Infographic: The Enormous Racial Gap in Political Reporting

David A. Graham, The Atlantic, October 25, 2012

{snip} Issues pertaining to race and ethnicity have been incredibly important to the 2012 election—if slightly less prominent than they were during Barack Obama’s historic 2008 campaign.

But almost all the people covering those stories have been white, according to an analysis by 4th Estate. (They’re also probably men.) The media analysis organization looked at who’s writing front-page stories for major papers, including a breakdown by broad topic area. It found that 93 percent of page one articles on the election were written by white reporters, with Asian Americans writing 4 percent, blacks writing just 2.1 percent, and Hispanics penning 0.9 percent. {snip}


Click the image for a larger version.


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  • JackKrak

    Look at the numbers for the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Diversity for Thee and Not For Me, indeed.

    •  Try finding a NON WHITE in San Francisco that speaks English!

    • Mercerian Jed

      The Diversity Enforcers in California say it just like this:

      A major concern for civil rights and social justice advocates who support affirmative action is how media cover the issue. Frequently, experts say, the coverage is simplistic and fails
      to put affirmative action in the proper context. They say news outlets can improve reporting by clarifying affirmative action, how it functions and who benefits from it. 

      Translation: “Proper Context” means that blacks are always innocent vicitms to evil, hateful, violent, and racist Whites, and an opportunity to reenforce this narrative must never be missed. 

      Chambers says that as long as discrimination exists, affirmative action will be an issue. He says the media sometimes ignore existence of racial bias when reporting on affirmative action. Reporters discuss discrimination as if it’s a relic from the past rather than an ongoing problem. “Race still matters,” he says.

      Translation: Chambers says that as long as discrimination against sacred blacks exists, affirmative action black privilege will be an issue and needed more than ever. He says the media sometimes ignore existence of racial bias and racist White privilege when reporting on wonderful and historic affirmative action. Reporters discuss discrimination against blacks as if it’s a relic from the past rather than an ongoing problem. “Race still matters,” he says, “because we still haven’t finished eradicating White privilege”.

  • Mercerian Jed

    MSM Al Sharpton is in complete hysterics over “The language of hate: GOP uses racially loaded words”.

    What words will we use in 2016 when our minoritization touches every aspect of our lives and we finally, as a community of Whiteness, universally agree the future looks very dark and gloomy for us?

    We won’t use any words, because “speaking while White” will be declared a hate crime against the beloved community of color by then.

    • Daisy

      I was chased out of a class at the New School a couple of years ago by a black student who would not take “No, I don’t want to be your friend, hook-up, etc.”.  This person actually started threatening me as a white woman and asserted that white women have to remain quiet in class and refrain from participating , among other threats.  I was also told that no students would work with me (in film projects and classes where participation is part of the grade) because I was a white woman.

      When I reported this to the teacher, he, a white liberal who was sleeping with this student’s best friend, also a self-loathing white liberal, reported me to the asst. Dean of students.  I used no epithets and did not characterize any group.  I merely reported the black student’s threats.

      I was told then by the Asst. Dean of Students that I was not allowed to stay in that class , history of the US military on film, given that I had the nerve to report a black student’s threat.  I then indicated to the director of the department of film that I demanded a meeting with a person who was higher up than this dean to report this outrage.  BTW, all was done in email so that there existed full proof that I had not engaged in ‘racist’ speech.  

      At that point the black assistant dean actually had an underling – not an equal or superior – order me to come in and talk about the issue.  No black students were willing to accompany me, even my ‘friends.’  Of course, given that my emails held no ‘offensive speech’ the underling lied about me making claims about the asst. Dean.  I was officially reprimanded.

      My irish great grandfather jumped off the boat from fleeing mass murder in  Ireland, and had a gun stuck in his face which he used to free blacks slaves in the Union Army.  My irish great uncles lost lives in fighting the Nazis and came home to work as janitors.  My first cousin died in Viet Nam, a tall, blue eyed redheaded white guy, and my white father defended the Marines in JAG in Danang.

      A NYC  jewish female lawyer I retained had the nerve to ask me why I felt entitled to use my money to participate fr in the class.

      I won’t catalogue a whole history of attacks from blacks as a northwestern european=white, not jewish, etc. female that I myself have endured.  But I will pose the question: when does white America wake up?   

      ‘Speaking while white’ and female is already a crime in the US.   

      • TeutonicKnight67

         Unfortunately for you Daisy, it is White Women who are most susceptible to “liberal” race mixing ideas and “equality” nonsense. It seems that no matter how hard some women (not yourself of course) are slapped in the face with the diversity curse they just come back for more like an abused spouse who apologizes for the abuser. “they’re not ALL bad”, “there’s good and bad in ALL people” etc etc. The more white women who wake up, the better. Hopefully you can help the cause by spreading your story as far and often as possible.

        • Such women still see blacks and minorities as their inferior. They also have a hatred of white men and see the black and minorities as victims of white men, which is how they see themselves as well. They therefore , out of a misplaced “mothering” instinct, try to protect and elevate those they see as inferior to them.

