Surveillance Video Shows Violent Confrontation at Gas Station

Rucks Russell, KHOU (Houston), November 27, 2012

As family members of a man who was shot by a Valero clerk in southeast Houston called for the store clerk’s arrest, the store owner released surveillance video.

Alexander Calloway, 21, and his two cousins were trying to enter the gas station on Martin Luther King and Belarbor around 3:30 a.m., but the store was locked.

The young men got into an argument with the clerk, who unlocked his door and came outside, police said.

Someone punched the clerk in the face and the clerk pulled out his gun and shot Calloway in the stomach, according to HPD.


On Tuesday, the store owner played the surveillance video for KHOU 11 News.

It showed the store clerk being punched by Calloway before the clerk opened fire.

Community members marched in front of the store and demanded justice. Calloway’s father blamed the clerk for what happened to his son.


The store owner, who has stood by his employee’s right to defend himself, said the clerk no longer has a job.


Activist Quanell X said both men shared blame for what happened.

“We want the store merchants to respect us but we must respect them,” he said.

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  • How dare that evil racist clerk provoke that poor young man so sorely?

  • Herger

    Just another case of the emotionally immature not letting the facts get in the way.

  • Obligatory black reporter on a black crime story.

    • Rucks, right. I’d be embarassed to put that on a job app.

    • The__Bobster

      To intimidate the White witnesses or to show the White audience that not all Watusi are violent?

      • Ni66ers like the Huxtables are as rare as Bigfoot. 99% of them are animals like our friend in the video.

    • Of course ….

    • trigon400

      Good point, I’ve noticed that too, I think it’s designed to give this illusion to the gullible TV watching public “look, not all blacks are savages”.

      • I can’t claim credit for the observation. Someone else on here noticed it.

        At first, I thought the theory was a little half baked, just for the law of averages alone. TV newscasts in big cities have so many black reporters or anchors now that it might be just a matter of coincidence that black reporters get the black crime stores. But I paid attention carefully to here locally and to video clips of other cities. These stations have plenty of white and non-black reporters, but almost always do black crime stories get either a black reporter or black anchor, and it happens too often for it to be just a coincidence.

        I so believe in the theory now that I can use it as an acid test to tell if the suspect or doer is black when the TV station doesn’t show pictures or provide any context clues. If we don’t know, and a black reporter is doing it, that means either they know the doer is black, or the news director strongly suspicions it, and has John Q. Affirmativeaction on the scene in front of a microphone.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      It’s a few days later but I said the same thing to my wife tonight over a news story on a shooting at a soccer field in the Philly metro area. The shooter was Black so of course Action News Channel 6 had a Black reporter doing the story.

  • I live here in Houston, and I am utterly shocked that something like this would happen on a street named after the greatest man who ever lived!!

    • I was shocked as well.

    • i am

      Yea, your right. when I read the sentence “Alexander Calloway, 21, and his two cousins were trying to enter the gas
      station on MARTIN LUTHER KING and Belarbor around 3:30 a.m., but the
      store was locked.” I knew right away it was a black person.

    • Major

      News “greatest man that ever lived” wasn’t MLK. Try Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Adams or Monroe for starters.

      The commie MLK gets more press than he deserves. Funny that’s all the blacks have beside Malcolm X…another thug.

    • Frank

      The greatest man who ever liven? You must be joking. Ask yourself this: if King was so great why are race relations worse now than they were when he died? And, why are blacks no better off and just as racist as they were back then? And why do they blame everything bad on whites?

  • Apparently calloway didn’t understand fully that he was in Texas where many people have guns and have no fear in using them. Once calloway recovers, he should be given extensive geographic help so he knows enough to come here to the people’s republic of new jersey to punch a clerk like that. He’ll be given a stipend and anger management classes. The clerk will be fired and lucky to get off with a $500 fine for provoking the tyke.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    And to think that it happened on MLK!

    Thank goodness Quanell X (are there 9 others?) and his calming personality are on the scene.

    • Let’s hope Kwanzall X is the first and last.

    • 10 is the average brood, isn’t it?

      • Biff_Maliboo


      • jeffaral

        I thought that 10 was their average IQ.

  • NYB

    Let me guess: Calloway was violently upset because he couldn’t buy some skittles.

    • Katherine McChesney

      And purple drank.

