Detroit was once the industrial capital of the nation. But, decades of economic decline and a ruinous recession have turned the Motor City into America’s crime capital.

For the fourth years in a row, has rated Detroit, Michigan, as the most dangerous city in the country — with a violent crime rate of 2,137 per 100,000 residents.

Many of the other places on the list are also declining industrial powerhouse cities that have been left ravaged by dwindling blue-collar jobs and rising unemployment.

Baltimore, Maryland, ranked number seven; Cleveland, Ohio, number nine; and Buffalo, New York, number ten; all share Detroit’s fate to one degree or another.

Seismic changes in the auto industry have left tens of thousands of people out of work in Detroit as automakers and parts suppliers shrank in size and began to rely more heavily on labor-saving technology.

The unemployment rate is currently 19.6 percent, nearly two and a half times the national average.

Crime is so bad in Detroit that at a recent town hall meeting, Mayor Dave Bing was booed and heckled by his own police officers.

‘What are you doing to stop the attack as far as blight, the drugs, the murder?’ officer Marcus Cummings demanded, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Detroit has lost more than 200,000 residents in the last decade as citizens fled the blighted city for better-off suburbs with lower crime and better school.

Forbes pointed out that even with the population drop, there were 344 murders last year, compared with 395 in 2001.

The police department was forced to fire 200 police officers last year as the city struggled to cope with massive budget shortfalls from declining tax revenue as people left and businesses closed their doors.

Poverty and high unemployment figure prominently among the most violent cities in the nation. Each of them have higher unemployment rates than the rest of the nation.

Oakland, California, number three; Memphis, Tennessee, number four; Birmingham Alabama, number five; and Stockton, California, number eight; have all struggled with high poverty rates for many years.

Unemployment in Stockton, 17.8 percent, is only marginally lower than it is in Detroit.

St Louis, Missouri, number two, and Atlanta, Georgia, number six, both stand at the crossroads of major drug trafficking corridors and are plagued by especially violent drug crime. Stockton also lies on a key drug trafficking route — between the Mexican cartels and the Pacific northwest.

Criminologists, and police chiefs in the cities themselves, warn that the data behind the ranking, the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, offers shaky ground for comparing cities.

The FBI’s numbers depend on how thoroughly the local police departments record and report their own crime statistics.

However, most of the cities listed have been ranked among the most dangerous for years.

And most of them also have the highest murder rates — one crime stat that’s hard to fudge.

After all, as the saying goes, it’s possible for police commanders massage robberies to make them look like thefts, and downplay nonfatal shootings. It’s much more difficult to hide a body.

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  • Puggg

    St. Louis is second in that list.  St. Louis and Atlanta aren’t dangerous necessarily because they’re at national crossroads for dope distribution rings, they’re dangerous because both cities have large black undertows.

    It’s not “economic devastation” is the cause of the crime in Detroit.  The crime and economic devastation are both symptoms of the same cause, the black undertow.

    • Heinrich24

      Right on! I was going to say virtually the identical thing – the economics are a symptom, not THE problem at all!!!

  • humptydumpty

    Here in the people’s republic of n.j, we’ve got multiple candidates for honorable mention, such as trenton (our illustrious state capital) camden, atlantic city, newark, paterson, asbury park, long branch, paterson, elizabeth, etc.

    • IstvanIN

       Vineland, Asbury Park, Passaic, Jersey City, …….

    • Major

      Elizabeth too? I think you’ve named every major city in New Jersey? Also what really stands out… is that NJ is one of those states that refuses to recognize the Second  Amendment! 

      Fact: crime and criminals will run rampant when they have no fear that armed citizens will meet them with force. Even worse than “sanctuary” cities (that also defy federal law) are cities and states than ban self defense. NJ will always be a sewer because of that…until  they issue one cop to every citizen ( unarmed citizen ) it’ll never be safe.

      • SCOTUS incorporated the Second Amendment against every state in the union in its 5-4 decision in McDonald v. Chicago. 

        Whether New Jersey likes it or not – and even if the state constitution doesn’t mention it – the Second Amendment applies there as well.

  • MerlinV

    Gee, it must be all the Muslims there that are causing all the problems. Blacks couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with it. Blacks, specifically black males, must be protected from all criticism. Yep, its Muslims murdering Whites by the thousands all over the country then quietly covered up by the race traitors among us.

    According to these traitors, we are to simply ignore the decades old silent war blacks have been waging on innocent Whites and just focus on Muslims. How telling…

    • IKantunderstand

      Gee, did you read the same article I did? The  problem behind crime in majority Black cities is the economy.  Not the populace, be they Blacks or Moslems or whatever.Sheesh.

