Film on Muslim Birthrates in Europe Raises Eyebrows at Synod

Catholic News Agency, October 15, 2012

On Saturday evening, a seven-minute YouTube video warning of the rise of Islam in Europe was shown to the bishops at the synod on the new evangelization.

“I think it would be fair to say that several in the room questioned the veracity of the facts followed by ‘who can this be attributed to?’ and ‘who actually wanted this film to be shown?’” Father Thomas Rosica, the English-language briefing officer for the synod, told journalists.

A cardinal in the Roman curia requested that the film be shown at the synod during Saturday night’s free discussion period.

Fr. Rosica reported that the film, called “Muslim Demographics,” “begins with a very uncreative use of special effects” and is “really not professionally done.”

The film tries to show that in a very few years, Europe will be majority Muslim, as immigrant Muslim families have high birth rates and Europeans have falling fertility rates.

The 2009 video claims that “in just 39 years, France will be an Islamic republic.”

According to the French daily “Le Figaro,” in 2010 three to four percent of people in France identified as Muslim.

Vatican Radio described the video as a “fear-mongering presentation” complete with “scary music” and “stark white words on a black background.”

The video shows churches transform into mosques as it forecasts majority-Muslim populations in the countries of Europe.

The European bishops’ conference said the statistics cited in the video are faulty.

Synod bishops continued to discuss the film on Monday, and why it was shown. It has sparked debate on interfaith dialogue with Islam and what the biggest challenges are to the New Evangelization.

The European bishops’ conference plans to publish accurate statistics on birth rates and religious affiliation on the continent for synod participants.

“So that remains one person’s individual presentation showing this film,” said Fr. Rosica. “Perhaps one might envisage that the film was shown to stir up a conversation afterwards. I don’t think so.”

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  • 325air82

    europe should get it’s head out of the sand

  • JackKrak

    The “Islamification” of Europe will continue to be a joke among the elites – right up until the moment when it isn’t.

    • Whirlwinder

      Jack, you are so right. The socialist agenda is the death of most societies and their leaders only realize the problem when the wolf is at their throat. By then, it is too late for common sense folk to right the ship.

      • ya_motha

        Immigration ceased a Long time ago. The new generation of immigrants come as conquerors to change the country to suit them.

  • libertarian1234

    The elites seem to be living in a world all of their own making, because they keep coming up with projections about what they believe the future is going to look like decades down the road, but they’re totally oblivious to the fact that right this minute they’re living on the edge of a precipice that could see them tumble over the edge within the next ten years…….or less.

    There is every indication that the entire EU is going to implode financially with resulting riots, fighting, and what could very well develop into armed conflict, all of it split along lines of race and ethnicity…….. just as the US looks like it is doomed to endure.

    If that happens I don’t think their forecasts are going to prove very accurate, especially since part of the process could well entail driving Muslims completely out of Europe altogether, either by force or on their own volition.

  • Whirlwinder

    The Catholic leadership needs to pull its collective head out of its arse. There is nothing controversial about the video. These are facts on the ground. They need to get out about Europe and look for themselves. In times past, the Catholic fathers’ blood would run cold when they contemplated just where the next Islamic offense would occur. In the early years, Islam conquered with armies and slaughtered and enslaved millions upon millions. North Africa and Egypt were christian sees for the church in Constantinople. There were over 600 bishops caring for the flock in Constantinople’s christian world. Now there may be one and christianity is pretty much dead in that part of the world as a result of Islamic depredations. I would have the Catholic fathers contemplate the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the book of Revelation. Each horseman is a different color and is symbolic for a different era in human history. The color of the final horseman is chloros (in Greek) That is green and this horseman kills 1/3 of humanity. Green is the color of Islam. God often uses our enemy to chastize us and this next bit of chastizement may be our last. So, holy fathers, learn your lessons quickly on Islam and then get ahead of the flock and comfort/help them for they are being set up for a great slaughter. Right now, the flock is getting wacked by both Islam and their cultural elite leadership in Europe.

    • “There is nothing controversial about the video. These are facts on the ground.”

      Are you sure? Have you yourself gone through the video point by point to double-check each and every claim? I don’t think that you have.

      What do you say to this criticism of the video’s empirical claims?

      • That’s right Miller, go back to sleep, nothing here for you, no cartoons, no pretty shiny objects to catch your eye.

        • Listen, overall I think that the film correct insofar as it describes a trend of Muslim immigration into Europe and white displacement, but I’m not willing to give the film a pass just because I tend to agree with its overall thesis. People who publish such well-produced videos should take the effort to get their facts straight.

