White House ‘Secede’ Petitions Reach 675,000 Signatures, 50-State Participation

David Martosko, Daily Caller, November 14, 2012

Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from the Obama administration.

By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s “We the People” online petition system.


Petitions from AlabamaFloridaGeorgiaLouisianaNorth CarolinaTennessee and Texas residents have accrued at least 25,000 signatures, the number the Obama administration says it will reward with a staff review of online proposals.

The Texas petition leads all others by a wide margin. Shortly before 9:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, it had attracted 94,700 signatures. {snip}


States whose active petitions have not yet reached the 25,000 signature threshold include AlaskaArkansasArizonaCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth DakotaOhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaUtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsin and Wyoming.

Fourteen states are represented by at least two competing petitions. The extra efforts from two states—Missouri and South Carolina—would add enough petitions to warrant reviews by the Obama administration if they were combined into petitions launched earlier.

Other states with multiple efforts include AlaskaCaliforniaGeorgiaIllinoisKansasNew YorkOhioOklahomaPennsylvaniaUtahVirginia and Wisconsin.


[Editor’s Note: Petitions for secession can be seen and signed here. You must register at the White House site in order to sign a petition, but it can be done quickly. You need not be a resident of a state to sign it’s petition.]

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  • WmarkW

    This just makes the petitioners look bad.
    November 6 was a typical ebb-and-flow election of politics conducted between the 40 yard lines — a close race for President, other offices barely moving.
    It tends to confirm the impression that conservative voters simply can’t stand a black President, even if his influence is kept in check by divided government.

    The Democrats could hardly believe they lost 2004, either.
    Obama pushed so many important decisions to the second term, that unless AmRen is completely wrong about everything (fat chance), there is no way the Democratic party can avoid disappointing significant parts of the Diversity Coalition, and the inherent contradictions of its platform will become obvious to everyone.

    • Francis Galton

      Um, sorry, but this last election was NOT the same as other elections. It was the most racially polarized election this nation has ever seen–so much so that minority coalitions basically swamped the “traditional White American” vote (with help from racially suicidal Yankee Whites). Mitt Romney won 59% of the White vote; Barack Obama won 93% of blacks, something like 70% of Hispanics, and 75% of ASIANS. Make no mistake about it: these groups, for the most part, voted for the Mocha Messiah over the very culturally “white” White guy, and they did it knowing they were giving a ginormous middle finger to traditional White America.

      Believe me, I live in a 57% non-White city and work in a 75% non-White workplace; the tension was palpable the day after the election. Oh, and by the way, the minority coalition will NEVER desert the Democratic Party (America’s ANC), as long as it keeps doling out the gibsmedat. You’re crazy to believe otherwise.

      • pmdawn

        So people should only vote in a certain prescribed way, like in North Korea?

        It’s called Democracy, so deal with it.

        BTW, whats a gibsmedat?

        • JesusHDevil

          Something tells me you already know what it is; you’re just unfamiliar with the term.

          • pmdawn

            I see.

            So what ethnicity are the bankers who have ruined the West?

            Not too many blacks, I suspect.

          • JesusHDevil

            Not too many whites, either, if you want to get technical. I think going any further than that is frowned upon here, so I’ll stop.

          • pmdawn

            I see your local Commissar is hard at work.

            Its truly staggering how quickly the “incorrect” comments are
            disappearing from this site.

        • Francis Galton

          Okay, I know you’re a troll, but I’ll take the bait, just in case any fence-sitters around here happen to be reading.

          First of all, this country is (supposed to be) a REPUBLIC, not a democracy! That’s a clue right there that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Second, people can vote for whomever they wish. I’m simply pointing out that the election data suggest that American politics are now de facto racialized; Obama’s reelection is merely the symptom of a much greater problem in America–the demographic dispossession of Whites.

          Continuing on that point, as America becomes increasingly non-White, America will become a one-party state anyway, as non-Whites vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic party. So your point about North Korea is not too far off from what we can expect in the future.

          Third, a “gibsmedat” is a government handout, and it’s generally understood to be a particular type of handout (like food stamps, WIC, TANF, etc.) that subsidizes and increases laziness, irresponsibility, and dysgenic human traits in the American population overall. The etymology derives from the richly complex linguistic dialect known as Ebonics, with the attended entitlement attitude of its typical speakers displayed as a demand for unearned wealth confiscated from the producers in society (who happen to be disproportionately White).

          • pmdawn

            How enlightening.

            I was raised up to be kind to the elderly, so I’ll leave it at that.

          • ncpride

            Translation: I don’t have a proper rebuttal, so I’ll leave a snide remark instead.

            Obviously, you were not ‘raised up’ to defer to your superiors.

          • pmdawn

            Ooooooh K!, now I gettit, cracker jack. Cheers.

        • AutomaticSlim

          No, of course not, but White Americans need to wake up to the fact that we are under attack. The blacks voted 93 (or more) percent for the black, that’s great. But the extremely misguided and downright ignorant Whites who voted for Obama and against their own self interest have to realize that they have just put quite a few nails in their own coffin. Romney was no treat, but Obama, Holder and the rest are clearly hostile towards us and mean us great harm. The liberals, and especially young white females need to get their heads out of “TMZ” and into the real world, where over 100 White females a day are raped by violent black criminals.

          93% of blacks voted for their president. Great.

          The problem is that 93% of Whites did not vote against him.


          “gibsmedat” = wel-fay, foo’ damps, heh-dart, sec-shun 8, and all the other wonderful little goodies that liberal White politicians have bestowed upon their beloved blacks.

        • Democracy is the problem.

          • pmdawn

            “Democracy is the problem”


            So when democracy doesn’t go your way, you get into a sulking fit and throw the toys out of the pram, do you?

            You couldn’t make this up.

          • IanJMacDonald

            Read Democracy: The God That Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

          • pmdawn

            Fine. Let’s all emigrate to Zimbabwe or North Korea, then.

            Of course you will take the lead, won’t you?

          • heff

            “Fine. Let’s all emigrate to Zimbabwe or North Korea, then.”

            Ironic. Those are all places your people created. Lead the way.

          • pmdawn

            You must be the life and soul of any party.

          • heff

            “You must be the life and soul of any party.”

            Don’t change the subject.

            “I don’t feel like thanking you at all because your info is not complete.

            Middlesbrough: there is a very large Pakistani community in Middlesbrough”


          • pmdawn

            I am sure you would love the chance to “own” someone.

            BTW, ethnic minorities make up 9.89% of Middlesborough’s population.http://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=2433

            Sorry to burst your bubble, mate.

          • Svigor

            The fact that you have to search high and low for small white sub-populations that aren’t as far head and shoulders above sub-Saharan African populations as most white populations are is only persuasive to the sort of innumerate morons who propagate these arguments.

          • Svigor

            And your mom loves you. She definitely doesn’t see you as a disappointment.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I would live in North Korea if I was allowed my gun rights there. If the DPRK gave me that and something like my house and vegetable garden, I would be delighted to shoot “Americans”.

            My heart is where my home is.

          • pmdawn

            I thought i had heard it all.

          • pmdawn

            “If the DPRK gave me that and something like my house and vegetable garden”………………

            Isn’t that a ‘Gibsmedat” ?


          • heff

            “I would live in North Korea if I was allowed my gun rights there”

            He is mostly talking about the right to pursue those, not being given those things directly – dolt. Here is a fine example of a lib everyone. After getting owned (repeatedly) the guy has nothing left but one sentence, subject changing insults. Go back to your rock.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            One of us has made a mistake.

            Sadly, his comment was deleted.

          • When the incumbent administration nearly doubles the national debt in four years, when he presides over an economic meltdown and record home foreclosures, unemployment highest since the depression, and he still gets re-elected, there’s a problem with the electorate.
            It’s odd that we have record home foreclosures but the MSM didn’t do any stories on the homeless problem in America the way they did under 8 years of the GW Bush administration.

          • Petronius

            That the American idiocracy should have elected Nerobama in 2008 is cause for great concern. That half the electorate still supports him––despite everything that has occurred since 2008––boggles the mind.

            Are Americans still capable of self-government? The evidence would seem to run against it.

            Democracy is the most idealistic of all forms of government because it requires the greatest possible extension of civic virtue to all citizens. This includes an expectation of schooling in citizenship, a sense of mutual responsibility for the fate of fellow citizens, a willingness to work for the common good, a profound and universal respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, a free and honest press, and active support for the republic through participation in community affairs, military service, and payment of taxes. It is predicated on the idea that its citizens will be faithful and obedient in religion, will be bound by their oaths, will develop strong families, will be industrious in their labors, and will possess an overriding sense of loyalty, moderation, fairness, justice, and prudence.

            Sadly these conditions no longer apply in America.

