Posted on October 4, 2012

Riots Explained . . . Finally

Colin Flaherty, WND, October 3, 2012

And now for a few words from our commander in chief:

“And most of the ministers here know that those riots didn’t erupt overnight; there had been a ‘quiet riot’ building up in Los Angeles and across this country for years.

“If you had gone to any street corner in Chicago or Baton Rouge or Hampton — you would have found the same young men and women without hope, without miracles and without a sense of destiny other than life on the edge — the edge of the law, the edge of the economy, the edge of family structures and communities.”

Thank you, Mr. President.

You may recognize these words as part of the newly re-discovered video of a speech Barack Obama made to black ministers in 2007. They sure answer a lot of questions.

In my book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it,” I document hundreds of examples of black mob violence in more than 75 cities over the last three years.

This epidemic of black mob violence and lawlessness is happening all over the country: riots big and small. {snip}

Most of the reaction from liberals in general and reporters in particular is to say two things. ALWAYS in the same breath: “This racial violence is not happening — but let me tell you why it is happening.”


So when confronted with this new reality of black mob violence on YouTube, they hem and haw and mutter something about poverty and white people doing it too, and then close the conversation by accusing someone of being a racist.

After doing more than 100 interviews on talk radio and TV and newspapers, that is the script. But it is not working any more.


But President Obama is one of the few to look racial violence right in the eye and tell us what it is all about, without flinching: Blacks are angry because racist white people are holding them back.

This explains how reporters can watch the hyper violence and destruction that accompanies, for example, the several occasions when 1,000 black people stormed through an upscale Philadelphia neighborhood — beating, looting, pulling people out of cars — and all they can do is give their shoulders a collective shrug.

If rioters deserve to riot, and victims get what is coming to them, what is there to report? Or even talk about?

And so it continues: This week in Columbia, before that Erie, and before that Detroit and Buffalo and Champaign and Los Angeles and Flint and Wilmington and Greensboro and Charleston and Richmond and St. Paul and Ann Arbor and Madison and Atlanta and Columbia (this time Missouri) and St. Louis and Cincinnati and Chicago and New York and Jacksonville and Sacramento and Savannah and Burlington and Durham and Greenwich Village and Garden Grove and Washington, D.C., and Gaithersburg and Riverhead and Peoria and Milwaukee and Waco and Albany and Cleveland and Quincy and Gaffney and Greenville and Baltimore.

And more.

All since the Fourth of July.

Over at Twitter, where we do not have to worry about worried liberal reporters paraphrasing the architects and perpetrators of this racial violence, the Tweet stream #IfObamaDontWin features hundreds of comments from black people promising violence if the election does not turn out they way they want it.

“I’m slapping the first white person I see,” say hundreds of posters.

“I will no longer stand for the pledge of allegiance,” promise hundreds of others.

“I’m blowing s — t up.”

“Its gonna be a huge race war. I know this for sure,”

And on and on.