Obama Performance with White Voters on Par with Other Democrats

Domenico Montanaro, NBC News, November 19, 2012

Expanding on our election autopsy report in First Thoughts this morning about the white vote, since 1976, Democrats have never won white voters. {snip}



2012: 72% of electorate, Romney 59, Obama 39

2008: 74% of electorate, McCain 55, Obama 43

2004: 77% of electorate, Bush 58, Kerry 41

2000: 81% of electorate, Bush 55, Gore 42

1996: 83% of electorate, Dole 46, Clinton 44 (Perot 9)

1992: 87% of electorate, Bush 41, Clinton 39 (Perot 21)

1988: 85% of electorate, Bush 60, Dukakis 40

1984: 86% of electorate, Reagan 66, Mondale 34

1980: 88% of electorate, Reagan 56, Carter 36 (Anderson 8)

1976: 89% of electorate, Ford 52, Carter 48



1. Carter (1976)—48%

2. Clinton (1996)—44

3. Obama (2008)—43

4. Gore—42

5. Kerry—41

6. Dukakis—40

7. Clinton(1992)—39

7. Obama (2012)—39

9. Carter (1980)—36

10. Mondale—34

SOURCE: Exit polls/Roper Center, University of Connecticut

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  • Anon

    I’d like to point out that Obama is not just any democrat. He’s an incumbent that is the face for one of the most dramatic government failures in the history of mankind. Whole chunks of the US population went from a reasonable 1st world standard of living to that of impoverished serf, in the few short years under his watch. He is, ummm, despised by almost everyone of all political stripes, except a handful of ultra-racist blacks (who SHOULD despise him also for knocking them down into poverty as well, but they hate white people so much they can’t get past it to see who harms them directly). He stands in direct opposition to every conservative issue as almost a caricature of a ultra-marxist leftist liberal. Yet, he also broke every single campaign promise to those very same liberals.

    There is simply no way, he should have performed as a typical democrat, business as usual because business is NOT usual.

    And I propose that he, in fact, did not.

    The election was rigged.

    • Obama is an Affirmative Action President. If he were white, he would’ve lost in a landslide. Instead, because he’s a “person of color,” he was given a second chance by the majority of the electorate.

      • MikeofAges

        This view is very reasonable assessment of the 2012 results. A pompous white leftist who had to run on Barack Obama’s record likely would have experienced significant slippage in minority support. Remember how Obama got the nomination in the first place. Because of his color and descent he was able to accomplish the otherwise impossible feat of gathering both the white leftist (Gary Hart, if you remember him) vote and the minority vote. Of course he also had the support of the Irish-controlled presidential machinery (Daley and Kennedy). Obama broke the mold in other ways. Most presidents who have served during the lifetime of people alive today have been either from small town, from a patrician background, or from a political family. One mold Obama did not break was the British connection. His mother was of White Anglo Saxon Protestant heritage and his father, although a Black African, was a culturally assimilated subject of the British Crown. If these two things had not been true of him, he would not have been elected.

    • JohnEngelman

      He is, ummm, despised by almost everyone of all political stripes, except a handful of ultra-racist blacks…

      The election was rigged.

      – Anon


      I guess all the polling agencies that had Obama ahead were also rigged.


      The conspiracy of cultural Marxism is so vast and powerful, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitt Romney is a cultural Marxist. Your next door neighbor might be a cultural Marxist. If you have the courage to look, you might find a cultural Marxist in your bed room closet. 😮

      • MikeofAges

        You might. Or least a dupe.

  • 39% is more than enough to win, isn’t it? Next, we can expect illegal aliens and exconvicts being able to vote.
    I suppose in a few years, we’re going to have to hear the white twentysomethings who cheered and wet their panties when BHO won, both times, about not being able to find a job with their liberal arts (lowercase intentional) degree. Let them stew in it.

