Looters Target Coney Island After Sandy Sweeps Through

Matthew Lysiak and Nancy Dillon, NY Daily News, October 31, 2012


The thieves started down Mermaid Avenue Tuesday morning as the chest-high water receded, turning the seaside community known for its hotdogs and tourist attractions into a lawless free-for-all.

“People were running in and out of Rent-A-Center carrying these big flat screens. They were holding on tight,” said witness Aisha John, 20. “I couldn’t understand how someone could steal a big TV in broad daylight, but no one cared.”

She said people were running out of a nearby Rite Aid with bags of diapers and wipes.

“Look, they’ve been looting our wallets for too long,” said a young male who claimed he helped himself to a TV at the Rent-A-Center.

“It’s about time we start taking this sh—back,” the youth, who identified himself as Jesse James, told the Daily News.

“It was complete lawlessness,” said Ron Troyano, owner of Joann’s Discount Wine and Liquors on Mermaid Ave.

He said looters used tools to bust through his steel security gates around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The thieves then shattered his storefront and helped themselves to thousands of dollars worth of top shelf liquor, he said.

“They pried open the gate, broke the glass and went straight for the Hennessy and Grey Goose,” he said.

Police got a measure of control around 4 p.m. Tuesday, but two cops positioned outside Joann’s into the night failed to stop more looters from sneaking in through the roof, Troyano told The News.

“They broke right in through the roof while the cops were standing outside. It’s unbelievable. They were passing bottles down to each other from the roof,” he said.


“We are supposed to come together as a community during times of crisis, not pick at each other like vultures,” he said. “Next time I’m getting a gun.”

Looters also hit The Fresh Market five blocks down.

“They destroyed everything. They stole anything they could get their hands on. Someone even ran off with the cash register,” said employee Fernando Mendoza as he picked up pieces of broken glass Wednesday.

“It was a mob of people. Fifty to a hundred. They were just running down the street grabbing anything that wasn’t nailed down,” he said.

“They were literally walking out with shopping carts full of merchandise. They didn’t even look worried,” a Rite Aid employee who declined to give her name told The News.



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  • Comments? The picture speaks for itself.

    • Enrichment Zone Warning

      Picture will be deemed by Toure as racist, followed by a call for action that MSM must push more stories highlighting the enriching contributions of Diversity at making the promise of American equality come true for all, even though we “still have more work to do, especially in fighting againt White privilege”.

  • Tarczan

    Gun are essentially illegal in NY, the store would be in much more trouble than the looters if he were found to have one.

    • Xerxes22

      He could get a New York State firearms ID which would enable him to purchase a shotgun and keep it in the store.  A shotgun is a very effective deterrent to criminals.

      • Dr. X

        Actually, no. New York State firearms law is different from New York City. In New York State no “firearms ID ” is required at all for long guns. New York City, however, requires a permit to own any long gun (which is costly and discretionary) and registration of all long guns with the police.

        The entire state requires a government permit and universal registration of handguns. Handgun permits issued outside of New York City are invalid in new York City. Handgun permits are difficult but possible to obtain outside the City, but almost impossible within the City.

        Further New York State law does not permit using a firearm to prevent a property crime. Even if the guy had a shotgun he would likely get jammed up.

        • OBSERVER

          Had I known all that, I would have driven a U-Haul up there and beat the Africans to it all.

          Damn, next time there is “lights out” in New York, I’m going to hit the first liquor store for the top shelf stuff.  I’ll just ask the stupid shop owner to help bag it for me.  If he refuses I’ll punch him in the face.

          Stupid crackah.

      • HighandMighty

        Shotguns are highly effective, but the Store Owner would need to be at he Store to use it against the thieves. From this story, he was home, and his Store was locked up. The coloreds broke through the security gate in front of his Store. So, where were the Police, the State Troopers, and the National Guard when this was going on?

    • 1Forced_Registration

      The store owner would be much more likely to get in trouble than the looters as well! The store owner would likely stop when asked by the police, and answer questions when the police came over to investigate — potentially making him vulnerable to search and arrest; the looters would just run or casually walk off. What is easier: Chasing a group of looters across several blocks on foot or targeting the person you have right in front of you that didn’t run? 

      A gun is a useful tool, but in the New York City environment a gun is largely a paper tiger unless deployed against an imminent threat to life or limb. <– In that case a few years (potentially) in prison is better than losing one's life!

      This story reminded me of the resolution passed by the 80th Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors. The resolution had the backing of several black associations to try to get rid of castle laws, stand your ground laws, and recognition of any permit for concealed carry permit or gun permit period from anywhere else. http://usmayors.org/resolutions/80th_Conference/csj05.asp  As I read the Conference of Mayors resolution, I thought to myself "These folks really are trying to make it safer for black criminals to prey upon people."

      Its not the "permit to carry arms" or the "permission slip to carry arms" or the "license to carry arms if you jump through a dozen hoops, and have a few political connections" — it is the God given RIGHT to bare arms!

      The politicians of New York are just waiting for the day when they can use those list to ban guns. The majority of New York politicians have demonstrated that they don't believe in the second amendment for "regular" people. Registration is only one step away from confiscation!

  • Puggg

    People were running in and out of Rent-A-Center carrying these big flat screens

    I always thought Coney Island was rather upscale.  It must be becoming or already ghetto if it has a Rent a Center.  Rent to own joints are an indicator of such, also payday loan joints.


  • the DWLs are out in force in the comments, explaining how we’re too privileged to understand how looting TVs is social justice.

  • Education! Education is the answer!!

    • Dan

       Some of these people are incapable of learning. They are literally misplaced savages.

