Shock Video: Thugs Assault, Rob Man During Storm

Crown Heights, November 1, 2012

Surveillance video obtained by reveals shocking footage of the ruthless beating and mugging of a Jewish man during Hurricane Sandy Monday night.

In the video the viewer will see a gang of five African-American males loitering around the corner of Albany Ave. and President Street in wait for their victim to pass.

As the victim passes, the assailants knock him to the ground with a blow to the face and continue to pummel him with punches and kicks to the head, before rummaging through his pockets and stealing his wallet and cell phone.

As if his thirst for violence and brutality hadn’t yet been quenched, one of the perpetrators sadistically steps on the unconscious man’s head before walking away.


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  • “Shock video?”  How much longer will they keep expecting us to be surprised by this sort of thing?

    • Tom_in_Miami

      This would indeed be a “shock video” to an ordinary American who gets his news from the MSM.  Readers of AR are not shocked because they see the same scene played out over and over, but it seems that most Americans are pretty clueless about the nature and extent of the problem of Black aggression against Whites.  Take the Coney Island looting, for example, and ask yourself how many people know this is going on.  And most Americans still don’t know the truth about Hurricane Katrina because it’s not covered.  For a story to have “traction” it has to feature a white person doing something to a Diversity.  It doesn’t even have to be violent.  It can be as minor as using the wrong words to describe a “person of color.”  Eventually, in the era of the internet, the truth will get out and at some point average Americans will decide that they haave had enough.  In the meantime, we have to look out for ourselves and simply avoid them and their habitats as much as possible.

      •  And, Tom, I think we have a job to do.  If we’re not sharing these stories with our friends and families, no matter their brainwashed resistance to them, we are putting them at risk.  This is not knowledge to keep to ourselves.

        • HighandMighty

          If  you cant email this story, then print it, make copies, and hand them out.

        • C_C_Conrad

          ” This is not knowledge to keep to ourselves.” 

          That’s so right.  We are at war and our weapons, for the moment, are things like the books that OUR people are writing.  So buy as many pro-white books that will emotionally appeal to other whites as you can & give them to everyone that will read them.  You could also leave these books in doctors offices, dentists offices or other public places where people can pick them up & take them home to read. 

          Jack’s War

    • C_C_Conrad

       Whites have been surprise by this for the last 70 years. 

  • Puggg

    Mahogany Mob + Knockout King

  • Interesting how this community can get away with giving a description of the suspects in the second paragraph. If a description appears at all, it’s usually buried at the end.

    It’s also odd that this particular disaster didn’t draw us all closer.

    • Anonymous By Necessity

      How can they get away with giving the description of the assailants?

      They identify the victim in the first sentence as Jewish, not white.  That makes it OK.

      • IstvanIN

         The Tribe is allowed an identity, we are not.

        • C_C_Conrad

          If and where WE work together like we used to, WE WILL BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING THAT WE WANT TO!  

          Jack’s War

    • Sherman_McCoy

      As long as it identifies the assailants as Bantus, I’m good with it, no matter who the victim was.

  • The big question, before I feel sorry for the guy, is, is he a leftist?

    For some leftists, even being beaten half to death isn’t enough cultural enrichment.

    Remember the girl who got punched by a diversity over her Halloween costume which involved a Confederate flag shirt and immediately blamed herself?

    • Detroit_WASP

      Well, if he was a leftist…he isn’t now.  As I always say, no better cure for an egalitarian than to be robbed and beaten by the people he felt sorry for, or believes are his equals.

  • he’s jewish. Nuff said.

  • How can Jews claim to be intelligent and live anywhere near these vermin and vote the way the do?  Proof positive that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Enrichment Zone Warning

    This is the story that won’t be mentioned during Black History Month.

    Or this one- take a look at the kunte kente bantu zulu mau mua voodoo Diversity violence that free speech White privilege does to blacks-

    • refocus


    “4 injured at USC campus shooting in Los Angeles…Two men were detained and were being questioned about the shooting that
    happened outside the “Freak or Greek” party held by the Black Student
    Read more here:

    Read more here:

  • Has the whereabouts of the “Rev.” al sharpton been accounted for yet?