      • Mercerian Jed

        Your mistake was reporting the incident without first asking them if you are allowed to report such incidents. Get them to say No to that before you proceed, then sue them for racial discrimination.

      • Persephone Gray

        Black men are incredibly persistent. I’ve had one encounter with such a person, after helping an acquaintance sell roses at nightclubs, one of which was a black club. A short black man dressed up in pimp-clothes noticed me and proceeded to follow me around propositioning me. He just wouldn’t give up. Unfortunately for me, he obtained my phone number from my acquaintance and thereafter would call me every day or two, asking me to go out with him, hook up with him, “just once”, etc., etc. It was actually a bit frightening how aggressive and persistent he was. I’m a naturally non-confrontational person, and was probably much too “nice” in my repeated refusals to have anything to do with him. It was almost like he thought he could talk me into it if he just kept trying long enough. I eventually ended up getting a new number.

  • Puggg

    This is why the media love diversity so much, because there is so little diversity in the media.

  • humptydumpty

    White people don’t have anything to worry about. Our path is clear. Just ready yourselves for when we  settle accounts with these minorities. That’s all that matters now.

  • ncpride

    Sheesh…. Give us a break, David. Blacks can’t even speak proper English, much less actually write it. Everyone knows this is true, so your covert claims of racism are a major joke.

  • Oil Can Harry

    I applaud this article. Every white liberal journalist- starting with Chris Matthews- should be fired and replaced with a “person of color”.

    The sad thing is the nonwhite replacements would be less anti-white…

    • Mercerian Jed

      Diversity: The Damnable Outrage that Pollutes All Whites Who Touch It.

  • The only place/time when I watch CNN (Continuous Negro Network) is when I go to the Wh*le Foods market to get a light lunch.

  • IKantunderstand

    I  totally understand Shakespeare’s aversion to lawyers. I guess journalists  weren’t that bad back then. If Shakespeare were writing now, I know for a fact  for whom  he would wish a bad ending. OK, as a side note. What the hell is wrong with these people? WHITE people? Do they think they will be spared in the coming racial genocide? (Not them, but their children, and their grandchildren?), well, you know, perhaps it is only fair to find out how many of them are married to a member of another race. And, then of course, to look at how many of their children are married to a member of another race, and so on. Surely, we can figure out from that, how serious they are about racial equality, and how race is nothing but a social construct. Then, we could look at the schools they sent their children to, that would certainly give us a good indication about their feeling of racial equality. You don’t want to wield a gun?  Then kill them with their own hypocrisy.

  • It is absolutely amazing to watch these brainwashed libs. They are on a sinking ship and they are totally unaware of it. everything they believe is discredited on a daily basis with each new news report of white victims of black violence, with each new news report of massive black corruption in the cities that they have taken over, with each new news report of the massive cheating that goes on to bring their test scores up near those of whites, with each new video of blacks mobbing and robbing.With each new news story of a black person slitting the throats of a white children, or setting them on fire, or luring them into their home for a sale of bike parts and then killing them because the white person wouldn’t let them steal their bike, with each new video- that they themselves PROUDLY post on the internet- of them joyously attacking a lone white pedestrian What we are experiencing today is what the South experienced during reconstruction and it is why the south segregated their society. It was for the PROTECTION of white people. It was necessary because black people are RADICALLY different than white people and are violently racist against white people. Yet, the oblivious libs steam ahead even though they don’t realize their hulls have been ripped open and they are rapidly going under.

  • SLCain

    How many blacks even read newspapers?  For that matter, how many whites read them anymore?  My local paper just parrots the usual liberal line in their editorial section, which is deeply offensive to more than half it’s readership.  The only thing of any value in the paper anymore is the occasionally informative local story, as well as the crosswords and the police blotter.  And now, they’ve scaled back to publishing only four days a week.  They are going the way of the Dodo, and good riddance to them.

    • Sloppo

      Nobody reads them anymore, but a large percentage of the puppies that poop and pee on those newspapers ARE black, and I bet they feel marginalized because of this issue.

  • ncpride

    I’ve done some research, and the fact of the matter is , colleges are not over-flowing with black Journalism or English majors. So I suppose my beef with the author of this article is that he seems to be making accusations of racism, when in fact he probably never considered looking to see if there are any black ‘writers’ who are qualified to do the job. But of course, in his own bias against White men, and his eagerness to blame YT, the thought never crossed his mind. It never occurred to him that blacks are not interested, or can’t cut these majors.

  • Persephone Gray

    I’ve noticed this, too. I think your assessment of their motive is spot-on.

  • Pat Kittle

     For “diversity reporting” to be meaningful “whites” would have to be categorized as “white (Jewish)” and “white (non-Jewish)” — think that’ll ever happen?

  • I think this notion that newsrooms “used to be impartial” is all the result of what everyone suffers from, that is, selective memories.