Who Says The Border Is Ineffectual? Now Mexican Smugglers Are Driving over It

Daily Mail (London), November 1, 2012

Suspected smugglers tried to drive their SUV over a 14-foot-tall fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, but they had to abandon the effort when the Jeep got stuck trying to cross over the fence near Yuma, Arizona.

The suspected runners had built a ramp to drive up and over the fence, but the Jeep became ‘high centered’ and the driver wasn’t able to maneuver it over the crag of the barrier.

U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Spencer Tippets said patrolling agents spotted the Jeep Cherokee perched atop the fence early on Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials approached the vehicle and the driver and passenger took off running toward Mexico.

Officials found the Jeep empty but they suspect the passengers had grabbed contraband, presumably drugs, before they fled the stuck vehicle.
‘The back of the vehicle was opened, so it appears that they took all that out before the agents arrived,’ Tippets told the Yuma Sun.

Tippets said the border fence has increasingly been a deterrent to smugglers trying to illegally enter the U.S. since they are forced to resort to unusual tactics.

‘When smuggling organizations make an attempt like this, it helps us to realize how successful we really are here in the Yuma Sector,’ he said.

‘Before they didn’t have to use drastic measures. But now that the border has essentially been shut down in this area, they are left with only drastic measures – things that they wouldn’t normally ever even consider.’

The incident occurred about five miles west of the Colorado River, which divides Arizona and California.

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  • Puggg

    Janet Napolitano did say that every 50 foot fence would be met by a 51 foot ladder.

    I’m thinking of a two word phrase, the second word is “rigged,” the first word is a racial slur, but only this time, Hispanics are doing it.

  • You are looking at a fine example of Mexican ingenuity, SNAFU. They only think in the moment and never pre-plan or calculate.  Their motto: “Just do it and see what happens.”  I can just picture six of them milling around looking at the wall and thinking what to do. One of them looks up and says “Let’s build ramps on either side and we’ll just drive over”. I’m surprised they don’t just build cranes to lift them over the  wall, no one on the Mexican side would ever stop them.

  • Puggg

    They keep saying illegal immigration has almost come to a halt.

    Seems like they’re desperate enough to try half baked schemes like this to cross over.

    When what they really should do is wait for the Republocrats to comprehensive reform as many people into citizenship as possible.  Likely that the people who tried to cross over in this Jeep are related to an illegal on this side of the “border” who would sponsor them in a family reunification chain migration visa when they themselves become citizens.

  • Bobby

    I turned the TV on today, and the first thing I heard some leftist joker say was that what is often ignored about illegal immigration and illegal aliens, are the dangers and the “human cost” of illegal immigration. What!! This angle is NEVER IGNORED, it’s the only thing that the Main Stream Media ever babbles about, the problems of Mexicans in getting over the border,etc. Never, EVER, have I heard of the cost of illegal immigration to American citizens—the hit and runs by Mexican and other nationals, the murders of police officers by them, the theft of Americans identities, the ruination of blue collar union jobs by them, the………….You get the point. Nothing is ever written from the side of how horribly illegal immigration affects American citizens.

  • Well no one ever accused the Mexicans of being intelligent!  And liberals wonder why the MAJORITY hispanic public schools in CA are amongst the worst performing in the nation.  

  • Stupid Mexcrement. That stupid stunt showcases thier lack of intelligence.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      You double posted.

  • Stupid Mexcrement. That stupid stunt showcases thier lack of intelligence.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      But it was good enough to repeat!

  • mobilebay

    With the criminal mindset that illegals and drug runners seem to have, just think what they could accomplish if they tried to use their mentality for good…in their own countries. Mexico would be a
    thriving economy that would keep their people employed and financially independend rather than
    sending them to the US to destroy our country.

  • IstvanIN

     Cubans are smarter than Mexicans.  They also made a 1959 Buick into a boat.

  • IstvanIN

     Don’t you mean Mary on velvet?