Survey: Religiously Unaffiliated, Minority Christians Propelled Obama’s Victory

Dan Merica, CNN, November 15, 2012

President Barack Obama’s victory relied largely on two dramatically different religious coalitions—minority Christians and those with no religion—according to a survey released Thursday.

“This presidential election is the last in which a white Christian strategy will be considered a plausible path to victory,” said Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, which conducted the survey. “The American religious and ethnic landscape is becoming increasingly diverse, and any campaigns relying on outdated maps are destined to lose their way.”

One-in-four Obama voters were religiously unaffiliated, the second-largest “religious” demographic in the president’s coalition, according to the study (PDF). Minority Christians—consisting of black, Asian, Hispanic and mixed-race Americansmade up 31% of Obama’s coalition, the largest religious group.

Among major religious demographics, Obama struggled most with white Christians, including Catholics, mainline Protestants and evangelical Protestants. When these three groups were added up, they accounted for just 35% of Obama’s religious coalition. In comparison, Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s coalition was overwhelmingly white and Christian, with 79% of Romney voters identifying as such.

The Public Religion Research Institute numbers flesh out exit polls released after Election Day. According to those numbers, 70% of the religiously unaffiliated supported Obama, compared with 26% who backed Romney. Ninety-five percent of black Protestants voted for Obama, according to the exit polls, while 75% of Hispanic Catholics supported the president.

Romney, according to the exit polls, overwhelmingly won white evangelical Christians (79% voted for him) and white Catholics (59% voted for him).



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  • You Are Now Enriched

    Black Protestants have no trouble mixing God the Father with Frederick Douglas, Mother Mary with Rosa Parks, Jesus Christ with St. MLK, and the Holy Spirit with Hussein Obama.

    When given over to Diversity, the Protestant faith, a creation of Martin Luther, a leading White German, becomes just another gibbs me dat voodoo fetisch race racket.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      ” . . . the Protestant faith,. . . becomes just another gibbs me dat voodoo fetisch race racket…”

      Which, we (who actually are adherents to the Christian faith), understand is a false religion leading to the gates of Hell for ALL who practice it, no matter the race.

      • OlderWoman

        I am white and I am a Christian Protestant in a church which is not politically correct. In my past stupidity, I attended black protestant churches. They are all for social justice which is truly against Christ’s teachings. They also teach they are the true Israelites and are God’s Chosen People. These people organize in their churches, but Monday through Saturday they live lives far from what the Bible teaches. Their gibs me dat entitlement is contrary to scripture as they use the law to achieve their means because the New Testament frowns on taking people to court. These are silly people, cowardly, childish and brainwashed by Afrocentrism and false history. That they make such unreasonable and noisy claims to get what they want is solid proof that they don’t lead Biblical lives.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          They are mostly children in their intelligence levels, and would have been far better off left undisturbed in their primitive habitats. There, IMHO, God could have dealt with them in the way He sees fit in His time. It is analogous to the giving of modern weapons to savages. They have not evolved to a level where they could completely understand the ramifications of using “firesticks” as can those who invented them.

        • Anon 12

          They also teach they are the true Israelites and are God’s Chosen People

          The Caucasian race are the true Israelites. Doesn’t take a genius to read all the truths of this throughout the Bible.

        • They can be taught to live within the Law and not much else. In modern times, they are taught not only to disregard the Law of God, but are encouraged (by anti-white “christian” communists, and the black demagogues they promote) to pursue the fight for “social justice” to the end.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        “Heaven will be segregated, otherwise, it couldn’t be heavenly for the White community.”

  • EndTimesComing

    I’m perplexed how the group of people with NO faith or religious affiliation becomes a religious group and part of a religious coalition? Only in the world of the anti-christ could this be possible. Perhaps it would be easier to understand if we admitted that the American Baptist Church and the black protestant churches are NOT churches, do NOT believe in Christ or the bible per se, but subscribe to the non-Christian dogma of black liberation theology and black social theology. Then you’d pretty much be saying that the anti-christs now outnumber the Christians. And that would make sense. Given who they voted for.

    • Blacks…and theology ? Don’t make me laugh, please …

      • Sherman_McCoy

        As I once mentioned, I saw a news story on TV about blacks converting from Christianity to Islam. One interviewee stated that the reason he thought Islam was the true religion was because the doctrine of the Trinity was too complicated for a simple black man to understand.

        • Son of Sambo

          Tell them God has three heads.

  • ageofknowledge

    and Jeremiah Wrong couldn’t agree more.

  • Xanthippe2

    “Ninety-five percent of black Protestants voted for Obama” Expect to hear the other 5% almost nonstop on your favorite neocon talk show for the next 4 years.

    • The__Bobster

      A Republican activist in my area had this brainstorm that Bantu Christians were a gold mine for Romney votes. I told him he was wasting his time trying to convert them, that they were Moolies first and Christians second, and he should mine for White conservative votes instead. This didn’t go over well with him and he called me a defeatist.

      • Xanthippe2

        Hmmmm. You should have encouraged him to try it. With as many Blacks as possible. At least a few people wake up when hit in the face with reality (so to speak).

      • Well now now that he is the defeated, smack him for it.

  • LHathaway

    On the plus side, the 97% of blacks who vote for Obama (up to 100% of voters in some city polling stations), they should be Ok with racial separation. . .

    On the negative side. . they say insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting different results. If they only re-double their commitment to democratic values, surely then their problems will be over. . .

  • White Catholics and mainline Protestants are too liberal. The New England syndrome.

    • Many White-Catholics I simply consider part of the foreign horde… the Irish especially are still crusading against their long-dead Anglo-Saxon enemy. With my Irish name (I am named after a terrorist from the Troubles) I get full access into how these traitors think… As I have stated before, their ancestors didn’t get hit with enough rocks when they got off the boat.

      • As for the NE Prods, I think they are just, as you hinted, diseased. Thank heavens that Southern Protestants retained some sense.

  • A Reader

    This statistics is somewhat deceptive.

    Reportedly, 93 percent of black voters voted for Obama. So, any random sample from that group would have similar level of Obama vote, as the black protestants had.

    It is safe to assume that 90 something percent of blacks who traveled through the state of Wyoming at any point of their life voted for Obama, thus erroneously suggesting that such a trip had any statistical impact on who the voter in question voted for.

    The only factor that determined how these 93 percent of black voters voted was the skin color of the prez.

    I just heard an attempt to rationalize out this obviously racist behavior (on Fox Business) – it was claimed that blacks vote overwhelmingly Democrat. This, and not their racism, was allegedly the reason why they voted for Obama. But such a hypothesis contradicts known cases of Republican blacks, like Collin Powell, who not only voted for Obama but also endorsed him.

  • Anon 12

    Just one more reason blacks and other nonwhites should never be “converted” to Christianity in the first place. Christianity wasn’t called the White man’s religion in the past for nothing. Get a clue White man.