Posted on November 28, 2012

Nationalist Legal Network Formed

Freedom Vanguard Network, November 25, 2012

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Founder, Freedom Vanguard Network

[email protected]

Everytown, America — Lawyers have created the Freedom Vanguard Network (“FVN”), which will advance Western civilization and European-American interests through legal activism. It is the goal of the FVN to become a legal arm of the Right, just as the National Lawyers Guild, Southern Poverty Law Center, and American Civil Liberties Union have become legal arms of the Left.

If contacted by someone in need of legal assistance, the FVN may be able to refer that person to a lawyer within the network who practices law in the jurisdiction at issue. Cases of interest to the FVN include those that involve an activist who has been charged with having committed a “crime” against a leftist or leftist organization, or cases that involve litigation against leftists or the anti-white policies of a governmental, organizational, or business entity.

In time, the FVN hopes to send amicus curiae briefs to state and federal courts to oppose affirmative action/diversity programs and to support state and federal immigration control initiatives.

The FVN is only beginning and has much room to grow, but it currently has attorneys within its network who are licensed to practice in Texas, Alabama, and Ohio state and federal courts.  If you are an attorney, please contact us if you wish to join our referral network.

The FVN will conduct its activities anonymously for the time being so that the Culture-distorters cannot attack the legal professionals who generously support the Men of the West who fight for our freedom and heritage.