            Instead, what we get from Nerobama and his adherents is class warfare, tribal politics, racial animosity, attacks on Christianity and the family, corruption, raw self-interest, his petty vindictiveness, and promotion of special interests. Only half the people pay taxes and only one percent are willing to serve in the military, while the other half are on some form of government welfare. We have government-supported abortion on demand as a matter of “reproductive rights,” while growing our population through mass immigration. We open our borders to all-comers and give them rights superior to citizens but without any responsibilities of citizenship. We dismantle our economy in order to protect the delta smelt, the sagebrush lizard, and the tiny Gulf seahorse––all done at tremendous cost to our prosperity, society, and security.

            The African National Congress––whoops! I meant the Democrat Party … so difficult to tell the difference these days––issues calls to silence conservative talk radio and to censor the internet. They cram-down unpopular laws and regulations by extra-legal means to regulate our health care, including also regulation of the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant evangelicals. They use the immense power of the state to clamp down hard on every form of economic activity, and to force confiscations at the point of a gun, in order to “spread the wealth around.” And they do these things while ignoring the suffering and cries of outrage from the American people. The Constitution is dead and the rule of law is in its death throes.

            I have to wonder why George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and the other good and wise men who framed the Constitution put provisions in that document requiring presidents and Supreme Court justices to take oaths to support a Constitution whose words, we are now told, have no fixed meaning? And specifying that the Constitution can be changed only by the joint action of the Congress and the States, while we find that in reality it is rewritten almost daily by Nerobama and his leftist judges who substitute his personal ideology for the established rule of law?

            I wish I could believe that this disaster of a Presidency was simply due to Nerobama’s well-meant but blundering policies and misplaced priorities. However, if he were really that inept, then the law of averages would catch up with him and at some point he would, on a random act of pure chance, do something that was not designed to make America weaker, more vulnerable, poorer, less free, and that was not designed to injure old allies and encourage America’s enemies.

            But this has not been the case, so I am reluctantly forced to conclude that the destruction is deliberate.

            Sorry, Mr Romney, but Nerobama is not well-intentioned but misguided. The deliberate disarmament of the U.S. in the face of its enemies is not a miscalculation. The demonization, criminalization, and predation upon innocent Americans because of their class, age, race, or religion is not happening by chance nor as a result of poor judgment. it is happening because Nerobama is an anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-business, anti-Christian, and anti-white racist Bolshevik thug. Even worse, he is a twisted, arrogant predator. His actions look stupid to you because you are seeing them through the prism of your values––the values of one of those people whom he hates, of one of his “enemies,” of those against whom he seeks his “revenge.”

            Look at his results from his perspective, and you can understand why he thinks he is a success.

            Yes, the current American president is a dictator who governs by fiat, the majority leader of the Senate is a snake oil salesman, the Attorney General is a gangster, and the Chief Justice is a coward. Yet half the American people were happy with this sorry state of affairs, and unashamed to vote for more of it.

            “The theory of democracy is that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H. L. Mencken.

          • Svigor

            Haha, maybe you should flee awful Britain for the black utopia of your choice? Even blacks flee blacks, lol.

        • So will you call it democracy when the “muzzies” gift to you Sharia Law and you discover that your daughter or granddaughter is fair game for a raping party by what do you call them, South Asians. But you will be proud because it happened through democracy.

          • pmdawn

            Sort of like what da Injuns received from you lot, innit?

      • How right you are and it is my guess that it would be politically incorrect to broadcast that reasoning in the American media. The line was drawn where a few “brave” white men called it demographics. No, in my opinion it was pure hatred for Traditional America.

    • Aren’t you happy we now have a down arrow?

    • Net_Drifter

      I swear this board goes from “we’re all doomed, no chance” to even the barest suggestion of secession “makes us look bad”. There is no real consistency here.

      • ed91

        golly, you mean there is a difference of opinion on here?

        that’s simply amazing

        • Net_Drifter

          Wildly diverging ones, Ed.

          No wonder there can be no organization among whites.

          Get it now?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We’re supposed to quarrel among ourselves! It’s a sign we are still thinking.

    • Tucker

      Minorities do not give two hoots about whether or not their candidate does anything that is deemed to be ‘successful’. They do not vote based on any careful analysis of complicated data and statistics like (a) unemployment rates (b) deficit explosions, (c) job creation, (d) outsourcing of jobs, (e) open borders policies which allow importation of aliens who will work for slave wages and which therefore impacts their ability to get good pay for good jobs, none of this stuff is either understood or cared about by non-White voters, WmarkW.

      You are like far too many other Whites, WmarkW. You have to cure yourself of this tendency to analyze and view minorities through the same lens that you would try to analyze and view your fellow White brothers and sisters. They are not like us.

      Minorities are consumed with race – and they, unlike far too many stupid & clueless Whites, understand the dynamics of race and racial competition. And, it doesn’t matter to them one bit that the politician they voted for last time has been an abject failure and has been a total disaster for the nation as a whole. They vote for him, in this case, Obama – because they hate Whites and he represents, in their minds, the symbolic takeover of an America that their race never had the brains or talent or ability to create on their own, but now they’ve stolen it away from the White man, they are NEVER going to vote to give it back to him.

      Ever try to take a pork chop away from a stray dog, WmarkW?

      Stop trying to judge, analyze or understand minorities by using White standards, folks!

  • andrew

    Why should we worry about “looking bad”? A man of principle acts not according to how he believes others will see him but according to what he believes to be right. Those who strive to please others and gain their approval are worthy only of contempt. Secession, in the sense of an amicable divorce between polities with unreconcilable differences, will be the eventual salvation for European Americans in the increasingly dysfunctional multicultural, socialist dystopia of the future.

    • WmarkW

      Would these petitions be coming in if Hilary Clinton or Joe Biden was President?
      I don’t think so; and the policies of the administration wouldn’t be any different.
      Let’s work on winning AT THE POLLS, where it should be.

      • An American

        U aSSume it is bc he is Half White & half black It is bc he and they are Marxist period!

      • Fr. John+

        Too little, too late, too bad. Move on, or get trampled. It’s the Golden Dawn of White America!

    • ” Those who strive to please others and gain their approval are worthy of only contempt.”

      Reminds me of the Aesop’s Fable, ” The man who tried to please everyone, but ended up pleasing no one.”

    • razorrare

      Honesty & facing reality without evasion are more important than politeness–Dr. William Pierce

      • blight14

        RIP WLP…….Surely a great man……B

      • Especially where he said words to the effect that ” should the White Race not prevail, the planet will revert to the jungle within 100 years ” !!

    • It happened in the Soviet Union, and in Yugoslavia. Yes, it COULD happen here!

      • Liberalsuck

        What annoys me the most are these liberals who are horrified only when white people want smaller government or when we think tribally. They are like, “Oh, my god! I can’t believe people think like this still.” They are arrogant about their ignorance. History repeats itself, even we think human events aren’t always pretty or nice. History repeats itself. I say let all the red states break off from the blue states. The red states citizens should only be taxed 10% once on any income they earn, they are allowed to own firearms (as many as they want), any type of weapons they want, they are free to do business with whoever they want, they are free to say what they want, etc. I could live with that. Let the blue states be full of the liberals, multiculturalism and socialism and let them wallow in their own destruction.

        • Cannot Tell

          Are law-abiding politically conservative blacks allowed in your seceded territory?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I would vote no. This is because a supposed law abiding black often changes midstream or spawns generations of problems for whites.

          • Indiana Guy


          • Angry White Woman

            Well actually, there are plenty of law-abiding non-whites who would never break the law. (Mostly older ones) However they have gang-banging, drug-addled, thuggish relatives and friends who can’t be allowed to roam free among civilized humans. If the law-abiding non-whites live among us, the police would surely be accused of “profiling” the minute they stopped an “urban youf” and asked his business.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            This is why the white realist slogan “wherever blacks go, they bring/cause misery,” applies in this and all cases

          • Allwyn Mayer

            Really ?? Was it the blacks who perpetrated genocide on the Jews in Europe ? Was it the blacks who wiped out millions of native Indians from North and South America ? Was it the blacks that enslaved millions of black men, women and children and sold them all over the western hemisphere for a tidy profit ? Judging by what happened to Jews, blacks and native americans, it is clear that the white man is the harbinger of misery for EVERYBODY ELSE !!!

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You are preaching the leftist propaganda and the exaggerated diatribe that goes with it. Where did you get these platitudes, in your high school history class? BTW, blacks did enslave blacks in Africa to sell them to Arabs and Europeans, idiot. There were blacks masters during the American slavery period. And it wasn’t millions of blacks and millions of Indians.

            Why don’t you admit that what whites DID was spread civilization, bring a far better life to far many more millions, including you!

            You have a dumbed down sense of history. The world’s bloodiest conqueror was Genghis Khan who was NOT white as well as other Asian conquerors such as Atilla. It was the Persians who are recorded in history as the first, original aggressors. Whites get criticized today because they were the most brilliant in making conquests both profitable and sustainable as well as excelling in technology and so advancing the entire world. If they hadn’t done all that, all the people you are talking about would be still living in “cultures” so primitive that they hadn’t even invented the wheel.