      • trigon400

        And a ham sammich…

  • Luca

    The triple K organization was started after the Civil War to keep freed black males in line. It seems back then most white men believed that many freed black males would be roaming around, gambling, not working, raping, stealing, fighting and murdering. How on earth they came to that perception 150-years ago is beyond me. That organization has since been portrayed as nothing but a bunch of blood thirsty racists randomly killing innocents. They patrolled their neighborhoods and properties and oddly enough never found a shortage of uncivilized behavior. I think they just might make a come-back, in Texas anyway. Necessity is the mother of re-invention.

  • Ulick

    This is yet another reason why people view blacks worse than they view all other races. No other race stands up for the absolute dregs of their race more than blacks. When other races see a low-life of their race punch another person in the face, they rightly figure that he started it and deserved what he got. No blacks, though. They canonize the lowest behavior and make saints and martyrs of people like this guy, the Jena 6, Trayvon Martin, Michael Vick, and so on. When you defend criminality, of course people are going to associate you with criminality and view you as more comfortable with criminal behavior — because you are. It’s not a stereotype. It’s what that community is.

    • Very well put.

    • Yodle11

      I agreed with your comment up until you got to Trayvon Martin, who was UNARMED and simply walking to his father’s home. Why would you classify him as a thug? He was a normal average 17 year old kid. I know many white teenagers who do stupid things such as paint graffiti or skip school but none of them has had their heads blown off just because? It was because Trayvon Martin was black. Racism + Guns = A Dead Black Teenager usually in this country.

      And for white people to say “Oh well Trayvon wasn’t a perfect student and didn’t make straight A’s or smoked a little reefer” he deserved to get his head blown off is crazy. The guy was doing nothing. I have heard white people say “oh well, he should have gone up to the Zimmerman and “explained” what he was doing”. WTF?! I am black and live in a white area and I would NEVER walk up to a total stranger who is yelling at me demanding to know why I am outside my home or walking around. WTF is this? The 1850’s? When blacks were still slaves? Trayvon was afforded all the rights of anyone else walking home from the store.

      This is why people of color HATE white people.

      • Rodion Raskolnikov

        You are a total lunatic. I’m not sure what you’re basing your understanding of the Trayvon incident on, but it’s pretty obvious that Trayvon beat the crap out of Zimmermann before he lawfully drew his firearm and shot him. “People of color” will continue to reap what they sow when they decide to act like thugs, like we see in this video here.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          And we can only hope that this trend will continue and increase until these bastards are afraid to %$^& with us. That’s the only way short of a civil war that’s going to change things.

      • Athling

        This isn’t about hate or white supremacy. It is about standing up for our own. You don’t mind if we have a sense of racial awareness do you? Is it okay with you if we actually recognize the fact that we are whites and as such have various concerns related to our race?

        Of course, we understand your position and that it is based on the ignorance of facts and sobering realities…

        We must try to tolerate folks like you because we understand just how much information is being hidden not only from whites but blacks as well.

      • trigon400

        Trayvon died AFTER attacking Zimmerman, let’s not try to portray him as “innocently walking home then suddenly being shot for no reason”

      • Boo hoo. Trayvon was a PUNK. It will come out at the trial.

        • It’ll come out in jail, too.

      • toldev

        By the way, George Zimmermann is about as white as the current president.

      • QUANELL X

        It’s also why ‘people of the color of shitt’ will be forever hated by whites – in every country on the planet!

      • Ulick

        Here is who else Quannell X stood up for or rallied the black community to stand up for in the past…

        In March 2011 Quanell X traveled to Cleveland, Texas to support 18 men allegedly involved in the gang rape of an 11 year old girl. Quannel X spoke out against the victim claiming she did not do enough to prevent herself from being gang raped. He later went on to claim the girl’s parents were also responsible for her assault.

        So the 11 year old girl and her parents are more responsible for the gang rape than gang rapists? Standing up for gang rapists? I stand by my original point.

        • i am

          This is what it says about QX on Wikipedia.

          “”I say to Jewish America: Get ready … knuckle up, put your boots on,
          because we’re ready and the war is going down. … The real deal is this:
          Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the
          mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee
          bobbing black community. … All you Jews can go straight to hell.”[5]

          Quanell X was forced out of the Nation of Islam for publicly inciting
          violence with his televised, and highly publicized, exhortation to
          Houston-area blacks:

          “[i]f you feel that you just got to mug somebody because of your hurt
          and your pain, go to River Oaks and mug you some good white folks. If
          you’re angry that our brother is put to death, don’t burn down your own
          community, give these white folks hell from the womb to the tomb.””

          The guy definitely looks and acts like a psychopath.

          • redfeathers

            I think Quanell X does segments for a Houston tv station. $harpton has a program on MSNBC. Pat Buchanan got fired.

        • whiteyyyyy

          18 of them and none of them said no or walked away. That incident sums up blacks for me. There a race of sociopaths. The odds of them all being scum is insane.

      • jeffaral

        Could never understand why segregation and slavery were ended. Any guess?

        • ed91

          white libs………

      • PDK

        Yoddle, seek out help immediately, you are seriously deluded and could conceivably become a victim of the anti-white, violent, black aggression waving through our country with impunity. Obviously you either need an education in reality or some medicinal drugs, is there a psychosis in the family?

        Of course if you are black, just keep the black illusion for a few more years as whites now want secession to, among other realities, rid themselves of the low IQ, thugging, raping, murdering, black people. Good luck and thank you.

      • HamletsGhost

        You’re a perfect example of why blacks “need to go.”

        Trayvon was not shot for being black. He was shot for viciously attacking a prone and helpless George Zimmerman.

        The fact that blacks overwhelmingly support the dead thug shows why we can’t have your race of obsolete farm equipment around much longer. You’re a menace to yourselves and to others.

        The real reason you HATE white people is because you can’t BE white people. No matter what you do, that glorious, transcendent state of whiteness that you dream about is forever denied your jungle race.

        So it’s back to Africa with your lot. Come back when you’ve evolved a bit more.

        • Major

          “Come back when you’ve evolved a bit more.”

          Yeah…I’m sure the present occupants of Africa can teach them how to behave and be “civil’! Not a chance.

      • Dr. Möbias

        Why do you live in a white area and not a black one?

        Is it because we evil whites create safe, functioning neighborhoods, schools and cities?

        Why don’t you join your co-ethnics in the white-free cities of Detroit, E. St. Louis or Newark NJ? You wouldn’t have to lay eyes on any of us evil white slavers ever again.

      • Luca

        I know it’s pointless trying to explain logic to a hate-filled person but I will do it for the entertainment value. You see Yodel11, when someone of any race, color, gender, sexual orientation etc. is banging your head against concrete, groping for the gun legally in your waistband, you are bleeding and feeling like you will pass out, you might just feel like your life is in danger. Now perhaps Zimmerman should have calmly reasoned that if he fired his weapon he’d be called a racist, but I think when your life is threatened you kind of react spontaneously for self-preservation and take that chance.

        So you see, he wasn’t shot because of Skittles, or race, or his hoodie. He was shot in self defense. Make sense so far?

        So while Zimmerman was getting his head pounded into the pavement should he have started to sing a rap song, or say “pretty please, don’t bash my brains out” or maybe he should have promised Trayvon he’d take some diversity training.

        If you ever get your head banged into the pavement, let me know what your reaction would be.

        • Major

          Sounds like he’s already had a head banging…and his brains got scrambled.

      • Ulick

        “Racism + Guns = A Dead Black Teenager usually in this country.” — You must be kidding. It’s disproportionately the racist black teenager with a gun that is doing the killing in this country. Statistics, Yodle, statistics.

      • kjh64

        I’ve got a little news flash for you, EVERY race that is around Blacks in large numbers hates them because of their BEHAVIOR. Latinos hate Blacks, so do Asians. It’s the high degree of crime, aggression, lack of civility, and lack of taking responsibility and behaving in an uncivilized and dysfunctional manner as well as Black racism towards all that every race can’t stand to be around large numbers of you. No, not all Blacks are like this and you do have Whites and other non-Blacks who behave in an uncivilized manner(such Whites/non-Black races that act like this are hated too) However, Blacks have much, much higher rates of this . Whites are the ONLY race that caters to Blacks out of some notion of fairness and misguided guilt. I can assure you that if America ever becomes majority/minority, and it could happen, you can say goodbye to your Black priviledge because the Latino majority will have no “White guilt” nor will they or any other non-White race care about being “fair” to other races. Only wimpy Whites care about that.

        • schmenz

          Very true, sir.

      • Do blacks always support other blacks in controversial cases?

