Asian Americans Enjoy Greater Representation in Congress

Anh Do, Los Angeles Times, November 19, 2012

In the days after the election, inner-city schoolteacher Mark Takano flew to Washington, picked up his laptop, office key, voting ID and posed for photos with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—all part of the orientation drill for an incoming member of the 113th Congress.

Going from a bipartisan reception to touring the marbled halls of the Capitol, a thought swirled through Takano’s head.

“The thrill of being elected to higher office comes with a responsibility to represent the least of us,” he said. “I feel a real need to work toward equality and dignity for all people.”

Takano, 51, born and raised in Riverside, is the first openly gay Asian American elected to Congress and part of the new wave of Asian politicians savoring election day success.

Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is the first American Samoan in Congress, Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) will be the first Asian American woman in the U.S. Senate, and Democrats Tammy Duckworth and Grace Meng become the first Asian Americans to represent Illinois and New York, respectively, in Congress.

With Dr. Ami Bera’s victory over GOP veteran Dan Lungren in California’s 7th District, there will be a dozen Asian Americans in Congress when they are sworn in Jan. 3, a high-water mark, forming the largest caucus of Asian American and Pacific Islander members in any single congressional session, according to the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies.


Even with election triumphs, Bhojwani said Latinos and Asians—who make up a combined 22% of the nation’s population—should do far better than they do. Numerically, there should be 31 Asians in Congress, instead of 12, and 86 Latinos instead of the current 31, she said.


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  • StillModerated

    White diversity is obviously not OK. Eventually we’ll get to be German Americans, Celtic Americans, Iberian Americans, Mediterranean Americans, Slavic …. For Pete’s sake, enough of this goofy tomfoolery!

  • redfeathers

    Lucky me, Grace Meng is my new Representative.

    • The__Bobster

      Any relation to this Meng?

      Former NY Assemblyman Jimmy Meng to plead guilty to charges stemming from federal bribery case
      Last Updated: 9:12 AM, November 14, 2012
      Posted: 9:12 AM, November 14, 2012

      The first Asian-American elected to New York’s state legislature is scheduled to plead guilty this afternoon to charges stemming from a federal bribery case, sources told The Post.

      Former state Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, 68, had promised to pay off Manhattan prosecutors who were pursuing a tax fraud case against a Meng associate, the feds say.Meng — who represented Flushing from 2005 to 2006 — solicited $80,000 in bribes from the associate while promising he could make the case disappear, officials said.

      Brooklyn federal prosecutors say that Meng directed the man to place $80,000 in cash into a fruit basket that Meng would send someone to collect.

      • redfeathers

        Yes, he’s her father. He plead guilty AFTER the election. She refused to say if he helped raise money for the campaign. Meng’s opponent, Dan Halloran, was defeated 2-1. There are very few Americans left in my neighborhood.

  • Guest

    I GUARANTEE that if there were a few more Filipinos, Indonesians, Cambodians, Costa Ricans, and Salvadorans the economy would turn around.

  • Smeagol2

    I GUARANTEE that if there were a few more Filipinos, Indonesians, Cambodians, Costa Ricans, and Salvadorans in Congress the economy would turn around.

  • nathan wartooth

    Because of terms like “minority” and “people of color” they have created a coalition of people with an us versus them mentality.

    With all of them (non whites) versus whites. This is why Asians voted 70% for Obama. It wasn’t for his policies it was part of the non White coalition.

    Even though Asians make more money on average and do better in just about everything they will push for affirmative action for them as soon as they get enough power. They see the advantages that the other non whites are getting and asking themselves “why not us?”.

    East Asians are the closest to Whites out of all of the races in IQ and temperament, yet they still choose non whites over Whites. This proves how dangerous multiculturalism is and how even my favorite non White group can sadly not live among us.

    • crystal evans

      I can see Asians pushing for AA in employment but as far as entry into colleges and professional schools, they and whites are often bypassed for lower performing Blacks and Hispanics. Why should schools accept students who do not have the academic skills to make it? I could care less if the majority of colleges are strictly white and Asian. A good portion of the Asians are foreign students. These students pay higher tuition than state residents, which is why colleges court them.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, Asians will almost always push for AA in employment and vote for the non-White because they too have been brainwashed into viewing the White man as evil. Although I have greater respect for Asians (specifically East Asians) than for other races or groups of people, I am under no delusion that they will ultimately promote and defend the American constitution or the founding principles of this country. Such concepts are foreign to the vast majority of them, and their ethnic and cultural roots are grounded in the countries they come from. I don’t condemn them for this, but we must recognize that ‘American values and culture’ (so to speak) are distinctly White and European in nature.

      • Caracal

        Stop defending and associating your foreign fellow mongols with Whites at every opportunity when this article is specifically here to demonstrate the opposite.

        Nobody cares that asians are bypassed by blacks and hispanics for college, especially when they already get plenty of AA in employment, government contracts, and their current mass migration is contributing to the displacement of White Americans just the same:

        Asians in the US now surpass Hispanics:

        Your fellow mongols are not White, and nothing but an overwhelming majority of post-1965 late comers whose ancestors did not found, built, nor fought for the US like Whites. Furthermore, mongols did not establish our public education nor the American university system, and you guys are certainly not entitled to complain about being “bypassed” like us Whites are in our own country>/b>.

        You’re not one of us, and never will be. Asia is for asians and White America is for White Americans !

        • crystal evans

          But not all of us came after 1965. My grandparents came to Hawaii to work the sugar plantations in the early 1900’s. Japanese Americans, of which I am one, are the most assimilated Asian group. Mark Takano and Maizie Hirono are of Japanese American descent.

      • Greg Thomas

        Who cares if asians are discriminated against, as this is not their country. If I had my way, we would allow ZERO asian exchange students into this country. Let them go to school in asia. Moreover, you prove the point by defending asians that they will always align to the detriment of Whites

        BTW… Aren’t you asian?

        • crystal evans

          That is not going to happen. Asian students, especially Chinese students pay full tuition at American colleges in cash. Struggling states, especially California welcome their enrollment.

          • Greg Thomas

            Yes, there areplenty who have sold out this country to asians, including academic institutions.

  • Greg Thomas

    In the days after the election, inner-city schoolteacher Mark Takano flew to Washington, picked up his laptop, office key, voting ID and posed for photos with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—all part of the orientation drill for an incoming member of the 113th Congress.

    “Voting ID?” Why does Congress require a voting ID when they refuse to protect the rest of us with such measures?

  • kenfrombayside

    For those who oppose massive legal and illegal third immigration and, above all else, the changing demographics, you will have to speak out loudly: join an immigration reform group, like FAIR (strength thru numbers); when you get a political fundraising letter, return it, with no money, and state your opposition to the immigration tragedy; call a radio talk show to let thousands of listeners know we exist; write/e-mail your local newspapers to express your opinion (so far, three item were printed in The York Post); and, finally, fax your rep in congress. I am sure they delete e-mails concerning this subject very quickly. More can be done on this front. Do your own gardening; don’t go to restaurants. You would be amazed at how money you save. PLEASE FORWARD THIS!!