males. No crime, however barbaric, is unusual for them. Terrorizing whites for no reason is par for the course.

    Unless one really knows the visitor, whites should never let a black into their home for any reason.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Yes would it have been highly unusual if a Black male shot someone? No, it’s unusual they sprayed flammable liquid on someone and lit them on fire. The police and media must be stupid because thinking everyone else is stupid enough to believe their descriptions of Black crime as unusual is just, stupid.

  • I like what George Rockwell says that the white race is a master race. I believe him. I think most blacks believe him too. and therefore why black on white crime will never end, unless you strike down cruel and unusual. Blacks believe the white race is a master race, but won’t admit it. and they know what that master race did to their ancestors. So they feel aggression towards the white man and want to defile the white woman, because they know the white man today still have the power to do them wrong, like the white man did their ancestors wrong.


    • Gracchus123

      It’s simply jealousy of our obvious superiority. But that’s what you said, isn’t it.

    • pcmustgo

      “still have the power to do them wrong, like the white man did their ancestors wrong.”


      Many European nations never did any colonizing.

      • Vonhauer

        Well said. The vast majority of whites had nothing to do with negroes. We owe them NOTHING.

  • LHathaway

    “The woman was then set afire when the men threw a match or lighter on her”.

    The men didn’t set her on fire. The match, which may have traveled in many possible arcs, somehow reached her and set her on fire.

    • IstvanIN

      “People don’t set people on fire, matches do”. Ban matches!

  • archer

    How many more must die before our omnipotent gooberment decides to finally ban matches and garden sprayers.

  • One from the Memory Hole:

    This story from 1999 didn’t get any national attention at the time and quickly disappeared.

    It involves the kidnapping, beating, sexual humiliation, and murder of two white college students, Brian Muha (18) and Aaron Land (20) by two black men, Terrell Yarbrough and Nathan “Boo” Herring. A third white student, Andrew Doran, escaped the break-in and kidnapping.

    Not surprisingly, the Wikipedia entry below has been sanitized to omits salient details about the case which I have posted here:

    “In addition to being robbed and beaten [then murdered execution-style], the students at Franciscan University of Steubenville were forced to perform oral sex on each other.”

    “It appears they made them do it to degrade them as human beings”.

    “They did it for amusement.”

    Franciscan University murders

    • SLCain

      One is tempted to call them animals, but that would be unfair. Most animals do not engage in recreational cruelty, at least not to that extent. A better word to describe criminals like the ones who killed those two young men, or the ones who defiled and destroyed Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, or the ones who commited the Wichita Horror, or,…..the list becomes too long to enumerate……..the best word to describe them is “fiends”.

      We should not suffer them to live amongst us. Even locked away in a prison, their continued existence is a rebuke to the memory of those innocents whom they murdered. They need to be executed. Perhaps publicly. A lesson to other feral blacks – prey on your own kind if you will, but touch a white person, and you’ll soon be representin’ in Hell.

      • I’m glad you made the connection between the Christian/Newsom and Wichita sexual-torture slaughters.

        The Franciscan Student Murders need to be as well known as Knoxville and Wichita.

        Please help me to get the message out. Copy the link and spread the word.

    • Gunrunner1

      You know, that seems to be the negro excuse of the year for 2012. I can’t tell you the number of times reporters in the last year have said, “The Youths did it because they were bored.” This is the answer to the most hideous crimes you can imagine. It seems to have replaced “The victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

      • Joseph

        Well, they are bored because priveleged whites (synonyms, really) are not providing “at-risk youth” with the living standards, programs, and recreational facilities they so desperately deserve.

        It was getting increasingly difficult to present the news with people being raped and murdered in their own homes as “in the wrong place at the wrong time” so now, they are bored or “troubled”.

        No matter how they present it, it’s your fault.

  • pcmustgo


  • Lou406

    This used to happen to the token clerks down in the NYC subways. The savages would spray some sort of flammable fluid through the slot and light him up.
    Words can’t describe the depravity of these people.

  • ageofknowledge

    Judging from the footage I’ve seen from Africa, they’re lucky they didn’t get a burning tire thrown around their necks.

  • refocus

    If you see somebody with a bug sprayer call us and let us know.


    No doubt abut it! If Bob Brady was set on fire instead of being shot, Sarah would have run around the country screaming for more flammable liquid control. We don’t need flammable liquid control or gun control, what we need is ” CRIMINAL CONTROL” and we have yet to see any of that.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      She really played up the Columbine high school massacre, even though a whole bunch of felonies had already been committed by Klebold and Harris even before the shootings: minors in possession of handguns, straw man purchases of firearms, production and possession of unregistered 1932 NFA weapons (the sawed-off shotguns), production and possession of explosive devices, etc.

  • josh

    The sadistic thrill of weeing others engulfed in agony. The black male at its finest.

    • josh

      Thats SEEing,ha ha ha

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It occurs to me that while I am forever disallowed firearms, a garden sprayer is quite OK for me. I could make a bracket that would hold a butane “pencil” torch for use as a pilot light for the flamethrower.

    My flammable liquid of choice would be carbon disulfide saturated with dissolved sulfur. Range would be short, but I could make new, narrower nozzle out of stainless tubing. If I really wanted to get cute, I’d recharge empty fire extinguishers with carbon disulfide saturated with white phosphorus and pressurized with either N2 or CO2.. No need for a pilot light there, as the Willy Pete auto-ignites in air. The 14-oz propane bottles also have some potential for recharging with amusing ingredients.


      Label it ASSAULT RHINO


      Putting a gasoline soaked tire around somebody and lighting it on fire was the method of Choice of the ANC of South Africa back when the Africans were trying to destroy the 1st World created by the Whites.

      I can’t remember the name they had for that.

  • ronald54321

    Ban matches.


      Assault Matches.

      Semi-Auto ignition devices = Matches.