  • I have heard so many platitudes during the storm that I want 2 wretch.  along the lines of: “one thing about Americans, they always pull together in time of crisis.”.  .  Yeah, right!  *Some* Americans.

  • I will say that the Jews seem to get victimized by a disproportionate share of the black on white violence.    It’s almost like they are targeted for being “hyper white” or for standing even more aloof  from blacks than other whites due to their ethno/religious separatism.  blacks resent anybody who tries to stay to themselves …  because of course as the parasite, it wants the victim to be readily accessible.

  • They attack in packs, never one-on-one. 

    Cowards at best.

  • When was the last time you saw a video of a gang of white guys committing a random attack like this?

    • bluffcreek1967

      If you did, and especially if such an attack was directed against a precious ‘minority,’ it would be all over the MSM. The liberal MSM always wants to show the rare occurrence when a White attacks or discriminates against a Black so as to offset the many occurrences of Black on White crime.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Yes, it’s really something how ungrateful and hateful Blacks are toward Jews who have done so much over the years to help them. Many do-gooder Jews, unfortunately, have still not learned about the nature and character of Black people in general. But all of this demonstrates how relatively intelligent people (Jews) can do the most stupid things – over and over again in spite of what should be so obvious. It also shows that Blacks, on average, consistently spurn every attempt on the part of well-meaning people to improve their lives. They spit on the very folks who ‘reach out’ to them because they are savages at heart.  

  • IstvanIN

     I wouldn’t be too sure.  The infestation is greater than we may realize.

  • APaige

    As the saying goes-a liberal is a conservative who has not been mugged. I bet the republicans just gained a new voter. Unless he is soooo liberal he will justify the attack with the usual ‘victimology’ speak.

  • He should offer thanks to All The Gods Save One that the thugs didn’t invite him to their own private “tea party” – or worse.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad that more attention is being given to black crime. My local newspaper still will not print the race of criminal suspects, but everyone knows what that race is. Whenever my local newspaper prints the photo of a black youth he has been arrested, he has been convicted, or he has won an athletic honor. 

  • JackKrak

    The diversity tax comes due at the most inconvenient times.

  • elitist

    In New York City, this level of black on white violence is
    relatively new, and is form of racial warfare.

    The special hatred blacks have for the Jews is easily

    the Jews suffered some pretty awful discrimination in the US
    until the 1950s or so (which is when universities like Columbia and Harvard
    stopped OPENLY discriminating against Jews, in some cases only after being
    taken to court!), but rose above it and became enormously successful as a group
    due to superior intelligence and discipline.

    The last thing blacks need to be reminded of is the fact
    that a variety of racial minorities in the United States have been tremendously
    successful, that discrimination is unpleasant, but does not prevent success in
    the long-term.

    My family on both sides lived in New York City for over a
    century, and half of them were Jews.

    Until the black invasion of the 50s, crime was virtually
    nonexistent in New York City by today’s standards, and most of it was centered
    around the Italian Mafia.  

    It is extremely important to recall that New York City had about
     the same population (!!!!) in the 1930s
    and 1940s as it does today, with just a tiny handful of murders each year. The
    level of violence also took an enormous leap upward in the early 60s with the
    Puerto Rican invasion. When I lived in New York in the early 90s, homicides
    topped 2000 per annum, and well over 90% were committed by blacks.

    In other words: the crime rate among white New Yorkers did
    not increase between 1940 in 1990, the roughly hundredfold  (meaning ca 2000 instead of 20 per annum!!) increase
    in murders can be attributed exclusively to blacks (and to a lesser degree, Hispanics).

    Only the mass incarceration of blacks beginning in the early
    90s brought things back under control – a
    measure publicly denounced by New
    York liberals who however secretly rejoiced, of course, being consummate race

    It is important to remember that being mugged didn’t used to
    involve having your head stomped on.

    New Yorkers used to trade mugging stories, it was quite
    common for New Yorkers to have survived 10, 12, 15 muggings and/or burglaries
    and/or purse snatchings without serious, or even any injury.

    Being mugged basically involved having someone stick a knife
    or gun in your face and ask for your wallet.

