Institute for Healing Racism

Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, November 28, 2012

The Institute for Healing Racism is the area’s leading program for uncovering racism and understanding its impact on individuals and the workplace. More than 2,000 people have attended since 1997.

The Institute offers an intensive two-day experience. Because racism is a powerful force in our lives and community, the Institute challenges participants of all backgrounds to be part of an equally powerful dialogue. We provide the safe space and neutral guidance needed to help that dialogue emerge. The experience is rooted in:

• Honest conversation and reflection about the personal experience of race and racism.

• Guided exercises about where racism comes from and identifying the signs and symptoms of racism in our everyday lives.

• Initial practices to continue addressing racism in your life and workplace.

Institute for Healing Racism Facilitator Workshop

Join us for an Institute for Healing Racism facilitator workshop on November 28 at the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce. Workshop attendees must be a current or former facilitator for the Chamber’s Institute program.

Date | November 28, 2012

Time | 11:30 a.m.

Location | Chamber Office, 111 Pearl St. NW

To register or for more information, contact Sonya Hughes at [email protected] or 616.771.0321.

The Institute for Healing Racism is a two day program that seeks to combat and heal the wounds of racism. IHR dissects the complex disease of racism by examining U.S. history, race, institutional power, self-awareness, privilege, and anti-racism.

The Institute for Healing Racism has great value to the business community and our citizens. Sponsorship support helps the Chamber continue to support Grand Rapids as a magnetic community that attracts and retains talent.

We encourage persons of all skin colors and ethnicities to participate.

Why sponsor the Institute for Healing Racism?

• Show support for the Chamber’s extensive diversity programming

• Illustrate your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the local business community

• Receive recognition among Institute participants and in Chamber publications

We invite all Chamber Members to connect by participating in events and programs by becoming a sponsor.

Click here for sponsorship levels and benefits or contact Leslee Fritz at 616.771.0357.

[Editor’s Note: Registration for next year’s seminar is available at the original article link below. The fee is $200 for non-profit chamber members, $300 for for-profit members, and an additional $50 for non-chamber members.]


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  • The local Chamber Pot of Commerce is involved? Why does that not surprise me?

  • Pelagian

    My wife recently visited Grand Rapids and the first thing she said when she got home was that she had never seen a city so racially undiverse (wonderfully, in her book of course) as Grand Rapids. So this is likely an attempt to self-flagellate with no real consequences. Sort of like having a diversity committee in Iceland.

  • Grovel, white man, grovel! It shows how wonderfully sensitive, aware and noble you are! It also keeps you from getting cut out of government employment and contracts by showing you’ll do whatever it takes to fit in, no matter what it costs you in personal dignity!

  • NYB

    The suppression of ideas as a means of social control seems to be gathering frantic momentum, reflecting a growing insecurity and hysteria among certain influential groups.

    Just recently in Canada a French talk radio host (Jacques Fabi) was caught up in a controversy over his handling of a racially abusive on-air caller.

    In addition to demanding his immediate dismissal from his job, the aggrieved community also called for him to be compelled to attend corrective “racial sensitivity” indoctrination.

    The Khmer Rouge and the Chinese would have called this “re-education camp”.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, I know this story, The radio host named the sacred cows and said that no one was allowed to criticize them on the air.

      • NYB

        The internet as we know it is under attack by these same forces, who are trying to silence the airing of ‘unapproved’ ideas and opinions.

        The attack on anonymous postings is the first step to cracking down on free speech.

        • GM (Australia)

          How very true. It has only been via the internet and sites such as this that the issues of race realism, inappropriate immigration as well as the absolute stupidity and insanity of AA, forced multiculturalism and PC have been able to have any widespread and responsible debate. Try and get a letter on any of these issues published in a major or even local newspaper, you will get nowhere. (And as NYB has indicated it is almost impossible to get these issues aired on talk-back radio either)

    • David Ashton

      We have these in “Great” Britain from time to time. Like Alcoholics Anonymous except they are not exactly voluntary and certainly not anonymous. Easier to disrupt if you “know your onions”.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The director of our local chamber wrote a gushing letter to the newspaper about the “joys of diversity.” It astonishes me how chambers of commerce, which are supposed to be about strengthening the business climate of a town or city, can see “diversification” as anything but a disaster, since it is invariably accompanied by stagnation and economic decay. I’m sure that as soon as “wicked White racism” is all stamped out it’ll be a different story. Yeah, sure.

    • Liberalusck

      Ask those whites why don’t they already just move to a “diverse city” or to a majority nonwhite country if they feel so strongly about it.

      • The__Bobster

        The traitorous C of C’s are constantly lobbying for cheap labor and wouldn’t mind turning their White city into a turd world hellhole to get it.

      • Ulick

        They’re all a bunch of phonies. Patting yourself on the back about diversity is all about doing what’s fashionable, trying to fit in, and trying to have people like you. It’s a personality weakness. It’s needing affirmation of the majority to feel self-worth.

    • NM156

      Chambers of commerce need to be muzzled. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce is in large part responsible for the de facto open borders of the past four decades, immigration law enforcement chaos, and the never-ending lobby for more legal immigration.

  • i am

    “What is your chamber of commerce doing to combat “racism”?”

    Attacking whites and calling them racists, while denying any form of racism can exist AGAINST whites

  • David Ashton

    This sort of thing has been in place for some time in Britain with government support. Every institution or business has to be monitored and regulated for “equality” and “diversity”. In many circumstances individuals have to record their “race” and/or “gender” when they make use of this or that facility.

    Look at Orwell’s “Airstrip One” for your future under Big Obama, if you are not careful. The minority “Cultural Marxism” behind the “race, gender, class” ideological action percolates upwards through a susceptible political establishment which then imposes it downwards on the public minority.

    Land of the Brave and the Free, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet – UNLESS YOU WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING SOON.