Paris Holds First ‘Black Fashion Week’

France 24, October 6, 2012

A Senegalese-born French fashion designer realised a long-held ambition when she staged the first ‘Black Fashion Week’ in Paris aimed at bringing African talent to a global audience.

Adama Ndiaye launched the event to showcase the best the continent has to offer but dismissed criticism that it excluded others who were not black.

“‘Why not a White Fashion Week?’ some have asked. But Paris Fashion Week is already white!” said Ndiaye, who is behind the show’s Adama Paris label and has organised Senegal’s Dakar Fashion Week for the past decade.

“We wanted to simply promote beyond African borders designers who are well-known in Africa or in their country but who don’t have access to the global market,” she said, explaining that in Africa fashion was not yet seen as an industry in its own right.

Even when designers put together collections, they were often unable to sell them, she said, adding that fashion week was not just an opportunity for designers.

“For the models, the majority of them black, it’s also an occasion to get on the catwalk since most of the shows look for more expensive white models—some of whom dropped out of ‘Black Fashion Week’ to do better-paying gigs,” she said.

Ndiaye, who held a Black Fashion Week in Prague last year and will take the show to Montreal in November and Brazil’s Salvador de Bahia next March, said the fashion was not only intended for black people.

“These designs are not made by blacks for blacks,” she said.

Ultra-feminine styles showcased came in a variety of cuts with elements such as puff sleeves and backless dresses. Fabrics ranged from silk and satin to embroidered cotton.

Around 15 black designers from Africa or living in France, Haiti or the United States, presented their collections at the chic Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris.

Visitors to the event, which began on Friday and ended on Saturday, included Senegalese singer and tourism minister Youssou N’Dour.

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  • The__Bobster

    “Black fashion” is an oxymoron. 

    • anmpr1

       Nor does “Ultra-feminine” belong in the same sentence with black women.

  • MekongDelta69

    Eleven and a half effite elites attended this wonderful event.

  • Athling

    Voici la nouvelle vidéo de Génération Identitaire. C’est un bon signe que le blanc prise de conscience raciale fait des progrès. Regardez la vidéo ici.

    Video and english transcript here…

    • French_Woman

      Half of  ” french”  teenagers  in this video seem to be  mixed with north- african blood  ( in fact they look like pure arabs ) , except the young girls .  
      To say the ” debacle ” my country has become ethnically .
      Not a surprise here , they’d do everything to have access to white girls …  or maybe with 5 % european blood they think they are white …. 

      • Athling

        Yes, I noticed that too. Still, I thought it was interesting. I would like to see young people here get involved like this. The sixties radicals have created quite a burden for future generations of whites to deal with. Our young people are intimidated and victimized by blacks in untold numbers. Few speak out.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    If they liked that, Paris can start hosting “Black Spring Break,” Black Bike Week,” various “Black Expos” and other dusky debacles that enrich the United States.

  • I’ve seen african fashion, it mostly resembles designs found on couches from the 1970’s.  There’s a reason that african fashion has not gone “global.”

  • Oh, we’ll be seeing the latest loin cloth fashions.

    • jedsrael

      We won’t be enriched by the new Paris fashion trend  until in includes a chicken bone through the nose.

      Heil KFC!

      • zqrxpad

        Oh and don’t forget the half naked women walking around balancing  one of those huge pots on their heads –  with breasts just a- floppin! Now THAT’S “black fashion”! 

        • jedsrael

          Do an images search (safe search off) for “zulu virgins” and see the kind of vibrantly enriching black fashion that we demand.

        • The__Bobster

          Will lip plates and neck rings beome “fashionable” next?

    • Anonymous

      I thought that Iman, the famous African model, had already done that decades ago!

  • jedsrael

    We welcome this blackification of Paris fashion. 

    As White Humanity becomes daily more and more threatened and victimized due to our minoritization under the BRA Diversity Majority, more and more Whites will view Black Only news as an urgent call to unity and action.

    Heil Segregation!


  • IstvanIN

    Shouldn’t these things be held in Djibouti City?

  •  “… in Africa fashion was not yet seen as an industry in its own right.” LOL

  • Mahound

    Excellent idea, but why not hold the event in Senegal where it belongs?

  • bluffcreek1967

    Blacks, in general, have hideous taste in “fashion” (if one wishes to call it that)! They put together the strangest and most distasteful combinations – all-the-while struting about as if everyone is envious of their “style.” What they don’t know is that many Whites laugh behind their backs at how stupid they are. Even before I became race-conscious, I was often humored by what Blacks would wear publically. From this alone, I knew they were an ignorant people and very different from Whites.  

    Think about it: Only Blacks would actually think it “cool” to wear one’s jeans below their buttocks and showing off their boxers! Only Blacks would think wearing a pimp’s attire is a good fashion statement (NOTE: Black males like wearing “pimp” suits because so many of them grew up identifying with and admiring their neighborhood pimps)! Some Blacks themselves have even poked fun at the silly clothing and “pimp” suits that they wear in public (see a movie called, “I’m gonna git you sucka” from the 90s).    

  • blight14

    Bring on the burlap and yak feces………and beads, LOTS of colorful beads……I like beads…….

  • Blacks don’t have any style, they have a unique ( 1970’s pimp ) dress sense. It’s all about showing off, look at me, look at me, attention seeking.

    If blacks live in America, Britain, France, Germany or where ever, they all dress the same. A baseball cap  two sizes too big, tilted at a 45 degree angle, with the brim over the ears.  Their trousers hanging off their backside showing  their underwear, hoodies to cover their faces when they are committing crime, Nike shoes, to blacks Nike is a religion

    They’re favourite colours are red, green and yellow, they love bright colours.  I saw 3 black youths standing at a bus stop, one was wearing a red T shirt, the other two were wearing green and yellow T shirts. It was like looking at Skittles. I saw one yesterday wearing red trousers.

    They also like wearing Zebra and leopard colour  prints, I suppose it reminds them of home, plus gold, silver jewlerey rings, bracelets, earings, chains.

  •  ” Italian ” ( African ) soccer player Mario Balotelli, he earns £200,000 pounds a week which means money doesn’t buy you style, with his white girlfriend. Note the baseball cap and the gold rings on his fingers, earings and chain. I also like the boots.

  • Pelayo

    But for the absurd head coverings, those dresses don’t shout “Africa”. 

  • Pelayo

    Bravo Giuseppe, Ben detto! When we start dividing each other by shades, we are giving the enemy the edge. My Sicilian ancestors most likely had some Moorish blood as well as Greek. If there’s a little Arab there it’s irrelevant. 
    Salma Hayek is half Mexican and half Arab. Is she still not one of the most beautiful women in the film industry?  As far as I’m concerned, she’s White enough for me. However I have a degree of certainty that she’s not spending sleepless hours waiting for me to call.

    Some people want to disqualify everyone who doesn’t have Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic or Slavic blood. They want to exclude Mediterranean Europeans from the Registry of White people.  Just because I because I’m not a blue eyed blond doesn’t make me ineligible to be White.

    If you’re reading this please call.

    Abrazos y besos,
    Tu fiel esclavo,


  • I also heard that majority of native French people are brunettes and have brown eyes.