    Of course many muggings were violent, especially those
    involving blacks, but attacks like the one above were rare.

    Black violence in New York City has been escalating steadily
    for a half-century as the black community deteriorates and degenerates even
    further, and only mass incarceration has kept the numbers down.

    (Of course, massively fraudulent reporting by police
    officials should make us very skeptical about the purported safety of New York
    City these days…)

    Traditionally, the mugger was someone who wants to take your
    money and watch as quickly as possible with as little violence as possible: the
    pleasure of inflicting injury (assuming the perp is a sadist, many are not) must
    be balanced against longer jail terms if you are caught. Violence is
    impractical, a needless luxury, a waste of time, it draws the attention of
    passersby, it motivates the police and the victim to search for the perpetrator,
    it puts people on high alert, encourages them to carry weapons, start
    neighborhood watch groups, etc.

    For professional thieves, gratuitous violence is incredibly

    New York City is an awfully big place, if you grab someone’s
    wallet or handbag, they just shrug it off, and the police pay little attention.

    These are not “muggings” at all, they are racially motivated
    hate crimes.

    Just imagine if these five men were white supremacists and
    had done this to a Jewish or black man.

    International saturation media coverage for weeks on end.

    I believe whites are a different species from the other
    races of humans, not so much because of the incredibly obvious differences in
    mental ability, but because of behavioral differences:

    no other race of humans has ever responded to a concerted
    attempt to violently dominate or exterminate it with this kind of passivity, denial,
    lackadaisical rationalizations, masochism, confusion, treachery toward their
    own, and general fecklessness.

    My theory is borne out by the fact that this kind of ethnomasochism
    does not just prevail in the United States and Canada, but it is pandemic in
    Europe, where the Muslim community has declared open war on whites, but most
    whites have responded by siding with the Muslims against a tiny number of
    whites who speak out against this ongoing war of conquest and genocide.

    Black rage and frustration is pretty easy to understand: in evolutionary
    terms, they are completely maladapted to modern society, and most will fail no
    matter how many opportunities they are offered. It is easier to blame the “white
    oppressor” than to look in the mirror.

    Difficult to explain is the white response to black,
    Hispanic, Muslim terrorism, i.e. one of masochistic surrender.

    This bizarre social pathology remains the core issue.


    • Your post is spot on. Whites have become very submissive and feminine in their habits. Submissive to the point in which they literally lie down and play dead when a African slaps them. I have never understood why this is the case.  I attended a predominantly black school on the Southside of Chicago my Freshman and Sophomore year. I was jumped several times. I was never laid to sleep. Not once, ever would I lay down and play dead. I would always throw as many punches as I could and go for broke.  I don’t say this to try and make myself out to be some internet tough guy.  However I say that only to illustrate that the human body when motivated, can absorb a tremendous amounts of punishment and still function. While this guy in the video may have been KO’d. I suspect many white dudes I see in these various internet videos seem to just lay down and pray for mercy after getting punched. One punch knock outs are not very common. Even when sucker punched, a guy has to know how to leverage his punches to put someone to sleep with one shot.  Most of these videos show a wild African throwing crazy wide looping punches, then the victim lays there motionless (too motionless in many instances if you ask me) while pretending to be sleeping. Truly pathetic display of manhood. It is as though they just decided that fighting back is futile. Where will this end? Hard to say. It depends how much of the U.S. population becomes African. At 12%, blacks probably lack the numbers to wipe out the Euro/American through outright violence. Who knows though. I have watched clips from the Seattle Mardi Gras Riots in which a dozen blacks pummeled randon whites while literally hundreds upon hundreds of young able bodied white males looked at the sky while hiding vehind their girlfriends. 

    • IstvanIN

      the Jews suffered some pretty awful discrimination in the US until the 1950s or so (which is when universities like Columbia and Harvard stopped OPENLY discriminating against Jews, in some cases only after being taken to court!)

      Jews suffered awful discrimination in the US until 1950?  Baloney.  This country was better to Jews than any other place in the world.  And why is not being allowed to go to a PRIVATE college like Harvard or Columbia so awful?  Private people, businesses and institutions SHOULD be allowed to discriminate.  Only the government should have to treat people equally, one set of rules for all (no AA).  The whole “public accommodation” civil rights rules are purely a taking of private property rights by government, as are laws against restrictive covenants.  Unless I actively hurt you, such as beating you up or stealing your property, I should not have to deal with you.  Jews did quite well in this country well before 1950 so I don’t think they suffered too much.  And if things were so bad here why did they keep coming?

      Jews have had a huge disproportionate influence on our government and media for all of the 20th century and into the 2st.  That is fact.  Most of that influence, at least by the Jewish elite, has been used to destroy the white, Christian majority.  The white, Christian majority in this country has been the most self-sacrificing group the world has ever seen.  We have put our own best interests on the back burner to help every disgruntled, hateful and useless group on the face of the earth, all for naught.  We are still blamed for every ill on the face of the earth and every problem every other ethnic group as brought upon themselves.  I, for one, am sick of people like you calling us, and this nation, the bad guys.

      Jewish attorneys destroyed the Girard School in Philadelphia and overturned his will and bequeath.  Where is the “fairness” in taking a dead man’s estate, that he left for the specific purpose of helping poor, white boys, and giving it blacks and browns?  That isn’t what he wanted.

      I would also point out that there would be NO Israel without the United States, who do you think props them up?

      Private discrimination is nothing more than freedom of association, something your people enjoy but do not want for mine.

    • Well, no- regarding ethno-masochism. This is not something “racial”, but reflects the stage of civilization of most white countries. For instance, in Russia and elsewhere, various bands of Muslims or Caucasian gangs have been decimated not only by rival Russian gangs, but through actions of angry citizens. Heck, even dark complexioned people were found, day by day, to float in the Neva river (Leningrad, now St. Petersburg).

      Thanks to media induced paralysis and lack of tribalism in ordered societies, tribal minorities now can behave like self-confident bullies. It was not so some 50 or 100 years ago, remember lynchings etc. So, it’s not that whites are collective cowards, but during past 40-50 years they’ve learned not to resist.

      It’s a learned behavior, brain washing, nothing more.

      • curri

        “Thanks to media induced paralysis and lack of tribalism in ordered societies, tribal minorities now can behave like self-confident bullies. It was not so some 50 or 100 years ago, remember lynchings etc. So, it’s not that whites are collective cowards, but during past 40-50 years they’ve learned not to resist.”

        Whites didn’t have ordered societies until 50 years ago?  Looks like you just threw that in so you wouldn’t be putting the entire blame on the media.  Better explanation (in addition to media) is that non-white tribalism is sponsored by  
        powerful Western states  (e.g., FEDGOV has conviction rate of 98.4%) while white tribalism is condemned by the same states.  Israeli state advocates for strong Jewish identity and  you can see reports of Jewish youth gangs attacking Jerusalem  Arabs over at left-wing Jewish Mondoweiss-though I’m sure it’s a very minor phenomenon compared to abuse of Arabs by IDF and settlers. 

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    For those of you that think jews are white, here are some pictures of women in the IDF.

    Hey Jared, do these look white to you?


    • These are imported Falashas from Ethiopia. Israeli government did it to show “the world” that they are not, eh, “racis”.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I learn a lot about animal behavior from watching these videos.  I actually do things differently, am more alert, take precautions when in “the danger zone”

  • Let’s not waste time on the Jewish question. It’s a hot topic which is, actually, marginal & over which there won’t be agreement in a foreseeable future.

    Real problems are race replacement (Mestizos, Asians) & black savagery.

    • IstvanIN

       The Jews in the US are a real problem because ultimately all their organizations side against America, think SPLC, ADL, and with the others.  And, despite Elitist’s view point, they do have an outsized influence on our society.

    • curri

      The trend (see Merlin Miller and many others) is to call the JQ “Zionism” and then find a surprising number of friendly audiences among non-whites, Muslims and even leftists.   Then -in Europe-there are  other trendies who rally against Muslims but embrace race replacement by black non-Muslims and Hindus. Just about  everyone has become  afraid to mention race replacement .

  • IstvanIN

     I do not hate Jews for their success, in fact I do not hate Jews, but the fact remains Jewish organizations have worked hardest at undermining the US.  They moan about being mistreated but never admit to their own contributions to the opinions about them, rather like blacks.

