New Evidence That Racism Isn’t ‘Natural’

Robert Wright, The Atlantic, October 17, 2012

There’s never been good reason to believe that human beings are naturally racist. After all, in the environment of human evolution—which didn’t feature, for example, jet travel to other continents—there would have been virtually no encounters between groups that had different skin colors or other conspicuous physical differences. So it’s not as if the human lineage could have plausibly developed, by evolutionary adaptation, an instinctive reaction to members of different races.

Nonetheless, people who want to argue that racism is natural have tried to buttress their position with evidence that racism is in some sense biological. For example: studies have found that when whites see black faces there is increased activity in the amygdala, a brain structure associated with emotion and, specifically, with the detection of threats.

Well, whatever power that kind of argument ever had—which wasn’t much, since the fact that a psychological reaction has a biological correlate doesn’t tell you whether the reaction is innate—it has even less power now. In a paper that will be published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Eva Telzer of UCLA and three other researchers report that they’ve performed these amygdala studies—which had previously been done on adults—on children. And they found something interesting: the racial sensitivity of the amygdala doesn’t kick in until around age 14.

What’s more: once it kicks in, it doesn’t kick in equally for everybody. The more racially diverse your peer group, the less strong the amygdala effect. At really high levels of diversity, the effect disappeared entirely. The authors of the study write that “these findings suggest that neural biases to race are not innate and that race is a social construction, learned over time.”

{snip} As the authors note, it’s conceivable that “the increasing amygdala response to race [with age] may be driven by intrinsic factors of the child, such as puberty, rather than exposure to cultural messages.” For that matter, the correlation between peer group diversity and dampened amygdala response doesn’t mean the former causes the latter; it could work the other way around: maybe people with a mild response to racial difference wind up with more diverse peers.


I’m not a blank slater; I don’t believe that we’re born innocent, and only develop a dark side after bad tendencies are engrained by evil capitalists, or evil patriarchs, or evil warmongers, or evil whatevers. I think that, though we’re not naturally racist, we’re naturally “groupist.” Evolution seems to have inclined us to readily define whole groups of people as the enemy, after which we can find their suffering, even death, very easy to countenance and even facilitate.


It’s in this sense that race is a “social construct.” It’s not a category that’s inherently correlated with our patterns of fear or mistrust or hatred, though, obviously, it can become one. So it’s within our power to construct a society in which race isn’t a meaningful construct.

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  • Fine, not all GROUPS are equal.  Group A – Europeans/Europe , Group B –  Africans/Africa

    Any questions?

    • JohnEngelman

      According to Professor Rushton, who spoke at six American Renaissance conferences,  it goes like this: Group A – Orientals, Group B – whites, Group C – blacks. 
      He did not mention the Ashkenazim, but he should have placed them before Orientals. The Ashkenazic Jews are the most evolved racial group in existence. 

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

         “Most evolved” in what sense? When we are talking about CREATIVITY, then White Europeans are clearly at the top, above Asians and above the “most evolved” Ashkenazis, who have contributed little to world civilization.

        • JohnEngelman

          At least 187 Jews and people of half- or three-quarters-Jewish ancestry have been awarded the Nobel Prize,1 accounting for 22% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2012, and constituting 36% of all US recipients2 during the same period.3  In the research fields of Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Physiology/Medicine, the corresponding world and US percentages are 27% and 39%, respectively.  Among women laureates in the four research fields, the Jewish percentages (world and US) are 38% and 50%, respectively.  Of organizations awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 24% were founded principally by Jews or by people of half-Jewish descent.  (Jews currently make up approximately 0.2% of the world’s population and 2% of the US population.)

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            All of them conducting their research in Western labs and using calculations and theorems developed by White Western men. 

          •  They have been practicing their own form of eugenics over centuries, what did you expect?  Did you think the parents of a bright Talmudic scholar would allow their son to marry into just ANY family?  Being a minority in every part of the world would hone anyone’s survival/networking skills.

          • JohnEngelman

            What matters is that the Ashkenazim are a biologically superior race. 

  • Purestocles

    “As the authors note, it’s conceivable that “the increasing amygdala response to race [with age] may be driven by intrinsic factors of the child, such as puberty, rather than exposure to cultural messages.”
    Virtually every white person who grew up attending integrated schools will testify that black kids did not begin to mistreat them until puberty. There’s just something about the hormones kicking in and it has nothing to do with “white men terrified of their women being attracted by “scary” black sexuality. Puberty is when black kids begin congregating in gangs and many a white guy will tell you “Gee, Tyrone is real nice to me when we’re one on one, but in front of his bros he ignores me or won’t come to my defense when one of his bros threatens me. What happened?”

    Of course the answer is that blacks are, were and always will be more racist than whites.  

    •  Blacks are so weak individually, that the only way they can accomplish ANYTHING is by congregating in large groups.  Individuality and individual success are largely hallmarks of European man, born out of the fires of the Renaissance

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        When I lived in Belleville Illinois(Three blocks away from East.St.Louis) Blacks would always shoot their mouth off to me in front of their buddies. However those same blacks would literally run from me, or not get out of their car when we were up at the gas station just mano a mano. I’m so sick of everyone thinking their these uber tough athlete sex stallions, every one I’ve ever met, with only 2 exceptions, have been cowards.

