70 Protest Alleged ‘Maternal Hotel’ in Chino Hills

Jim Steinberg, San Bernardino Sun, December 1, 2012

Some 70 people picketed a busy city intersection on Saturday protesting what they say is an illegal Chinese maternity operation.

Brightly colored signs reading “Not in Chino Hills” and “No Birth Tourism” decorated the intersection of Peyton Avenue and Chino Hills Parkway for more than two hours.

It was the first protest by the group Not In Chino Hills, which was organized just two weeks ago.

“Chino Hills is a nice family oriented town. We don’t want a maternal hotel that is a business in a residential area,” said Rossana.

“And there’s the moral issue,” said Mitchell, a 22-year resident of the city.

“My father came to this country from Peru and left us all (eight children) until he earned enough money to get us visas to come here legally, said Mitchell, who became a U.S. citizen at age 17.


What the picketers say is morally wrong about the “maternity motel” is that children born there have dual citizenship and at age 21 can use that to bring family members in the country.

Calls to the three numbers posted on a fence leading up to the hilltop house, which some call a mansion, resulted in the phone on the other end being hung up.

City officials are dealing with code enforcement issues, but not with the alleged illegal maternity operation, Mayor Art Bennett has said.

Karol Arredondo, one of the protesters and a 16-year resident of Chino Hills, said that she has noticed many pregnant Chinese women walking around an apartment complex down a hill from where the alleged maternity hotel is located.

Every so often, a tour bus comes and takes them to Southern California tourist destinations, such as Disneyland and Venice Beach, she said.

Bennett said that code enforcement investigators found out that rooms in the hilltop house, at 15250 Woodglen Drive, have been rented out as motel rooms to bring in Chinese expectant mothers until they deliver a child.

Substantial fees are charged, he said.


Protester Sandy Hayden said that the hilltop house is producing people who will “infiltrate our country.”

The children born there will grow up in China and return to the United States to attend college, taking precious college slots away from U.S citizens, she said.


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  • Anchor Baby Inn.

  • NYB

    Why not form a ‘No Birth Tourism in California’ society?

    It can be followed by a ‘No Birth Tourism in U.S.A.’ activism group.

  • Ulick

    The 14th Amendment was never meant to create anchor baby status for all foreigners entering America. It was meant only to apply to the recently freed blacken and give them and their children citizenship.

    • carocaput

      Then why give it the full power of an amendment?

      • Ulick

        Because if the black right to citizenship was simply codified into law by an act of Congress, it could later be withdrwan by a future of Congress. To pass an amendment to suuplant a previous amendment (as what happened with Prohibition) is a much more arduous process that requires both majority federal goverment and state government approval.

    • mobilebay

      You’re correct, Ulick. You and I and most of the rest of the country know this. It’s Washington and its denizens who are in the dark.

  • The__Bobster

    Is Engelman pacing and smoking cigarettes in the waiting room?

    • So CAL Snowman

      He gives them rides from the airport and provides cost of living expenses.

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s hysterical – classic!


    America does not need anymore Chinese invaders. We need to send the ones who have come in the last two decades back.

  • Caracal

    Haha ! Typical behind closed doors, snake in the grass, chinese weasels who hide in plain sight acting all “law abiding” while robbing the host country blind.

    It’s the same all over the SF Bay Area, and you wouldn’t believe how many brothels, sweat shops, grow houses, illegal gambling and all kinds of fraud these two-faced are doing right in the middle of residential neighborhoods while acting all proper and reserved.

    All those who constantly argue on behalf of mongols here are beyond clueless, and this article is another perfect example of their corrupt mentality.

    “Asian-Americans” ? Yeah right !

    • Brown-Eyed Devil

      Dianne Feinstein would be SO PROUD! I too am absolutely astonished at the pathology of the Sino-apologists here. These people are clever-they don’t don’t engage in low-IQ antagonisms as most other non-whites do. They’re the masters of backroom chicanery and they were getting away with it long before they took over the political system in SF.
      As Jack London is supposed to have said, San Francisco is “the dirty city”. I wonder what he’d call it now?

      Here’s a “blast” from the past, a typical example of the sort of activity that goes on in SF, away from prying eyes.. I lived in a flat around the corner from this place years ago. Scary. http://goo.gl/uBJDM

      When your peers decry your “racism” and point out how hard-working this or that minobody group is, ask them flat out, “Do they work harder than YOU?” Crickets..
      …every time.

  • kjh64

    At the rate things are going in this country, by the time these “anchor babies” get to be 21, this country will be so bad off, none of them will return.

    • NYB

      Don’t bet on it.

      There are Asians who will jump at the chance to run a convenience store in the heart of a black ghetto. That tells you something about what Asians are prepared to endure to make a buck. They’ve always been that way.

      • pcmustgo

        Blacks don’t love them, but they don’t hate the asians as much as whites… WHITES ARE THE ULTIMATE TARGET.

  • El Diablo Malo

    By the time those kids are grown, no one will want college slots in the US.

    • Jeff

      Ah, good point. Cal Tech and MIT will be converted from STEM classes to Voodoo Studies, Transgender Psychology and Marxist Business Administration (MBAs).

  • Guest

    The same thing is happening in HK. In the USA people can protest and push for laws to stop it, but in HK, with the “One country, two systems” as a pretense, we Hong Kong people do not have a say and are powerless to stop mainlanders with no permanent visas coming in to give birth, taking up precious and limited maternity wards, taking up limited seats at schools, and taking a share of social welfare they have no entitlement to.