    As for needing Jewish contributions, the US needed Jews about as much as we needed blacks.  Without blacks the south would have other people to labor in the fields, probably white indentured servants.  Americans of European extraction are pretty darn smart and would have done quite well intellectually without Jews.

    I will keep you and your woes in mind next time I drive past my town hall and county courthouse next month and see a giant menorah but no creche.

  • Just a brief remark.

    I’ve said it’s a learned behavior (not to resist), as others have noted. Only, two observations could be added:

    1. grown up white people, if they’re not punks, do not want to enter into physical altercations after they’re past 25 or so years. Many not out of cowardice, but because it’s inappropriate. A good friend of mine, who was the world vice champion in Kyokushinkai & is now a brigadier general of the police here in Croatia, was attacked-off duty – by 4 punks (all white because there is no diversity here). He’s now 47, and when that happened, he had been 38-40. Well, he knocked them all (two, as I recall, managed to escape and 2 had been TKOed). And yet, my friend was embarrassed because it’s somehow unbecoming for a man in his 40s to engage in street fighting. When these morons insulted him, he tried to disperse the tension, but to no avail. And they attacked him, so he had to fight. But still- it’s something white adults in normal circumstances avoid, even when they’re super- qualified (like he was/is).

    Moral of the story: normal adult whites won’t enter into fist-fight just like that because it’s either juvenile or punk-like. UNLIKE Africans.

    2. this man was attacked by 5 blacks. Hey- five. While I do agree that a man should be prepared to fight in some unexpected circumstances, I don’t see what this guy could have done to preserve his life & health. Better avoid such places & carry a gun.

    At the end- it seems that blacks need to be seriously punished in such situations. Lynching is not possible anymore, but explosion of collective white rage in a few cases would significantly lower black on white crime rate. With police, it’s something impersonal. But, a threatening white mob with 100 rifles is a completely different story.

    • IstvanIN

       You are absolutely right, getting into street fights is considered immature among white adults, both men and women, we have some control, usually, over our emotions.  Blacks seem to just largely react.

    • 5n4k33y35

      White mob violence isn’t the answer. The key is not to grant them the collective victim status they seek. 

      Also, rifles are not the answer. White mobs are not the answer. Individuals carrying pistols are much more effective to repel attacks.

    • Michael C. Scott

      One disappointing thing I’ve noticed about getting older, at age 46 is that it takes quite a bit longer to recover from injuries.  I still look 20 years younger than that, and also feel 20 years younger… right up until I get hurt, and then I’m an unhappy camper.  Avoiding fisticuffs at this age isn’t just about etiquette; it’s also common sense.

    • Dan

      Another thing to consider is that most middle aged White men often times have a lot to lose financially. The typical Black is impulsive and probably has few assets in his life so he can actively engage in violent behavior with little to no consequences, with the sole exception of possible jail time. A White man who seriously injures or kills a Black can lose everything he has worked for his entire life. A good example of this would be Bernard Gates.

      • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

         bernard goetz did not lose everything he is a great hero 1 and 2 he currently operates an  online electronics store vigilante electronics

      • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

         heres bernard goetz store


    White Southern Rednecks are my best allies.

  • curri

    USA is the main enemy of whites worldwide-where do you think all this PC nonsense came from? 

    American Empire ideology:

    Half-Jewish Moldbug is mostly right except when he starts imagining that such a thing as a “red government” (red/blue as in MSM usage) exists in the USA:

  • Dr. Möbias

    Maybe they knew who ran the slave trade.

  • HighandMighty

    Yes, the Firm will most likely be of the same people attacked in this video. How’s that for irony? Some people just refuse to learn, no matter how intelligent they are supposed to be.

  • 5n4k33y35

    It was progressive Jews who encouraged these blacks to be ingrates. Now Orthodox Jews reap the bitter harvest of the racial discord sewn by their non-observant Jewish brethren.

  • Gracchus123

    The black population here is one jaw of the vice to be used to crush us, that’s why. 

    Sometimes it’s good to step back and try to bring into focus the big picture.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I thought Orthodox Jews wear black coats, pants and those big black hats? 

  • The Hasidim don’t exactly have the best reputation in NYC or in Israel.  If you remember- there  there was an organ-trafficking operation discovered in New Joyzie a couple of years ago- which consisted of a mix of Sephardic and Hasidic Jews.  Feel free to google the terms scam, embezzlement, hassidic, hasidim, new york — and get ready for a few evenings of interesting reading.  Their theology/mysticism is based on their interpretation of the Tanya- a collection of Kabbalah-inspired writings by Rav Schneur Zalman of Lyadi. Another gold mine of mischief can be discovered at a website called FAILEDMESSIAH.  Just Google and enjoy!

  • FAILEDMESSIAH can be found here:

  • C_C_Conrad

     I wonder how a pro-white person can find proof of this?! 

  • redfeathers

    I’m in Queens, NY and have been watching the coverage or listening on a battery operated radio since the storm began.  I didn’t see or hear ONE mention of looting.  And I’m not surprised. 

  • AintNoGood

    I’m not even slightly shocked.

  • Romney at the Al Smith dinner, on the reasons he did so well at the first debate:

    “It took a lot of preparation.  First, abstain from alcohol for 65 years….”  (laughs)

    That’s why he’s 65 and really doesn’t look a day over 50, unless he’s Botoxing some, which wouldn’t surprise me.  That and his circumstance meant that he never had that much real adversity (or diversity) to deal with.

    And he at 65 doesn’t look that much older than me at 35.

  • Ask yourself:

    Cui bono if the internet is censored?
    We all think usual suspects here in AR, the A and J and S and poverty and defamation alphabet gang.
    The real answer:RIAA, MPAA, BSA, and various other copywrong extremists.  Every real piece of legislation that had legs to censor the internet had/has the copywrong extremists, not the poverty/defamation cabal, behind it.

  • Gary Jenkins

    Dr. David Duke would strongly disagree.

  • ageofknowledge

    Feral blacks are worse than hyenas.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent
  • Bob

    Instead of talking Philosophy and Politics, perhaps people should be talking about Fighting? Tactics and strategies? Watching the video closely, it appears the attacker actually trips the victim with his right foot. He actually kicks his right leg out and into the victims left lower leg and trips him. Then another attacker appears from nowhere and punches him down. The victim is completely oblivious to his surroundings or the possibility that he could be attacked. I remember living in large cities, mostly New York, when younger, and I was always hyper alert, carefully watching far ahead of me and to all sides. I was always ready to react quickly and evade or fight depending on what was needed. I never would have casually walked past anyone, always leaving a large defensible space around me for maneuvering. Awareness that each and every person coming at you may be an attacker and avoidance is the first defense. A sudden burst of intense violence properly directed can deter many attackers. For those of us who are older, other techniques and tools can be of help. A 4 oz. canister of Fox brand pepper spray with a Fogmaster top is very effective weapon that is instantly deployable, effective and can’t land you in court like a firearm can. It it’s rainy or windy, you need other tools available, although pepper spray can still be deployed at close range. A hidden canister suddenly unloaded a foot away from an attackers face will work in any weather. A short bladed folding knife, kept sharp, can be a vicious weapon when wielded in a sudden fashion, plunged into just the right vulnerable area. Carrying a long metal Maglite conveys the possibility you may not be an easy target and it’s 17000 candlepower beam can blind an attacker before the butt end shatters his skull. A baseball bat held over the shoulder in a high and ready grip also conveys a message of possible deadly resistance and is indeed a fearsome weapon if wielded properly, yet carrying one is perfectly legal, especially if you have a ball on your person too.  Having a number of weapons, including a firearm, gives you different levels of power and tactics to choose from, just as a police officer has. Minimal practice and some careful forethought should greatly add to safety and the ability to fight back. Different weapons for different environments and situations. We all have a duty to fight back against the bullies and thugs of any race. To fail to do so encourages them to go on to the next victim. It is interesting to note that it is very rare to read reports of any of the millions of conceal carry permit holders finding themselves in situations like this news report. I think that may be because if they are aware enough to carry a firearm, they are also aware enough to avoid danger in the first place.