      • Major

        You’re another perfect example of blacks tolerating and supporting criminal behavior because it’s a “brother or sista”. Why aren’t you out there or here condemning the daily slaughter of your bro’s in Chicago, Philly, New Orleans, Newark, Cincinnati, Camden, Trenton, Cleveland, Detroit…by your own “bro’s”?

        Nah…just crickets until it’s white man defending himself from what he knows are a
        a race bent on criminality.

      • Joseph

        How does that explain why “people of color” kill (so- presumably hate EACH OTHER) at a rate unmatched by anyone else?

      • Frank

        The people of color who hate whites are, to put it nicely, not well informed. No wonder when we consider Jackson, Sharpton, et al.

    • Norman

      Nothing to see here folks, move along!

    • generalquagmyer

      Thank God for that wonderful white invention, the video camera. Without seeing these things with my own eyes–both the sucker punch and the “Black Community’s” reaction, I’d find them difficult to believe, much less to realize that they happen day in and day out in this once-great country of ours.

    • Major

      You forgot to add the total dumbells and ignoramuses they “vote” into office…Kwane, Barry, Rangel, Waters, Jordon and every minstrel clown in the CBC.

  • splitsing

    I hope he dies.

  • black dude hits like a girl.

    • Hhhhmmm. Moderator capitalized the “b” in “Black dude.” I had it as “black dude.”

      • I stopped referring to them as black. To me, an African is an African, no matter where they were lucky to be born.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Aw, I wanted to see him shoot the guy.

    • You and me both. Maybe we need to head over to WSHH.

  • No matter what the owner may feel in his heart, he realizes that the African community would, at the least, boycott his establishment, sue him, and quite possibly, even burn his business, if he continued to employ the clerk. Of course, odds are he gets sued no matter what. Ghetto lottery, here we come.

  • Hence Jim Crow laws

    • Svigor

      True, though I’d prefer gov’t-enforced right to Freedom of Association over the current gov’t-enforced abrogation of Freedom of Association known as “integration,” or the gov’t-enforced abrogation of Freedom of Association known as “segregation” that preceded it.

  • whiteyyyyy

    I love it. I think he let him strike him for selfdefense sake. The look on that black’s face, like he thought he won,priceless.

  • libertarian1234

    “Community members marched in front of the store and demanded justice. Calloway’s father blamed the clerk for what happened to his son.”
    Whether it’s this case or the Trayvon Martin case, there’s a very simple solution to preventing blacks from getting shot: Convince them a bullet is going to be the response to their uncalled for assaults.
    The fear of black perps getting shot for unjustified attacks I believe is why so many of the black leadership and black talking heads on T.V. are screaming hysterically, even in cases of obvious self defense, which almost all of them are.
    I truly believe they regard these black on white attacks as helpful in getting what they want. Kind of like, “Give us reparations ( Or what have you.) and we’ll call off the wolves.”
    I’ve never heard or read about one single black coming out openly condemning the thousands of black attacks, rapes, murders and assaults.

    • toldev

      The fear of black perps getting shot for unjustified attacks I believe
      is why so many of the black leadership and black talking heads on T.V.
      are screaming hysterically, even in cases of obvious self defense, which
      almost all of them are.

      Exactly. It is also the reason they support gun control. The black leaders, many of them present or former criminals themselves, know that they will not disarm black criminals. They simply want to deny law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves.

      Consider rape for instance. On any given day, over 100 white women are raped by black men. If even 10% of white women were to obtain their concealed carry permit and carry a gun, it is likely that in a few few short years the death toll among black males would be higher than anything the Klan ever did in its entire existence.

  • Joseph

    Honestly, the puncher should be arrested for simple assault and the shooter should probably be arrested for aggravated assault. I am not sympathetic to the “yoof” punk who can’t correctly orient a cap but I do not see how the guy in the store can claim that deadly force was his only possible recourse when he could have simply shut and locked the door on the assailant -either before or after the strike. Further, it looks like he is the larger of the two and the other guy was apparently unarmed. He should have just slugged the guy in return and gone back to work. If ballcap followed him back in and threatened him in some credible way, then maybe the hardware would be warranted. This guy is in for a long expensive ride through the courts, even in Texas.

    On a positive note- I’ll bet the next bellicose jackass moves on to some other store.

    …until the neighbors have a chance to break out the windows, steal everything, then burn it down

    • polpotstalin

      The black kid had two friends with him, and we all know how they attack in packs. had he chosen not to shoot, he could’ve been stomped to death. He acted correctly as far as I’m concerned.

      • Joeseph

        I am no apologist for the attacker but in this case -with only what was seen and not speculations about “packs” -this is an unlawful use of deadly force. If a black guy were standing *inside* the door and a red-haired guy with freckles outside had performed the exact same behavior you’d be decrying the typical violence and overresponse and claim the darkie was a pussy for pulling a gun just because a white guy tapped him on the jaw. And you’d be right.

        I’m all for sure defense against these feral hominids but meeting a punch from ONE smaller guy, which obviously did not even disorient the victim, with a firearm simply is not going to pass muster in most courts, regardless of race.

        We’ll see, but when it all shakes out I don’t think this guy is going to get a pass on this. There was no weapon, no obvious disparity of force against him, and all he had to do was move 2 feet to be out of range. I don’t think so.

        Further, it looks from *this* video like the guy was some middle-easterner anyway and both sub-species are frequently hot-headed jackasses anyway so the behavior of both demonstrates a menace to the public but no surprise either way.

        It IS Texas though and the guy in the store *may* have been Hispanic and get off on that account.

  • “We want the store merchants to respect us and we MUST respect them”.

    In other words, ‘it’s not us, it’s them’.

    Blacks love to push buttons but they’re always shocked when someone pushes back.

    Maybe if this thug showed the store clerk respect, the store clerk would have reciprocated.

  • Vlad Dracula

    Okay. I see this a great learning experience for all whites. Why is it that this store clerk doesn’t know the proper way to deal with this these thugs in the first place when carrying a weapon? Shouldn’t someone inform him of whats right and whats wrong so that there is no question to avoid all lawsuits? Does anyone at Amren know? Or is Amren too afraid to put that type of info out so that whites can defend themselves legally? In the Army we had SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). And if Amren doesn’t want to talk about how to handle situations like this then whites need to start talking among themselves about the rights and wrongs of using a weapon to defend oneself. No more questions, no more ghetto lotto period, just do the right thing.

    • The clerk didn’t look white to me. He looked like an immigrant.

      I don’t believe AR is afraid to discuss SOP in situations like this.

      If you want to share your views on how to respond in this type of situation, I encourage you to do so as long as you’re advocating self-defense and not murder.

  • nathan wartooth

    The store owner bowed to the pressure of the blacks marching.

    He should be ashamed of himself. He is just giving them reason to demand whatever ridiculous thing they want in the future.

  • The store clerk did the right thing by defending himself. But the blacks do not see it that way.

  • To those who object to the clerk’s armed response to an unarmed assailant, I remind them that blacks attack in packs, they attack without mercy and they do not need weapons to kill. True, the clerk should never have opened the door, but as soon as that thug physically attacked, his life was forfeit.

    Also, why can’t whites protest in the street demanding justice for the thousands of whites who are murdered or raped by blacks? Don’t we deserve justice?

    • Frank

      The clerk had every right to believe this thug was armed because that is the way they operate.

  • Another pesky Trayvon bites the dust.

    • Yodle11

      Why would you compare Trayvon Martin to this guy? this is the problem with America and this is the problem with why white people are quickly losing legitimacy. How on earth can you compare a kid who is UNARMED and walking to his dad’s home with skittles and ice tea to a guy who is provoking a fight? Something is amiss here.

      • gemjunior

        Why are you on the site; I’m curious. This site is specifically dedicated to white people’s interests – something you hate about people you hate. People you hold accountable for black pathology everywhere, rather than take a good look and acknowledge that no whites hold back blacks today and haven’t for a very long time. We’ve been pushing them to the front of the line for a long time and they still blame us. Now clearly you believe that Trayvon was innocent, while most of us differ. I think that all people have the right to stand for their interests, even Evil Hated Whitey. You should go on the countless pro-black websites devoted to pumping up already inflated Black Pride and Blame White People topics. BTW: hate hate hate blah blah blah — totally over. Nobody listening. Crickets. Also the other theme of White People Are Past It, Over, A Relic of Horrible Evil From Bygone Days — don’t buy into that. It could have gone that way I won’t argue. But the astronomical increase in anti-white rapes and murders in black celebration of these beliefs has woken Ole Whitey up to the notion that black people in positions of power abuse the power. Like African warlords, or Mayor of Detroit there is little difference. The hate for whites is in the bone and there is no cure. Good thing we’re finding out before it’s too late.

      • “Why would you compare Trayvon Martin to this guy?”

        Because Trayvon was yet another black thug who was killed in the process of violently assaulting a law abiding citizen.

        “Something is amiss here.”

        That “something” is probably the fact that you still adhere to the long discredited lie spun by a blatantly anti-White media.

  • tacheles

    Where are these marching morons when their kind commits crime after crime?

  • Nate Higgers

    Activist Quanell X said both men shared blame for what happened.

    “We want the store merchants to respect us but we must respect them,” he said.

    This completely worthless n1gger actually is attempting to put some of the blame on the clerk who defended himself against this equally worthless chimp n1gger? N1ggers have no shame, no honor, no sense of morality whatsoever. It is precisely these differences between us and them why n1ggers are NOT human beings. They are simian, primitive chimp n1ggers, and they all should be exterminated now, forever.

    • Conan

      This guy is clearly trolling to try to give this site a bad name. Delete his posts and send him on his way please.

  • Nate Higgers

    To the “father” (yeah, right..more like welfare recipient)….Fuk you and your worthless n1gger chimp son. You’re both criminals, worthy of nothing more than summary execution. Worthless fuggin n1ggers. No one pities you or empathizes with you chimps. No one cares. Fuk you all.
    One down, 40 million more to go.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Yes, but please use more polite language.

    • jeffaral

      You took the words out of my mouth!

  • IKantunderstand

    Blah, blah, blah. Yikes! The entire who is the most oppressed person in the U.S., is underway. Advice to Blacks: Demand the rules! What trumps a Black homosexual, transgendered Moslem? Anything? Oh, a Black lesbian feminest atheist!. DING DING DING! WRONG!!!!The answer to the following is very simple: Whatever the leftists think it should be. We are poor little lambs who have lost our way…MEH, MEH MEH.Time to fight back.

  • Nate Higgers

    I sincerely hope that worthless chimp n1gger dies. If it had been me whom the cowardly n1gger sucker punched, there would be no hospital, no critical condition, you’d need spatula and a plastic bag to even find what remains were left.

    Shoot to kill, America, not to wound. You don’t want to continue paying for these worthless n1ggers by putting them in prison, after you’re already paying for the feral n1ggers through food stamps and welfare.

    • Yodle11

      I’ve flagged your ignorant comment. One thing I can’t understand about you white supremacists is your obsession with spewing your garbage and hate all over the damn internet. We don’t all want to hear it. You are in the MINORITY now and you don’t seem to know it. Stop trying so hard to indoctrinate others to your close minded, hateful, ignorant beliefs. Stay off the internet and in the backwoods. And let the rest of us Americans MOVE FORWARD.

      • kjh64

        “One thing I can’t understand about you white supremacists is your obsession with spewing your garbage and hate all over the damn internet.”

        Don’t play the “White supremacists” card here, it’s not going to work, Neither is the “race card” “the hate card” or anything else you anti-White types use to shut White people up for looking out for our own interests just like EVERY other race does.

        “We don’t all want to hear it”

        You’re not “We”. You’re YOU, and if YOU don’t want to hear it, go somewhere else.

        “You are in the MINORITY now and you don’t seem to know it”

        No we’re not in the minority, not even close but we could be at some point no doubt. Better hope that doesn’t happen or you’ll be living in a “paradise” that resembles a cross between Mexico, Guatamla, Africa, India, Pakistan with some China, Vietnam and a few White people for good measure.

        “Stop trying so hard to indoctrinate others to your close minded, hateful, ignorant beliefs.

        We’re not “indoctrinating” anyone. We are expressing our views. Here we go again with “close minded”, “hateful””ignorant” which is really far Left speak for anyone who doesn’t think multiculturalism is a good idea or who dares to criticize non-Whites.

        “Stay off the internet and in the backwoods. And let the rest of us Americans MOVE FORWARD.””
        Who are you to demand that others who don’t think like you stay off the internet. Oh, and many Americans are waking up to the fact that multiracial and multicultural societies do NOT work. America isn’t “moving forward”, it’s rapidly deteriorating and turning into a 3rd world country. Sorry if the truth hurts.

      • heff

        “I’ve flagged your ignorant comment.”

        …, I’m betting that goes nowhere here.

        • saxonsun

          Good one.

      • jeffaral

        The ONLY solution to black violence is repatriation back to mother Africa, with non-racist Whites accompaning them.

    • Yodle11

      You’re fighting a losing battle. Look around you. America is changing. Whites and Blacks are marrying at never before seen numbers. THEIR CHILDREN WILL ONE DAY RUN THIS COUNTRY. Oh wait, a biracial black man is already running this country. You are MARGINALIZED. You and your type are NOTHING now. The klan went to Mississippi to march and were JEERED and made fun of by both the blacks and WHITES in the crowd. Your kind are dying out. THANK GOD.

      • kjh64

        Yes, it’s changing alright, changing into the 3rd world. Oh, we’re maginalized and dying out? Nope, quite the opposite, as this country continues its’ slide into the 3rd world, more Whites are waking up.

  • Joseph

    Justice has been served. The euthanization of a wild violent animal.

  • Aim for center mass.

  • Luca

    There was a time when blacks were segregated from whites, especially in the south. Was it done to subjugate them, make second class citizens out of them, was it done to establish racial superiority? Or was it done to keep to the two races separate because one race was prone to laziness, theft, rape, murder, violence and crude, indecent, uncivilized behavior?

    • Yodle11

      Never could understand how the white man can call the black man lazy when he sat on his ass for years while the black man built his houses and tended his fields and while the black woman even raised his damn children. White men and women are some of the laziest folks on earth. Look around you. This who capitalistic system is built to let the white man do nothing but conn people out of their money through fraud and deceit. I have NEVER seen a white man break a sweat doing anything but trying to cheat someone.

      And blacks were kept separate in the South to marginalize them so that they could never progress but many have progressed.

      • heff

        “Never could understand how the white man can call the black man lazy
        when he sat on his ass for years while the black man built his houses
        and tended his fields and while the black woman even raised his damn

        Actually, it’s pretty easy to understand: they didn’t have a choice in the matter. In modern times, they do NO such thing. They disproportionately use government assistance, beyond all other races, and have a disproportionately high unemployment rate. Whites pay most of the taxes and fund most of the benefits they receive. Whites are also the vast majority of military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan (over 80% in Afghanistan despite being ~64% of the population). So, not only did my people build this country, they defend it while being drained by racist leeches at home.

        “White men and women are some of the laziest folks on earth.”

        Uh, no. Those whites built the society you live in now.

        “I have NEVER seen a white man break a sweat doing anything but trying to cheat someone.”

        Then perhaps you should get out more (you probably live in Vermont or some place like that) because I see it ALL THE TIME – white Caucasians busting their a$$es working minimum wage jobs that, at any time, could be outsourced or given to an illegal.

        “And blacks were kept separate in the South to marginalize them so that they could never progress but many have progressed.”


      • Luca

        Let me help you understand. The blacks worked hard when they had constant supervision (overseers) and the threat of physical punishment. Con people out of their money? I have a suggestion for that. Make your brain “break a sweat” and use it otherwise: “A fool and his money are soon parted.” I believe that blacks were kept separate because many of them displayed primitive, violent, uncivilized behavior. Therefore, the honest, hard-working, non-violent blacks were made to suffer because of the bad behavior of the others. Hope that helps you.

      • Dr. Möbias

        The number of black slaves in the U.S. was never more than a small fraction of the number of black slaves in Africa.

        The White race is the race that finally ENDED the practice of slavery in this world, in the places it had the power to do so.

        That’s why we have Martin Luther King, Jr. day, after all. So that Blacks can celebrate the White race and thank us for being the first race in the history of the world to outlaw slavery!

    • Yodle11

      Gee Luca come up with something new. You keep repeating the same old, tired, worn out, run down, untrue LIES that have been popular with white supremacy groups since slavery. Please for the Love of God come up with new talking points. Ones that don’t sound so far fetched and racist in 2012.

      • Luca

        Actually, I’m not a white supremacist nor am I lying. Just for your information you r name-calling really ruins any credibility in your statements. I realize it may be difficult for you to control your anger, but this is just open and free talk.

    • Yodle11

      You supremacists have to congregate on these types of boards because you know the general public will have none of the foolishness you are spouting off online. Doesn’t that make you creeps feel SMALL?

    • curri

      Very well put.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    gas station on Martin Luther King… around 3:30 a.m.

    Martin Luther King at 3:30 AM? What could possibly go wrong??

    Self defense while White*? LWOP for you, baby!!

