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Freedom Vanguard Network, November 25, 2012

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Everytown, America—Lawyers have created the Freedom Vanguard Network (“FVN”), which will advance Western civilization and European-American interests through legal activism. It is the goal of the FVN to become a legal arm of the Right, just as the National Lawyers Guild, Southern Poverty Law Center, and American Civil Liberties Union have become legal arms of the Left.

If contacted by someone in need of legal assistance, the FVN may be able to refer that person to a lawyer within the network who practices law in the jurisdiction at issue. Cases of interest to the FVN include those that involve an activist who has been charged with having committed a “crime” against a leftist or leftist organization, or cases that involve litigation against leftists or the anti-white policies of a governmental, organizational, or business entity.

In time, the FVN hopes to send amicus curiae briefs to state and federal courts to oppose affirmative action/diversity programs and to support state and federal immigration control initiatives.

The FVN is only beginning and has much room to grow, but it currently has attorneys within its network who are licensed to practice in Texas, Alabama, and Ohio state and federal courts.  If you are an attorney, please contact us if you wish to join our referral network.

The FVN will conduct its activities anonymously for the time being so that the Culture-distorters cannot attack the legal professionals who generously support the Men of the West who fight for our freedom and heritage.


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    THANK ODIN and his Blessed Son, THOR !!!!!!!!!!

    Is this for real? Do we finally have a advocacy group? I just hope they make it clear that it is for WHITE people. They use the code words “Western” and European” but if it is not for WHITES ONLY, they will just get sucked into the vortex where Tea Party people go.

    This is a WHITE issue since it is the White Race that created Western culture and Europe.

    WHITE came first, then the culture, etc.

  • Chris

    This is good to know. Its about time.

    • GSJ

      I agree, it certainly is.

  • RisingReich

    “Become a legal arm of the Right”….
    I read this as “become a legal arm of the conservative movement”…which isn’t a movement. It’s a theatrical distraction show of lies and counter-truths.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong. I really do, but I have come to the conclusion that nothing ‘legal’ is going to make any difference at all for Whites. Votes, lawsuits, etc, have all been removed as legitimate pathways for remedy. This last election ought to be a clue, but we have way too many clueless vapid citizens to make much sense out of the obvious.

    • Daisy

      Don’t lose hope so soon. The SC will rule sometime in the next year on affirmative action in the state of Texas and I feel certain that Kennedy, the swing vote, will write to abolish it, especially after the recent election and with the imminent demographic changes happening in the US. After that, there will be a tidal wave of lawsuits across the country and whites will finally start to regain their civil rights. Why do you think the consortium of Texas corporations filed briefs to the SC regarding this case on behalf of UT’s affirmative action policy? Because they fear that Kennedy will shoot AA down, and these corporations have been covering (that means falsifying stats, etc.,) for their AA candidates all these years yet there’s just so much they can obscure. They know there’s an epidemic of anti-white racism in their practices and they will face an endless morass of litigation from both sides.

      I’ve had cases I could have made in the courts as a white person being harassed and also discriminated against as such in the workplace, and I’ve had the facts and evidence to prove it, yet the legal atmosphere has been so resistant to the reality of anti-white bias that it would likely have been fruitless. But I sense the atmosphere is starting to change. Look how many whites switched their votes from 2008 to go for the pro-white candidate in 2012…

      Does anyone know if Eric Holder has actually said that white people cannot be victims of hatecrimes? Certainly his actions and overall attitude reflects this belief but I’m curious as to whether he’s articulated that exactly or not. The SC still supersedes over time and place the pathetic bigotry of an Attorney General appointed by an incumbent president who could barely win the popular vote.

      • AnalogMan

        Daisy, your comment is long on optimism and short on real reasons for hope. If “Look how many whites switched their votes from 2008 to go for the pro-white candidate in 2012…” is really all you have, we’re doomed.

        I gather you’re a lawyer, yet you refused to take on cases that, on the law and the evidence, should have been winners, because the system is biased. Will you be volunteering your time and services to support this initiative?

        • Daisy

          I am not an attorney, I was just raised by one and happen to talk like one, sorry 😉 The cases I refer to were instances in which I was the target so the judgment was not mine as to whether or not to litigate

          I absolutely do intend to volunteer some of my time and services to support these types of initiatives. In fact, just last week I wrote to the moderators of this site and inquired about how to start organizing local meetings of AmRen participants and a main objective on the agenda is how to build support for agencies like FVN. I fully believe that if we start acting and organizing our fuller freedoms are still within our grasp. Let’s stop merely talking and do something!

      • gemjunior

        Does anyone know if Eric Holder has actually said that white people cannot be victims of hatecrimes?”

        I just looked it up but can’t find the quote. He definitely said that protection against hate crime was not created for whites but for “historically disadvantaged groups.” In other words if times change as they have, tough luck for whites as they are not historically disadvantaged. Singled out for rape and murder today doesn’t count because we are the wrong color. Probably makes sense from a low IQ tribal boof in a suit, who in a parallel universe of normalcy would not be able to use the justice system to take revenge on people he’s always hated.…/eric-holder-hate-crimes-and-his-peop...…/us-attorney-general-ericm…
        Eric Holder and his directors/handlers have brain damage if they think white people should stand there and be savaged without recourse to the laws they created (not the loony left ones). It will continue for a while unfortunately before it becomes clear as day to the average white on the street. I don’t think we will be a minority; I think it will happen soon. I hope.

        • Daisy

          Thanks for the links, only the first one was still currently linking to the desired page. Does the AG have the ability to affect local application of the hatecrime laws? Why aren’t white women charging hatecrimes along with sexual assault, etc. when black or ‘of color’ males (or females depending on the crime) attack them?

          I’m so sick of the anti-white brigade hiding behind white women and gays. What a bunch of pansies. White women and gays need to wake up, especially white women, to the reality that these racists are the much greater threat to their freedoms than the average white dude.

  • C_C_Conrad

    I hope that this group will be useful in the effort to defend those that defend our race and those that speak out on the subject of race. Particularly college teachers, professionals, media personalities and writers. I will have to keep an eye on them to see what they do.
    Jack’s War

  • KingKenton

    I hope this group will also take criminal cases in which whites are denied due process due to political correctness and anti-white bias.