9 Alleged Gang Members Indicted in DC Beatings

Matt Ackland, My Fox DC, November 15, 2012

Authorities announced the arrest of nine gang members who are accused of terrorizing residents over the last year in DC and Montgomery County.

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier and members of the U.S Attorney’s office announced eight men and one woman have been indicted on conspiracy and other charges connected to robberies and beatings throughout the District of Columbia. Lanier said victims from some of the attacks were left with broken jaws, broken teeth, and some had to be hospitalized.

Lanier says the gang that was called “Show out” carried out crimes in Chinatown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and Bloomingdale.


[Editor’s Note: The Washington Post points out that one “hate crime” attack was against a Hispanic bum and a video from the Washington, DC, ABC affiliate contains footage of some Show Out members who all appear to be black.]

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  • MekongDelta69

    I’m looking for the word, “black” in the original article.
    Still looking…
    Nope. Don’t see it.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    Michael Lieto a beautiful white 21 year old man was murdered by
    Aaron Powell, 21, a BLACK man with an extensive criminal history in East Haven, CT this week. The BLACK criminal stabbed Michael to death.
    We have lost another white male this week to a hateful black man. Please send your thoughts and prayers to this family who is suffering a tragic loss/

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The US attorney’s office is handling the case, which means it is federal. No parole for these nine numbskulls!

    • brian

      I just wish they’d start using Terrorism laws against the Domestic Terrorists in our midst.

      • StillModerated

        Eric Holder and his gay Hitler mustache have said they’re not getting enough money to do their job.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        They certainly could if they wanted to. It seems to me that the whole point of administering savage beatings to random whites is to sow terror among the targeted population.

        Since this was a gang doing it, they could be charged under the RICO laws as well.

  • Oil Can Harry

    How dare the editor refer to one of the victims as a “Hispanic bum”. Such political incorrectness!
    He should properly be termed a homeless undocumented worker.

    • Granny Grunch


  • RJSNS16

    Black-on-white violent crime and anti-white media bias is a major way to wake up whites.

    I urge all Amren’ers to bookmark this website for future reference
    encourage friends to share this FBI website with others:


    Very easy-to-run reports by different categories, so I plugged in 2006-2010 (most recent available)
    —SOLVED murders committed by black males 12-24
    —total SOLVED murder victims of all races

    Black males ages 12-24 (about 1% of US population) committed anywhere from 19-22% of all US murders! Factor in UNSOLVED and the % is higher.

    Newspaper editors and comment sections should be relentlessly pressured with this black-on-white carnage ignored by the anti-white media.

    • StillModerated

      Fantastic website! I bookmarked it.

  • RJSNS16

    Why is there NO media focus on the staggering level of black-on-white violent mob attacks sweeping the US?

    (“Knockout King”, “Polar Bear Hunting”, etc…Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.)

    Instead the anti-white media desperately cling to isolated cases of white-on-black violent crime? (James Byrd, Travon Martin, Duke LaCrosse)

    It’s sickening.

    • IstvanIN

      We don’t have civil rights and therefore do not count.

    • toldev

      There probably is some anti-white bias in that and part of it probably just reflects the reality of the color of crime. What I mean is that the media doesn’t report every day occurrences, but makes a big deal out of it when something unusual happens.

      Take for example the Duke Lacrosse case. On any given day, a little over 100 white women are raped by black men. It is so common anymore that it is not even news worthy as far as the mainstream media are concerned. On the other hand, entire years go by without a black woman being raped by a white man. So when a black woman accuses some white men of raping her, the media are going to make a big deal out of it because it is such an unusual occurrence.

      • IstvanIN

        You are very naive if you do not think something more insidious is going on. The MSM doesn’t want us to know what is being done to us until it is too late to escape the final assault.

        • The__Bobster

          True. Even when they do report crimes, they try to omit the race of Bantu perps.

          • Does Bantu mean negro? (being a polite smartass).

        • toldev

          I am not saying that there is not an anti-white bias in the media, just that there are other factors as well.

          • Gracchus123

            Please explain some of the other factors.

    • Daisy

      Excuse me, but Trayvon Martin was not a victim of ‘white-on-black’ crime. Have you looked at George Zimmerman, the accused? He is obviously hispanic, not white. Further, the physical evidence (not to mention that in Martin’s history both unsealed and soon-to-be-unsealed by the defense) clearly reflects that Martin was the true aggressor. Zimmerman merely attempted to surveil Martin from a distance; Martin chose to attack Zimmerman and beat him.

      The Duke Lacrosse team players did not rape the stripper who accused them either; she’s subsequently been found guilty of at least one felony.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The stripper, Crystal Magnum had a felony prior: Grand Theft Auto (theft of an ambulance… er… “bambalamps”) Magnum skated on arson in an occupied dwelling, but eventually stabbed one of her now ex-boyfriends to death.

        I guess you could call murder a “felony”, but isn’t that gilding the lily?

    • Angry White Woman

      Last time I looked, “bums” weren’t “workers” of any type…..

  • RJSNS16

    Black-on-white violent mob attacks are also occurring all across the country (Baltimore, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Chicago, St Louis, Iowa, Wisconsin etc…polar bear hunting, Knockout King, etc)

    All we get is silence from the corrupt anti-white media.

    Yet when it came to James Byrd, Duke LaCrosse, Travon Martin, the corrupt anti-white media had no trouble shifting into overdrive to push their narrative.

    It’s sickening.