        Even if I lost a fight to them, the only time a rematch was possible was when they had their friends around them. They never fought for the honor of the fight. Just for bragging rights infront of their friends, and if you did’nt bring your friends, you’d get jumped(mob attacked). I hate it when White women say black men are stronger and tougher.

        • Ulick

          This video was recently released. Some black was on the bus hollering racial slurs, intimidating whites, and threatening to kill them. Little did the tough acting black know that one of the people on the bus is a pro wrestler. The black guy soon learned the hard way via a rare cjokehold that he’s not so tough after all. The wrestler’s parents immigrated to America from Iran so he’s Persian, but a moral, upstanding Persian is vastly superior to a black thug.

          •  I have met many Persians over the years, and can say the best of them are as good as the best of any group- and – as a group- they are the single most educated (in terms of degrees) of ALL immigrant groups. 

      • Jed Sant Devi

        Now we finally have proof: Security guards and robbery victims are RACISTS!

        The robbers fled the scene, but were captured a short time later. A University of Chicago police officer found two of the suspects after a security guard reported seeing two suspicious females run by a building at 49th Street and Lake Park Avenue. After the two girls were arrested, the victims later identified them as the robbers.

  • Net_Drifter

    This is just syntax. 

    Groups divided by race(s)equals obvious differences to the average person until ‘groups like this guy belongs to coerce them to change their minds.

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    Basically the jest of this story as I understand it, is this; Scientific studies show that as soon as sexual maturity hits, people start to desire their own in a sexual reproductive way, and see others that are visable not like them as a threat to their genetic lineage. How is that not natural?

    I watched that PBS special “Race in America” a few days ago, now please believe me when I say I have a very long fuse. I don’t go off very often(weight lifting helps) but when I do, it’s ugly. Now this whole show was an assault on the very right for whites to exist. Staring Tim Wise, and some other white yahoo, laughing while spewing “Whites have no culture, no identity, no white heritage, no positive history, no right to preserve their genetic bloodlines” and on and on. I got to the point where after 40 minutes of this, I Elvis’d my T.V. Funny thing about that, I hit Tim Wise right between the eyes.

    I’ve never fully understood how far down the line the white race is in terms of it’s own genocide. That show has had me depressed ever since I watched it. How can a White man accually say, Whites don’t have any human rights? Why is everyone on this wretched planet trying to do us in? I say if we go…we take everyone else with us.

    • Net_Drifter

      Anything that white people do and create is white culture. There are still customs that have been carried over,  and new ones created in the U.S., that are white culture. All the combined norms and values that were created fresh, and added to the older ones, in the U.S. are so ingrained in whites that they don’t realize them anymore. The U.S. is even an example of an overarching white culture with contributions  by most white ethnic groups.

      Timmy’s argument doesn’t make any sense. People can’t exist in a vacuum.  For the most part, the only thing other cultures have done is to corrupt ours. Even black culture is partially a corruption of ours. In some ways the only culture is white/European.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        Well I was wrong about the title. It was “Race 2012” you can watch the whole thing at Us White men created the modern world, and everything in it. As far as I’m concerned anyone with a phone, car, stereo, T.V., food, medicine, and freedom should thank us.

        Feel free to watch that train wreck yourself, all it is, is a few jews, a few blacks, and a few hispanics gloating over the White demographic decline.

        • Net_Drifter

          I saw the very beginning of it, then flipped it. It’s not really worth it to me to get that angry and have nowhere to put it. 

        • I’m going to go off topic here- I like to do that. When I was a boy, I used to love reading things off of the banned book list. I love banned things: banned comic books, banned cartoons, banned novels, what have you. It’s not necessarily the content of the banned thing that interests me, it’s the reason why the particular thing was banned in the first place. Each culture and time has its own reasons for hiding things- something their afraid of. Tim Wise is listened to, because people are afraid to tell him he’s wrong. The Dalai Lama can walk into the White House and tell the President that he saw a vision of the many arms of Vishnu coming out of a tortilla and the President has to smile and pretend he’s making sense. The Dalai Lama isn’t simply a guy who has a different point of view, and oh, isn’t he lovely– he’s a primitive and everything he believes is wrong. If he believes the Earth goes around the Sun, it’s only because he saw it on television (both the television and the idea of a non-geocentric universe come from White men.)
          There are things two men can talk about, and there are things they cannot, and that really irks me, because I am a blunt and honest man. I just throw everything onto the table. No one worries about offending me, and so I return the favor.
          That’s not just true of Amren, but everywhere else on Earth, and it’s one of the reasons why we are approaching a very Dark Age. In order to discern the truth, it is necessary to discuss and debate all the figures, all the percentages, all the numbers. What If we were trying to launch a probe into the orbit of the planet Venus, and we were forbidden from speaking about the number 5? We’d end up with probe pieces smoking on a freeway in Jersey.
          I just scratch my head sometimes, but we just have to keep rolling along.

