White Student Union

HuffPost Live, October 11, 2012

Towson University’s controversial White Student Union, created by Matthew Heimbach, has crossed the line and turned the students’ right to gather into outright racism.

[Editor’s Note: The host of the program, Marc Lamont Hill, is the same fellow who wrote this article about overrated” white people.]

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  • 2 whites against 4 blacks. Typical. Never a fair fight.

    • tremendouscoast


      I can tell you from my experience as a youth blacks will rarely fight you one on one UNLESS they are sure you are weak and easily defeated.  That is one reason for the four on one attacks you read about.

      • Liberalssuck

         Blacks are whimps.  Well, correction.  They are no more stronger or weaker than the average white male.  the difference is, yes, as you pointed out-blacks only fight someone when they outnumber them, when it’s a woman, when it’s a handicapped person, when it’s an elderly person, etc. 

        • I dont see them as wimps at all … not in the present example, or in general.

          • Liberalssuck

             I didn’t say they were whimps.  I corrected myself in my post.  I just said they fight in groups.  Also, most black guys give off a  macho demeanor. 

    • Sherman_McCoy

      You are tight about that.  It was hardly fair.  Jared could have taken them all on with one vocal cord tied behind his back.

      • Not a very effective performance by me, I’m afraid.

        • Pat

          You would have been shouted down whatever you said, they were in no mood to listen.

        • JT,

          You did alright. You would have been phenomenal had you dropped the Mantra talkers on them. Flip the script on those anti-whites:

          1) Why is MASSIVE immigration & assimilation for every white country and ONLY white countries?
          2) Would it be okay with you if ‘Champions of Diversity’ conducted genocide in Asia?3) Why is genocide a crime until it happens to whites?4) If America is so “free,” then why aren’t whites free to live and work together?5) If America “Celebrates Diversity,” then why aren’t Europeans allowed to immigrate and assimilate?6) If America is so “Tolerant,” then why aren’t white countries tolerated?Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

          • I get the feeling we’re in the middle of a swarm.

          • Are these not questions you could ask of those anti-white Scholars (capital s)? Why should they be given free license to ask all the questions?

          • That’s not the point. We will have to be on the lookout for excessive use of the mantra, either that one or in the generic. AR is not the place for repeating mantras, even mantras which we know are true.

        • JustaWhiteMom

          The interesting thing about it is that  the SPLC lady herself CONCEDED the legitimacy of white organization, self-advocacy, and positive identity, did she not?  I find that rather stunning, Mr. Taylor.  (Or did I misread her?) I would say you need to celebrate that as a huge step forward and congratulate yourself for your role in bringing that about, sir.

          The problem is that she seemed to be saying that whites can organize as long as they basically agree with multiculturalism, anti-racism, “equality”, etc.  This is the ideology of white dispossession, and Matt was quite right to say firmly and without apology that he is opposed to multiculturalism. 

          The thing is that nowadays anyone who is opposed to multiculturalism is a white supremacist by liberal-left definition.  The idea of multiculturalism is that whites have no special rights to any country in the world, whether we are the founding population or even indigenous to the land.  Therefore, resisting minority status is illegitimate and immoral. 

          So perhaps a response like this might work:

          “When you call me a white supremacist, you are trying to make me feel guilty for resisting immigration policies that will reduce white children to a minority not only here in North America, but also Down Under and even Europe itself.  Would you call an Arab who doesn’t want his children to be a minority in Saudi Arabia an ‘Arab supremacist’?  Would you call a Japanese person who doesn’t want his children to a minority in Japan a ‘Japanese supremacist’?  No, only whites are made to feel guilty for wanting to govern themselves and enjoy their own culture in their own countries.”

          Also, when these blacks complain that being a minority is so bad, I ask them why whites shouldn’t resist becoming a minority in ALL white countries.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  They are forced to either argue that whites are especially evil and therefore deserve to be a persecuted minority, or that non-whites are morally superior and will not persecute whites, which has been proven false by South Africa, Haiti, etc.

          Anyway, just my thoughts.  Again, I want to stress that I was quite frankly very impressed by the apparent concession on the part of the SPLC lady, and if I remember correctly the moderator as well, that white organization is legitimate.  That is momentous, because once white self-interest is legitimized, we can break through all sorts of taboos about welfare reform, affirmative action, immigration, crime, etc. 

          What I am trying to say is that the discussion seemed to focus specifically on Matt’s organization and his objectives, not whether white organization in itself is legitimate.  I know the professor tried to minimize white racial identity in favor of specific European ethnicities, but that is a transparent attempt to keep whites divided, disorganized, and powerless.  All white children should rightly  feel pride in Michelangelo whether or not they are Italian, Mozart whether or not they are Austrian, Shakespeare whether or not they are English, etc.

          I’m not sure if it was a calculated decision or not, but it really seemed to me that the blacks on this show did not try to demonize you, or if they did try to demonize you, they certainly failed in that attempt don’t you think?