      • Whirlwinder

        Bill, I will stick with the video. When Islam smells blood, they flock to the area like sharks to chum. This video is a warning bell and the trend is way too much more of Islam. The fertililty rates tell a sad story about what is happening in Europe and soon to happen in America. Children are really a burden in most socialist societies. Too costly and folks are spending more and more time on themselves. As for snopes, they have a leftist agenda and the left is in bed with Islam until the wolf is at their throat-then it will be too late.

  • The Christian churches are full of do gooding liberals / marxists. Turkey and Egypt used to be Christian nations. Islam has been waging a 1400 year war on Europe. As Dr Bill Warner explains.

    A Rational Study of Islam Part 1

    The 1400  year  muslim war on Europe Part 2

  • Atheists will say it doesn’t concern me, but to muslims,    Christians, Jews, Hindus and atheists, we are all kafirs / non believers  and we will have to submit to Islam.

    • nathan wartooth

      While most Atheists are liberals (just replacing one religion for another), I’m not and I’m very concerned about this. 

      I know that not all religions are equal. I would much rather have Christians living next to me who will just try to convert me since I’m an atheist. The Muslims would just chop my head off. 

  • Charles Martel where are your descendants, we could use a couple thousand of them right now!

    • 325air82

      our ancesters were tough devoted Christians and could match Islamic fanatics

  • Jed Sant Devi

    The 2009 video claims that “in just 39 years, France will be an Islamic republic.”

    We will see that happen. How many Whites will we see massacred in the process?   Most…

  • Eagle_Eyed

     Whether it is 39 years, 79 or 139 years, what difference does it make? 
    Allowing more and more Muslims who are antithetical to the Western
    European value system is not a recipe for social and cultural peace.  

  • What is the purpose of allowing all of these Muslims to enter European countries? Since most of them do not appear to be educated and have much to offer why let them in?

    • The__Bobster

      What is the purpose of allowing 100,000 additional muzzies into America every year?

      • Because…it makes us more diverse.

        And also…some sort of food or ethnic restaurants.

    • They are used as foot-soldiers by the Far Left:

      ‘While non-Whites, especially Mexicans, are the key to the looming dominance of the Democrats in the US, Muslims are becoming a critical factor in fueling the left in Europe.’  — Kevin MacDonald

      Muslims decide the French election

    • Same reason our country allows millions of illegal and legal third-world browns. To  displace White Americans under the dogma of multiculturalism and diversity.

    • You don’t know?  It’s the same reason why America lets so many poor immigrants in–namely, government employees get their job security and wealth taking care of immigrants’ many social needs (food stamps/housing/civil rights offices, etc.), so governments keep striving to admit more.  Further, these immigrants frequently commit crimes which requires them to go to prison, providing more jobs/money for those in the corrections industry.  Muslims provide a special benefit in that they’re more likely to commit acts of terrorism, which provides job justification for hundreds if not thousands of highly paid employees in FBI-type agencies all across Europe.  “Government exists to solve the problems that it creates”, and it uses immigration to create a lot more problems that are lucrative for them to solve.

  • Self righteous intellectual Twits. Mass Arab / Muslim immigration was evidently a deal cut with the Elite after world war two in exchange for oil. It also helps the Elite Liars in Power to prop up the entitlements Ponzi scheme for a few more years. 

    • Yes.  And dont forget, it’s a two-bagger for Israel: a pressure-release valve for Israel to get some of the Muslims out of Greater Israel and as a way of defanging Christian Europe.  by diluting its strength.

  • Fr. Rosica reported that the film, called “Muslim Demographics,” “begins with a very uncreative use of special effects” and is “really not professionally done.”

    They’re dismissing the film because of production values.

    Our leaders used to be men of vision. Now they’re clueless.