    (I know the clerk doesn’t LOOK White, probably Middle Eastern — but for government purposes he IS White!!).


  • Yodle11

    This board is filled with white supremacists. I know you idiots are all just seething we have an articulate black man in the White House still cleaning up GW Bush’s mess.

    • Athling

      Addressing this and your other comments here, this isn’t about hate or white supremacy. It is about standing up for our own. You don’t mind if we have a sense of racial awareness do you? Is it okay with you if we actually recognize the fact that we are whites and as such have various concerns related to our race?

      Of course, we understand your position and that it is based on the ignorance of facts and sobering realities…

      We must try to tolerate folks like you because we understand just how much information is being hidden not only from whites but blacks as well.

    • heff

      Cleaning up GW Bush’s mess by making it worse: high unemployment, spy drones, police state, crushing debt….

      That “articulate” black man was destroyed in the first debate. He can barely speak without a teleprompter.

    • saxonsun

      And proud of it.

    • Luca

      An articulate black man in the white house? First of all, a better description would be an articulate, radical, liberal, socialist, mulatto with a covered up past who never even ran a lemonade stand. And if he is cleaning up any messes, well, I guess that’s all he’s really suited for except he hasn’t done much but blame others for his failure to get any tangible results.

      And who is really the idiot in the room? My experience has shown that when small minded people can’t make a lucid argument they name-call, change the subject, answer a question that hasn’t been asked, avoid the issue, chant slogans or use foul language. I’ll assume your next post will have the phrase: “Nanny, nanny, nanny” in it with an icon sticking out his tongue.

    • Canis Lupus

      Please dont stop posting your comments.

    • Dr. Möbias

      This is a White Nationalist Site.

      If you don’t like it… Thread exit is that way ——>

  • Athling

    Africans must be taught to respect others. Their constant use of intimidation and violence must be stood down. In self defense, it would not take a nanosecond for me to show one of those IQ-impaired thugs that he had picked the wrong victim.

    Notice how the black community comes rushing to the aid of one of their own whether he is a criminal or not. A sharp contrast with whites can be observed here in that whites will throw a white criminal to the wolves in similar situations. Not blacks, oh no, their sense of racial solidarity is boundless. Especially if the victim is white. Very informative video. Much can be learned from it.

  • IMEinar

    Nice shot.

  • trigon400

    What more is needed to convince people that most blacks belong in cages safely away from humans?
    How much more crime must they commit?

  • Quanell X

    OK Quanell, if you want the merchants to respect you, respect them FIRST. It is a privilege to be allowed into the store!

  • Leonard Snoodmung

    This video seems appropriate:

  • jeffaral

    Arabs and Latinos against blacks? Let them kill each other!

  • Yodle11

    I’ve always wanted to ask a white supremacist this.. How do you chumps feel when you look around and see all of your women with black and brown men and so many minorities living better than you? Providing for their families better than you? Eating better than you? Influencing policy and picking judges? Doesn’t that make you jerks feel small?

    • Personally, I’ve never seen ‘all our women’ with black or brown men and I certainly don’t see the ghetto dwellers living better than anyone.

      What odd imaginary place do you live in?

    • “Providing for thier families ” ??????? Black men providing for thier families LMAO ! You mean the sorry lost low self esteemed white girl or the state providing for her yellow ones

    • Luca

      Personally, I feel sorry for a shallow woman of any race who is so insecure that she sacrifices her dignity for any form of male attention from any male. Typically it is the ones who are ugly and/or overweight and I wish they had more self esteem. Many times they end up abandoned, in the hospital or on the welfare rolls.

      How do you feel when you see that over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock? Or when you see YT videos of blacks behaving feral? Or when you look at black scholastic achievement? Or that the few blacks who seem to be successful are either mulatto or products of affirmative action? Does that make you feel small? Just wondering.

  • Hirene

    Blacks just don’t get it. They are incapable of law and order.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    Quanell is a White name, a slave name….

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Judging from the number of comments deleted, I suspect someone just doesn’t “get it” here. Gnome sayin’?

  • Frank

    Both share responsibility? Don’t think so–the black guy started the fight. The clerk did exactly what he should have done, except maybe his aim should have been better. And why is the Muslim manager firing the clerk? That is the injustice.

  • Fredrik_H

    Good for the clerk he had a chin and could take the sucker punch. He’d most likely end up being stomped otherwise.