        • JustaWhiteMom

          I wanted to add a few thoughts in support of my earlier post.  I know you regret your response to the black man calling you “brother”, but think about it for a minute.  You were there AS A WHITE MAN SPEAKING FOR WHITES without apology.  You said POINT BLANK that whites are capable of building superior civilizations.  I mean, come on.  Its not like you were pulling punches.  Yet, despite this, this black man called you “brother,” thereby HUMANIZING you to everyone watching that program.  That is truly extraordinary.  Your job may be about to get a lot tougher in the sense that there will be more uncertainty for you.  You may not know whether to expect outright hostility, balance, or empathy from interviewers and moderators going forward.  You may very well be just now beginning to see the first fruits of your efforts to mainstream white advocacy. 

          Like I said, I think you should give yourself a pat on the back.

        • TA

          You’ve done so much Mr. Taylor; we all get cornered from
          time to time. I think that your style is very methodical and precise and it’s
          almost impossible to lay-out and enforce a case in their hit-and-run style of discourse.  In their world all it takes to make a win for
          their side is to ping a buzzword or concept and then they’ve won, and any logic
          that may back up your understanding is irrelevant.  I can say this because in my youth I
          responded to that tactic myself, but fortunately I took the time to try and
          purse the truth, no matter what the data lead to, and I’ve since “matured” out
          of that juvenile way of reasoning. 
          Thank  you for all that you do and
          get back on the horse.

        • Prettycelticwarrior

           Jared, thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. You risk so much in doing so.  I am so thankful that there is a you….an intelligent proud, educated white man that speaks the truth in facts so eloquently.
          I stand with you.  Thank you! 

        • Danimalius

          Though I think everyone involved in the panel should be disappointed. There were simply too many people for anyone to get points across with depth, regardless of their stance.

        • JustaWhiteMom

          Another thought on the “white supremacy” thing.  Perhaps the best way to respond is to say:

          “I call myself a _________.”

          It probably doesn’t really matter what term is used.  How about                    White Identitarian?

        • Bobby

          I disagree Mr. Taylor. Your comments came off as a little understated and that  worked to make your opponents look like they were trying too hard. You come off in a very solid and connvincing way, when you kind of make your points, (which you are obviously expert at) and allow your less well prepared opponents enough rope to hang themselves with, which they usually do.

        • White Warrior

          I will admit I was a little disappointed when Professor Hill asked if it was okay to refer to you as “brother” and you responded in the affirmative saying  ” yes, we are all brothers.”  I disagree with that.

          • Pandemonium

            JT’s tongue was firmly embedded in his cheek; the sardonic grin he displayed showed it to be so.

          • Pete

            I am not so sure, perhaps Mr. Taylor can tell us what he meant or how he really feels about this.

  • jedsrael

    Watch Glen Beck jump on this WSU story eventually, excoriate the idea of White students having any identity other than just “American,” and have Bernice King on his show again to explain the harm that White privilege on campus is doing to the legacy of St. MLK.

    Today, he did a good job presenting a montage of Obama’s anti American actions and statements that prove an ugly biases in favor of dangerous blacks, violent Muslims, druggie OWS, and corrupt campaign donors.

    But when he showed Holder’s revealing “my people” video clip, Glen received another one of his sudden onsets of debilitating latent alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and then said, “I’ve never ever referred to White people as my people. Have you?”

    We wonder if he’ll speak that gibberish when he’s a grandfather to minority White children who suffer under the holocaust of Reconstruction III BRA Diversity Enforcement. Don’t you?

    Will his Mormon grandchildren succumb to the black privilege Diversity Nation of Islam when it gives them the option of either conversion and slavery or the sword, after all the raping, of course?

    Now he’s getting a tour of a formerly segregated Majestic movie theater- comparing the opulence of the White section to the ugly black section that was seven flights up and too far away from the screen.

    (Why doesn’t he do a show on the typical black privilege Diversity whom Whites want to get as far away from as possible, and why, why, why?)

    Now he tell us that White students helped with the cries of desegregation, and the tour guide says “every theatre like this in the South, in the South they were like this.”

    (Evil Southerners again! Just Evil. Not loving the blacks like we should proves we are Evil. Ignore the Knoxville Horror, you evil, racist segregationists.)

    “We shall overcome in so many ways, and I hope we get a president who recognizes that in many, many ways, we have overcome,” Glen says.

    So what is he saying is that Obama’s aggressive blackification of America is unnecessary, because now Diversity can sit on the front row of a formerly segregated movie theatre and nobody even notices?

    We boycott movie theaters because of the blacks, and since Glen Beck is still full of good German blood, we expect the future will prove to him that we are in the Right, and he’ll join us, for the sake of his grandchildren…

  • Bobby

    “Controversial”? Why? All kinds of new clubs and things happen in universities and yet they aren’t termed “controversial”. Allowing this word, is once again allowing the left to dictate the whole tone of the debate. If there is one thing conservatives, let alone European-Americans should have learned by now in any debate with the left, is that if you want to even be able to fight effectively against the left, you cannot allow them a single  inch of territory. Not a single word, that they can exploit must be allowed them. They fight down and dirty. If it means extending their reasoning by lying , they lie,etc.

    • “Controversial” is liberal media Latin for, “I don’t like or approve of this, and I’m going to slant my coverage of it to put it in the worst light possible.”

      • jedsrael

        Is Matt paying attention?

        Even When blacks commit crimes, we are supposed to worry about other suffering blacks.  The ONLY option for Whites is to worry about the effect of blackness on blacks, not on Whites.