  • razorrare

    a possible solution to the muslim problem?…

    UK, Israel seeking to develop SARS-like race-specific bio-weaponpatrickslattery Oct 11, 2012 | Commentary – This report carried by PressTV regarding a virus that targets the Arab genome comes 14 years after newspapers around the world carried a story about Israeli attempts to develop just such a weapon. Moreover, the Zionist thinktank Project for the New American Century stated in its September 2000 report entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century that “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” -psBritish and Zionist health experts are working on a SARS-like race-specific bio-weapon, which could be capable of creating a global threat through triggering a massive ethnic cleansing, it has been claimed.The claim was made following the identification by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a new SARS-like race-specific virus that targets people of Middle Eastern descent. The original SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) resulted in the death of numerous people in Hong Kong.The Zionist-led Israeli regime has been seeking to spot specific genes carried by human of Arab decent in an attempt to develop a race-specific bio-weapon that could covertly be exposed to Arab populations in order to commit a massive ethnic cleansing whenever necessary.Anonymous intelligence sources have also claimed that work is underway to create genetically modified bacterium/virus as a bio-weapon which could be deployed through the air or water supply.According to intelligence sources Israeli Defense, working with a British defense apparatus at Porton Down, is seeking to produce this race-specific bio-weapon.Earlier in September, the first case of SARS-like virus was indentified in Qatar. The victim was transferred to Britain, where it was discovered that the coronavirus was similar to SARS as far as its structure is concerned. The second case was a Saudi-born woman who died after being attacked by the new virus.The symptoms of the new SARS-like virus have been said to be fever, cough and other respiratory signals.SARS suddenly surfaced between November 2002 and July 2003. An estimated 8,098 people of Asian descent were infected and 774 of them succumbed to the race-specific virus. (From PressTV)

  • Athling
    • Athling

      I would disagree with the closing comment in the video. The Muslims are not our “neighbors” in any friendly sense of the word.

      • razorrare

        What a shocking twisting spin to the end they weaved…The Catholic Church has become Satan’s vessel…their misreading of the situation is an understatement.They will either convert or lose their heads…they are the ones who need to Wake the F Up!!

    • MerlinV

      I noticed in the video that the US fertility rate is 1.6 children/woman and that only with the massive influx of Latinos does it become 2.11. In other words, the White population, just as in Europe, is doomed.

      Here is one proud Latina looking forward to our demise:

      A memo to Republicans: Demography is destiny
      BY MARY SANCHEZ, The Kansas City Star

    • jeffaral

      The Catholic Church is not misreading the situation: Massive immigration into Europe or the States, whether Muslim or not, is according to their goal of diluting the nationalities  to  bring about a one-world government.

  • The Catholic Church no longer stands for anything anymore so why would this surprise anyone.  Liberal Liberation Theologists have taken over control of the Catholic Church and will work to combine Catholic dogma  with Islam.  These new theologists cannot resist this and are the ones who brought the Church homosexual priests. 

    • Eduardusjacobus

      AuntiOccupy is basically  correct. Fortunately, there is a remnant around the world of Catholic who still hold and teach Catholic doctrine and have valid Catholic priests and bishops. But the current occupiers of the Vatican are not really Catholics in that they do not teach Catholic teachings. You are correct they no longer stand for anything and are so hung up on diversity and dialogue that they care not if Europe is majority Moslem. Ratzinger and his henchmen have been too busy covering up homosexual and pedophile priests they no longer emphasize missionary work and conversion. The John Paul II-Ratzinger/Benedict papacies have been among the most corrupt and immoral in history. One associates with them at the peril of his won soul.

      • jeffaral

        How wrong you are!   Catholicism (which means Universalism) had always an internationalist agenda pre dating  the Second Vatican Council.   Christianity was brought to Rome by north african slaves, and now it’s just reverting to its origins.

      • One comment on the “pedophile priests”–no Catholic Church runs a criminal justice system, it’s the role of the countries they are in.  If prosecutors are not going after pedophile priests, it’s the prosecutors’ faults, not the Church’s.  Further, the Church can’t do anything with a priest until the State successfully prosecutes him for being a pedophile, for it is only a successful jury conviction of a priest for pedophilia that makes him legally a pedophile.  (You’re innocent until proven guilty in this country, which is the way it should be.)

        Does it not strike you as odd that those going after the Catholic Church for supposedly covering up pedophiles never complain about prosecutors doing the same?  It’s as if they know the Church can’t do anything until prosecutors do their jobs, but they don’t want the latter to do so precisely so they can beat up the Church over this issue.

  • razorrare

    oh look,moderator has returned from his vacation–removed two post of mine from this thread–Civility rules again…

    • You must submit. Hmm, where have we heard that before?

