Restaurants Promote Racial Reconciliation

Jacob Fuller, Jackson Free Press, October 9, 2012

Several Jackson restaurants are taking part in an initiative to encourage better understanding and unity among different races and ethnicities in the city today and Thursday.

Mission Mississippi and Gov. Phil Bryant have teamed up to make October Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month in the state. The Two and Two Together Restaurant Days is part of that celebration. At participating restaurants, any group of two or more people of different races eating together will get 22 percent off their meal.

Jeff Good, co-owner of BRAVO!, Sal and Mookie’s, and Broad Street Bakery, and Lee Harper, co-owner of Koinonia Coffee House, joined with members of the Mission Mississippi and the governor’s office at the Jackson Convention Complex Tuesday morning to announce the initiative.

“Our hope is that people understand that anytime that we can sit down and try to know each other is a good thing,” Harper said. “We want our city to be a lot more unified, and we want our people to be able to do things beyond what we’re doing today.”


Mission Mississippi President Neddie Winters said Racial Reconciliation Celebration month came about from the group trying to do just one more thing to make race relations in the state better.


Along with the Two and Two Together initiative, Winters said Mission Mississippi encourages churches to hold worship service together. They are also asking people to simply come together with people of different races to have dialogue about each other’s differences.



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  • Triarius

    Here is our problem, or better yet an example of why we have this problem. Minorities have so many legal departments and NPOs that will sue everyone and everything for free just for the sake of suing.

    Whites do not have anything like this. I want to go get my JD just so I can clog the system with lawsuits and bankrupt our enemies. You don’t even have to show up to court, just making “them” have to hire a lawyer or backlogging a company’s legal department would put an end to this in no time.

    If white lawyers filed lawsuits against them, win or lose, this crap would end. It would not be worth the restaurant to hire a lawyer and fight it in court and the ACLU can’t take everyone’s case.

    Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society. It is creepy how true that quote rings considering how old it is. This is a perfect example of two of White America’s exclusive virtues.

    • jedsrael

      To all the Townson students who are new AmReners, remember that Jared Taylor pointed on in his speech that if Diversity was such a good thing, it would happen naturally and wouldn’t need Consultants and Enforcements.

      The fact that this discount meal program must put forward an incentive to race mix just proves his point:  Nature vs. Diversity = Diversity Wins only with Force.

    • Herman

      Not for the sake of suing. For the sake of an unearned pay out.

  • Puggg

    Whites and blacks in Mississippi don’t need to sit across each other in a restaurant to understand each other.

    Phil Bryant might be an idiot for endorsing this, but you have to give him this:

  • No thanks I’ll just pay full price or better yet pick another restaurant.    When I go out to eat I am  just looking for good food at a fair price.  I’m not looking for “do gooder” social engineering.

    • “Full price?”  Hell, I’ll pay extra to not have to put up with loud, foul-mouth, ignorant, rude, half-wits.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Who are also lousy tippers.

        This should encourage more miscegenous couples to go out for dinner, though.

        • anonymous_amren

          They have a right to not tip at all. Tipping is a form of corruption. If you want to get $5 for a good or service, charge $5 for it. It’s not hard. Don’t make up imaginary extra pseudo-voluntary charges. I’m glad my white country doesn’t have tipping.

          • Tim

            Tim`s Restraunt Dictionary… Tip- an extortion note veiled as a Thank you.
            Seating Hostess- Busgirl with a Rolex

  • MekongDelta69

    Gosh – I sure hope I can sit at the lunch counter with Rosa Parks.

    • MAJ

       Wow – the government is now putting free lunch counters on public buses for blacks.

  • What is the big deal? I live in Tennessee and I have seen a lot of whites and blacks eating together. They do not need a program to do this.

    • C_C_Conrad

       There are only two groups of people, pro-white and pro-white-genocide.  This is a way for one part of the  pro-white-genocide group to give the other part of the pro-white-genocide group, a price break on their meal.   I mean, really, who ELSE will show up for this BS. 

    • Anon12

      Oh, there goes CrystaL  AGAIN..your nonsense (or lies?) doesn’t hold much water with anyone here, except maybe, John Engleman….

  • This will appeal to the group of people who are already friends across race. I can’t imagine there are many people who are going to out of their way to find a black or white companion to get a cheaper meal.