        Boston Univ Robberies Cast Suspicion on Black Male Students

        The Boston University campus is engaged in some soul-searching after a series of armed robberies of students allegedly committed by black males has left some students feeling like black males on campus are subsequently being regarded with suspicion.

        The tension on campus was revealed last night at a forum on the Charles River campus led by Dead of Students Kenneth Elmore, who is African American. The racial issues that have sprung up at BU unfortunately are common on campuses that are near poor, black, crime-ridden neighborhoods—when students are victimized by crime, life becomes a lot more difficult for the black male students on campus.

  • jedsrael

    Blacks are the first to crow about how they learned that Whiteness is just a social construct when they attended their Diversity training.  They also say race doesn’t exist, but White privilege does.

    Jared Taylor Should Use This At His Next College Speech:


    A proposed experiment on liberalsIn an exchange with a reader, the idea emerges for an easy-to-perform study we could do on liberals’ attitudes about race, namely by observing how a liberal responds to the mention of one of the news stories about the gratuitous, savage black-on-white attacks that are occurring every day in this country, such as the cold-cocking of high school English teacher James Addlespurger in Pittsburgh. The thing to be studied is, when a liberal is told of such a black-on-white assault or murder, how many seconds will pass before he brings the conversation around to the subject of white racism? To conduct the experiment, all you need is a liberal with whom you are on conversational terms.

    This is the kind of experiment that could be carried out on a professional basis, if my proposed Institute for the Study of Liberal Society ever came into existence.

    – end of initial entry –

    David B. writes:

    I’ve told you about a college professor with whom I’m on conversational terms. A few years ago when I told him about the Christian-Newsom torture-murders in Knoxville, Tennessee, it took Professor F. one second to say: “Have you ever seen the movie Deliverance?’ Another time I mentioned the high number of black on white crimes and he said: “I’m more concerned about blacks hanging from trees in the 1920’s.” Professor F.’s excuse for any black dysfunction is basically “white people are also bad.” In conversation with me he acknowledged white people have higher IQ’s, but “some blacks are smarter than some whites.” About black-run cities and countries being hopelessly corrupt, he said “Boston has always been corrupt.” That being said, Professor F. had no sympathy whatsoever for the Knoxville killers and thought they deserved the death penalty.

    James P. writes:

    David B.’s college professor’s response to a tale of black violence against whites has an analogy in the typical liberal response to stories about Muslim violence against non-Muslims. When confronted with such stories, liberals immediately call attention to past “injustices” against Muslims, such as the Crusades, and argue that the possibility of imaginary non-Muslim attacks on Muslims (“backlash”) is of far greater concern than actual Muslim attacks on non-Muslims. And of course, the liberal prescription in both cases is the same — if Muslims or blacks become violent, then we must intensify the struggle against the white racism that caused the violence, and we must appease them with material resources and extravagant displays of regret for their justified grievances.

    Ed H. writes:

    Your proposed Institute for the Study of Liberal Society is a first rate idea. A formal institute whose existence is devoted to exposing Liberalism as nothing more than a set of unquestioned assumptions and preconditioned responses. It would have a devastating effect on Liberals who assume that their opinions are based in the natural order of things. The entire “progressive” notion of history would be deconstructed as nothing more political power seeking. The use of scientific studies of Liberals’ preconditioned responses would also be devastating. It would be effective because Liberals simply do not understand their own assumptions, and have no way of even contemplating what traditional Conservatism is about. We understand them, they have no way of understanding us The fact that a real institute exists and has meetings, and engages ideas on a high level without partisan affiliation would be a great corrective.
    Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 11, 2012 09:56 AM |

    • Liberalssuck

       Hey, I’d support an organization like that.

  • Drake Shelton

    1. Contemporary liberal white youth do not think along racial
    lines and are predominately against the traditional white patriarchal culture
    of these original colonies. That is exactly why a white group that thinks along
    racial lines is needed. Our young liberal white people are predominantly traitors
    to their own race. The spokesman for the southern poverty law center gives such an example at 38:10-38:20.


    2. I hate that the words “white supremacy” are never defined. 


    3. At 31:00 on,  Matt and Jared have a hard time defining white European culture, and I have said this on the Townson debate page and I will continue to say it: You guys (My white racial brethren) are still enslaved to the French Revolution and the Enlightenment. These movements were designed to destroy the Magisterial Protestant Reformation and seeing the vast majority of Northern Europe united to the Magisterial Protestant Reformation, it is no surprise that these movements developed an anti-white propaganda program. Thomas Jefferson clearly wanted multi-culturalism so that his Jesuit buddies whom he protected and defended could set up head-quaters here without fear of prosecution.  The Dictates of Conscience: The Debate Over Religious Liberty In Revolutionary Virginia by Deborah O’Malley says in footnote 143 on page 26,
     “Does this mean that Jefferson would allow any religion in civil society, even ones which have principles contrary to American principles?  In his Autobiography, he discusses why he disagreed with the proposed amendment to the Bill which said that it should read “Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion” rather than just “the holy author of our religion.” He says that this  amendment was rejected by a great majority, proving that “they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination”
    (Autobiography, 1821, in The  Founders’ Constitution, Volume Five: Amendments 1-XII, Philip B. Kurkland and Ralph Lerner, eds., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987, 85).”