            But if we speak of the 20th century and the present, take a look at what has happened everywhere that whites have left, especially Africa. Look at the history of crime in the U.S.

            Jews, Ashkenazi Jews (European Jews) are white, so the issue is not really race, but religion. I find religious fanatics willing to kill for their religion everywhere in the world and in greater numbers in non-white regions.

          • Svigor

            Jews are racially caucasoid, but there’s a lot more to ethnicity than race. Jews are ethnically non-white.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It appears that you don’t know the definition of “ethnic.” Look it up. You are confusing religious identity with race, which is not unusual for whites of a certain ethnicity and social level. By your definition, many whites are non-white to other whites who share a separate ethnicity. But for a more complete genetic map, I refer you and anyone else to the updated genetic research report/book “Before the Dawn,” by Wade. Both E.O. Watson and James D. Watson endorse the book. While it contains many points that will please whites like you, it also reports the fact that Jews are very diverse racially and as in Europe, the early arrivals were men who were setting up merchant/trading posts and married into the local populations. In Europe for example, these Jewish men settled in the Rhineland during the late Roman period and married local women. The religion remained but the genetics continued to drift until the 14th century when the event of the Black Plague created isolation of Jews until “modern times.”

          • Svigor

            I’m not confusing anything. I draw the circle around which ethnies I consider white, and which I do not, and Jews are outside that circle; that is owed to their own behavior, btw (see “I’m Jewish not White” Mike Wallace for details).

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Some Jews think that they are a race, too. But they aren’t correct, either.

            Generalizing all Jews into a certain behavior is problematic as well. I know what’s driving you, but it’s useless junk.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You really make this so easy.


            WHY don’t you and other non-whites just seek to avoid us? That would satisfy us, believe me.

          • Svigor

            Indeed. Whites don’t care at all that blacks have all-black homelands in which whites are unwelcome. Blacks (and EVERY other dem/lib constituency, the “white” ones included) scream bloody murder if any white population in the world shows any hint of disliking them, much less barring them entry and largesse.

          • HTB

            but not for each other!

          • Svigor

            Changing the subject is a pretty weak argument. Any traces of modernity and civilization among blacks are owed to white hands. Whites have done far more good for the world than harm.

            Blacks have done nothing for anyone, themselves included. They bring only barbarism wherever they go. Changing the subject does not change the facts.

          • Indiana Guy

            The real issue is that they will always support a black lawbreaker. The trayvon Martin case and the OJ Simpson case are perfect examples. They will always support a black criminal when the victim is white. They will riot and threaten and march for the black murderer of a white victim. There can never be a multiracial society when this is the case.

          • Indiana Guy

            The new territory will not have affirmative action laws, it will not have anti-discrimination laws, it will allow laws that establish some areas as not for sale to minorities and restrictive covenants. It will allow freedom for white people to segregate themselves, to protect themselves. It will allow restaurants and businesses to serve and hire whom they want. If blacks want to stay there, then so be it. They should not be allowed to collect welfare and should be taxed heavily for each child they have, whereas whites will be given hefty tax breaks for having children. They will not be full citizens and will not have the right to vote. It will be an ethnically defined state, the same as Israel. It’s laws will be similar to the laws in South Africa that are anti white . They will be prohibited against working as police, or being soldiers or having any arms at all.

          • Allwyn Mayer

            I think there used to be a country like that. It was called the “Third Reich”. It crashed and burned. I wonder why that happened ?? P.S. – Your way of thinking is so close to Hitler’s, Stalin’s and other famous fascists and Nazis that you just blew my mind Indiana guy !!!

          • Svigor

            Hitler used indoor plumbing. If you don’t want to think like Hitler, you have to start using an outhouse.

            Meanwhile, you sound a lot like Stalin and Lazar Kaganovitch. They were “anti-racists” too. The “anti-racist” Soviets marched millions of people into death camps in the name of “equality,” “anti-racism,” and “human rights.”

            You sound just like the genocidal Soviet monsters, who killed far more people than Hitler ever did.

          • Cannot Tell

            I would be more than willing to live in such a territory. I would even recommend to the government of the new white ethnostate that blacks should only be allowed in if they are willing to be sterilized and live by curfew.

          • Tucker

            No. However, if such fantasy creatures do exist, I would recommend that they could serve as ambassadors and intermediaries for their own black ethnostate, and all communications between our Ethnostate and the black ethnostates would be channeled through these rare individuals.

            After all, it does take a conservative to understand and appreciate conservatism, which at its very core, must include conserving one’s own race.


          • Cannot Tell

            You are correct. Racial loyalty is one of the fundamental principles of conservatism. I had hoped that some white Nationalists might feel compassion for law abiding blacks who sympathize with them and don’t want to live among the 99% of blacks who are hostile to whites. However, I do understand that in addition to wanting to be around only whites, many white Nationalists feel as though compassion is the white man’s “Achilles Heel.”

          • Svigor

            Let me check: nope, law-abiding Zionist non-Jews aren’t allowed into Israel. Nope, law-abiding whites aren’t allowed into Liberia.

            So, no.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You are shooing yourself in the foot! Israel is full of non-Jews and always has had them from the nation’s modern (and ancient) inception. I don’t know where you get some of your ideas. You discredit yourself completely when you make such untrue statements.

      • Indiana Guy

        It will happen here. The policies that this president will pursue will be much more divisive than the ones in the last four years. It just takes one person to stand up and others follow.This will not be putto rest by a condescending attitude from liberals and politicians, that will only fan the flames of secession. White America is going to be served a giant crap sandwich in the next four years. We will realize that we we have been served the last fifty years was just the crap hors d’oeuvres.
        The old false narrative of the poor black man that suffers because of the evil white man has been shattered. The next four years will obliterate the remains of that narrative. More people will see the real history of race in this country of one where the white man builds a great city, town, country, and the blacks then move in and destroy it. Their condition is due solely to their character. They are a population that is inherintley criminal, aggressive, destructive.Their failure can no longer be blamed on the white man. They are gloating now because they have taken the whole US just as they took Detroit, Mobile, Gary, Atlanta and so many other places in this country. In each instance they turned once gleaming jewels into rotting, fetid holes of violence. Now white people have no where to run and their backs are against the wall, so they have to act, they have to fight back or die.
        it is no longer RELEVANT if a black individual has committed a crime. America has seen , and will see more and more, that ALL of them will back those of them that DO commit crimes. That for black people, race is all that matters. We have seen this with the Travon Martin case. WE saw this with the OJ Simpson verdict. WE see this with the Holder’s justice department. They act as a group, with racial solidarity, and they will do and support whatever the more radical elements of that group do. WE already know what it is they say they want to do and that is to kill white babies and white people.
        There is no coming back from this. America is split racially, and that will become a territorial division.

        • You would drop by the official site of Election Statistics. I did it and the result shows clearly that white people are more than 72% of american voters. Without your vote, Barack Obama can not be president. Not every white person in this country think like you so, if you check as I suggested, you will find that the breakdown of the total votes (rounded) for Obama are:

          White – 35 millions

          Blacks – 15 millions

          Hispanic – 9 millions

          Asian-Others – 3 millions

          More white people voted for Barack Obama than all other minorities added.

        • You should drop by the official site of Election Statistics. I did it and the result shows clearly that white people are more than 72% of american voters. Without your vote, Barack Obama can not be president. Not every white person in this country think like you so, if you check as I suggested, you will find that the breakdown of the total votes (rounded) for Obama are:

          White – 35 millions

          Blacks – 15 millions

          Hispanic – 9 millions

          Asian-Others – 3 millions

          More white people voted for Barack Obama than all other minorities added.

          • Svigor

            Obama lost the white vote by healthy margins. White America chose Romney by healthy margins.

        • Yes, you have outlines very nicely how our non-white enemies shot themselves in the foot. Now the blacks are going to find out what the giant awakening with fearome revenge in it’s heart is all about. It will not take all whites reaching this point, but a mere ten or twenty percent will be more than enough to smash Black Ravaged Amerika once and for all. A far smaller percentage of the population than that drove the Revolutionary War that formed our country in the first place. Only three percent of people in the colonies wanted independence, the rest favored maintaining ties with England or were neutral. This time however a much larger percentage of whites will be onboard for the destruction then seizure of a new homeland within the former borders of the U.S., whjich is breaking up in front of our eyes. The very same whites who built the country will also be the ones to destroy it and form a new nation from the ashes of the old.

        • Tucker

          Indiana Guy hit the nail straight and true. Great comment, Indiana.

          I’ve said pretty much the same thing. Whites who try to view, interpret, understand or predict black or other minority behavior by peering at these non-whites through a ‘White lens’ – are complete idiots. We cannot apply White standards to non-whites. They are not like us. Come on, White people – face the racial realities, before its too late.

