Censorship by Race

M. Catharine Evans, American Thinker, November 27, 2012

Letting four Americans die as a live feed plays the murders out in real time is about as bad as it gets for a sitting American President. But not Obama. He had UN Ambassador Susan Rice hit the Sunday news shows after the Benghazi terrorist attack. She was the perfect choice; black and female.

Americans are used to higher-ups in the political arena sending their minions out when an unstable situation devolves into chaos. But when members of this administration watched for 7 hours as our people were brutally murdered and did nothing to help, even denying repeated requests for help, Clinton or Panetta wouldn’t do. Too white. The quickest way to stop all the tough questions was to make Rice a victim of racism.

When Lindsay Graham and John McCain dared to criticize Rice’s five different appearances on Sunday talk shows following the Benghazi massacre where she blamed it on a “hateful video,” references to poor Susan’s skin color and gender quickly shut them down.

This kind of race-baiting censorship is at the heart of why Obama gets away with scandal after scandal. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, said as much when asked during a 2011 hearing why he would not bring charges against the club-wielding Black Panthers; the ones who intimidated voters outside a polling station in 2008.

When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia-which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people,” said Holder, who is black.

Now it’s Rice. Suddenly she’s in the hot seat and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is out in force; the same CBC which declined to invoke the race excuse to defend Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice against charges of being “war criminals.” When it came to an Obama stooge, they were on the hunt smelling racism a mile away.

When certain individuals in the CBC were asked about their criticism of fellow blacks during the Bush administration, CBC members implied Powell and C. Rice were not really black because they were serving in a Republican Administration. Not black enough? Maybe they weren’t Marxist enough.

In 2002 Harry Belafonte, a friend of the CBC, as well as Hugo Chavez, suggested Bush’s Secretary of State Colin Powell was a traitor to African-Americans and guilty of “race treason.” National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice didn’t fare much better when Belafonte likened the Bush official to a Jew “doing things that were anti-Semitic and against the best interests of her people.”

As Susan Rice makes her rounds on Capitol Hill in anticipation of her nomination hearings for Secretary of State, Republicans are said to be softening their stance. The consensus is she was just going on the information given to her by other sources; that all this attention on Rice and race is distracting from uncovering the truth about Benghazi. So the rabid Obama media not only sets the diversion up, it gets to tell us when we need to let it go and move on.

Rice for all intents and purposes is Benghazi. Rice, a 20-year political insider, agreed to go on national television talking about some lame video as the reason people died. Insisting she was just reading a script given to her by someone else or just following orders won’t fly. As a UN ambassador she was hardly relevant to the situation; she could have said, “send Hillary” but she didn’t.

Now that Rice has become the face of Benghazi the Republicans should make the most of it. From the get-go Obama has sent his goons out to promote Censorship by Race while he stays above it all. When is enough enough?

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  • Why Susan Rice? Why is Obama and why are the Democrats so willing to go to the wall to defend her? Why are they acting like she is the only possible person who can be Secretary of State?

    Answer: I think they know she knows where skeletons are buried. That’s why Obama kept Eric Holder.

    • razorrare

      Any black will do…

    • They want to see just how powerful the race card is in protecting an incompetent Bantu.

      • I thought that’s what the reelection of BO was about.

    • dd121

      I think you’re wrong. They have the arrogance that comes with knowing that we now have a one-party system and they are accountable to no one. They know the press will always spin their way thus making the Republicans impotent. When they make her Secretary of State, that will be their in-your-face moment. Obama loves Holder. He’s their perfect marxist golden boy.

      • Sloppo

        We have effectively had a one party system for many years because the same group of people own both parties. It has become more blatant now though because those in power no longer have to pretend that we have two parties.

        • JohnEngelman

          As long as unlimited corporate funding of campaign adds is allowed the corporate establishment will have power far out of proportion to its numbers in the population.

      • However, who but an extreme left winger would Obama appoint to any of these crucial cabinet positions? My point is that he seemingly has to have Eric Holder or Susan Rice-a-Roni to a man or woman, no other human being, in fact, no other person in Obama’s stable of neo-Marxists will suffice. There has to be a reason for that.

        I’m starting to warm up to the theory floated above that this is an acid test to see how far the race card can be played.

        • dd121

          Thank you QD. Since posting on this site as “dd” I’ve always appreciated your perspective. No matter how left-wing Obama is, the American electorate seem okay with it. Sad.

  • I say, “Why not?” The tactics of the Democratic Party are obviously working extreeeemly well. The typical clueless white Obamaphile can’t even name the vice president, the current Secretary of State, and do not know who this Rice character is.
    What exactly are the republicans doing? John McCain? Really?

  • I have to agree. Blacks are just incompetent in most everything they put their hand to. So it’s correct not to criticize them. It’s whomsoever puts them in a position of authority or responsibility who deserves the criticism.

    • ed91

      they seem to be pretty good at running and jumping……

      at least that ‘talented tenth’ or top part………..

    • [Guest]

      Yes, but 1) more and more often it’s incompetent nonwhites who are putting incompetent nonwhites into positions of authority and responsibility and 2) as white men toddle off into irrelevance, competence will be continually redefined downward until abject dunderheadedness qualifies as brilliance.

      What we’re dealing with is religious fervor. Nonwhites have become gods, and blacks are the chief gods in the pantheon. White people, and particularly white men, are the devil.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Her hair always looks dirty. *snark*

  • RisingReich

    This ‘country’ is doomed. This level of total disregard for half the public’s viewpoint won’t last. Every way you look at it, the ‘country’ can’t sustain it’s current trajectory.