  • NorthernWind

    I watched the first 8 minutes and it sounds like a the same old arguments are being used. I cannot justify watching the rest when I already know what they’re going to say…

  • Guest

    Good effort, Jared. I’m sure you knew going in that the deck was stacked against you.

    I’d sign my name, but I don’t want to lose my job.

    • Liberalsuck

       Isn’t that just it, though?  Jared is publicly saying this, using his real name, yet many of us (myself included) are too scared to post our names here or say it out loud.  If most of us were like Jared Taylor, we wouldn’t be having the issues we are right now.  In the future, we will lose more than just our jobs for speaking out.  Our ancestors were willing to risk jail time or execution for speaking out and advancing Western causes.

  • white dude

    the SPLC, haha, I always have to laugh when I hear that name.

  • Skincognito

    Banning exposure of undergarments, jaywalking, spitting or fast-food consumption on campus would be racist. Deal with it or learn to weld, turn a wrench, usw. Hand-wringing over a WSU is so counterproductive, as we collectively churn out yet another generation of intellectually feeble graduates. I support the idea of a WSU, but first and foremost, we (young intelligent white males ) need to reform our public composure. They should learn to shut up when we talk in class (I’m a part-time instructor and I have gained said authority). But more importantly, they should cross the street to avoid young Anglo-Americans! How far we have descended . . .

  • LHathaway

    They need not advocate any position, and definitely should not be politcal – this should be a group for all kinds of white students. Wouldn’t just being able to meet be enough?

  • LHathaway

    when the prof said ‘blacks have always been denied access to student government. . ” the response could have been something like ‘that’s what the black student union claims’ ‘what might a white student union claim’  this would be a good time to bring up affirmative action, etc’

  • LHathaway

    they’re smarter than us, so it need not be complicated, there is a black united student group on campus there is not a white united student group, how can you lose?

  • LHathaway

    hehe  perhaps ask for the group to be formed, post the demands of the white student group, let them be the reactionaries

  • LHathaway

    ‘race is a factor among hundred of other factors’  hehe. . .   too much to comment about. . .  

  • Diamond_Lil

    Marc Lamont Hill immediately removed himself from a pool  of potential moderators of a future debate between Matthew Heimbach and the Erckle look-alike.  Why?  Did Hill sense possible violence?

    FYIL That’s Erckle below.  Spitting image of the Howard college student, yes?

    • Liberalssuck

       Because he’s a coward.  He knows Jared will tear him apart in a debate.

  • Watched the whole thing.  …Liked Mr. Taylor’s handling of the “What’s white culture?” question.  You would get called a racist if you ever implied that there was nothing the black race has ever done that would rise to the level of “culture.”

    There was a false assumption that the CCC and the League of the South were white supremecist organizations.

  • Fakeemail

    This debate made me sick.  In discussion here was not some mere point of difference or contention.  These are two sides speaking competing languages frameworks in pursuit of dominance.  This was the “polite” language of enemies, war, and irreconcilable interests.   Of course, Jared’s side is the one that is truly just and right.

    And this whole “white supremacist” thing is so undefined as to be ridiculous.  But that is the nature of marxist-speak; it’s very nature is undefinable and slanted against truth and rationality.

    • Liberalsuck

       the overt bigotry and threats from the blacks there should wake up white people watching it.  These ‘people’ will never stop demanding from us, they will never leave alone, they will always hate us, they will always attack us as long as most white men aren’t man enough to fight back.  That’s why blacks in the old days were very polite and nice around white people.  They feared us back then!

  • ViktorNN

    Jared Taylor and Matt Heimbach – I don’t need to tell you guys that you did an incredible job standing up and knocking down every point these black anti-white bigots raised, but I’m going to say it anyway – job well done, we’re all very proud and grateful.

    Your willingness to speak up and the strength of your arguments was recognized by all whites in the audience. Many of us aren’t allowed to say that we agree, but trust me – many, many of us out here agree with you. Keep on fighting, please!

    • Liberalsuck

       I have a plan.  If I or you guys reading this are around whites and they call us racists for saying the things we write on here with say this to them, “you guys are just pissed off that I have the balls to say what you don’t.  Come on, admit it.  None of you like blacks anymore than those so-called KKK/Skinheads do.  None of you would send your kids to a majority nonwhite school.  None of you would move to a black area.  None of you would even walk in a black neighborhood at night.  You know as well as I do that every black city in the US looks like Detroit does.  If blacks moved into your neighborhood, you same hypocrites calling me a racist would move out and tell others ‘oh, we moved because there was so much crime’.” 

      • ViktorNN

        You’re absolutely right.

        I actually said some of what you’re saying to people who were reacting to John Derbyshire’s recent article about blacks that got him into so much trouble.

        As soon as you point out to a white liberal that they live in practice much of what us “evil racists” talk about, you’re greeted with confused stares and embarrassed silence.

        This is the crux of today’s liberal mindset – most are hypocrites that are so under the sway of political indoctrination that they’re completely blind to how what they think and believe doesn’t logically makes sense when you apply to all people across the board, nor does it correspond to how they actually live.

  • Jay

    Sad to say, I would say that the professor and the Black lady from the SPLC got the best of Mr. Taylor and Mr.Heimbach.