  • potato78

    “Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White
    House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions
    from seven states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised
    review from the Obama administration.”

    1. Uncontrollable spending

    2. No state veto right for country’s war, like iraq and afganastan war.

    3. The two wars have been costing ~3 trillion dollars for the country, and more.

    4. Tax increase because of squandering money like having no tomorrow.

    5. President salary increased and congressmen/senators salary increased.

    6. Congress got the best medical insurance.

    7. USA people have less jobs and salary decreased.

    8. Tax hike due to president and congress fault.

    9. People feel helpless.

    From now no, does every family in USA has to pay $2000 dollars more for tax per family?

    • Alfred the Great

      The problem with the 9-point list is that it is not arguing specific violations of the Constitution. Much of what is listed is unconstitutional, but the articles of secession must be based on the Constitution…bang, bang, bang…one after the other. For example, the Fathers wrote about the only just war is a defensive war. Argue the intent of the Fathers against current, unconstitutional wars that are to fundamentally change–nation building–other peoples. The Fathers’ foreign policy was to lead by example and let other nations resolve their own internal affairs. I am not saying that we should not have gone in and killed the bad guys in Afghanistan, but the policies we have followed since (Bush and obama) are unconstitutional. And if we make strong constitutional arguments, the courts will be very scared. Lawyers hate it when clients arrive having done all the necessary research, so the clients know when the lawyers are BSing them. Just some ideas that I think would help our casue.

  • 7 more states to go.


    • IanJMacDonald

      Will the last one to leave the union, please turn out the lights. 😉

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The rest of us could all secede and then declare war on Washington DC, prior to nuking the living daylights out of it. I would only ask that we move the irreplaceable treasures out of the Smithsonian before we make it a radioactive crater only slightly less poisonous than it is now.

        • Tucker

          To borrow a phrase from the movie ‘Outlaw Josey Wales’, with a slight modification to fit this occasion:

          “To hell with them treasures……buzzards and worms gotta eat, too.”

          So do the hordes of minority scavengers who, equipped with their primitive IQs, would be scurrying into the radioactive ashes of that destroyed city, looking for big screen TVs, cases of Colt 45 Malt Liquor and anything they can loot.

          If sacrificing those treasures and artifacts is the price we have to pay to get this communist mulatto’s anti-white, racist steel boot off the back of our White necks, then I say its worth it.

      • Fr. John+

        Why? Whites ARE the Light.

  • Why do we, The White Race, which founded and built this nation, have to ask permission from an African?

    This is only the beginning. It can only get worse from here, thank GOD.

    • Wait till the dollar collapses. Then things will get real, real fast.

    • Angry White Woman

      It’s time–past time–to stop asking and start demanding.

    • The white race did not found this country. You arrived, killed most of the legitimate inhabitants of this country in order to take their land. Then you brought slaves from Africa and alienate them. At the end, some of you with enough dignity, created a new country, and fought a civil war to stop discrimination and help everybody enjoy freedom. Those laws has been respected for more than two hundred years. Nobody will be allowed to change the spirit of freedom and equality of America.

      Adolf Hittler had the same ideas of “white supremacy”, like you, and we, the Americans defeated him as we will defeat you and all the ones that think like you.

    • Allwyn Mayer

      How can he be african when his mom was a white irish woman ? And “the White race” built this nation ?? Really ?? Tell that to all the black slaves who toiled tirelessly in plantations so that their lazy white masters could grow rich and powerful on their fat asses and to the indentured chinese laborers who mined gold in California and built the transcontinental railroad…Oh wait…never mind…

      • Gracchus123

        “…built this nation??” doesn’t mean “…tote that bar, lift that bale…” kind of “built”. It means developing the philosophy, formulating and writing the Constitution, designing the cities, the buildings, engineering the rail lines, etc, etc, etc.

        A trained monkey can hammer nails and lay ties. (no offense to carpenters). Only political neophytes, ideologues, and useful idiots (but I repeat myself) don’t understand this.

        • Svigor

          Don’t sell us short. The vast majority of the hands building this country in the literal sense were white.

          Blacks didn’t settle this land, conquer the Indians, etc. Everything they did, they did because ordered to by some white man.

      • Svigor

        The white man looked upon what he’d wrought, and said “this is good. I conceived of, designed, and built this, and it’s mine.”

        After the white man freed him, the black slave said “no, it’s mine, you forced me to work in the fields!”

        Then the mule turned to the black and said, “no, it’s mine, I was the one pulling the plow!”

        That’s the argument you’re making; the argument of the mule. After mewling about how wrong slavery was, you want to claim the fruits of it. What kind of “man” both decries the gains as ill-gotten, and then glories in those ill-gotten gains and claims them as his own?

        The kind with no principles whatsoever. Not that we had any illusions about black ability vis-a-vis something as abstract as principles, mind.

        Do Americans owe something to mules and donkeys and horses, who involuntarily contributed their sweat to the building of this country?

        Then why do they owe blacks?

  • potato78

    I fully understand people like to exercise their rights for “more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s “We the People” online petition system.”

    Nothing looks bad. It’s just our leaders make people mad about no responsibility for their careless actions. This is a classic example. Congress is sick, then ordinary people have to take the medicine.

    The consequence of skyrocket spending is tax increase and less jobs.


  • Hal K

    The implications of secession for white interests are not clear.

    The potential downside is that if these secessionist movements are race-neutral (without explicit white solidarity) they would just provide a temporary respite to white conservatives without addressing the real underlying cause of their problems (i.e. the lack of white solidarity). Anti-white liberals could actually welcome race-neutral secessionist movements, since they would provide a sort of safety valve for white conservative frustration once Republicans are no longer able to win the presidency or control either house of Congress.

    On the other hand, race-neutral secession could be viewed as a stepping stone towards reawakened white consciousness. Revolutions usually occur in stages. This is described in the Wikipedia page on “The Anatomy of Revolution.” What happens is that the pre-revolution power structure makes concessions that lead to a new political environment in which the true revolutionaries are able to thrive and eventually succeed.

    • Liberalsuck

      White conservatives are eventually going to have to start sounding and acting like Jared Taylor and the The Political Cesspool guys soon. They can’t keep ignoring race or being too scared to talk about it. You can ignore a subject, but the subject won’t ignore you.

      • pmdawn

        There is terrible bloodletting and anarchy on the streets of Europe today.


        The entire Western Civilisation is systematically being disemboweled by the late modern neoliberal capitalist orthodoxy – with all it’s distortions, money supply manipulations, the expectation to repay debt that has been magicked out of thin air by fractional reserve banking.

        This has very little to do with race.

        • You’re right. That isn’t race. But it isn’t capitalism either.

          What you see in that story is proof that you can take a social welfare state too far even among white people.

          Or, as the woman in your avatar image might have said, we’re seeing what’s happening when people run out of other people’s money.

        • Gracchus123

          I agree with you about the financial issues; those are extant in America also. However, we see racial issues compounding our problems, and when the bloodletting commences here over the financial issues, the racial issues will amplify our problems. The racial issues have always existed here. They are only getting worse.

        • “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who
          writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the
          House of Rothschild.

        • The example you cited isn’t about race but it is about the failure of European entitlement culture.
          While there are different factions in the US, blacks and Hispanics compose the largest segment of the US entitlement culture. If benefits are trimmed, they will be the first to protest.
          We essentially have to pay them not to riot. How long do you believe we can keep doing so?

        • Tucker

          I suppose you also believe that when Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits conspired to get that 1965 immigration legislation passed which shut down immigration from our traditional White European sources and instead, opened up massive immigration from the non-white third world – that these two nation wrecking, nation destroying, anti-White, White racial genocide craving Sons of Israel had absolutely no racial agenda behind their ethnic agenda?

          • We know.

            Africans are the storm troopers. They are not the brains or money behind all this.

            We know who the enemy is.

        • Liberalsuck

          True, it doesn’t have everything to do with race, but adding racial diversity only fuels the problems more. Besides, no race of people should have to become a dwindling number in their own nations. That’s what I’m getting at. the conservatives need to understand that most nonwhites, particularly blacks and Latins, hate white people and they want big government because they see that as taking money from whites to give to them.

          • pmdawn

            Well, Africans didn’t bring themselves to America voluntarily, did they?

            As for “diversity” and Marxism, we all know the exponents of these dark arts.

          • Svigor

            And they’d be kicking and scratching the entire way if we tried to get them back to their homeland, despite the fact that this population-level “kidnapping” is far and away their main “gripe,” and sending them back where we got them is ostensibly the only way to “right the wrong” (of making those fortunate enough to have “suffered” it the wealthiest, healthiest, freest, and best-educated large population of sub-Saharan Africans on the planet).