      • MerlinV

        Poverty follows crime. The reverse is not necessarily true. Detroit, St. Louis, and other large cities were once predominately White and were in effect turned over to blacks. The racial byproduct of blacks in large numbers and in control followed.

        The larger point I was making was the fact that their are still race traitors who live in Detroit who have a vested personal interest in protecting blacks and could care less about black savagery. All they are concerned with is the potential threat they see from Muslims. The White race be damned. They ignore all else for their own gain.They continue their coverups for blacks, its poverty, its racism, etc etc because they incorrectly count the black man as their ally. He isn’t.

        • IKantunderstand

          Who exactly are these Whites who live in  Detroit and protect Blacks while simultaneously accusing  Moslems of White genocide? I’m not so crass as to demand names, but Merlin V, I think you are full of crap. You are a Moslem. You were not born in this country, and despite the fact that you think you have English nailed? You are WRONG! The people at this website know the Black man is not their ally. We also know that Moslems might in fact, turn out to be a bigger problem than Blacks. (At least, I know that). What’s the prob, Mer? Infirmative Action not working as well for you as the Blacks?

          • Triarius

            The whites are the “White Hispanics” in Mexicantown, hipsters in Greektown, students at Wayne State, and Middle Eastern Iraqis in West Detroit.

            Actually non-student, non-Mexican, non-Arab, European White residents is probably around 1-2%. And they would be mostly crack heads and “artists”.

            And for the record, the muslims in Dearborn HATE whitey. Look up all the anti-Christian shenanigans at Dearborn Fordson High. Mulsim teachers and coaches threatening to kill students that converted to Christianity, etc.

          • IKantunderstand

            Hey look . you mouther fuckers! We need to take over the Greek  repuplic

          • IKantunderstand

            Look, I’m not going to consider Black people, brown people

          • IKantunderstand

            My darling, You are the love of my life

  • Francis Galton

    Detroit is about 82% black, according to the US Census.  Here’s what I want to know: what is the most dangerous municipality with a 75% or greater White population?  What is its crime rate?  I’d be willing to bet it’s at most 1/3 of Deadrot’s third-world-level crime rate, and quite possibly lower. 

    Always remember: the racial breakdown of a city or neighborhood is the best predictor of that area’s crime rate–better than income level, poverty rate, educational attainment, home-ownership rate, population density, percentage of single-parent households, you name it.  Of course, the vast majority of people know this instinctively, and act accordingly. 

    • Detroit_WASP

      I think Detroit is more like 90% black.  The schools are 99% black, that is the official number.
      I think the census is wrong.  A lot of blacks won’t answer the door or send in a census form, so whites get over counted and blacks are under counted.

      Blacks don’t show up for jury duty either. 

      • Triarius

        North Africans, Middle Easterners, and some Mexicans are Caucasian on the census. Aside from Wayne State students, Detroit is only a few percentage points European Whites that live by the Ren Cen or libtard professors in Indian Village.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Look at the map. Only 30% are in the old Southern Confederacy. 

      70% are in good Union strongholds, even though Maryland was coerced by Lincoln.

    “National” cemeteries across the invaded South contain Yankee graves of those “John Brown’s Body” singing soldiers who came down here to free the African slave and save the White Man’s Federal Union.  

    Now, their bloodlines have been blended into mongrel mulatto Diversity.

    Jefferson Davis gets a little bit of revenge every single day, one extinct White family at a time…

    • The__Bobster

      Yankee conscripts wanted nothing to do with freeing slaves, who would move north and undercut their wages.

      • General Ulysses Grant said that if he thought fighting the Civil War was all about freeing the Southern slaves, then he NEVER would have fought in it.

  • Detroit_WASP

    DC is mostly black.  Does anyone know the history of that?  Did blacks flock to DC during the civil war seeking the protection of the federal government?  If they did, how ironic that the white people which freed blacks ended up having their city destroyed by blacks. 

    • Triarius

      Having moved from Detroit to DC I can answer that my fellow metro Detroiter.

      Section 8. Look at Charlotte, almost no blacks in the 70’s (so I hear, wasn’t alive then).

      Blacks come in and ruin one street, then a neighborhood, then the city.

      Whites are taking back DC and Georgetown because its too darn valuable and the commute is nuts from Fairfax (I have to leave the house before 5am, thank God its only a temp contract). Blacks are being forced into Prince George’s County, MD which is now crap.

      And yes the irony is amazing. You’d think these people would learn. It only took me about 3 months from leaving my lily white Metro Detroit suburb to learn the truth.