    • Disgusted

      I agree with you on this one.

  • Pww4100


    • Liberalsuck

       Maybe, but can you please TAKE OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK?

  • Nunziosoprano

    I would like to see Jared Taylor verbally wipe the floor with Eric “America Is A Nation Of Cowards” Holder in a debate about race in America.

  • Eurobeing

    They cornerd Jared with the stuff about White Supremecist I bet a little reseach would turn up that Lamont Hill and his African Studies professor pal are both involved with bringing Muslim speakers to the BSU to talk about the blue eyed devil.

    Taylor didnt know nor did he prepare a response to the fact that he supports white separatisim. Our answer should be ah hem…

    Yes we support the premise of White Supremacy name a black culture that has risen to the challenges of civilization the same way that ours have..

    Cures for the Bubonic Plague
    Cures for Polio
    Cures for Syphillis and Gonnareaha
    Treatments for Aides that prolong life 20 years
    Mass transit
    Mass communication
    Modern Farming
    Space travel
    What is missing from this debate is a dose of racial truth that is.. Wake up folks whites created everything.

    Blacks always dodge this by saying that they were involved in the building of this stuff and they have a small point. However look at Hati, look at Jamaca, look at New Orleans, look at South Africa everywhere blacks have domain there is ruin. Period end infenitiam.

    Then challenge them to build a society of their own. I got in a knock down drag out with a black officer one time it cost me a lot. You will however be surprised how sheepish they become when faced with the daunting task of building a society of their own.

    End point..They know they are too stupid.

    • Liberalssuck

       Don’t waste your breath arguing with blacks who hate whites.   They are a waste of your time.  Besides, you don’t need to appease them or explain yourself to them.  You owe them nothing.   Instead, wake up fellow whites with your arguments and views.  They are the ones who need it the most.

  • Michelle

    They are terrified of Europeans having a racial identity. They know what happens when we have enough. They keep saying “White supremacist” when they say that they mean any European who thinks Whites should remain the majority and control America, Australia, Nz and Europe.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      No they don’t even mean that.  When they say “white supremacist” they mean any white person who would like to see white people continue to exist AT ALL.  They truly believe that whites who want to maintain their distinct identity are snobs who think they’re better than everybody else and they HATE that.

  • Pat

    The Angles and Saxons were both north German tribes named after the regions they lived in. (german with a small ‘g’ is an old English word meaning close friend or relation).   The Pope saw blond child slaves from England in the Roman market place and said ‘non angli sed angeli’, not Angles but angels.  This is what I remember from school.  Agree it is more than skin deep.

    • jedsrael

      New York Times: Do away with Algebra


      The New York Times ran a piece calling for schools and colleges to throw out Algebra. Using code words.

      The New York Times blamed Algebra for the failure of black and Latino students. The article names heavily black and heavily Latino states and cities as areas where Algebra is causing students to fail. It then admits that students in Finland, South Korea, and Canada excel in Algebra.

      • Pat

        Looks like backwards is the new way to go…

      • Anon

         Jed, that was written by Andrew Hacker.  His book “Two Nations” is one that all who care about race in America should read.

  • Eurobeng

    Jared don’t kick yourself in the ass to much. You did adequately well. You are so used to blowing your debate partners out of the water when it comes to a decision you don’t feel like you done your job.

    Keep speaking out brave man. Your an eloquent voice in a room full of screaming baboons.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    I watched a few minutes of this, and could bear no more of the same old same old, pro-whites struggling in the anti-whites’ net of anti-white accusations and terminology!

    Enough of this! WE have the moral high ground, and WE accuse THEM, in OUR terminology:


    This has been done by a group of us for awhile now, and it results in an entirely different kind of discussion! Ha! To say the least!

    A principal purpose is to hammer OUR terms into white minds, instead of helping anti-whites to hammer THEIR terms ever deeper into white minds by our repeating those terms as we defend ourselves against them!

    Whoever gets to impose their terminology and ask the questions controls the dialogue! 

    Much better discussions result when we impose our terminology and we ask the questions!

    Jared, whom I greatly admire, has given me permission to post an exchange of emails he and I had on this issue. He disagrees with me at this time (perhaps he would have disagreed less, if I had briefly phrased my case more as I just have here?), but of course I’m hoping he’ll come around, as well as everyone else here!

    With Jared’s skills put truly on the offense instead of on the defense…whew! I want to see that! 


    Let’s not get off-topic into an abstract debate of this approach. If anyone wants to discuss this approach as it could have been used in the Huff Post program, I’ll force myself to finish watching it and will respond.

    • Liberalssuck

       True, but do you really think most of those blacks there that were questioning him care that a black person was brought in to spew hatred against whites?  Many of those blacks hate whites and want us dead.  Wasn’t it pretty obvious by them saying “it’s your turn to suffer now, whitey” or the fact young black lady who threatened the “white student union wouldn’t last”?  Many blacks don’t care about equality.  They care about control.  They use(d) the “equality” argument to manipulate unsuspecting whites.

      • Harumphty_Dumpty

        When  anti-whites of whatever color (the ones I dislike the most are the white anti-whites, since they are traitors, while anti-whites of other hues are IMO just engaging in a natural Darwinian struggle)…when anti-whites of whatever color show their hatred and make threats, tell them they are vicious anti-whites who are engaged in a program of white genocide, and make them defend themselves against that charge as leveled in a very specific manner and with very specific content (I’ll post that in a moment).

        If you insist on calling them anti-whites and on leveling that charge, and don’t relent, that turns the tables completely!

        • Harumphty_Dumpty

          I truly don’t want to draw this thread off-topic, but so that readers can understand what I’m referring to when I advise them to call anti-whites “anti-whites” and charge anti-whites with genocide, I hope the moderators will allow me to give just this one example of how to launch that attack:

          “ALL white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

          Flooding and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done in white countries.

          It’s genocide under U.N. definition.

          The people carrying out this genocide against whites say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white!

          Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!”

          That’s just one of infinite variations in which anti-whites can be accused of their crime of genocide in a way that hammers in pro-white terms and memes, and the link I posted above will lead anyone who’s interested to all the discussion of those variations (the responses anti-whites make to each part of each one, and how we turn their responses into just a continuation of our attack) that they could ever want to have! 

          • JustaWhiteMom

            Good point HD.  There is absolutely no principled basis on which to oppose what is being done to Tibet as genocide while celebrating the same thing in Europe as “diversity.”  Indeed, the European situation is worse, because the immigrants are racially as well as culturally distinct.  The immivasion is therefore all the more irreversibly destructive.

          • Harumphty_Dumpty

            Wow! I have to say (even if it looks like we’re back-slapping), what an excellent and very important post! I’ve never seen all that expressed, and I certainly hadn’t thought it through myself. I hope Jared Taylor reads it!

          • JustaWhiteMom

            Thanks for your kind words HD.  I would also add that anti-whites themselves have an intuitive  understanding that assimilation is genocide.  They admit this when they promote multiculturalism.  Not too long ago, TOO posted an article with the following quote by Richard Duchesne:

            Multiculturalism contains a within its very essence. It protects the group rights of non-Western peoples while simultaneously denying the host (Western) nation any group rights of its own. The host culture is seen as a neutral site characterized by its provision of individual rights, which apply to everyone, and of group rights, which apply only to non-whites. The Anglo-French founders are mandated to be ethnically neutral and historically disinterested; representatives of certain deracinated values that belong to ‘humanity.’ While multicultural ideologues implicitly recognize that minorities have deep attachment to their ethnic backgrounds, and, in this vein, recognize that humans do have a natural love of their own heritage and ethnicity; they call upon whites to practice historical amnesia and pretend they were not the creators of Canada’s institutions, parliamentary traditions, and common law. The historical fact that Canada was built as a nation state around a founding ethnic core must be discarded and hidden from students. …

            “Historical amnesia” is yet another euphemism for white genocide.  Per Raphael Lemkin, the “disintegration” of “culture”, “national feelings” and “dignity” can form part of a “coordinated plan of different actions” aimed at destroying an ethnic group. 

  • Mr. Heimbach and Mr. Taylor are on the wrong message. The point is that ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are facing genocide by mass immigration and forced assimilation. That is why Whites must have interest groups, to defend against the perpetrators of this genocide. To raise awareness about how anti-racism is a social construct that causes genocide.

    The point is not that Whites deserve a group just because other races have their own groups. That is defensive and defense will never convince the anti-Whites of anything. Shame them on offense.

    The validation for a student group is that White people are facing GENOCIDE.

  • LHathaway

     “white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to “assimilate,”
    Dude, they just want a white student union. 

    Why there can’t be one is an open question.  I know sometimes mr taylor says he would prefer not to give them a chance to answer this question – for it will just be a chance for them to pile on about white crimes, such as ‘not being able’ to form student groups on campus! as the guy mentions here in the discussion. Personally i don’t believe whites are uniquely evil. In fact, to make up for the legacy of this idea being the only one allowed on campus I feel only white men should be allowed to form student groups on campus. How every university in the nation, mostly white, mostly black,  or historically black, get’s away with not having even one is an open question

    Who knows what white united students would do? Perhaps even come out against ‘white privilege’ (although perhaps not ever member of  the white student union would agree with that).  Let’s face it, most students are leftist. . or at least pretend to be for fear of the consequences. This is who ‘we’ should want to join the white student group.

    If you’re not happy with what the white student union does form your own group.  If you’re upset about ‘white genocide’, form your own organization, carry a picket sign, maybe even carry it to your local university (a very good idea).

    I remember 20 some years ago when I was a student (and whites were discriminated against, and kept out, while the official view was that only black men were being discriminated against) when I was a student a guy carried a sign out by the campus simply stating, ‘The University exploits black athletes’. Was this guy doing something you can’t?

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      “white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to ‘assimilate,'”

      Dude, they just want a white student union.

      Yes, the issue should be reframed as, 

      “While white genocide continues  unimpeded, should white students be permitted to have  student unions (as long as they don’t discuss white genocide)?

  • Bantu Education

    Its difficult to have an evenhanded debate on TV when the host, who has control over who speaks and when, is clearly favouring one side.   That said, he managed to remain reasonably civil and “evenhanded” (as much as blacks can ever be) until near the end when he couldn’t help but join in the general assault.  

    JT was constantly interrupted whenever he tried to get a point across, esp by the “Professor”, and the SPLC woman could barely conceal her hatred for him.    But at least Matt Heinbach managed to get some good points across.

    When the host said “can I call you brother?” perhaps Jared should have said “maybe not quite brothers, lets agree on (distant) cousins”.    But no doubt that would have been construed as “white supremacy”, in as much as chimps are often said to be our “cousins”.  

  • I wrote something on Huff puff, ca.70% stayed-the rest was censored- but general impression is that white liberals & non-whites are losing. We’ll see, it must become all-American movement, across all universities.

  • ed91

    about 6 minutes was all I could listen……

    fast talking blacks…………   waiting to jump on small points
    distorting.   interrupting…….

    all colleges are historically white colleges?    well duh, how many africans in africa thought to build or have a college?   ever?       to take the further……..  Aztec university doesn’t have much of a ring to it……. 

    every month is white history month?   well, it’s hard to celebrate the inventor of the ‘knockout game’  or the roots of rap………  or how to spend your first 20 years on a basketball court, etc etc

  • Ageofknowledge

    “Can I call you brother?”
    “Sure, we’re all brothers.”

    I just about shot Pepsi through my nose when they said that I was laughing so hard.

    • Liberalssuck

       Funny how they want to call us “brothers” meanwhile they hate us, blame us for all their problems, want our money, will rape our women and are killing us anywhere and anytime they get the chance. 

      • Bantu Education

        They only do so in the expectation of getting some “free stuff” from whitey, rather like a pan-handler will feign to be polite in the expectation of getting something.

      • Oliver

        I know, I was disappointed when Mr. Taylor siad “yes we are all brothers.”

    • White Warrior

      Mr. Taylor should have said “NO” when professor Hill made that comment.

  • Guest

    I think it’s a mistake to dignify the SPLC and the gratuitous accusations it routinely makes with a response or to debate any of its representatives at all. And all one need do to show people who might initially be inclined to agree and/or sympathize with the SPLC why one refuses to debate them or dignify their accusations with replies is to show or tell them about things such as the following:

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704335904574496250622719022.htmlIn Defense of Carol Swain: A black scholar gets smeared as “an apologist for white supremacists” by James Taranto in The Wall Street Journal, October 26, 2009. The article begins: “‘Carol Swain is an apologist for white supremacists,’ Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center tells the Tennessean.” The article ends: “…dismissing Swain as ‘an apologist for white supremacists’ is the tactic of one who is trying to shut down, not encourage, debate.”Also see – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-m-swain/guilt-by-association-the_b_316107.htmlGuilt by Association: The Southern Poverty Law Center Hurls a Punch by Carol M. Swain, Huffington Post, October 12, 2009and – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-m-swain/mission-creep-and-the-sou_b_255029.htmlMission Creep and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Misguided Focus by Carol M. Swain, Huffington Post, August 10, 2009and – http://www.harpers.org/archive/2010/03/hbc-90006753“Hate,” Immigration, and the Southern Poverty Law Centerby Ken Silverstein, Harper’s Magazine, March 22, 2010and – http://www.harpers.org/archive/2000/11/0068709The church of Morris Dees: How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance by Ken Silverstein, Harper’s Magazine, November, 2000and – “The Conscience Industry” by Alexander Cockburn, The Nation, November 9, 1998and -http://www.harpers.org/archive/2007/03/sb-this-week-in-1172847076″Southern Poverty: richer than Tonga” by Ken Silverstein, Harper’s Magazine, March 2, 2007

    The bottom line is that there are even black people and liberals who recognize that the SPLC constantly uses tactics that are designed to shut down debate. It is a complete waste of time to try to debate or explain oneself to anyone who relies on such tactics.

    • Bobby

      I completely agree with you on your points. But to carry-out this kind of rational debate, you would need more time and a balanced moderation. Hill actually didn’t do such a bad job.

      • Kevin

        I agree I thought Mr.Hill did a pretty good job.

  • Denise

    I understand being White is more than skin deep. It just irks me that Black people think that they have the right to tell us who we are, what we can and cannot do, and whether we have the right to assemble. We don’t need their permission. It is not their right or business to determine what being White is, to draw the lines or put us in a little box. Who do they think they are? God? In a sane world the discussion in this video would not be necessary. I commend both Jared and Matt for having the spine to get in the ring when it was two to four; Towson would have sent me on a two-week vacation.
    I was not reducing us to just pigment. I understand being White to be more than skin color. It’s something that resides deep in our bones. Nations are in the blood. I also realize that I am a spiritual being intertwined with my physical existence. I’m not sure if that is what you were trying to point out.
    However, our physical characteristics do set us apart. Maybe that sounds contradictory to what I just said, but it’s more than pigment. When I look at our people with golden hair, creamy skin, blue, green, brown eyes, and all the variations, such as porcelain skin with jet-black hair, I frankly do find White features aesthetically pleasing more so than others. It’s like art; the fine detail in a European painting resonates with me, an African statue does not. This is not “white supremacy.” That I think my own people are the cat’s pajamas is a natural, normal, and healthy thing. All humans should love their own race and culture. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese think they are the best people on earth. I’m sure there are black and brown people who are quite content with their identity. What resonates with them is theirs. We are different. I wish all White people realized what a beautiful rare breed we are.