        • Please not to let the little darlins of our race off the hook. The toys, toys and more toys that we all needed ? No sympathy whatsoever. No one FORCES you to take out a bank loan. No one FORCES you to sign a credit card. No sympathy for the corporations of course not. But stressing that the guy/girl in the mirror is just as much to blame….moreso as we had the choice to sign or not to sign. Remember Gramps words: if you aint got the money, then you dont buy it !!!

    • Tucker

      In a race-neutral secessionist situation, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would step back, survey the horizon, check the racial demographics for each state or group of contiguous states which seceded – and I will guarantee to you that both of these race hustling black clowns would be heading straight for the seceded states that had the most White people in them.

      Bloodsuckers, leeches, and parasites in nature will always gravitate towards their food supply, Hal K. Have you taken a drive out west, across one of the desert Southwestern states where you can see for miles and miles? I have, and one thing I noticed many years ago, is that you can often look up in the sky and see vultures that look like tiny little black specks in the sky from many miles away – these vultures are so high up that you have to squint to even see them sometimes. But, as you drive down the road and get closer and closer to the area right beneath where those vultures are flying in circles, if you are vigilant and have a sharp eye – you will often see a dead jack rabbit or a dead prairie dog that got run over and squashed, laying by the side of the road.

      I remember the first time I had that experience, I thought to myself – boy, those buzzards sure must have uncanny eyesight! They’re up there in the sky, thousands of feet in the air – so tiny that they look like little black specks -but, they can ‘see’ or maybe ‘smell’, that dead road-kill from way up there!

      So, believe me, Hal. Jesse and Al would view a majority white group of seceded states as prime hunting and feasting grounds.

      Race-neutral secession is not a wise option. We want an ethnostate where Jesse and Al will be stopped at the border by our border patrol security agents, perhaps graciously given a cold beverage and a snack from the vending machine, and then politely told to go home.

      • Liberalsuck

        Any smart white people that formed a new nation would not let in any nonwhites, especially Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. They must sure as hell wouldn’t let in Tim Wise or any of the liberal that have been guilt tripping whites so they can food on their table. I say let those anti-white race hustlers live with the people they have been using against whites and let them fend for themselves.

      • This is why there is ZERO TOLERANCE for anybody NOT White.

        This is exactly why it can be no other war. We are the ONLY race that all other races hate yet want to live with. Very odd, but you can’t blame them

        If you were black, would you want a black woman or a white one. You really can’t blame Black men for wanting White women. Black women are repulsive and even black men find them revolting. Problem is there are not enough White women for all of us healthy normal men.

        Somebody has to take the inferior black women. We need to force black men to take them.

      • Hal K

        Race-neutral secession could lead to white racial consciousness. The new “red state America” would have to consider whether to allow immigration from “blue state America,” and it would become clear to them that if they allowed certain demographic groups to immigrate in large numbers they would be right back in the same situation.

    • Svigor

      The implications of secession for white interests are not clear.

      Nonsense. Secession, de-centralization of power are an unalloyed good for white interests. The more nations we divide the Europid population into, the more thinly the tiny, anti-white elite has to spread itself in its attempts to control them.

      • Hal K

        What anti-white liberals fear most is white solidarity. We have to ask ourselves why secession is more politically correct than white solidarity.

        Anti-whiteness depends first and foremost on social control, not political control. Look at how many distinct historically white nations have embraced anti-white political correctness.

        Stepping back a bit, it is clear that something will have to give. We have a two-party system, and it looks likely that one of the two parties (the Republicans) will soon lose its ability to win control of any branch of government. The most important point to make to frustrated white conservatives is that liberals draw their strength from the reluctance of white conservatives to embrace white solidarity. White identity politics won’t marginalize conservatives. On the contrary, it will empower them.

        • Svigor

          I agree with you. Doesn’t change my position on secession to which you were replying at all, but I agree.

  • gibs_me_dat

    This is bad timing and a gift to Obama-Holder-DOJ-DHD-FEMA-SPLC-ADL-ACLU-NBP.

    Bad timing, because not a single state has interposed itself between the Fedz and its citizens in a meaningful, material, and effective manner.

    A gift, because now Obama has justification for turning his Civilian Army lose on the states as a national security measure.

    Wasn’t it Glen Beck who was pointing out the new Homeland Defense program that puts local police departments under Fedz authority?

    The White community needs to do some soul searching…

    • dhs

      This is correct thinking. Fedgov will not allow peacful breakup of the U.S. Consider what the weak Syrian government is doing to survive; consider what the mighty Fedgov would do to survive.

      What difference will forcing the fedgov to respond make? I can predict what it would be (in effect): Make my day, whitey!!

      Opportunities for normal white men may come in the near future, but they are not here yet.

    • Liberalsuck

      How is his “civilian army” (of those black kids I saw on the video) going to stand well against a massive amount of well-armed, pissed off white people?

      • Svigor

        Guy, get used to the idea that many of the people “on our side” are simply mentally imbalanced. They don’t have a clue as to how normal people see reality. They project their nuttiness and tone-deafness onto the population.

  • potato78

    Nothing looks bad. I totally understand people need to exercise their rights for “more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s “We the People” online petition system.”

    The consequence of squandering tax payer dollars is tax increase and less jobs.



  • Gracchus123

    These secession petitions are, I believe, important symbolic acts. If they lead to nothing else, they are important in that they will cause many, many people to study the last great secessionist movement and thus learn more about States’ Rights.

    A revitalization of the 10th and 9th amendments will, I think, give a separatist movement a sound  basis which already exists in our founding documents.

    For more reading on this I recommend Jefferson Davis’s A HISTORY OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. I am not advocating a rekindling of the War, but remember that Davis was also quite the astute lawyer and a Senator, but also an astute political philosopher.

    • Petronius

      Good recommendation.

      Davis’s “Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government” (1881), Vol. 1, Part 2, may be the best commentary on the Constitution and States rights to be found anywhere.

      • Gracchus123

        I’m sure the Feds read that part, and it is why Davis was never brought to trial for “treason” or any other charges.

    • Fr. John+

      ” I am not advocating a rekindling of the War.” I’m going to tell you something. THE WBTS NEVER ENDED.

      • Net_Drifter

        It didn’t end psychologically. The South has had a form of psychological warfare waged against it for years. Always the scapegoat.

        • Gracchus123

          What you say is very, very true. Most people don’t realize how true your statement is. Southerners have been characterized as ignorant, stupid, slothful, etc ever since the surrender at Appomattox, and I think it has been part of the  “punishment” for daring to lift a hand against the “power”.

  • I will have to sign that West Virginia petition, it’s doing better than mine.

  • JohnEngelman
  • Epiminondas

    I signed. You should, too.

  • WardKendall

    I was curious to see how the Federal government viewed the idea of state secession. According to what I read, any attempt from a state to withdraw from the Union is illegal, and is considered treason. Furthermore, the Federal government says that existing law gives them the legal and moral right to crush any secessionist attempts, with military violence if necessary.

    That pretty much sums it up: secession is illegal.

    The government did concede that up until the US Civil War, there were some legal grounds for secession. But the last loopholes for doing so were closed up by Abraham Lincoln, and now no longer exist. After the US Civil War ended the US government made it further clear that no state which came into the Union after 1865 (such as Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, and others) never would have legal grounds to secede (even if a Soviet style government seized power) since it was made clear to those states that they could not enter the Union without first acknowledging that they would NEVER have any grounds to secede, for any reason, since accepting “permanent and perpetual commitment to Union” was the precondition.

    In summation, the Federal government long ago anticipated the possibility of states attempting to secede. Well, they can. But not legally. The US government can legally use military force against any state that attempts it. In the courts of the world, the US would be seen as the innocent party, and well within their right as a sovereign nation to crush any sort of secessionist movement.

    The only chance for a white nationalist government is The Alaska Plan. If offers everything the Pacific Northwest Idea has, but without having to resort to guerrilla warfare. As for so-called Pioneer Little Europes (PLEs) there are simply too few individuals participating to make it viable.

    Christmas Season Reading:
    Hold Back This Day
    Towers of Eden

    • heff

      “in the courts of the world, the US would be seen as the innocent
      party, and well within its right as a sovereign nation to crush any sort
      of secessionist movement”

      I highly doubt that. The world would likely rejoice at the prospect of the empire falling apart – no more predator drones killing 16 year old boys, no more support for crazy dictators, no more sanctimonious hypocrisy. Russia and China, if they had any sense, would immediately move to support a breakaway movement politically and financially. That would be a great way to remove their competition without firing a shot.

      • Liberalsuck

        Even if the secession were illegal, the empire is crumbling and it is losing the will, resources and power necessary to crush any opposition. It was considered “illegal” when we broke away from the British Empire. It was considered illegal when Gandhi wanted India to have their own Independence. If the Marxists and anti-white bigots had their way 100%, it would be a crime for you and I to defend ourselves and our family from a nonwhite criminal.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      If we will never have any approved, peaceful mechanism for deliverance, I promise to fight to the death, and neither take prisoners nor become one.

      How’s that, Federals?