    • You sound like a nice guy, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but please, please don’t refer to people like Timothy Jacob Wise as “White.” He is not White. His father is jewish, as can be seen from his wikipedia page:

      He is no more like you or I as we are to a black or a mexican. Wise and his people take care of their own, with their own agenda, and we have ours. We have nothing in common. If we disappeared off the planet, he would dance a dance of glee. He is a sickening piece of garbage. He is not part of our tribe. We are a glorious people.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        trust me, I know jews are’nt white. If I really said how I feel about them my post would not last long. For all intensive pourposes I’m a White Nationalist.

        As far as what you wrote, thats pretty much all it was, Tim Wiseguy, and his die-versity buddies gloating, I’m mean the were glowing over the fact the White demographic is rapidly declining. The worst part was when they got on the subject of mixed race people, I know how bad of an epidemic that is. I see it all the time, with a white grandmother happily accompaning her several mutt grandkids. I see it all the time in Illinois, and St.Louis. I’ve never understood how women can be so proud of miscegenation, and those kids are ALWAYS acting up.

        I wonder what those women and children will do when the economy collapses, and big daddy government will have to stop the hand outs. No self respecting White man with food stores, and protection will ever consider stepping in to save them. They made their own bed, and will just have to sleep in it.

        I don’t know if you can speak Russian/Slavic at all, but the very word “Slavic” means Glorious. Thats why I’m proud to call myself a Slav(Glory) even if thats just a third of me. German and Irish being the other 2/3. For us Whites;  As the Hatebreed song goes “Never let it die”.

    • The__Bobster

      Tim Weiss isn’t wise….or White.

    • Tim Wise is not white. he is at least partly jewish

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        Me, and Darryl were discussing that earlier, but you know how it is when the J-word comes up.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Did you read my post where I suggested you read “The Game” by Neil Strauss? Getting a little action might cool you down and prevent you from shooting more of your appliances…

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        Yeah I down Loaded the E-book, It’s kinda like an instruction book.. I used a 22 so I would’nt completly lose my hearing. It was an old T.V. and to be honest I’ve always wanted to do that.

  • This is “science” ? Actually- what are they trying to prove ? From my personal experience, here in SE Europe, 100% White.

    When I was 5-6 years old, I was standing in front of my house, dressed like like a boy-gunslinger (hat, “gun” etc.). Two blacks from non-aligned countries somewhere from Africa, who studied at local university college came along the street. I don’t remember anything, just my neighbor told my mother that they stopped near me & asked me if I wanted to shake hands with them. Sure, I replied & we shook hands. They departed, happy. I guess they wanted to check if there was some natural revulsion toward them in such a little boy. So, I guess- no revulsion.

    Fast forward 8-10 yrs. Still, not much experience with blacks (either positive or negative). Just, I somehow naturally developed distance- not fierce animosity, nothing like that- and consciousness of significant difference with regard to them.

    So, my conclusion would be- in completely “pure” environment, there is no racial revulsion when you’re, say, 5-8 yrs. But it begins to appear after you reach 15 or something like that. And I am talking about completely monoracial environment.

    Then, I may be wrong. Many people I know don’t have any racial consciousness & are even pro-black, thanks to media indoctrination (poor blacks, slavery, Kunta Kinte etc.).

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Here’s a “group” that could use some help…the group of white Towson University students on whose behalf Jared Taylor spoke recently who are trying to form a white student union…their university apparently does not approve of white groups and has not yet funded them.


    From the article:

    For example: studies have found that when whites see black faces there is increased activity in the amygdala, a brain structure associated with emotion and, specifically, with THE DETECTION OF THREATS.

    The amygdala’s response to African-American faces had been observed not just in European-American adults but in African-American adults (My caps)

    Well duh. The author expected the amygdala to react only to one very specific kind of threat, but not to other perceived threats? 

    I know nothing about brain structure, but that seems to me an odd expectation.

  • guest

    More liberal nonsense “studies” from those who deny race, yet go on and on about white privilege.  This is probably from the same kind of idiots who once told us whites that we can either be white or we can be human.  Liberal science is false science.

    • FinnyMac

      Ah liberal Americans “discussing” race… the comedy writes itself:

      “So it’s within our power to construct a society in which race isn’t a meaningful construct.”

      • FinnyMac

        Enter clown, stage left:

        But Monsieur Wright, is it in our power to construct a constructed society in which anti-race constructs are not self-refuting and self-contradictory?

  • Jed Sant Devi

    We are racists against Arabs, in spite of their virtues:

    Blacks in North Africa and Middle East Often Face Virulent Racism from Arabs

    • FinnyMac

      That’s true. Criticizing white Arabs is irrational and often secretly motivated by Zionism. In my experience the lighter-skinned Arabs are intelligent, spirited and they have an attractive look and demeanor. Sorry Fox News hacks!  

    • FinnyMac

      That’s true, white Arabs are in my experience are very intelligent and civilized group and, like us, they are very suspicious of mass immigration from sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Yeah, the pseudo-science majors are a tricky bunch to follow. They are like opposite ends of a giant magnet—their ideas can never seem to occupy the same space without violently being at odds with each other.

    • Jed Sant Devi

      We detect attainments beyond a bachelor’s degree.