    More foolish nonsense.

  • We already have this program, it’s called public school cafeteria and free lunch. Result: race fights between black’s and Hispanic’s.

  • The__Bobster

    If I see a coalburner or a Bantu-loving metrosexual in a restaurant, I turn around and leave.

    A place like that won’t get my business, as I want to keep my meal down.

  • *White women eat free

  • jedsrael

    Have any of you been to downtown Jackson recently and tried to walk the sidewalks?

    You would think that the last thing the White Privilege Political and Social Elites in Mississippi would want to do is encourage Whites to have any more Diversity Encounters down there than is minimally necessary.

    Just a little exposure to Jackson will set back Race Relations half a century, as it should…

  • Bantu Education

    So when your new black “friend” refuses to tip or, even worse, contrive some excuse not to pay at all – as is their habit – whitey will either have to stump up blackie’s share or be embarrassed. 

    To anyone foolish enough to want to go to a restaurant with blacks, my advice is to make sure they are non-drinkers because otherwise there’s a high probability they will become loud and aggressive and start bitching about “white privilege”.  

    This is why I have never had, nor ever could have, a black “friend” because you are always going to be stepping on eggshells with them. White people who claim to have “black friends” must do a lot of mealy-mouthed sucking-up to their distorted “world-view” of whites conspiring to keep them down.   How could you speak honestly and stay friends?  

    • Anon12

       This is why I have never had, nor ever could have, a black “friend”
      because you are always going to be stepping on eggshells with them.
      White people who claim to have “black friends” must do a lot of
      mealy-mouthed sucking-up to their distorted “world-view” of whites
      conspiring to keep them down.   How could you speak honestly
      and stay

      EXACTLY!  And just wait till your black friend asks you to date their brother/sister or cousin!   What can you say?   That is why I cannot stand any White person who has black “friends”….most will date/marry black. That is a given, plus any White who has nonwhite “friends” do not have much self worth nor any White racial pride whatsoever. I can and do avoid any contact with any White who consorts with blacks.


    I would never enter any restaurants  that offers a racist discount.  Never.  Take that reconciliation.  

  • IstvanIN

    I have had experiences with blacks and dining out.  Many years ago a group of us, Puerto Rican, white and black, would go out for lunch as a group.  Invariably the blacks would leave enough for their food but not the tax and tip.  One of the organizers, a PR woman, apparently made up the difference until she couldn’t take it any more.  After the blacks left she told the rest of us what had happened the previous two times we went out (she was the organizer).  Of course we all offered to chip in and make up the difference.  She declined our offer, paid the bill and said no more group lunches out.  She was p*ssed!

    Recently a black woman organized a after work dinner out.  I couldn’t get out of it.  Nice restaurant, good service, good food.  Boy were the blacks upset that an 18% gratuity was automatically added to our bill (I was relieved).  They paid it begrudgingly.  I left some something extra because I though 18% was too little for a group.

    • dhs

       My experience exactly! It’s one thing to sit with blacks in workplace cafeteria or a bar, but avoid eating in a restaurant with them. They don’t tip, and they often cause problems.

    • Anon12

      I have found ALL nonwhites are lousy tippers. They are the worst clientele and the worst tippers. Must be in their genes like everything else is about those people.

  • Coleman91444

    I know! They could go to Red Lobster so the “diversity” can chimp out and attack the waiters over something trivial. Or any other restaurant for that matter. It could be called the Black Floorshow Initiative!!

    • Tim

      Tim`s Restraunt Dictionary
      Red Lobster Table for Four- Two Senior Citizens, A Nurse and an Oxygen Dolly…

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I hope all of Jeff’s businesses go under. And people make it clear why.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Let’s see these restaurants squirm when they realize this deal will have to be permanent.  Nobody can offer the “folk” a good deal and then later discontinue it.

    It’ll also be interesting to see how long the same restaurants retain their monoethnic groups of regular diners, after the regulars realize they are subsidizing meals for blacks.

  • Jeez between McDonalds 365 Black campaign and this monstrosity it is just becoming harder and harder to find a place to eat while White!

    Think I will just stay in and have a TV dinner instead.  