  • Yes, it’s probably a futile gesture, which gives the Left a chance to ridicule conservatives as being “morons,” “retards,” etc. But it’s indicative of how many people in this country are very upset about the anointing of His Uppityness for four more years. What happens if we go over the cliff Jan. 1, as seems very possible? Guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Everyone on the Left assumes that White Americans are too soft and pampered and neutered to stand up for themselves — finally. But they thought the camel could carry all that straw, too, until he was hit with that final one that changed the whole ballgame. Enjoy your victory, Leftists; it may be the last one you get for a long time.

    • danlieb7

      Its unlikely that we would actually go over the cliff. This is nothing more than media hype. The US is still the world’s largest economy. If the US falls, the world falls. Either ways, it will not change our status in the near future. The United States will retain it’s numero uno status quo as the world’s biggest economic, scientific, technological, financial, media, military and academic/ entertainment superpower of the world.


      Also, in the long run in order to avoid any such financial issues, it is in the best interests of the nation if the conservative retards and moronic blowhards of the GOP for once in their miserable lives just learn to shut-up and co operate with President Obama. Thank God Romney lost, if that Mormon had won, the neo con fool would have put the United States into another humongous recession by fighting another illegal war in the Persian gulf, this time with Iran, just like his idiotic predecessor GWB-the man who was responsible for both Big govt. and the recession which Obama inherited in the first place. Clinton left with a surplus, Bush bankrupted the nation with an $ 820 billion spent on an idiotic war in Iraq, an unethical, illegal and unjust war I must say!

  • pecosbill

    As others posters have said, this is a good symbolic act.

    But asking a Kenyan for permission to withdraw from this screwy union is idiotic.He can’t grant such permission. Whats more, these petitions make it appear that white people are asking a sovereign, or king, or potentate for a favor. The spectacle of white people begging at the feet of this incompetent black jackass it sickening. He’ll have a good laugh about it, “Ha ha looka all dem crakeras axing day black rula king fo to gezs out o da union.”

    I think the states have provisions in their constitutions that provide for calling a convention if enough signatures are gathered. This is the approach to take. Force state governments to call for a convention on the question of secession. If secession passes, then the resolution is placed on a ballot for consideration. This way the con-men in state governments are bypassed. Yet the FATPOs would likely move in and breakup such attempts.

    My solution is for the south to become independent again. Blacks could stay in place but would have no gibsmes. Segregation would return. Only one if five blacks could vote. This would allow central cities to be run by whites again. No black could be on any police force, except in the black areas. Those blacks unhappy would be given a grubstake of cash and transportation to all the Yankee states now sporting 80 plus percent white population. Sorta of like a massive Somali airlift.

    But I don’t really look for much along the lines of states taking seriously any such secession question. We’re cooked.

    • Wrong.

      Only Whites. If not, we will have to revisit this nightmare in 100 years, again.

      Your logic is “tolerance”. Tolerance got us into this mess.

      They have NO TOLERANCE for us.

    • Liberalsuck

      White people need to stop asking for permission, stop defending themselves when called racists, and do what’s in their own best interests. These blacks and liberals never asked the average white person what we wanted, did they? So we should ask them for permission?

      • Tucker

        Liberalsuck is right. The White European majority were NEVER asked by the leftists for their permission, before these genocide criminals passed that White Genocide Stealth immigration legislation in 1965 that began the deliberate, malicious, criminal process of dispossessing Whites as the majority population group of their own nation.

  • Rob

    They will not let us vote our way out of this. They won’t let us secede. If you have not yet realized that the intent of the government is for Whites to disappear then I wonder what it would take for you to understand that. Just look at what they are doing, what they HAVE DONE. This is an old hatred against the Whites and its programmed goal is rolling right along with virtually NO RESISTANCE.

    That-Which-Was-America is in no more and the seriousness of the situation is worrisome. The very survival of the White race is at stake. That is not hyperbole but rather sober analysis.

  • Why is it that even these grand symbolic acts are afraid to mention the obvious racial undertones? People will move heaven and earth, complain and gripe eight days a week, talk endlessly about the “bad people” wanting to ruin their lives, get the neighbors dog to sign a petition, and they do this all having no qualms about demanding something that almost certainly leads to civil war.

    Secession and balkanization on an epic scale is just groovy, man…. But, hey, we dare not mention race, the gigantic racial divide and hypocrisy that’s directly in front of our face, and how it all works systematically to destroy what White people built. Race, Racism, Separation, Outrageous black-on-White Crime? Now that’s just crazy talk!

  • Considering how much the ‘progressive’-left hates us, you’d think they would champion this movement.
    After we were gone, they could build the utopia they claim we deny them.
    Think about it. Government funded abortions to girls of any age. Every drug legalized. Dismantle the ‘prison industrial complex’. Open borders and unrestricted immigration. No security checks at air ports. No religion in politics. Affirmative action for everyone. Gay rights and gay marriage. Equal pay for women. Etc.
    This should be a win-win for both sides.

    • seek

      What makes you think you won’t get these things under the newly-created mini-nations? Not every secessionist is on the Right. Frankly, I wouldn’t wqant my country to be recast as a tiny island of like-thinking conformists, Right or Left. It would be nice to be overwhelmingly white, however.

      • I can’t image these areas would be conservative utopias at first. There is a wide range of ideas as to what is a true conservative. Unfortunately there would be petty infighting. However, I can envision each area eventually being populated by people of like minds. Some areas would be more conservative, others more liberal.
        The hope is that we could return to the vision of our Founding Fathers who thought each state would be free to experiment without the oppressive conformity we have today.

      • Ein Volk. Ein Reich.

        • Fr. John+

          Ein Gott, uber alles.

          • Ein Geld

          • Indiana Guy

            Geld ist Geld, papier ist kein Geld.

          • Pelayo

            Lasst uns alle singen das Horst-Wessel-Lied!
            Die fanne hoch etc,……………..

      • Indiana Guy

        good, then you stay in the northeast and get swamped by the marauding hordes of minorities that flee the new America.

    • But, they need us Whites to pay for all of that.

  • Charles Gerety

    America is heading towards a civil war. This may work out really well for us whites in the long run. I truly hope that more whites see just how BAD diversity in America is. It’s really is up there with cancer,aids and all mental illness as one of the worst things to ever happen to mankind.

    • It is an interesting conumdrum, for how do we tell the enemy within? Those whites that voted for the kenyan, what uniform will they wear? That is the problem, who is on whose side when the time comes.

      • Tucker

        You are exactly right, Ran. I’ve been pondering the exact same thing, myself.

        From my experience with dealing with liberals, and with these even more nauseating, vomit provoking, de-racinated ‘White’ Tea Party types of flag-waving, heel-clicking, Sean Insanity/Rush Scumbaugh kool-aid drinking white imbeciles, I have developed a very finely tuned sense of racial radar – and the vast majority of both of these two groups of defective white humans are hypocrites of the tallest order on race related matters. Liberals seldom want to buy a house and move into a 98% black or mestizo infested neighborhood and then send their white kids to a school where their part of a 1 or 2 percent minority, and surrounded by swarms of dangerous blacks and mestizos. But, they want to force that nightmarish and suicidal scenario upon their fellow whites who read and post comments on Amren.

        Same goes for these truly despicable white tea party clowns. They pinky swear that they are not ‘racists’ and will parrot that vile and disgusting idol worship for the black communist, and serial abuser of women, MLK Jr., but in their personal lives – they also try to avoid moving into majority black or minority infested neighborhoods. I truly do have a greater and deeper degree of utter contempt for this category of Whites than I do for liberals, because these hypocrites will fall all over themselves, if the opportunity presents itself, for them to attack and demonize and spew their ‘hate’ and ‘venom’ at any of their fellow racial brothers or sisters who are openly and unapologetically pro-White.

        So, when the breakup of this rapidly decomposing dung heap of a once great nation occurs – the million dollar question must be: How do we weed out the race traitors within our own race, and prevent these termites from trying to take up residency inside our exclusively White Ethnostate?

        This must be done, folks. In fact, I would consider it to be an imperative. Because these race traitors are not going to change their stripes – and if we have these cancer seeds planted inside our newly formed White Ethnostate when it is initially established, these seeds will eventually grow and take root and pretty soon, these race traitors will be opening up our borders and allowing non-whites to flood into our new homeland and that will start this destructive process all over again.

        White race treason must be placed in the position of our #1 top priority, folks.

        We absolutely cannot hope to survive as a people – unless and until we decide to make the penalties for such behavior so severe, so gruesome, so horrifically unpleasant that this pathologically destructive sickness disappears from our entire racial genotype.

        I’d like to see a series of articles by our best and most talented pro-White leaders and spokesmen or women that discuss the problem of White race treason and let’s open up a dialog within our community and have a productive discussion on what policies or measures might be adopted that would solve this problem. I think we should focus on two areas: (a) The present and (b) Once we have our White Ethnostate established.