  • razorrare

    Self-Hate isnt natural either…but little black girls do prefer White dolls…

    • They look at the doll as a future “weave donor”

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Disney has black and latina princesses now, nothing is sacred

      • razorrare

        And an excerpt taken from a William Pierce article…

        Let me share with you a really disgusting story I read last week. It was
        published in the January 19 edition of the San Jose Mercury News.
        That’s San Jose, California. The writer, Katherine Corcoran, is a staff
        member at the newspaper, a White woman, and she relates the soul-wrenching
        experience she had after her seven-year-old daughter went to a San Jose toy
        store with her aunt, looking for a Barbie doll. The little girl wanted to take a
        White Barbie doll off the shelf, but there was a Black Barbie doll in front of
        the White doll, so she moved the Black doll out of the way to get to the White
        doll. And then it occurred to the seven-year-old that she had just committed a
        “hate crime.” She went home to her mother in tears, confused and frightened, and
        asked her mother whether moving the Black doll aside showed that she was
        “prejudiced.” The girl’s mother described all of this in the newspaper story she
        wrote. She quotes her daughter: “In the toy store today, Auntie let me pick out
        whatever Barbie I wanted. And I moved a Black Barbie on the shelf out of the way
        to reach the White Barbie behind her. Does that make me prejudiced?” And as I
        said, this was not a casual question. The little girl was crying, terrified that
        she might actually have shown herself to be “prejudiced.”

        And when the mother heard this question she herself froze in terror. She
        didn’t know how to answer the question. She was afraid to answer simply, “No,
        dear, choosing the White doll instead of the Black doll doesn’t mean that you’re
        prejudiced.” She couldn’t give that answer because it would be dishonest. That
        answer would comfort her daughter at the moment, but it might lead the little
        girl into relaxing her vigilance and wandering even further down the path of
        Political Incorrectness. It might, heaven forbid, reinforce her preference for
        White over Black.

        On the other hand, if the mother answered the girl’s question honestly — if
        the mother answered, “Yes, you vicious, little White racist, by shoving aside
        the Black doll you revealed your horrible, racist prejudice in favor of your own
        race” — if her mother answered that way, then her daughter might not be able to
        handle the psychic trauma. The mother’s own words in the newspaper were: “If I
        said yes, I feared I would scar her self-image for life. Her eyes pleaded with
        me not to confirm the worst.” Believe it or not, that’s exactly what this silly
        woman wrote in the newspaper: “If I said yes, I feared I would scar her
        self-image for life.” And yet, the mother was sure that “yes” was the honest
        answer, because she knew that all of us Whites have the original sin of racism
        in us, a sin which we are obliged to struggle all our lives to overcome and to
        pay all our lives in order to atone for.

        For the remainder of a long, hand-wringing article, the mother agonized over
        how to deal with this terrible dilemma. The whole thing is surrealistic, like
        the sort of dream one might have after falling asleep with a really bad case of
        heartburn. But, unfortunately, that’s the way a great many Americans think these
        days. They really do get torn up over such things as how to be sure that they
        are raising their children to be both Politically Correct and self-contented.

        The mother writing in the San Jose Mercury News relates the
        stories of several other parents who encountered problems similar to her own.
        Not one of these parents expresses anger toward those who brainwashed their
        children to the point that any realization that they instinctively prefer their
        own kind frightens them and makes them feel guilty. Not one parent considers
        grabbing a shotgun and going out to hunt the media bosses who did this to their
        children. Instead they all cringe and grovel. The mother writing the story
        finally decides that what her daughter needs is still more brainwashing — more
        children’s books full of multiculturalism and diversity, more Steven Spielberg
        films, et cetera. She coaxes her daughter to believe that the only reason she
        reached for the White doll instead of the Black doll was not that the White doll
        was the one she could identify with because it looked like her, but that she
        liked the lipstick on the White doll more than the lipstick on the Black doll.
        That rationalization made the mother and daughter both feel much better. And
        then before the daughter could backslide, the mother went out and bought her a
        Black Barbie doll, a mestizo Barbie doll, an Indian Barbie doll, etc. The mother
        concludes: “I decided if my daughter was going to play with Barbies . . . they
        at least would be diverse. Her play world now includes Arab, Native American,
        Latina, and African-American Barbies.” And that mother obviously feels quite
        proud of the way she dealt with her daughter’s problem. I felt sick after
        reading her story.

        It’s easy to think ahead eight years or so to the time when this woman’s
        daughter is in a racially integrated high school and begins dating. When she has
        a choice between dating Black boys or White boys, she will remember her mother’s
        response to the Barbie doll dilemma. Her mother undoubtedly will be proud of her
        when she brings her first Black boyfriend home for dinner.

        You know, there used to be a time when I thought that the only way we could
        save our race and our civilization was to have a civil war and shoot everyone
        who thought like that and then start over again with the survivors. Of course,
        we still need a civil war — there’s no getting around that — but it won’t be
        necessary to shoot everyone who feels angst and guilt when his or her daughter
        opts for a White Barbie doll. These people are not ideologically opposed to the
        survival of White civilization. As I mentioned earlier, they don’t have an
        ideology, except to be Politically Correct, whatever that happens to be at the
        moment. The people who need to be shot — who must be shot — are the current
        arbiters of Political Correctness, the people who planned for seven-year-old
        White girls to feel guilty if they revealed a preference for White Barbie dolls.
        Shoot those, and the rest will adapt. They will assimilate whatever attitudes
        and opinions are presented to them. That’s the way most people are. That’s the
        way they’ve always been.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          I actually look forward to the carnage that awaits the West. Once White people have real problems all this PC though tcrime BS will be forgotten.

          Thankfully, my family isn’t as brainwashed. My niece wanted a particular type of Barbie for Christmas one year. I went to the store and the only Barbie of that type (fairy princess Barbie?) was black. There was a whole stack of them, so I figured that type of Barbie came in Bantu only. Turns out the store was sold out of the White Barbies. My sister exchanged the black Barbie for a White Barbie. My niece’s Barbie collection is non-diverse and that’s the way she wants it.

  • Common sense time. It is absolutel instinctive and natural to fear the other tribe that looks different from you. Besides aren’t we taught as children to fear strangers? Isn’t that a reasonable trait that would ensure survival of the tribe? Proof positive: Here’s a video from 1976 and it shows what naturally happens when an isolated New Guinean tribe discovers whites for the first time.  Since this tribe didn’t know whites existed I doubt they were taught about racism. I believe what you are seeing is a raw ingrained natural response to people who look and act different from yourselves. There are more videos like this describing the first encounters between whites and isolated tribes in new Guinea during the 20’s and 30’s. Perhaps Robert Wright of the Atlantic could watch these and come up with a liberal hypothesis of why these tribes reacted the way the do. Is it natural and learned? I hope he uses a bit of common sense.

  • Edward Kennedy, an white Irish Catholic, is the man who is responsible for the current demographic nightmare in the US.It was his Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that has changed the demographics of the US and put white people on the road to being a minority. I’ve lived in MA. There are several towns there where the residents are what are colloquially known  as “Moon Bats”. People who are liberal to the point of being insane, and people who , although they live in all white towns of privilege, support anti-white measures at every turn. I can name three such towns. Concord, Lexington and Brookline. The first two are extremely waspish, the third one is Jewish. Those that try to claim that only ONE … WHITE.. ethnic group, is in fact not white, and is to blame for everything that has happened to the white man in the US are just plain wrong, and blinded by their own hatred. Great Britain was ruined by ANGLO SAXON fabians. NO one can blame The the Jews at all for it’s present state. To ignore the fact that there has been  a sort of death wish amongst the white race and to blame it on one ethnic group is just plain dangerous. It is dangerous because the real problem wont be dealt with.

    • The__Bobster

      Wrong. Jews like Cellar were the drivng force for non-White immigration and lobbied for it for decades before they finally succeeded. It’s too bad that shabbos goys like Kennedy went along wiith them.

      The Hart-Celler Act abolished the national origins quota system that was American immigration policy since the 1920s, replacing it with a preference system that focused on immigrants’ skills and family relationships with citizens or U.S. residents

      • Wow, you post a link to a wikipedia definition of “sahabat goy” as if it was proof of something. YOu are wrong, it is the Kennedy Bill that changed the demographics of America. Go back to stormfront.

        • FinnyMac

          I grant that quoting Wiki is a bad practice, but that doesn’t mean the entirety of his argument is false or that visitors of Stormfront deserve to be treated rudely.

          • the visions of stormfront do not belong here, If I see them posted here regularly I will never give another donation. The “stormfronters” will be the downfall of the white movement. Whites are at their current  state of affairs because of the excesses of past ethnic movements. European history is filled with many bloody episodes of ethnic cleansing that most people are completely unaware of. One only needs to look into the history of the eastern lands Poland lost after the last big war. The ukrainians and the poles were wiping each other’s villages out in order to assure that the territory ended up in one or the other country. Jews were the one group that didn’t have a territory and they arguable had fared the worst over time. 
               One large attraction of the marxist revolution was that it sought to eliminate ethnicity. One was a “worker” and everyone was “united” in this respect. The marxists saw ethnic divisions as an obstacle to  achieving their utopia. Many Jews were attracted to marxism for this very reason, it meant a total and complete assimilation, no one could question their background in such a state, all workers were equal.    It was an “ethnicity fatigue” , or a general fatigue of ethnic struggle and division, and even of one’s own ethnic identity, that made marxism, and it’s promise of a non ethnic world attractive. It promised a new world where there was no killings, no  government discrimination and persecution. Since the government was all powerful and all present in this “utopia” it would guarantee the elimination of actions of ethnic hostilities by individuals as well. To voice an ethnic identity and to voice a hostility towards a person based on ethnic identity was considered an action that was hostile to the state.   The great irony was that FORCING this upon people had the exact opposite result! The number of ethnic casualties climbed to figures never  before imaginable. Ten million Ukrainians died in the Holodomor. It is also a great irony that the historically ,most persecuted minority, that jettisoned it’s old identity , was disproportionately represented in the architects and foot soldiers of that genocide.    That terror, coupled with an economic depression, made possible the terrors that the NAZI’s executed in their short reign. The depression literally wiped out the wealth of millions of people. It simply vanished as inflation made it worthless. People were destitute and desperate, and it seemed to them that greater, mysterious forces were manipulating events. After all, devaluation of currency IS  governmental theft of an individuals wealth. Then they hear horrible reports of millions of Europeans being killed by “Bolshevism”. If some weren’t given to paranoia by merely losing everything, they were more inclined to do so after hearing such reports. The result was ANOTHER round of ethnic based warfare and further, unimaginable numbers of  murder victims.   You may be asking yourself then, how does this all relate to where we are today. That is easy. There was a profound level of ethnic fatigue after WWII. A level SO profound that it made people crazy, and blind. It was actually more than just a “fatigue” it was a absolute fear and loathing of ethnic hostility. Any identification of any difference amongst people became taboo. The fear and loathing of ethnic division was so great that for the first time racial differences were considered no more significant than ethnic differences. This is why it was so damaging to be labelled a “racist”. People became emotionalized  on the subject, and stopped thinking.   It is an irony that in the US, all white ethnicities freely chose to  assimilate into a larger White American ethnic unit. Perhaps not so ironic because when they chose to come here they knew they were making that choice. They were saying goodbye to their old world identity and looking forward to being an “American”. Freedom accomplished what statism failed so miserably at.  Everyone of them had “ethnic fatigue” to some degree. Whether the cause of that fatigue was the failure of the economy in their homeland to offer them opportunity or whether it was because of being forced at gunpoint to leave their homeland does not make a difference.What America accomplished is what Europe never could accomplish and what the Soviets failed so miserably to accomplish.
                Now, into this mix strode the marxists that managed to survive Europe. In the 50’s they spread their poison. They agitated, they propagandized, they sued, they lobbied. They found a land where ethic division did not exists and they decided they needed to eliminate racial division. What they have done has been extremely damaging to this country. Now along come the “stormfronters”, another relic from the old world. They will divide white people and set group against group. They will not hinder the marxists. They will help them, unintentionally but they will help them nevertheless. Their sites are one long debate about which white ethnic group is pure and which isn’t. America doesn’t need either of these groups. All we need is a return to a land where white people are free to live in their own enclaves and free to make choices. We need a return to segregation and personal, instead of governmental, discrimination. A return to restrictive covenants and an end to laws against racial deicrimination. A return to REAL freedom, even if some people end up being the losers in such a world.

          • This particular section of this thread is getting off the tracks.  Not only that, I know how this story ends, and it’s not a happy ending.  We should end this sub-conversation now.

            We’re not blaming anyone in particular.

          •  To moderator, yeah, I know, just clearing a blockage

          •  Before you know it, somebody is going to be called a Nazi, just watch.

      • So now, according to people like you, we are to scrutinize all white people, and even if they have blonde hair, blue eyes, are conservative, …..BUT….. they are ……..jewish!!!!!…….. they are not white????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing could be more dangerous to the Amren goals. Divide and conquer is what our ENEMIES do. What about Italians , greeks, French and Spaniards? Are they subject next? Are they not white enough? Are the Irish all to be condemned because of Kennedy and Hart?Are theItalians to be condemned because they are darker on average than Jews? Was PauLette Goddard –not white? Was Julie from the “Mod Squad”not white????!!!!! Was Peter Torkelson from “The Monkeys” not white??!!!!!! Were all three of those people secretly working for the destruction of the US ?!!!!!!

    • The author’s name sure sounds WASPISH …. oy oy oy!

  • There’s never been good reason to believe that human beings are naturally racist. After all, in the environment of human evolution—which didn’t feature, for example, jet travel to other continents—there would have been virtually no encounters between groups that had different skin colors or other conspicuous physical differences. So it’s not as if the human lineage could have plausibly developed, by evolutionary adaptation, an instinctive reaction to members of different races.

    Again, a liberal has it back wards.

    That different people evolved in different parts of the world not knowing each other, there would be innate suspicion of each group. It’s a basic evolutionary survival mechanism to be suspicious and cautious of what you don’t know. And seeing people who are kind of like you but different must trigger a basic reaction in the brain that this other person is ‘strange’.

    I would have to read the entire study and see their methodology and bias but I read this in the abstract:

    In addition, greater peer diversity was associated with attenuated amygdala response to African American faces, suggesting that intergroup racial contact may reduce the salience of race.

    Translation: It’s our unproven belief that more diversity and racial interaction MAY reduce racism.

    • IT is constantly repeated throughout human history that when resources become scarce people align along ethnic lines and fight over what resources there are.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This article is a rationalization of studies and also an interpretation.  If we take another point of view avoiding the poison word “racism” that seems to prevent most people from actually thinking beyond the accusation in the use of the word, what the same data could show is that people, beginning at a very young age begin to learn to discriminate; that is, they learn to identify those things living and nonliving that can be dangerous to them about the time that they begin to become more independent.  This could be seen as a natural development, genetically and environmentally ordered.  It is true that it is possible to “imprint” on a young mind information, including faces that will make them less able to utilize the same sort of ability to discriminate for their own safety.  This means that as they grow older, they are likely to associate with things and people who are dangerous to them.  Isn’t that about what is going on today?

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Have you ever wonder what the virulent anti White privilege dog whistle sounds like?

    Let this ring in your ears for a while, then go to any typical “diversifying” White evangelical (post Christian) church, and hear the same siren screaming from the pulpit:

    “What is the role of faith in intercultural transformation, overcoming racism, and creating a more just world?”

    • they preach gobbledygook

      • Jed Sant Devi

        But they get paid for it, and they also have the power to wipe out your White privilege, so don’t dismiss them as kooks.


  • NorthernWind

    Based on what I’ve read I don’t see how this article makes the claim that racism is natural any less compelling. To me, racism is the inevitable outcome of human nature.

    Claiming that children do not exhibit the same degree of amygdala activation as adults, therefore racism isn’t natural seems disingenuous to me. That’s like saying that because children do not exhibit sexual attraction to the opposite sex until they are older, sexual attraction is taught. Or that because young boys and girls are effectively equal in physical strength, adult strength differences between the sexes are due to socialization leading to less physical activity by females. Or that because Black and White IQ scores are closer in children, that the larger disparity by adulthood is due to discrimination.

    The fact is that the brain is mature only once we hit adulthood. The author is struggling to dismiss racism as not natural but still acknowledges tribalism (which he calls “groupism”), that very thing which leads to racism. The fact is that our tribal minds have difficulty ignoring racial differences and not classifying other races as outsiders.

    “So it’s within our power to construct a society in which race isn’t a meaningful construct.”

    No it isn’t. Good fences make good neighbors. Allow the races, ethnic groups, and cultures of the world to have self-rule over their own land and we can avoid the situation we find ourselves in now; one of trying to make all varieties of groups get along under single governments.

  • John_H_Holliday

    Racism is perfectly natural.  In fact, it runs in my family. 

  • puffdaddy

    My kindergardener is learning about “bullying” this week and we had to read a shortened version of The Ugly Duckling as part of the homework. We had an epiphany when we read it, so I went to the original to see if it was confirmed. It was. The Hans Christian Anderson tale is not about bullying, nor about mother love – it’s about, if you’re a swan don’t hang around with ducks. 

    • I wonder if that was the inspiration for the Steve Martin movie called “The Jerk”

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Ok, just for the sake of argument, I’ll pretend that there is no natural suspicion or emnity between the races, that it’s all learned behavior.  Now what?  Are blacks and browns now going to behave themselves, pull their own weight, and contribute in a meaningful way to any sort of spiritual, cultural, material or scientific progress?  As someone raised to be totally colorblind, I waited the first 40 years of my life to see any trace of it; indeed I supported the tilting of the playing field in their favor, just to tease out any hidden potential there. 

    What I saw was just the opposite, and I can no longer live in denial.  I fully admit that I now have little to no respect for blacks or browns – and if this is entirely learned behavior – then it’s based on the overwhelming evidence in my daily life.  I wish it were not so, but reality is reality.  So in the end, the question is moot.  Unless liberals invent some sort of gene therapy that finally makes the beautiful lie of egalitarianism true and brings blacks and browns up to some minimal standards of civilization, then reality will constantly intrude into their ideological fantasy world.  Whites will only believe in egalitarianism until they find out the truth, and thanks to liberalism the truth becomes unavoidable with increased “diversity”.

  • Persephone Gray

    Exactly. This is the only logically consistent interpretation of the data presented. Their conclusion is completely ass-backwards.

  • What’s nice about this article, from the anti-White rag The Atlantic, is that it admits that races exist.

    Back when the Human Genome Project started, the people who wanted to start it had to swear up and down that they would not discover that races exist.

    Today’s leftist on the street (I was just talking to my Communist friend a few days ago) continues to insist that on a PCA chart of genomes the races will overlap.  Which has been decidedly counterfactual for at least the past 4 years.

    Now that leftists have to admit that Whites exist, they have to tell us why they support the genocide of Whites through mass immigration and forced integration in every White country and only into White countries.

    • FinnyMac

      I agree, but could I say that the process of waiting for a change in “thinking” from liberal American journalists often reminds me of Soviet history, when a slight change in the the language of propaganda organs had to be measured year to year in constant speculations about the motives of an irrational and perverse inner circle? It’s maddening, not at all in the fine style of classical western debate.

  • MerlinV

    Race this and race that. How old are blacks when they have their first urge to attack a white person? Thats probably a better study question. Oh well. One thing is certain, if you are White you had better learn the law of the jungle real quick like. Blacks are dangerous and toxic for White people. Particularly in large numbers. Simply take the “race is just a social construct” lunatics, strap a parachute on them, fly over any all black US city, then throw them out of the plane.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    How soon before this becomes standard in kindergarten textbooks?  And if the Asians women prefer rich and powerful White Men Only, doesn’t that just prove that Asians are “more racist than we knew” and that they “have some soul searching to do”?We live near a large Asian poplulation, and unlike the White girls we see, the Asians seem delightfully resistant to race mixing with the buck nasty voodoo Diversity.  White girls can’t seem to get enough of Diversity, especially the young college graduates in short dresses, who are mostly with black boyfriends. You just don’t see young Whites Only couples walking around anymore.  White babies in the future will be as rare as non Affirmative Action achievement in the black community.

    Writers Says If You Want to be Successful, Marry Outside Your Race

    • NorthernWind

       I don’t know where you live nor how things are there, but where I live young college girls are all talk. They go on about how evil White men are and how they would date people of any race but the vast majority only date White men.

      Some of them do try to mix but it almost always fails in a hilarious fashion.

      • when you go black… end up being an HIV positive single mom. Remember that song “Goldfinger”.. When I see such a couple I sing, jut loud enough so that they may hear me “Coal Burner, wohn wohhn wahhh, single mom with the “H.I.V.” ( I’m 6″5″ and weigh 260lbs-people would rather assume they heard me wrong than question me)

    • Sloppo

      That’s an interesting web site.  I was appalled when I read another article in it about a white South African model who scandalously used a term which is considered derogatory regarding a black man who made sexual remarks about her in a supermarket.  She rudely failed to show appreciation for the fact that the black man did not rape her white self, instead showing a kind of restraint uncommon in that country.  Hopefully South African president Jacob Zuma will continue to show strong leadership in the war against anti-black racial slurs, despite his demanding “Kill the White Man” concert tour schedule with the African National Congress backup chorus and dance company.

    • sammy

      We live on the Upper East Side in NYC. We go to a beautiful park that also contains the Mayor’s mansion (1799). Now this is the UES, a White enclave. Yet we still see–increasingly–White women (many blond) with black men.

  • 325air82

    because they want to give them your money not their own and want you to live among them not themselves. Liberals  are hippocrites

  • Whoever wrote the article is a loon who clearly doesn’t know anything about the well researched concept of ethno-centrism.

    During my initial Racial Awakening I was exposed to the works of French New Right theorist Alain de Benoist and he makes ethnocentrism a central concept in his ideology.  It would be a good idea if Amreners brushed up a little on it as well.

  • It has long been recognized that the merchant class in any society ends up producing the marxists of that society. It doesn’t mater what ethnicity that merchant class is. In asia it is the Chinese. The offspring of the Chinese merchant class in Singapore are the ones who tried to foment a communist revolution there. 

  • Jed Sant Devi

    You should re up and memorize their lingo.  You’ll need to spout it all back as an article of faith when they send you to the Obama Auschwitz camp for interrogation.

  • rightrightright

    At what point does a group (in the peculiar sense of such in this article) become too large to warrant this classification with its implicit absolution from the sin of racism and become a race itself? 

  • Dr. Möbias

    They deny race when it comes to open borders and white rights.

    But race exists when it comes to slavery, affirmative action, racism, integration.

  • The article is inaccurate.  The heritability of racial preferences has already been established.  As I commented:

    “But all of this is almost beside the point anyway…”

    This is a ridiculous article.  Wright is clearly oblivious to the behavioral genetic research on the issue.  It has already been shown that racial specific preferences are partially heritable  (e.g., Weber et al., (2011) “Genetic Influences on Group Politics” and Bates and Lewis (2010) “Genetic evidence for multiple biological mechanisms underlying in-group favoritism.”  For example, the narrow heritability of racial identity, racial preference, and racial marriage (assuming an ACE model, of course) as reported in Weber et al. is 0.28, 0.32, and 0.52, respectively.  Basically, the authors of the research paper under discussion failed to employ the proper methodology to disentangle nature from nurture.  Biometric analysis is needed.  And such research has already been done and has been replicated.
    As for the a prior plausibility of there being domain specific racial preferences, there is clear reason to think that these would exist (i.e., Hamilton’s rule) as long as there was a method of racial discrimination and as long as racial groups frequently came into contract with each other.   Understanding race simply as “breeding population,” racial groups frequently did come into contact in paleolithic times.  The question then is whether or not the differences in physical appearance between the breeding populations that did come into contact were large enough for between population discrimination to occur; if so, individual would have evolved preferences for physical similarity as a proxy for genetic similarity.  The literature showing that individuals can make fine phenotypic discrimination is pretty extensive.  The most obvious example is nuclear family, non-family.   Not withstanding the mountain of evidence to the contrary, Wright disagrees with the latter point, though, saying:  “there would have been virtually no encounters between groups that had different skin colors or other conspicuous physical differences.”  To note, the phenotypic differences needed need not necessarily  have been biological; they could have been cultural in the sense of attire.   There just would have to have been observable difference between groups for a same-looking bias to evolve.  

    Whatever the case, this is a moot point, since biometric analysis has established the “racist’s” claims. 

  • All I need to do is to look at the name of the author to know on which side the matzah ball is going to crumble.  

  •  Inbreeding over centuries has significant disadvantages—the severity/incidence of genetic disease is often several orders of magnitude higher in Ashkenazim than for population at large.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    The sheep left in the churches today are the ones who WANT to be underneath Diversity Leadership.

    Which pretty much means the most dispirited, degraded kind of Whites will be left there as minions to black preachers, deacons, and elders who will embezelle the endowments.

    Watch the finances of the Southern Baptist Convention over then next few years for lots of laughs.