  • Danimalius

    If the moderator already acknowledges that white culture exists and others do as well, then there is no reason to ask Jared Taylor to define it. It wastes his portion of time on the panel.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    “white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to ‘assimilate,'”

    Dude, they just want a white student union.

    Yes, the issue should be reframed as, 

    “While white genocide continues  unimpeded, should white students be permitted to have  student unions (as long as they don’t discuss white genocide)?

  • Laager

    Lamont called on JT to provide examples of white culture.
    JT was justifiably stunned by the ignorance of this provocative loaded question and correctly ignored it.

    Perhaps we could help Lamont – starting with him.

    His name – I believe it has French roots although Lamont is a common surname in Scotland.                 The languages he speaks – English. 
    This is the first language of 5 major nations that I know of, plus a host of minor countries in the Caribbean and will enable him to travel the world with few communication problems.
    The clothes he wears. Europe introduced woven fabrics into Africa and all the colonies they controlled.
    The job he has and the building and technology that supports it
    The house / condo / apartment that he lives in – certainly not a mud hut with a thatch roof out of Africa
    The car he drives
    The watch he wears
    The sports – basketball, football, baseball – that he watches
    The instruments the music he listened to is played on.
    Democracy, the rule of law, Christianity and all the institutions that function in the USA to deliver the quality of life he  enjoys
    etc, etc, etc.

    Is this really the best black talk show host that the USA can offer?

    • Bantu Education

      Well said..!!!

  • Frank

    Becaue Hill has a Ph.D many people will consider him a smart guy, while he is really a smart a– guy.  Assuming he is intelligent (which may be assuming a lot) his racism gets in the way of him saying or writing anything tht makes sense.  A person like Hill does not teasch anything, they indoctrinate.

    • Bobby

      The whole thing needed much more time. A debate like this, with this many people on the panel would need at the least 3 hours. At least 3 hours!! The topic creates wide ramifications, and I believe only European-Americans would end up looking justified, when those ramifications are allowed to be objectively explored. In the end, the visiting professor, Hill, and the SPLC woman, would be seen to be irrelevant to what is happening to European-Americans, on campus and off.

  • Prettycelticwarrior

     Matt Heimbach is a very well spoken young man! I am really proud of him and all of the students in the White Student Union.  When we stand up for white rights our lives are literally at risk.  More of us need to peacefully stand up and speak the truth out together! There is strength in numbers!

    • Bantu Education

      He was excellent and I particularly like the fact that he’s very concerned about whites in South Africa..!

  • Bobby

    I actually give great credit to Mr. Hill the moderator. He did a great job, and seemed very solid, only some of his comments at the end of the debate, made him look like a bit of a punk.

  • AmRem

    I felt bad watching this because its so farcical

    I was rooting for Jared Taylor and was arguing with him throughout the debate. Jared Taylor knows what he is talking about and hes been doing for this for twenty years. I feel that these Huffington Post people were ready for him however, so his usual argumentative style probably wasn’t the right angle to attack from in this interview.   

    Whites who watch Huffington post are going to look to these guys and look for reasons to discredit Jared Taylor. 

    When the blacks there ask questions, especially the SPLC commentator, it is done in a narrative meant to prove Jared Taylor and the WSU’s reason for existence is “white supremacist.” 

    However Jared Taylor needed to force his objective and show that the WSU has a legitimate reason to exist, and ably sell it to Huffington post readers (In this case, viewers?)

    When Jared Taylor brought up “some races are better in some ways and worse in others” it probably wasn’t the right, abet true thing, to say on the Huffington post.  

    As a person who lives as a white minority, an experience Jared Taylor shared, we already know what it is like and how isolating it can be. I like to call myself a “survivor of diversity,” which makes whites who have no idea what diversity is actually like question it. I think Jared Taylor should have focused on isolated whites, and how they could use a representational body like the WSU. The whites who experience and live as a minority are different because their experiences are generally negative, isolated  and their voices are generally unrepresented. Whites who live in the Greek life or read the Huffington Post normally don’t understand these experiences, or even care, and I believe that there needs to be a forum for whites who understand and don’t understand the negative effects of diversity. I see this idea of discussion as the reason and need for forums like the WSU. 

    I think Jared is one of the bravest men in this Country to do what he does. Thanks again for sticking up for me.

  • I think many of us here are in agreement that the “It’s white genocide, stupid” argument is the most effective argument we have right now.

    But can somebody please try their hand at stating it in a sentence or two that I could use in debating this issue?  Thanks.   

  • weekly

    What people dont know is almost all the persons asking the questions are members of the black student union. A very racist group as you can see by the questions and comments. Just think how the crowd would have erupted if a white man said that black boys shouldn`t be allowed to gather because then they cause trouble. Well some black boy said just that about whites and no one even gasped. by the way didnt four black boys just rap some woman on campus there? What if we always brought up slavery weren`t there over a million whites enslaved in Africa between the 16-18 century and didn`t African Muslims invade Europa and enslave whites between 710-1492 Im sure once they know this they`ll dissolve there group right.

  • joeg2

    Interesting that these educated blacks are completely blind to the large amount of black crime.

  • Joseph

    Hill says “…you people…” and “White people always…” No double standard at all.

  • Joseph

    SPLC run by Jews and populated their “minority” minions.