  • “We are supposed to come together as a community during times of crisis, not pick at each other like vultures,” he said. “Next time I’m getting a gun.”

    Blacks are a community of vultures.

    • True. The poor black motto is to get what you can from anybody else, the government, the stores except by your own hands. They do not know the meaning of saving the money and buying a tv that is about 2x cheaper than what Rent a Center will sell you.

  • David Ashton

        So if the floods don’t get Obama re-elected, at least a small section of his natural demographic will have got something out of them.

  • Is this surprizing? Has there ever been a situation where blacks do not loot stores?  

  • Ulick

    The article could be summarized — Blacks loot, destroy, and feel entitled to free stuff. It’s in their nature. That’ll never change.

  • Detroit_WASP

    If Obama had a son…..

    Wonder if he voted early, and who he voted for???? 

    If you think this event was lawless.  What if… Romney wins,  Supreme Court bans affirmative action, George Zimmerman is found NOT guilty next summer. 

    Stock up folks, stock up.  

  • .

    The liquor store owner should have taken all the high dollar stuff to his house before the storm hit. And poured the rest down the drain. That way people would have seen nothing but empty shelves and left the place alone.

    • Better still he should have left his store empty but for a single six pack of malt liquor placed on the middle of the floor, in plain sight. Da youf’s would have killed each other trying to cop a can.

  • Dr. Möbias

    That looter bears a striking resemblance to Mike Tyson.

    Witnesses of looting near Coney Island told The Wall Street Journal that it was occurring in plain sight, and that police officers did little to stop it.

    Looks like the cops were ordered to stand down –unless someone is looting a 32 oz. soda.

    The crazy thing was, there were cops around but all they were saying is get out of here, go home.

    This is why I plan to watch the election returns with Messrs. Remington and Glock.

  • Disagree I much, channeling Al Sharpton.  Rent-to-owners and the payday loan joints don’t loot blacks, they charge them the interest rates they deserve.  It’s often said that people get the government they deserve.  Well, the same is true of interest rates.

    If someone could set up shop in chocolate city and make money charging blacks lower interest rates on lines of revolving credit than the Rent and Payday joints do, they’d be in there like ducks on a junebug making those profits.  But they’re not, and that should tell you and me and the rest of us something.

    • IstvanIN

       I wonder how often Rent-to-Own stores have accounts in default and who have to reposes?

      • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

         They have big, burly negroes who drive the trucks around and repo the furniture, etc. Much of it is so nasty from being in negro houses that it must be thrown away, but to do otherwise would leave them subject to being seen as an easy target. The reason the rent-to-own is such a bad deal is that it is a FREQUENT thing to have to repo from deadbeat colored folk.

      • Often from what I hear.

        That’s why the merchandise, as Norm above channeling me said, is out of date, overpriced and has high effective interest rates.  It has to be in order for the Rent joints to stay in business and turn up red ink.  And while a lot of the junk is so nasty, as the comment above mine rightly states, don’t think that the Rent joints don’t try to clean some of it up and try to re-sell it as “new” (such as it is in Rent joints) merchandise.

        As an aside, the only way you can truly figure out the effective interest rate for Rent joint merchandise is by looking at the fine print.  Almost always these places only show the per week or per month cost.  You have to read the fine print to see what their official sticker price is for the item, which nobody who patronizes a Rent joint ever does because they’re not there because they can pay or even ponder the full sticker price of an item, otherwise they’d be at a reputable retail outlet.  And that sticker price is itself inflated, even compared to what the going sticker price is for this year’s models at reputable retailers, and behind the sticker at the Rent joints is last year’s or earlier models that the manufacturers couldn’t move during its model year, so they hawk it to Rent joints on deep discounts.

        I would personally use the going sticker price of this year’s equivalent model with reputable retailers as the principal base when figuring out the effective interest rate of doing business with Rent joints, not the Rent joints’ own irrelevant sticker price.

  • Obama “loots” the wallets of White Americans while street blacks loot nearby stores. Is there really a difference?

  • 1gravity

     Let us concede, for the sake of argument, that Black America was owed, as of 1960, reparations for the slavery and Jim Crow experiences.  By my calculations, that debt was paid in full, with interest and penalties, by 1985.  Conan is correct when he says, “The dam is breaking and people are getting sick of their whining.”

  • Wil

    Guns in NY are prohibited for the Whites. The blacks and Mexicans can have guns. The Nuyoricans  can have knifes. The Whites can hava a cell phones.

  • JohnEngelman

    Jared Taylor wrote an article entitled, “Africa in our Midst,” in which he wrote about similar behavior following Hurricane Katrina. 
    The article is startling because it is so obviously true, but the truths are so seldom stated.

  • It may interest you to know that Chuck Schumer, virulently anti-Second Amendment senator from New York, has a gun permit issued to him from the city.

    I found that out on Wikipedia, under the “Sullivan Act”.

    Schumer is one of the rankest of hypocrites, in this regard.

  • JackKrak

    All sarcasm aside, can you even IMAGINE an all-black community organizing themselves after a disaster like this to help those in danger, arrange medical care for the injured, get food & water supplies to the needy, etc.?

    I don’t expect them to do anything else but loot, rob & just generally take criminal advantage of the crisis. It is simply in their nature. It’s who they are.

  • Zorro

    Let me chance a guess that the guy arrested was trying to get some food and batteries for his family. I didn’t see the story, but that is my guess. At some point in time, looting isn’t looting if the owners of the property can’t retrieve it, and it will go to waste, anyway. Food and batteries for flashlights and radioes are essential in a disaster, or survival situation. It is a different matter if the man took TVs, liquor, jewelry, and other non-life preserving essentials. That is greed, and outright theft.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     or jewish