      • Ed_NY

        Triarius, I am much older then you.  This has been the strategy that blacks have been using ever since I can remember, we called it “Block Busting” back in ther 60’s and 70’s.  Once one black family moved into a neighborhood, crime immediately went up and property values went down.  Thus began the start of White flight.  With section 8, it is just progressing more rapidly then ever before.

        • Yes…the strategy that “blacks” have been using. They control the real estate industry,right? Hello..YKW?

  • APaige

    Not even a hint at the demographics of these locations. No reasons, just excuses;”economic decline and a ruinous recession,” “declining industrial powerhouse cities that have been left ravaged by dwindling blue-collar jobs and rising unemployment,” “Poverty and high unemployment,” “drug trafficking route.” Pittsburgh suffered from economic and industrial decline, but white leadership and majority white population made THE difference.

  • MekongDelta69


    Say it with me boys and girls. C’mon everybody. Sing along…

  • Triarius

    My biggest issue is that 200,000 Detroit resident have left the city. Like they are going to go elsewere and make their new town better?

    Detroit was the Paris of the West. Now it’s Mogadishu II. The reason? The residents. Even the liberals and politicians know that.

  • 1Forced_Registration

    St Louis city may be #2 on that list (believe me the city proper has earned its ranking), but if the statistics had included the rings around it — it would still be dangerous depending on where you go. There are areas in the rings around it which are even more dangerous than St Louis City itself such as: Cahokia, East St Louis, Brooklyn IL, Pine Lawn, Kinloch, and some other parts of North St Louis County that rival it for murders & other crimes. All of those areas have something in common though, and that is they are all heavily black. 

    When I worked as a courier I was actually more concerned with going into Cahokia, East St Louis, Jennings, Kinloch, and Bel-Ridge at 10pm-3am than I was of the city itself.  That doesn’t mean I want to be on the north side at night, but Grand and Carter compared to Castlewood apartments  is a rough call on which is more likely to land you in an ER or morgue as a victim of a serious crime.

    At least in Missouri we have CCW, but it doesn’t do you any good if you have to cross the river into Illinois.

  • TTownTony

    This writer is obviously uninformed. Take Birmingham, Alabama for example. There are plenty of jobs in that area. B’ham has a population of about 200,000 (half of what it was 40 years ago), but it is surrounded by mostly thriving suburbs and nearby cities where there are plenty of jobs. For example just 25 minutes away Mercedes Benz has been hiring thousands of new workers.  MB makes GL, M, R and C Class vehicles at a giant plant in Tuscaloosa.

    It’s easy to cite poverty and unemployment as causing crime, but 10 years or so years ago when unemployment in B’ham was 3% or less, the crime rate was still through the roof and at record levels! 

  • Defiant White

    I wonder when they’ll do a major, big, expensive research study to see if those urban hell-holes all have something in common?

    I know it isn’t “poverty” because numerically, there are huge pockets of white poor that don’t have these problems.

    I’m sure there must be something.  What could it POSSIBLY be?

  • Major

    “I’ll take my 95% White enclave…”

    Please…name  that place…the Hamptons perhaps?

  • 200,000 fled the city…to spread the rot to white towns with “better off school”. We should wall it up;dont let them OUT!!

  • To my fellow Amrenners:

    Today, October 24, 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of The Man Who Would Be God, if baseball commissioner Bud Selig had his way.

    Jack Roosevelt Robinson showed he had something in common with the rest of humanity. He died.

    Will Bud Selig order the Giants and Tigers to each burn 42 candles in “commemoration”, before the start of the World Series? I wouldn’t put it past him, to offer, or rather, force – some kind of “tribute”.

    If it weren’t for white people going to Detroit sporting events (except for the Red Wings, so far), I think the flow of money into Detroit would be at a near standstill. I can’t believe that tht Tigers, Lions and Pistons are that great, that they have Caucasians throwing money out just to see them play.

    I note in the original article, that they shut down comments, after only a handful. The article itself still pretends it doesn’t know why Detroit is in a tailspin. They keep blaming the auto industry. Not one word about the 1967 and 1968 riots. Not one word about Coleman Young’s regime. Not one word about the crook Kwame Kilpatrick, or the kleptocracy by Detroit’s Bantu regimes.

    The pictures accompanying the article were mostly of white police officers and white civilians. It’s almost like they’re giving the impression that Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis, etal. are majority white cities. Don’t the people in the U.K. know that the people who live in these cities have the same pigmentation as those who live in the Brixton district in London? And that American Bantus far and away commit the most murders of any race, in the U.S?