Black Mob Violence Hits High School Gridiron

Colin Flaherty, WND, October 24, 2012


Dan Galli covers sports for the ABC affiliate in Motown. The season opener between two high school powerhouses had to be stopped twice because of large scale racial violence at the game.

One player jumped over a fence and hid in his car. Other players sought protection on the ground, lying on the field. So did cheerleaders.

School officials said there was no gun. No gun shots. And the fights weren’t that big of a deal either. It was just a few troublemakers, said Galli.

But the video tells a different story. So do spectators. So do cops.

“I was there watching the game,” said one fan at a local sports website. “First I heard there was a gun drawn, then a girl who was near the incident said there wasn’t a gun, but someone shouted ‘GUN’ and everyone freaked out. People started running and hopping the fences, but then returned. Not 15 minutes later, same thing.”

It was chaos. But two weeks later, Galli and police officials were hoping everyone would forget that black mob violence is a regular feature of life in Detroit. Says Galli:

“A high school football game was played in Detroit Friday night. A crowd of roughly a thousand people watched one of the best teams in the United States win handily. For once, what didn’t happen is worth pointing out.”


When racial violence becomes the norm, then by definition, it is no longer newsworthy.

This has been a busy season for racial violence and lawlessness at high school football games across the country. That includes players, fans and coaches.

In Springfield, Ohio, if you listened to most of the local media and school officials, you might wonder what all the fuss was about: Three high school girls got into a fight over a boy, says the local reporter.

That’s it. That’s it?

Then why the press conference announcing suspensions? Why a TV news story at all?

“Additional police officers had to be called to the stadium to help calm the situation.”

What situation?

You would never know from this news account. The fact that 300 black people threw rocks and bottles at 35 police officers did not seem that important to many in the local media. Most focused on the three girls. Not the 300 rioters.

The Springfield News-Sun figured that part out, at least:

“Officers tried to separate the combatants and basically they were surrounded by about 300 people and things just started getting out of control,” a police spokesman said.


At a recent high school game on the South Side of Chicago, one TV reporter described “an epic fight” involving more than 100 black people. According to the Sun-Times,

“Craig Scott, 17, a senior at Morgan Park, saw a handful of teens talking at the top of the stands during the game. “We overheard them say they were looking for somebody, to beat somebody up,” he said. A fight broke out, and people panicked, he said. “Everybody sort of dispersed. It was very terrifying.” He said he saw some people get “trampled” and he heard gunshots outside the stadium after the game.

One person was stabbed. Others reported gunfire. Police said there was no gunfire but the game was cancelled nevertheless. Afterward, a TV news crew saw large crowds of black people fighting and refusing police orders to disburse to leave.


Last year, a mob attack in Georgia set the bar for school violence at football games: A group of 30 to 50 black people including players, attacked an opposing coach after a game; striking him in the face with their helmets. He required extensive surgery to his face.

Just a few weeks ago in Long Island, New York, an October high school football game was suspended after gun shots and a stab wound interrupted the action. One black student told the CBS affiliate radio station:

“It’s not, like, unexpected, like, we knew there were going to be, like, gangs here and stuff, so I don’t know. I don’t really want to talk about it.”


The list of racial violence and official denial goes on and on. In Charleston, S.C., large groups of black people were menacing spectators both in and out of a recent game between two predominately black schools. So much so the game was canceled.

A few days later, administrators said there was no violence. No nothing. Nothing happened. Most of the media shrugged their shoulders and said “Sounds close enough to me.”

But at least one local outlet tried to describe what really happened. An off duty police officer reported large groups of black people were “bum rushing” police officers, i.e. charging them as if to attack.

Clearly the police on the scene thought something was going on in this video.


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  • How long before we see a “Last Boy Scout” scenario involving a player pulling out a gun and shooting opposing players during a 50 yard run?

  • Do you guys want to know what turned me into a raging race-realist? A few years ago, I read this- the testimony of the only survivor of the Wichita Massacre, something snapped, and now I’m ready to start goose-stepping:


    My point being, these stories wake people up. Keep them coming!

    • tickyul

      I am probably a lot older than you.

      For me, the Urban American jury that let a factually-guilty OJ get away with slaughtering 2 innocent Whites.

      I realized that Urban Americans and Whites will never really live in peace.

      • IstvanIN

         at my job the blacks all cheered at the verdict.

        • tickyul

          Yes, TV channel after TV channel showed Urban Americans joyfully celebrating the verdict.

      • blight14

         I’m sorry but I don’t consider that *&^% wh*re Nicole Brown ‘innocent’ in any regard….she committed the ultimate sin and paid the ultimate price…..

    • 5n4k33y35

      I suppose the raped the woman? Those murderers really ought to have been lynched. It’s not really justice that they should survive to old age in prison. If things get bad enough, one day the criminals are going to become the victims, right there at the scene of their own crime.

      Everyone should own guns. Not just pistols and shotguns, but powerful weapons to defend yourself against the SWAT team if you must. Better to have tribalism and warlords than to live as victims.

    •  A&E or one of the other true crime channels has fairly profiled the Wichita Massacre case a few times.  Very, very sadly & pathetically one of the naive male victims let the two monsters into the house.  None of the six victims even attempted to save their own life. 

      • EXACTLY! And that is what steams me about the massacre. 1) The helpless Whites did nothing to protect themselves, and 2) the media mentioned nothing about the case. I had to find out about it YEARS after it happened. Amazing. There is a paragraph in the transcripts I linked to where the surviving girl was being raped, she was on all fours, and the rapist’s loaded gun was on the floor near her hand. She did not reach for it. Amazing. That is programming of the highest order. Imagine what it takes to deaden a person’s will to live. It’s the most basic of all god-given gifts to mankind, or any living creature. Fight to stay alive. But this is also why blacks are going around playing the Knockout Game– finding a White somewhere and hitting them in the face. We don’t fight back, we don’t run, because that would appear racist. What hideously magical spell this is. It’s time for all this to come crashing down. Then, I would turn on the progammers.

  • Mercerian Jed

    When black privileged Affirmative Action Diversity’s killing White girls becomes the norm, then by definition, it is no longer newsworthy.

    • SintiriNikos

       I don’t think that is the reason this type of incident is not ‘newsworthy’. It was never newsworthy because it shatters the diversity myth. Also the reason why we needed Jared to tell us about Hispanic ethnic cleansing of blacks in Hawaiian Gardens, CA.

      • mutt3003

        And there is a problem with that how…….? Frankly I wish they would be killing each other off faster. At least faster than they are breeding or jumping the southern fence.

        • SintiriNikos

           my point is that the MSM hides these stories because it exposes the evil of diversity. Jared’s point, I think was that diversity is bad for everybody, not just whites. Although it is worst for whites, especially who, as the founders of the nation, are the ones who are dispossessed by diversity.

  • Puggg

    Colin Flaherty is easily WND’s only “must-read” in-house writer (as opposed to other people’s syndicated columns they carry).  Joe Farah, take notice:  More black undertow, less philo-Semitism, that’s how you build a real reader base. Black crime is easily America’s “pebble in the shoe.”

    • blight14

       Thank you Puggg, indeed, Mr Farahstein has surprisingly allowed Flaherty to continue to post his important articles……and the comments after Flahertys articles seem to mirror AR…………good!

      • Puggg

        For how much longer, though?  Farah might do to Flaherty what Lowry did to Derbyshire and before him Buckley did to a whole host of right-thinking people.

        • blight14

           I agree, Farah is likely getting lots of heat over Flahertys articles…..we’ll see how long he lasts…..B

  • In the city of Cleveland, public high school football games are played in the afternoon instead of at night. This change was made some time ago as a safety precaution because of violence at the night games. The violence reported in the above story is nothing new. This is how black people have behaved for generations. 

  • humptydumpty

    Nothing wrong with violence. Tom Jefferson said we should revolt every 20 yrs or so and water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

    • tickyul

      YUP, this country is ripe for a event that would involve lots of violence…on a national scale.

      YES, I know it will be horrible….but it looks like that is what is going to happen not too far in the future.

  • BillNY

    This has been going on for a long time.  About 1960 there was a football championship playoff game between the favored black public school team and the white Catholic high school team.  Surprisingly, at halftime the white team was leading.  Blacks left their side of the stadium to go to the white side and started to attack the white spectators.  Some went on the field znd attacked the white girl cheerleaders.
    At least in New York (and probably elsewhere) there was no mention of this in the newspapers.  The story became national when a Daily Mirror sports columnist named Dan Parker wrote a short reference to an occurence at the game where one of the black rioters bit a police dog.  People got interested and the story made national news in one of the weekly news magazines (Time or Newsweek).

  • The refs will  have a new call: “Zulu war-party on the field, 15-yard penalty” as the high school band plays “Who Let The Dogs Out”.

    • mutt3003

      Should be “Who let the apes out”  ook, ook.

  • longing4abetterworld
  • Puggg

    There was a big brawl at a high school football game tonight, a playoff game held between the St. Louis City Naval JROTC program (Cleveland) and my alma mater, Maplewood, held at Maplewood.  At least initially, it seems that it’s mostly Cleveland players’ fault, but once they go back and look at the tape and do interviews, they’ll probably suspend a lot of Maplewood players, too.

    Cleveland is virtually all black and so is their football team.  Maplewood is now mostly black in terms of students and the football team is a little blacker.  When I was going to Maplewood HS (technically, Maplewood-Richmond Hts HS), it was starting to “transition.”  Now it’s totally done transitioning and is now mostly vibrant.

    So much for JROTC instilling all that discipline, huh?

  • IKantunderstand

    White People! Choices! Revolution. Or change the culture, education, politics, etc. from the ground up.

  • Oct. 16th in S. FL, black youth football coach drops large White volunteer referee with one blow caught on graphic video.,0,4043694,full.story

  • SintiriNikos

    These cowards go after cheerleaders and gang up on people. One on one, they wouldn’t stand a chance. except against a weakling in an alley.

    A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide.
    -Mickey Mantle

  • But the jewsmedia says they’re just like us………….

    • vladdy1

      The government-controlled, left-wing media says they’re better than us. Nerver racist, for instance.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Make that on and off the field.

    “Shots fired near Richmond High School Friday evening disrupted homecoming celebrations, according to Richmond police. Shots were fired on the street near the high school, located at 1250 23rd St., sometime after the school’s varsity homecoming game started at 6:15 p.m., police said.” time after time, blacks prove they are the most violent race on the planet.

    • mutt3003

      Blacks should no longer be considered as a race, but as a species.

  • I’m surprised your neighbor didn’t call the police and file a ‘hate crime’ against you….you KNOW damned well the police would believe him before they would YOU.