Posted on November 20, 2012

Is This the Most Brutal Thug in Britain? Sickening CCTV Shows the Moment Girl, 16, Is Punched So Hard from Behind by Total Stranger She Is Knocked out Cold

Martin Robinson, Daily Mail (London), November 20, 2012

This is the shocking moment a 16-year-old girl was beaten unconscious and fell headfirst onto the pavement after a thug ran up from behind and knocked her out cold.

The teenager, whose face has been blurred to protect her identity, was innocently walking along the the road in Plaistow, east London, last Tuesday when she was savagely attacked in broad daylight.

At just after 12.30pm the thug is shown running up behind the teenager and taking a massive swing with his right fist, causing the teen to black out instantly and crash to the ground.

He then turns and runs off, leaving the 16-year-old smartly dressed girl lying unconscious on the pavement.
Police today released the footage as officers try to trace the vile thug, who attacked the girl just outside the Black Lion pub on Plaistow High Street.

The teen was taken to Newham General Hospital with bruising and cuts to her head and face, but was released the same day after a series of tests.

The suspect is described by police ‘muscularly built’ black male with a shaven head and around 6ft tall and police say he followed the girl from her home – around one-third of a mile away from where the attack took place.

They said he was wearing baseball jacket and jeans and is aged between 25 and 30.