    McCain and Lindsay. God, what a motley crew. Hard to understand how people keep ‘voting’ for these self absorbed buffoons.

  • I like what my senator Bob Corker said that Rice is more competent to be head of the DNC than Secretary of State.

  • IKantunderstand

    Literally, my head is going to explode. Rice is an incompetent. The truth of the matter is this: Any Black who has a scintilla of intellegence will be promoted way beyond their capabilities .Period. This country is turning into a has been. For example: my local news has multitudinous minorities working at the local news. The on air spelling mistakes are astronomical! the misnaming of on screen people is appalling, the entire standards of which this country were legitemaly proud, has sunk to levels of incompetency the likes of which we have never seen before. Not recovering from hurricane Sandy fast enough? Hire White people. Oh, you can’t? You need to hire unqualified stupid minorities to get the job done? No wonder the East Coast is still screwed. This country once had standards. Noble standards. Standards of perfection! Standards of honesty! Standards of acceptable behavior, you know, women did not give birth to a child without benefit of marriage.And, you know what? I’m tired of the electrical outages, that I experience on a regular basis, for NO APPARENT REASON! Our country has gone INSANE!!!! I’m not making this up: At my local grocery store, they now have retards, (oh, by the way, you all can call them whatever you want) who corral the shopping carts, but have a normal person supervising them. This country has gone overboard, trying to right the wrongs of the centuries of human experience. No mas. Has the United States of America become the new “Jesus Christ”? The nation who must be sacrificed/ And die for every nations ‘s sins? It looks that way. WANIKA.

    • “At my local grocery store, they now have retards, (oh, by the way, you all can call them whatever you want) who corral the shopping carts, but have a normal person supervising them.”

      At least retards will work for a living and earn their keep, bubba. You would rather they just swipe an ebt card instead?

      • kjh64

        That’s what I say. People who are mentally impaired can’t help it. Political correctness is one thing and applies to people who can help it. However, the mentally challenged can’t, so I don’t believe in disrespecting someone with a disability by called them a retard. There is a difference between PC and just being insensitive and rude. As was said, at least the mentally retarded work and try to do as well as their abilities allow and most can do simple jobs. They don’t swipe EBT cards or have their hands out wanting something for nothing.

      • The point here is that retarded people will actually do the job. If you hire a “normal” young man to do it, he’ll take the job, but the lot will be filled with shopping carts not brought in. There’s joke about our young men. it goes like this – There was a report of a young guy who was so lazy, he married a pregnant woman. That about says it all.

    • ed91

      hell, obama is incompetent…… so is biden……..etc etc

      hey wait, isn’t incompetent code for something?

    • saxonsun

      I’m shocked when I see white newspeople here in NYC–that’s how bad it has gotten. We see blacks, browns, yellows, indians, muslims all the time. It is as if whites have ceased to exist here.

    • me


      Having worked with the mentally disabled, and having an uncle who was mentally disabled, is to be aware that they can be just as lazy, nasty, and hard to deal with as any other person. Any criticism of someone who has been ‘classified’ as mentallly incompetent is always met with derision, mostly by people who have no idea… So, in the name of ‘political correctness’, these companies have to hire TWO people and pay TWO salaries for the ONE job. Another delusion of our modern times. Just as two ‘normally intelligent’ people have different levels of competence, so do the ‘developmentally disabled’. They also have their own unique character flaws, skills, beliefs, etc. To make them into ‘angels’ does them a disservice, as does having to coach them every step of the way to perform the most menial of tasks. The solution isn’t to place them into public jobs where they aren’t capable (and unhappy because of it)–the solution is to place them in jobs where they’d be most happy and comfortable. Most of these places are jobsites where they are surrounded by their peers; and where the supervisors are professionals who understand their limitations and behavioral problems. (Boy, you could say the same about another group of people…)

      • I understand where you are coming from; I have worked with the mentally handicapped. Understand something, though–it is legal to pay retarded citizens by the “piece.” It is the only cost effective way to get them work in a lot of instances, and for the company to still make a profit in paying them for the work produced. Imagine if we had the same standards for a certain group that swipes ebt cards. As for them being nasty–I have never met a retarded person who was nasty to me, but I will allow that it is possible. I do meet nasty “democrats” on a daily basis, however.

    • Liberalsuck

      I agree with your points, but lay off the mentally disabled. They can’t help it and that’s cruel to insult them. They aren’t turning your neighborhoods into crime or beating people to death. Most of them would have nobody to take care of them if they didn’t have any parents or siblings around.

  • She [Susan Rice] was the perfect choice; black and female.

    If she were lesbian and in a wheelchair, they’d now be putting her up for canonization.

  • Kinda like how dhimmis aren’t allowed to criticize muslims, eh?


    Bork her.

  • John

    If you are half Eskimo and half Australian Aborigine, then what are you? Are you an Eskimo? No. Are you an Aborigine? Of course not. You are mixed, half and half. Using the same undeniable logic, I do not see any black people in the Obama administration. Obama is half white, but his acolytes Susan Rice, Eric Holder, and Valarie Jarrett all have more white ancestry than he does.
    I don’t understand how you can call these people members of the black race, and how can anyone claim that there likely-above-100-I.Q.’s are a result of their partial black ancestry?
    By picking all these mixed-race people to surround him, he is acknowledging that real black people are just not up the job. I guess that Obama’s motto is, “…If you are brown, stick around…”