        • It sure is going to be fun watching the white race traitors squirm when they have to decide to live in the ruins of “Multi-Cultural America” or attempt to live around us flaming RACIST PIGS and hear our hate filled, vile, ignorant conversations.

          Imagine them having to watch the WHITE ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK or go to football games where all the players are White.

          Damn, it is going to be funny as hell.

        • Hal K

          Open expressions of white solidarity is not even allowed in mainstream conservatism currently. No one can be assumed reliable unless they are willing to express white solidarity. This goes for both conservatives and liberals.

          • Indiana Guy

            here here.

        • A Swain

          Indeed! It has become imperative that Whites collectively segregate themselves from non-Whites territorially if they care remotely at all about their ethnic and cultural survival which just might show they possess backbones after all.

          However, the Obama administration is not going to agree to secession – ever.

          Furthermore, the various non-White races presently living in every American state are also not going to majority agree to it either. It will have to be wrought through revolution which may result in only a mere handful of states being won followed by countless decades of battling to keep them.

          On the other hand, should the goal of secession be achieved peacefully or relatively peacefully at least, I believe it will be necessary to draw up a new constituton based primarily on race and culture within each. The wording involved would have to be racially and culturally overt, and precise so as to leave no room for ambiguity and/or confusion as regards for whose sole benefit the constitution will have been written and enacted.

          Furthermore, I believe each citizen should compulsorily have to sign a declaration that binds them to a stipulated set of rules emanating from the constitution, lest they be refused citizenship and right of residence. Violation of any of these rules should necessarily result in deportion into a non-White state or into the Sahara desert.

          All verbal discourse across the political spectrum and particularly education establishments, and the media would have to be closely monitored so as to root out any lingering White Marxist Liberal traitor(s) who should be subject to the same fate as declaration violators or the Death Penalty if applicable.

          Then there will arise the question of what states retain control of the nuclear capability and Navy fleet, etc.

          • Tucker

            I have thought about this issue at considerable length, the issue of revolution and a second Civil War, and as others here have pointed out – how motivated would the vast majority of non-whites be to participate in an extended military combat mission against Whites – who they’ve been taught to hate and despise – just to prevent us from carving out a piece of this country in order to separate ourselves from them?

            As it now stands, very few combat troop assignments are occupied by blacks or other minorities. Those spots are usually 70 percent or more, filled with stupid White guys, mostly Southerners, who allowed Sylvester Stallone and Arnie the Terminator and Chuck Norris movies to brainwash them into joining the military so they could pretend to be Rambos or martial arts bad hombres, right? So, this can be interpreted to indicate that very few minorities are interested in participating in dangerous military combat, and despite their average lower IQs, appear to still be smart enough to be immune to Hollywood brainwashing.

            So, since minorities hate Whites so much – as others have pointed out, I tend to doubt that they’d be all that eager to risk their lives just to keep us from separating from them. Sure, some of them would be smart enough to realize that Whites separating from them means White paychecks and financial resources leave too, and that would likely cause a mild panic attack in many of the parasites – but, I still don’t think this panic would overwhelm their reluctance to risk their lives in a combat situation.

            After all, for every White man or woman that a minority soldier might shoot and kill, that’s one less host for all minorities to feast from, right? And, if they were to get lucky and wipe all Whites out – then who could they turn to for their leeching?

            See? The parasites are in a real quandary. So, if you ask me – if this were a poker game, Whites are sitting at the table with a hand consisting of 4 Aces.

        • HTB

          Tucker for President!

      • Easy. These white race traitors will NEVER fight along side us.

        They will not touch a gun and will whine when actions have to be taken against their beloved Africans.

        “You will know them by their actions”.

    • We could avoid a civil war by adopting the principles of Martin Luther King JR, Gandhi, and the civil rights movement.
      We could peaceably ask to go our own separate way. If Obama and the federal government want to slaughter men, women, and children to hold this nation together, then everything King believed in and practiced would be exposed as a farce.

      Wouldn’t THAT be ironic.

      • King was a farce. He loved his white prostitutes and Communist party affiliation.

        • Tucker

          And, both Ron and Rand Paul swear how much they loved and respected this very same degenerate Communist.

      • Indiana Guy

        When Gandhi was asked if his civil disobedience would have worked against the NAZIs he said it would most certainly NOT have worked. You need to know your enemy and the British were a noble enemy. The blacks are never noble. The liberals are the opposite of noble.

        • Svigor

          The regime is too weak-kneed to stand against widespread tax-revolt and civil disobedience. Talking up violence as the only way out is playing right into their hands. They need a mindless, Taliban-style enemy. They crave it. They fear widespread tax revolt and civil disobedience on the part of whites far more than they fear exploding buses.

          But that doesn’t play as well to adolescent fantasies.

          The rub is, violent and non-violent revolutions both require substantial constituencies to be effective, and violent rhetoric is the best way to drive away said constituencies among whites.

          So violent rhetoric is a win-win for the regime: it drives away healthy white people, and gives the regime the same “can’t negotiate with nuts!” excuse the Israelis love so much (they love terrorists and hate moderate Palestinians).

    • If we have a Civil War, the whites will win but the costs to all of us will be huge.

      The Africans, Muslims, Jews, etc have far more to loose since a war will bring the end of their living around White. This time is will be personal and this time the leaders of the White Resistance know what happens if you don’t have TOTAL and complete victory and don’t establish a WHITE ONLY country with no exceptions.

      That is why this “Civil War” will be completely brutal. Those Blacks Muslims and Jews reading this site need to decide. Do you want to let the White Red-Neck Racists PIgs like me form a racist, hate filled, nasty, brutish WHITE NATION peacefully while you all hold your noses…………………….or………………………do you want total defeat.

      Sorry, there is no other choice and we all know it.

      • Fr. John+

        ” The whites will win but the costs to all of us will be huge.”
        It was so for the Founding Fathers, as well. Freedom is worth it, especially freedom from your inferiors.

      • Tucker

        Which is why there can be no abortions allowed, except for cases of rape or incest or if there are indications of some kind of abnormality, in the new White Ethnostate. Plenty of responsible birth control options, yes, but aborting White babies will not be allowed except in the three cases cited.

        Face it, ladies. If we have to fight a Civil War 2 in order to win our freedom and create a homeland for our people that will ensure that we survive, then we have to replace those in our racial population that will be willing to sacrifice their lives so as to ensure a future for White children that are not even their own. The least White ladies can do is to stop hating their wombs for the purposes Mother Nature intended for them and agree to start having babies that can be the next generation of White men and women.

        Incidentally, for those White females in the Amren reading community who have the idea that their ‘right to abort fetuses that are inconvenient’ to their careers or which might interfere with their party girl lifestyle, let me share some sobering statistics that I came across recently. Worldwide, Whites are down to between 8 and 10 percent of the entire world’s population. Of those percentages, there are only about 2 or 3 percent who are White females of child-bearing age.

        In no historic White European nation are White birth rates at or above replacement levels, so when we hear our mortal enemies guffawing and salivating and cheering on TV that they are so happy that the White race will soon be extinct – this ought to be a clue that our enemies are keenly aware of these same statistics and are doing everything possible to promote more aborted white babies and more miscegenation between White females of reproductive age and black males, and also more White females in the military being assigned to combat units where they are more likely to be killed or have their bodies and wombs contaminated with Depleted Uranium residue.

        Do you ladies understand now, why these hate filled, anti-White, Cultural Marxist trained feminists worked so hard to brainwash you to view the ability to abort white babies as the most important issue that you base your voting habits upon?

        Do you like being suckered into supporting the death and extinction of your race of humanity, ladies?

        • Angry White Woman

          I would respectfully add 1 more caveat to the exception for abortion — health of the mother (Physical health, not some “mental anguish” crap).

          • Tucker

            I agree on that. And, if a female decides that she is not keen on being a parent, then I am 100 percent certain that her child can find a suitable home with another White couple who might not be able to have children themselves, but who would very much like to adopt a white child.

            Our children are our most precious resource, or at least they once were back in the days where parents had full authority over them and didn’t have evil feminist witches like Hillary sticking her unwanted liberal nose into traditional family parenting and teaching kids to disrespect their parents and their parent’s values.

      • Indiana Guy

        If we don’t seceded then the cost will be an eventual genocide of whites.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          If you do secede, you will have to pay very high taxes because you won’t have any outside help.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Question; How are you going to know if someone is Jewish?


    This is the kind of non serious right wing bluster that does no good. It’s just a way to avoid the real issues.

    • I disagree. This is a start.
      It may not take hold tomorrow but the seed has been planted. It will be discussed (and ridiculed by the left) and people will begin to see the merits of liberals going their way and conservatives going their way.
      The only problem is that liberals can’t survive without conservatives and they know it so while this should be seen as a win-win for both sides, the liberals will fight it every step of the way.