  • pcmustgo

    It never failed to amaze me how many of the blacks I have met in life had VIOLENCE within their families and backgrounds- someone murdered there, another gunned down there (these were black on black crimes), the other brother was murdered too, the father as well, on and on.

    • Since a lot of blacks have had violence in their family in terms of being victims, it’s not hard to see that a lot of blacks have had violence in their lives in terms of being perpetrators. Sometimes, those venn diagrams cross. And now you know why blacks on juries are so lenient toward black defendants, because it might as well be their relative.

      • IstvanIN

        Might be their relative is a truer statement then you realize since there is so much illegitimacy in the black community and so much interbreeding with women having multiple children by different men, some of whom they barely know. They are no doubt a very inbred group.

        • SLCain

          A story from the one time I was on jury duty: It was during Voir Dire. The defendent was black, as was his not-present (skipped bail) accomplice. They were up on charges of armed robbery (whether they did or did not have a gun wasn’t clear, but they used the threat of having a gun). The judge asked if any one needed to be excused from serving on the jury because any party in the proceedings was known to him. A young black woman raised her hand – she was the defendent’s cousin.

          By the way, these criminal geniuses were apprehended on the interstate when they ran out of gas after fleeing the gas-station they had just robbed. A state trooper pulled over to offer assistance, and noticed that they had a half-dozen or so wallets laying on their back seat.

          • Missouri Revised Statutes
            Chapter 569
            Robbery, Arson, Burglary and Related Offenses
            Section 569.020

            August 28, 2012

            Robbery in the first degree.

            569.020. 1. A person commits the crime of robbery in the first degree when he forcibly steals property and in the course thereof he, or another participant in the crime,

            (1) Causes serious physical injury to any person; or

            (2) Is armed with a deadly weapon; or

            (3) Uses or threatens the immediate use of a dangerous instrument against any person; or

            (4) Displays or threatens the use of what appears to be a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

            2. Robbery in the first degree is a class A felony.

            As you can see from (3) and (4), you don’t have to have a gun literally to commit armed robbery (see the laws of your own state). You just have to make a serious enough threat that you do that the average person interprets your threat to mean that you have a deadly weapon (“deadly weapon” is defined legally in most states), or you have to display an actual or implied instrument that an average person would perceive and interpret as a deadly weapon.

            A local Bellcurvius got a 25 year bid in Jefferson City awhile back for robbing a bank because he fashioned his thumb and index finger in a “pretend” gun and hid that in the front unipocket of his hoodie sweater and made that motion toward the bank teller. Needless to say, he had a rap sheet even before then.

            As for VD in JD, my favorite is when the ombudsman instructs all people who have been convicted of a felony crime to leave. Blacks get up and make tracks out of the room as if a watermelon truck made a last call.

          • SLCain

            Yes, that was explained to us by the judge. Still in all, I would hope that the law would go easier on felons who only pretend to have a weapon. I’m not particularly concerned with the fate of the felon, it is better for society if criminals have an incentive to only pretend to be armed, rather than to really arm themselves – it would result in fewer people getting hurt.

          • Is there latitude for slightly reduced punishments for pretend guns than real guns? A Class A felony in Missouri has a maximum punishment but really no minimum punishment. But the point in having a moral equivalency for pretend guns and real guns is because it’s just as terrifying for the victims.

          • SLCain

            “But the point in having a moral equivalency for pretend guns and real guns is because it’s just as terrifying for the victims.”

            It is true that, real gun or not, the victims will be just as terrified. But they will not end up dead if the criminal only has a fake gun or no gun (barring a heart-attack, and if that happens, sure, throw the book at the creep). That is a desirable outcome. And sentencing should be conducted in such a way so as to achieve the most desirable outcome for law-abiding society. I realize that criminals are not, on average, a very bright bunch. They may not be as good at weighing incentives as we are, but they still do weigh incentives to some degree. If they are already committing crimes, they should be incentivized to at least carry out that criminal activity in a way that causes the least harm. That is why I am against the moral equivalency that you mentioned. Mind you, what I describe need not be encoded in law – it could be left up to the discretion of the judge (that’s why judges were granted discretion in the first place, before soft-headed liberal judges ruined it). Think of it this way: If, overnight, every criminal who committed armed robbery only had a toy gun or an extended finger in his coat pocket, that would be better for everyone, wouldn’t it?

            By the same token, I think the death penalty is absolutely necessary as a punishment for murder, again, in order to provide the necessary incentives.

          • See my last blog post. South Dakota, 135 pounds of marijuana, ten months, now wants to change his name.

          • As for VD in JD, my favorite is when the ombudsman instructs all people who have been convicted of a felony crime to leave. Blacks get up and make tracks out of the room as if a watermelon truck made a last call.

            Laughing my ass off.

    • IstvanIN

      I have had the same experience. They seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in court over everything.

  • ageofknowledge

    Innocent taxpayers will be victimized again as many millions of their dollars are confiscated by the government to try and incarcerate the perps.

  • StillModerated

    Meanwhile, a woman principal at an under-performing DC High school, gets involved in a parking lot beatdown and chimpout:


    The loonies are running (ruining) the asylum. North AmeriKwa is doomed.



    • Michael_C_Scott

      Australian aboriginees are really a fourth race, having split off 50,000 years ago.

  • Mark Tenney

    The Sons of Obama expand their reach in DC into White areas. This is Woodley Park metro. This is in a trendy White area. It is only a few blocks to Sidwell Friends. That is how close in this is. 1.9 miles from Woodley Park Metro to Sidwell Friends on Google maps: