Louisiana Woman Says 3 Racist Men Set Her on Fire

USA Today, October 23, 2012

A 20-year-old black woman said she was set on fire by three men who wrote the initials KKK and a racial slur on her car in northeastern Louisiana, police said Monday.

Officers found Sharmeka Moffitt with burns on more than half of her body when they responded to her 911 call Sunday night, said Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Lt. Julie Lewis.

The FBI is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime, but no arrests had been made as of late Monday, Lewis said. She said Moffitt was in critical condition at a hospital and that some of her injuries were third-degree burns.

Moffitt told police the men doused her in a flammable liquid and set her on fire at a park in Winnsboro, a town in Franklin Parish. Lewis said she extinguished the fire using water from a spigot before a police officer arrived.

Officers found the letters KKK—an apparent reference to the Ku Klux Klan—and a racial slur smeared in a paste-like substance on the hood of her car, Lewis said.

On the 911 call, Moffitt described her attackers as three men wearing white hoods or hats, Lewis said. She later told a Winnsboro Police officer who responded to the call that the men were wearing white hoodies. She was unable to say what race her attackers were. {snip}


Regardless of the investigation’s outcome, though, [local NAACP president Otis] Chisley said, racism and KKK activity remain a fact of life in the state.

“It’s prevalent throughout Louisiana,” he said. “It’s hidden but it exists.”

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  • Confirmed Hoax:

    Officials: Burn victims claims false

    •  Definitely did not pass the smell test.

      • Oil Can Harry

        I am shocked- SHOCKED! -that this was a hoax.
        Since the police discovered “a racial slur and the letters KKK that were written in toothpaste on the woman’s vehicle” I just assumed she was attacked by a gang of Neo-Nazi dentists. 

        • blight14

           Nope, it wasn’t me……..

    • NorthernWind

       That didn’t take long…

      •  When’s the local NAACP chapter going to apologize rushing to judgement and smearing White people?

        I’ll take “never” for 500.

    • 5n4k33y35

      I figured. She should have to confess and apologize for a reduced sentence, or else it should be all over the media that forensic evidence incriminated her. I hate this kind of false flag deception.

    • Jed Sant Devi

      Where’s the outrage in the White community? Where are the marches, protests, threats?  

      Didn’t this esteemed African American Sharmeka Diversity endanger the entire White community with her lies?

      What if blacks, in a reversion to type, had gone berzerk and robbed, raped, and looted upon hearing that the Ku Klux had fired the first shot?

      Shouldn’t Sharmeka be arrested or trying to aid and abet terrorism?

    • RisingReich

       They ought to sling her sorry a$$ for false reporting, amongst other things.

    • John Bonham

       Yep, ANYTHING to keep their messiah in office … I truly believe they had that in mind, the NAACP of course.. Keep that white guilt going or try to revive it, that is slowly but surely passing away ..
      People are waking up .. I love this, because when people find out that this is a hoax it only works to our favor..

    • Rock_Ridge

      These fake hate crimes are fairly common as most readers here know.  What no one seems to notice is that this type of behavior is consistent with  a known psychiatric condition: factitious disorder

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “Regardless of the investigation’s outcome, though, [local NAACP president Otis] Chisley said, racism and KKK activity remain a fact of life in the state.”

    Translation: Even if the woman created this “hate” crime herself it’s not her fault. At one point in her life she MAY have experienced racism so it’s justified.

    • “Even when this incident turns out to be complete and utter BS, we’re still the victims.”

  • Puggg

    Are there any corroborating witnesses?  If not, then I’ll have to presume this is a hoax, and maybe a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend or dope dealer to whom she owed money tried to make ghetto lobster out of her.

  • Ulick

    “No matter how it turns out”

    It makes one wonder if the NAACP leader was in on the hoax just so we can have a “teaching lesson” (as Liberals like to say.) It certainly sounds like the NAACP leader was anticipating it may be a hoax.

    As always, hoaxes allegedly perpetrated against blacks receive more attention and outrage than the way more common actual racist attacks against whites.

    • JackKrak

      At a minimum, the N2ACP guy obvioulsy knew there was a STRONG possibility that this would all come up b*llsh*t and was covering his bases with the “no matter” comment.

      Not at all surprising that they would still go ahead with public comment on the matter despite it not being proven and the extremely suspicious nature of the, um, “attack”.

      Then again, when have the public pronouncements of blacks ever been limited by facts?

  • humptydumpty

    the stupidity of blacks knows no bounds…

  • IstvanIN

    On the other hand here is a REAL racial crime:

    The Robinson boys are black by the way.

  • bubo

    The K has developed mind control abilities that make black people douse themselves in lighter fluid and set themselves ablaze.  

    Now for reality.  Amber DeLoach, beautiful 18 year old white girl was found dead in the trunk of her burning car in Savannah, Georgia.

    Career black criminal Shan Demetrius Cheley charged with her murder.  

    • With a name like “Shan Demetrius” you don’t even have to name the race of the perp.

  • I used to say that blacks would be the ones demanding the repeal of ‘hate crime’ laws because it would ultimately turn out that they would be found to be the ones committing ‘hate crimes’.

    However, when one of these hoaxes is revealed, the police and the media go out of their way to justify and forgive the perpetrator. Just read the police response on the link:


    “My heart truly goes out to the Moffitt family, who are more than just members of our community, they are my friends,”  (police chief) Thomas said. “I hope we can come together as a community and pray for their wellbeing and a quick recovery of Sharmeka.”

    A hate crime hoax should be prosecuted the same as a hate crime not excused or forgiven.

  • Ed_NY

    This reminds me of Tawana Brawley and Rev. Al circa 1987.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    It’s hidden, so what’s the threat? Sounds like it’s hiddenness is what makes it ripe for a hate crime hoax.  

    • Michael C. Scott

      The so-called “hiddenness” conveniently also excuses them from the burden of  providing any proof, much like saying that the dinosaurs aren’t really extinct; they’re just hiding.

  • Yeah, in other words, even if this is a Tawana Brawley styled  hoax or crime perpetrated by black people whitey is still to blame for all the racism.

  • whiteyyyyy

    At least she did’nt burn herself in her car, you’d never get that smell out.

  • Persephone Gray

    I get chills when I think of the level of hate required to set oneself on fire for the sole purpose of casting blame on an entire race and inciting anger and violence against them.

    • Remember Richard Pryor? She was proably smokin dope and something went wrong, maybe she nodded out while high with a lighter in her hand. Then to escape embarrassment she came up with the KKK story. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  • MerlinV

    She probably got in a brawl with her husband then did a Tawana Brawley. Has big Al showed up yet?

  • sarah stein

    LMAO, she set herself on fire.  You must really hate yourself some crackas if you’re going to light yourself up just to blame whitey.  Now that’s a true racist.   So now it’s the jew’s turn at another hoax.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I think sbuffalonative beat me to this:

    “The wounds were self-inflicted,” Kyle Hanrahan, a spokesman for the FBI’s Louisiana bureau said.

    Yeah, didn’t take long…


    • Sloppo

      So … instead of  “three men wearing white hoods or hats”, the prime suspect is now an extra crispy black woman.  I’m shocked.

  • libertarian1234

    “NAACP leader: No matter how the investigation turns out “racism and KKK activity remain a fact of life.””

    Only in history.  Not today.

    The fact of life today is that blacks are the most racist people in this country….bar none……and the crime and chaos they commit right now make the KKK in its golden years seem like a church group by comparison.

  • WmarkW

    The (linked, original) story doesn’t mention anything about “police are on the lookout for three men…”  That’s usually a sign that the victim complaint lacked credibility from the beginning.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    It’s a sad commentary on our society when a young black woman must actually burn herself in order to demonstrate the inherent racism of all white people, who would actually burn her because of their racism, . . ., er, what was I saying?

  • Mentious

    Yes. Doesn’t pass the smell test. Lighting people on fire has long been a favorite method of blacks, both in Africa and here.

  • humptydumpty

    During reconstruction, there were many hoaxes purputrated by carpetbaggers and freedmen to make that Klan (much different group than the 20th century Klan) look bad.

    •  Much different from he 21st Century Klan as well!

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Her black boyfriend doused her with lighter fluid, and now she wants to play the ghetto lottery.

  • William Allingham

    Blacks are obsessed with the KKK the same way they back in Africa feared that the dead would haunt them (perhaps because the did while alive) they think that the KKK its omnipotent and controls the world and they are so self-centered that think everything has to do with them. If something doesn’t goes the way they want its because of “racism” as if whites didn’t had anything better to do than planning to bring down blacks, we care so little about harming them that when they attack us or invade our neighborhoods we prefer to run away to other places and pretend nothings happening.

    if you havent read “A Race Against Time” heres an excellent article about blacks modern superstition and how their brains (absurdly) correlate everything with racism.

    the nonsense that circulates about whites among blacks:

  • Puggg

    In that instance, the NAACP is using “KKK” as a synonym for “white people.”  When the NAACP frets about the KKK, they’re really opposing the existence of white people.

  •  Grampa’s old school graffiti!  LOL!

  • Tom_in_Miami

    So, now we know for sure what happened, and the guilt lies with the alleged victim.  Still, who’s stuck with the bill for the investigations?  How about the medical bills?  And how about the victims of other crimes the po-leese were too busy with this affair to investigate?  Somebody got over, in spite of herself, and somebody got a servicing.  At least the perp will have some scars and perhaps pain to remind her that racism and lies don’t always pay enough to make them worthwhile.

    • Michael C. Scott

      The medical bills?  That’s an easy one.  Even if Sharmeka has insurance coverage, no insurance company will pay on a deliberate tort, which includes self-inflicted injuries.  Since nobody named Sharmeka is going to pay cash, the hospital will eat the costs, and pass them along to other patients in the form of higher medical bills for everyone else.

      If Sharmeka truly is indigent, Medicade might cover it, but I don’t know if even Medicade will pay on self-inflicted burns.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Were you married to my ex-wife too?

  • Michael C. Scott

    I’m betting on unicorns.  A grown man in this day and age who runs around calling himself “Imperial Grand Wizard” or some such thing would succeed only at making himself a laughing stock.