  • dd121

    The Republicans and talking heads are treating the recent election as just another election cycle. They will conclude that all the Republican party needs to do to get brown votes is raise taxes and have amnesty for illegals. That strategy of course will not work for them. Well, 675,000 people sense something worse has happened. We had the most corrupt government in our history the last four years. Fast and furious, Solyndra, unconstitutional executive orders and many more. Any one of which should have earned Obama a defeat or impeachment. We have record unemployment and debt. But Obama still couldn’t be beaten. To me and a lot of other people, this means the Republican party can never win another presidential election. So defeated conservatives now know we are a hated and now disenfranchised minority in our own country. The country our white ancestors built. We have essentially been cut off from from influencing political events. A similar thing happened in the South leading up to 1860. You see how the Feds reacted to that one. We are now making a symbolic statement. We shall see where it leads.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states

    It’s about damn time.

    And, we now know the reason why the 0bama administration is buying up tons of ammunition…


    • 675,000 digital signatures. That’s 0.01% of the 60 millions votes that president got. Do you really think we (the 60 millions Americans) will remain in silence?

      • seek

        And one needn’t be a resident of a state to sign for its secession. In other words, it’s conceivable for someone to vote 50 times, once for each state. So that 675,000 figure is a lot less impressive than it seems.

  • pmdawn

    Violent riots in the streets of Europe, Fascist marches in Greece , Economic depression across the West, loss of faith in Democracy in the US….. 2012 could be the beginning of the most frightening age in living memory. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080534/Loss-faith-democracy-make-2012-frightening-year-ever.html

    • “Fascist” marches in Greece? If it is Golden Dawn then I am all for it.

      If wanting Greece to be for WHITE PEOPLE, then bring on this “Fascism”.

      People love to use words lie NAZI and Fascism without understanding what they really mean. NAZI is pro white. Fascism is pro white business.

      I would rather live under NAZI control than under Black Ruled America or Israel control. Notice the CONSTANT attack against the Nazi and Fascist system by no other than BLACKS AND JEWS. Why?

      They hate us White People.

  • j

    This site is filled with ignorant bigots! TX should be allowed to secede–idiots.

    • Gracchus123

      Well, you just joined the conversation. What does that make you???

    • Mark Tenney

      Truth from falsehood.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    I have completely enjoyed signing petitions for secession, and I’m very happy to see that so many others have signed as well, but I wonder if it’s possible that Obama will pay more attention to this one, which is NOT one that I personally would be likely to sign:


    outlaw offending prophets of major religions

    To enact a law that prohibits any action or literature that offend prophets of major religions:

    – Moses

    – Jesus

    – Mohammad

    Such acts offend billions of people, and cause unrest in the world. Furthermore, acts like this contradict the essence of coexistence and peace among humans. Labeling these acts as freedom of speech is similar to labeling murder as freedom of expression!

    We all know the chaos such acts can cause, but it’s difficult to answer the question: What do they contribute to our nation, or humanity in general?

    Created: Sep 17, 2012

    Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties

    Learn about Petition Thresholds





    • Gracchus123

      “because I think it is entirely a Muslim-inspired framework…”
      I don’t think that Muslims have been behind the anti-Christian rhetoric, vile acts (piss Christ), and “the war on Christianity” in America . Muslims revere Christ as a great prophet, believe in the virgin birth of Christ, his resurrection, and his ascent into to heaven. They do not, however, believe he was God; hence their famous saying, “There is no God but God”.

      I am no apologist for radical jihadists, but I do try to ferret out the truth behind the things that go on in this world. 

      Occam’s razor will not always lead you to the correct answer. 

      Deception is one of the primary tools for waging effective wars. And the war on Western Civilization has been extremely effective thus far.

      • A Swain

        “Muslims revere Christ ………., his resurrection, and his ascent into to heaven.”

        If I recall, they don’t recognise his resurrection and ascent into heaven as they don’t recognise his crucifixion.

        • Gracchus123

          IIRC, they recognize his ascent just as they acknowledge the ascent of Mohammed.

  • Texan1st

    Why should progressives accept states to secede now? Due to demographics (of which Republicans went along with), their complete control is imminent. They’ve got us. Checkmate! At this point the only way to secede is by use of force and due to those same demographics and their white enablers, even that prospect is fruitless. The only way we will have a chance at our own homeland is for this country to implode and then bargain for a piece of the scraps.

    • Svigor

      Wrong. Wide-spread tax revolt and civil disobedience on the part of whites = regime collapse. Period. No amount of votes will change that fact.

  • red states

    Lets do it !!!! Thats more than enough but just use the RED STATES in the election to make it simple. The time is sooner not later. Call your Republican Congress Rep and get the ball rolling ASAP !!! Spit everything up that is Fed owned 50/50. Everyones keeps their own assets.
    Those in both RED and BLUE who want to change to the other side then they have a specified time as both parties agree upon

  • Gracchus123

    One can secede “in place” right now. For example, call every corporate Hq. that uses minorities in ads and complain. Buy from companies which are White-owned only. Constantly reprimand radio/tv stations and newspapers which do not identify the race of perpetrators of crime. In other words, start raising hell about these issues!! 

    I’ve been doing it for a while now, and it’s fun!!!

  • Dear all interested Whites, you think that the cards are being stacked, dealt against you, you are little depressed and see no way forward out of the coming Heart of darkness. A lesson on how to go about resolving the race issue will come from Greece. Greece is going into melt down. The Golden Dawn Party is getting stronger and stronger as the country slips into financial chaos, and disorder. Golden Dawn will emerge the winner, Golden Dawn will order all Muslims out straight away and other non Greek undesirables with them, Golden Dawn will, if they don’t go immediately will use the most vicious violence towards then. they will be chased out to the boarders of Turkey with shouts of RAUS, RAUS, RAUS. The Greeks are sick to their back teeth about how their country is going and being handed over to Foreigners. The Golden Dawn lesson will be short and brutal, they will cleans Greece for good. There will be nothing the bleating heart Liberals in Greece and other countries will be able to do. This violent contagion will spread to other countries in Europe that are suffering gigantic financial and enrichment problems, as the saying goes Burn Baby Burn. The Greeks will show you the way, sit back and watch the spectacle, you will not have long to wait. Come on Golden Dawn.

    • All true, except Obama will be more than happy to order air strikes to kill thousands of White men. It will make him orgasm and all the white women who voted for him will orgasm in unison realizing their African hero is killing racists white men.

      Ah, what a world.

      But, this time, Golden Dawn will fight back and I am of the opinion MILLIONS of unemployed disgusted white men will flock to Greece to help.

      Obama will have to use African and Arab troops for the attempted mass killings. Fewer and fewer White soldiers express any desire to shoot fellow whites, but they make all kinds of remarks about dealing with People of Colors.

      Let it begin.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Of course, the entire notion is a fantasy and the White House is only required to “look at” a qualifying petition, not act on it. The other argument is that our 19th Century CW settled the issue for all time (not necessarily). If a dozen people start a petition in a state it gets on this list but it doesn’t mean that the majority in that state wants to secede.

    • Actually, the entire notion is that the White House is required to acknowledge the fact that there was a petition. That’s it! That’s all you get. And where will the petitioners all go to keep abreast of where their passive resistance has gotten them? None other than the same networks and establishment lackeys that convinced them Romney was a good bet against Obama. The same establishment that will tell them secession might be a reasonable idea, but only if it is in no way, shape or form racial in nature.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        All too true.

  • crazy_j

    The story of the secession petitions has been on or towards the front page of Reddit since they first came to light.

  • I fully support truckers who would stop all deliveries of food, medicine and fuel to DC, New York City and Chicago. A few days without these and the White House would be forced to listen to our demands.

    • Excellent. And this is why we need a WHITE organization just like La Raza and the JNAACP.

      Why don’t we have a White Organization? Not one.

  • Gereng

    No one believes this will amount to anything, but a small blip of hilarious commentary at the Prez’s next cabinet meeting. This is going nowhere. The US is about 10 times more efficiently watched and reported on than Nazi Germany or the USSR, or China. Plus, fifty yrs of enforced community and conformity have kicked the rebellion out of 99% of all whites Americans.
    As the case of Gen. Patraeus illustrates, everything we write via the Internet or say over the phones is recorded. Tens of thousands of Gestapo-like agents do nothing but listen to and watch what we do and say.
    If anyone thinks the Govt is going to allow any state to secede, they haven’t been paying attention to what is going on. The American public, like live lobsters placed in a pot of cold water over a roaring fire are being heated so slowly, they won’t realize when they’ve been cooked until they are.

    • Svigor

      The regime can’t survive its delegitimization in the minds of its white population. It’s doomed.

  • Mark Tenney

    I signed for Virginia. And Texas. There must have been someone from Virginia at the Alamo. Everyone signs Texas, or ought to. We are all Texicans now.

    Sign for each state you have lived in, have family in, or are thinking of living in.