    • MikeofAges

      Get some solidarity. Liberal arts grads who cannot get credible jobs are above all victims of a 1971 Supreme Court decision called Griggs v. Duke Power. For an entry level job in most careers not requiring technical qualifications, any degree ought to be good enough. in “Griggs”, the SCOTUS apparently banned not only aptitude testing but the concept of aptitude itself. Any employer who make judgements about what an applicant might be good for outside of that person’s formal qualifications is putting themselves in legal jeopardy to say the least. This is not what congress voted for when it pass the 1964 Civil Rights act, but that is what we got. And by “we” I mean us, not that there are not also minority group members who fall into the coils of this system.

  • JohnEngelman

    I would like to believe that Mitt Romney lost because most whites finally learned, after repeated historical experiences, that tax cuts for the rich do not lead to jobs for the unemployed, and they do not pay off the national debt.

    Alas. I guess the lesson was too difficult. Maybe next time.

    • MikeofAges

      Buddy, whites didn’t learn anything of the sort. Whites voted 60 percent nationally for Romney-Ryan, 55 percent, give or take, outside the South. Romney-Ryan carried the white vote in California, Illinois and even New York. If you separated out the Jewish vote (and forgo the threat display, I’m of Jewish descent myself) and non-European immigrants classified as white, the margin would be even higher. Taxing the rich is a peripheral issue. Just how much of the white vote are Republicans supposed to get? Whites are still far and away the majority group in American society. They still treat all issues as matters to be decided internally within their own group and generally split 60-40 at the most, usually much closer than that to 50-50. In the present demographic situation, if other than white voters all vote one way, they control national elections. Although it is true that if more upper middle class suburban housewives and single young adults vote Republican, you might have had a different outcome in 2012, even in 2008. But this idea, as an explanation for the outcome of national and state elections has just about fallen apart, in the face of actual numerical reality. Republicans have had to make groups like high income housewives the battleground because they cannot get the votes of minority groups no matter what they do. Minority groups vote all for one party because they think they can get the most influence that way. An impetus toward conformity also plays a role. Conformity, by community, plays a role in the white vote as well. But the point is, the decision by minority group members to all vote one party is autonomous. Don’t attribute it to the actions of other people.

    • katzkiner

      Study the economics of France, you cannot tax the rich, capital has options. The rich will simply leave and take their capital with them. Then you are screwed. Besides, the top 10% income earners in this country already pay 40% of the taxes. The bottom 47% pay “0”.

  • LHathaway

    So, basically, thanks to people of color, whites are not getting the leadership they actually vote for.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Republican Party has become the party of white blue collar workers, rural whites, and rich whites.

    The Democratic Party has become the party of non whites of all income levels and of white, college educated employees.

    If you want to see how it feels to be a white, college educated employee read Dilbert cartoons. It does not matter how intelligent you are, how hard you studied in college, and how hard you have worked since. There is a good chance you will work in a tiny cubicle, for a boss you neither like nor respect knowing that any day you may be fired because your employer has shipped your job to China or India. Circumstances like that cause most white, college educated employees to vote Democrat.

    Several months ago I read a fascinating article I found on the internet. I wish I had saved it. The author said that the Democratic Party is strongest in parts of the United States where capitalism is most fully developed. It defined fully developed capitalism as an economy where the vast majority of working adults do not own their ability to earn a living, but work for others.

    The article said that as time goes on, capitalism spreads. Small shops are run out of business by companies like Walmart. Small, inexpensive restaurants are run out of business by fast food restaurant chains. Family farmers lose their farms to agribusiness.

    Karl Marx predicted this in “The Communist Manifesto,” published in 1848.

    Consequently, the Democratic Party has two factors working in its favor. The first is the spread of capitalism. The second is the fact that the percentage of the electorate that is white is declining.

  • katzkiner

    What put Obama over the top was 55% of white females voted for him. Thinking with their female parts. When his taxes hit, they will regret their infatuation,but, they will throughly understand “redistribution.”