  • The same thing is happening in Hong Kong. In the USA people can protest and push for laws to stop it, but in Hong Kong, with the “One country, two systems” as a pretense, we Hong Kong people do not have a say and are powerless to stop mainlanders with no permanent visas coming in to give birth, taking up precious and limited maternity wards, taking up limited seats at schools, and taking a share of social welfare they have no entitlement to. Americans and Hong Kong people need to unite their voices and say NO MORE!

    • IstvanIN

      Interesting how some people are allowed “self-determination” and others are not. Hong Kong should have been allowed to vote on their status (independence, unification with China, continued Crown Colony status).

      • AngryWhiteMan

        You really think China would have allowed that?

        • Who cares what those commi thinks, we HK freedom fighters will take them on.

          • IstvanIN

            I think there were two fears about letting Hong Kong vote in referendum concerning their future:
            1) Hong Kong may have voted to remain a British Crown Colony. That would have been unacceptable to both Red China and the UN.
            2) Hong Kong may have voted for independence, which would have been unacceptable to Red China and set a precedence in regards to Tibet.

            In either event China could have simply turned off the water to Hong Kong and waited for Hong Kong and the British to surrender.

      • The UN once wanted to grant HK its own decision on how things should go, but China vetoed the right to decide, all the other former colonies could, just not Hong Kong and Macau.

  • Jeff

    I kinda sympathize with their point, but…

    “Chino Hills is a nice family oriented town. We don’t want a maternal hotel that is a business in a residential area,” said Rossana.

    A maternal hotel is not like a strip club or a liquor store which is going to attract problems. In fact it probably stimulates the local economy in the short term. The negative impacts from a maternal hotel will happen whether it’s in Chino Hills or Anchorage, and the impacts are deeper, long-term and non-local: babies who have nothing to do with America get US citizenship upon birth. They should focus on that aspect.

    Unfortunately for this movement, we need to end birthright citizenship which would require a const amend which is absolutely, totally politically impossible today. Might have been possible 30 or 40 years ago but not today.

    • mobilebay

      I can hear the screams from DC now, Jeff. Are you trying to be rational? What’s the matter with you? Get with the plan. Don’t you know this is part of the scheme to replace white Americans? Janet Napolitano probably already has a “Wanted” poster of you.

    • Joseph

      If they *want* to they could end it tomorrow without amendment. We have no obligation whatever to permit visitors from other countries in under any condition. They *could* severely limit visitor visas or even just declare that China is guilty of nebulous “human rights violations” and not permit THEM to enter. They could require that pregnant women post $300,000 bond in the event that they deliver a child, against a potential of extraordinary medical services required, to cover the cost or even disallow entry altogether as a “health risk”.

      IF a child of foreigners is born here we could offer the parent(s) the option of immediate arrest and deportation with or without the child and denial of re-entry for life. If the child stays it is adopted out by legitimate parents. If they leave with the child we just declare that anyone born of non-citizens who remains out of the country for 10 years has tacitly renounced citizenship. This could all be done by legislation or even INS regulation, as far as I can tell.

      The feds certainly have no difficulty declaring anybody they don’t like a non-citizen or torturing language and law to inhibit ordinary citizens from all types of innocuous activities. *IF* they choose to.

      This could be fixed quickly if the congress were on the side of the people instead of a self-feeding, overbearing, fascist, oligarchy.

      • IstvanIN

        The child must also go. He is a fifth columnist in the making, who will get revenge on us when he is old enough.

        • Joseph

          That is true. I was just offering a “fer instance” solution. The Ideal solution would be more thorough.

  • Seek

    Good for the protestors in Chino Hills. They can expect to be declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • This is what our founding fathers had in mind with the 14th amendment?

    • AngryWhiteMan

      Our Founding Fathers were all long dead when the amendment was passed.

  • The lBirthright Citizenship legal argument stems from the 1898 Wong Kim Ark SCOTUS decision. But the truly narrow application of WKA is emphasized reviewing
    the concise statement of the question the case was meant to decide, written by
    Hon. Horace Gray, Justice for the majority in this decision.

    “[W]hether a child born in the
    United States, of parents of Chinese descent, who, at the time of his birth,
    are subjects of the Emperor of China, but have a permanent domicile and residence in the United States, and are
    there carrying on business, and are
    not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity under the Emperor of China,
    becomes at the time of his birth a citizen of the United States by virtue of
    the first clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.”

    It’s common for foreign couples take a trip to the US
    during the last phase of the wife’s pregnancy so she can give birth in the US,
    conferring birthright citizenship on the child.
    This practice is called “birth tourism.”

    Hon. Horace Gray’s summary of the question establishes two qualifications to allow birthright citizenship: (1) permanent residence and (2) doing business. A temporary visit answers neither condition. WKA is therefore disqualified as justification and precedent for a “birth tourism” child to be granted birthright citizenship.

  • blight14

    The ‘Never Again’ crowd must be jumping for joy at the glorious gobs of diversity that the host is enjoying…………..

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Canada, too, needs to get rid of the “anchor baby” concept. It’s been nothing but a hellish debacle of birth tourism, etc.

    Anchors away! Into where anchors belong – into the ocean. You can start with Omar Khadir and his family.