  • Magician

    Sounds like a great news for –

    – Obese white women with black boyfriends
    – Rebellious white women and men who want to stick it to their parents, and white men around their age

  • “The Two and Two Together Restaurant Days is part of that celebration. At participating restaurants, any group of two or more people of different races eating together will get 22 percent off their meal.”

    But Wait! I thought multiculturalism and diversity are “our greatest strength!” If that
    is the case, why should a restaurateur feel compelled to give someone a
    discount for having a meal with diversity? Someone has not been honest with

  • LHathaway

    “To all the Townson students who are new AmReners, remember that Jared Taylor pointed on in his speech that if Diversity was such a good thing, it would happen naturally and wouldn’t need Consultants and Enforcements”.
    I remember reading Taylor’s ‘banned in halifax’ speech’. Mr Taylor being roughed up caused quite a stir in Canada. The major newspapers in the country were writing about the controversy (i guess sometimes it pays to get roughed up a bit).  Did Mr Taylor get to finish his speech at Townson University?

    It’s just my opinion, but his ‘banned in halifax’ speech was quite, quite good. Perhaps stunning. 

    • Michael C. Scott

      Even Tom Chittum once said that Mr. Taylor was an amazing orator.  I suppose I shall have to go out east someday to hear him.

  • Herman

    Put the black people at your table  in charge of tipping.

    The restaurants will soon put an end to the practice.

  • I bet their business PLUNGES on that day. White people will now be faced with extortion by blacks, “Eat wit me so’s eyes gits mah discount or else, an yooz be payin das graphoo-ihties “

  • What good is a discount if your meal is spoiled? People go to a restaurant for the WHOLE experience, not just the food. Restaurants that declare they WONT go along with this will be very busy that day. In fact, if one is a white person that would rather not be bothered by certain behavior and sights in a restaurant then they will Know which restaurants to avoid that day and which ones will be free of what they don’t like that day. This will in fact have the effect of totally segregate the restaurants. What is it they say: “the best intentions of mice and men…”

  • I totally support this as I see what the result will be. The restaurants that DO NOT take part in this will have an almost all white clientele that day, the restaurants that DO take part in this will have an all black clientele that day. The result will be that it will in fact bring back segregation. Ironic that a from of private enterprise welfare brings back segregation. Once the people experience segregation, they will realize they LIKE it! This will be the same thing the left has done to us only in reverse. Incremental changes that add up over time to a huge change.

  • Invictus_1

    Next up; food withheld unless you move and sit with non-whites at school, in government cafeterias, etc., until the racist whites are singled out as the only people who aren’t obese.

  • Frankiederijke

    I think the real intention is not reconciliation but the promotion of MISCEGENATION, the ultimate weapon in the Global White Genocide Project. Wait until they begin to give discount to multiracial couples not only in restaurants but also in hotels ( marriage not required). Next they will reward interracial dating, even offer free “counselling”  for those who still hesitate to commit racial suicide. If Whites still refuse to race mix then harsher measures will be applied against their “racism” .

    • Michael C. Scott

      Of course.  Note this is being done in Jackson, Mississippi, where the only numerous nonwhites are Africans.  The purpose is therefore not to promote a general sort of miscegnation, like whites with American Indians or whites with orientals, or whites with subcontinental Indians, but specifically interspecies dating between whites and low-IQ Bantus.

  • Frank

    Who comes up with this nonsense?

    • I get the feeling it involves the words “poverty” or “defamation.”

      • Michael C. Scott

        You forgot “disenfranchisement”.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Kindergarden for adults. I love it, this is something that’s going to backfire bigtime. Amren should  follow this story up in 6 month’s, see if this program is still around.

  • Pearl

    Guess who will be paying the tip?

    • Zqrxpad

      Not only that, but guess who will ALSO be paying for the meal! 

  • Coleman91444

    I eagerly await the first of many stories where a black chimps out on the white person they’re with (in one of these restaurants) and screams, “Dey said YOU gets a discount on yo meal! Mine be free! I ain’t payin’ fo’ nothing! Dis be rayciss!”

  • Anon12

    They couldn’t pay me enough to “share” a meal with any nonwhite. They will never be invited to my table . Oh, btw, I never invited any of them into my country and I would pay them all to leave my country  for all eternity.  Now that would be money well spent.