  • IKantunderstand

    When your head is buried in the sand, or Communion Wafers, you see nothing. Or, nothing you want to see. Welcome to the new Church of England. I mean, don’t they, or didn’t they , have a Black Archbishop of Canterbury? I refuse to google this and check the facts. This is a visceral rersponse. I can;t stand the thought of any Black involved in the Church of England. I can’t stand the thought of the Queen making Muslims and Africans Lords of the Land. WTF? Does our European culture of centuries mean nothing? I mean , I’m American , and I’m disgusted by who gets knighted and so forth in England. It has literally made it meaningless. Really, you want to knight Muslims?  Make Africans Lords of the realm?  Yo QE2, why not sell princeships? You know, to like Prince, here int he U.S. Frankly, why not sell Lordships and whatnot on the open free market, like, you know, E-Bay. Apparently, you have been cowed into thinking the Monarchy is nothing. That’s how you act. So, all right, why don’t you and Prince Charles sell the monarchy of Great Britain to the highest bidder on E- Bay? The Arabs(Muslims) already took over Harrods, why not the entire British monarchy? Yo QE2, take the money and run! Nothing about Great Britain is great anymore. Nothing about being a Monarch and standing up for your people is important anymore. Winston Churchill would be ashamed by your capitulation. To say nothing of your namesake:Queen Elizabeth the FIRST (and as far as I am concerned the ONLY monarch in Great Britain worthy of the crown in centuries of rule.) Wait to go QE2, you will have the loss of your kingdom  firmly set at your feet. Do everyone a favor: please change your name from Elizabeth. You sully the name of one of the greatest leaders of all time. 

    • The Anglosphere is the original breeding ground of PC — it’s not a coincidence.

  • This reminds me of the five nuns that were in 1960 Congo, placed alive by muslims on a stake that ran through their rectums out of their mouths. They were there to serve the muslim blacks and did not believe those harsh words said by racist Christians. Fools, do these Catholic clergy have any common sense left? For wasn’t it their kind that welcomed the diversification of Europe, that which will destroy all of Europe in one huge orgy of Sharia?

    And here in America we are fighting the same tactics by the United States Bishops. Catholic Charities are on the federal dole, assisting all blacks and browns to invade our country. What especially leads me to tear out my hair are the directed attempts by Catholic Charities to bring over black muslims, those that we know are particularly dangerous and open to all types of criminal activities. But those of you out there that believe that the Catholics are the enemy, wake up. Entire Protestant sects have been taken over by the enemy. Think not? Just look into what has happened to America’s Methodists. As the communists have outlined in their plan to deconstruct America, one of the first priorities was to corrupt religion.

  • It is true for that is where their collections will com, after they have stripped the white Catholics in America of our wealth.

  • When I was little, my Aunt taught me an important lesson. She said “If  I wanted you to work for me for one month and you had a choice,  I could pay you $100 a day or I could pay you a penny the first day and double it each day thereafter for 30 days, which would you chose?” As a stupid 9-yr old I said i would choose the $100 a day. She laughed at me and said “Next time, do the math.”  The math is unshakeable and liberals can kick the can only so far down the road. The muslim population/immigration bomb will explode exponentially in the next 50 years. White Christian males have fought in too many wars and the practice of wholesale abortion and contraception has decimated western populations. The politicians need high popualtions to continue the paradigm of “growth” to support various programs already in place like social security. Wihtout ever increasing numbers of new populations to feed these programs they collpase. The liberal answer is to import large numbers of third world immigrants who are uneducated and easily swayed to vote Democratic/liberal, without thinking of the long-term consequences.  BTW..had I chose the penny I would have been a multi-millionaire at age 9.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       Actually, social services work best with a small, stable population.

      Look at Canada.  Our health care, etc systems WERE fine until Mass Immigration started.  Now the health system is broken, becuase it can’t cope with the massive increase we’ve been experiencing over the years.  That, and the allowance of the “family class” immigrant, which means immigrants bring over granny and gramps, who immiediately hit the ER after hitting immigrant services for their “free” health card.

      We should have made policies that kept us around 26 million,  with immigrants coming from Europe, the US and Aus/NZ _only as needed_.

      Birth control could save the human species from extinction.  it’s just too bad the non-white masses can’t grasp that, and continue using the breeding strategy of rats, insects and other non-humans referred to as “vermin”.

  • jeffaral

    No surprise there: The Catholic Church is at the forefront of globalisation and race-mixing.   The force behind the Mexican takeover of the Southwest is again Catholicism.  

  • Bury head in sand and say it is not so. Problem solved…..

  • NM156

    I don’t know any devout Catholic who doesn’t subscribe to the Vatican’s open borders dispensation. Catholics are as cracked as Southern Baptists who believe they’re going to convert these Third World primitives. Mexicans, who are the Catholic Church’s biggest clients, claim the church as their own, yet have illegitimacy rates not much lower than blacks and have a gang problem proportionate to blacks. The Church needs dependents just as government does. The destruction of the middle class means more church going and more cash flowing in, and besides, the rich Americans can afford to radically shrink their lifestyle in order to support their lowly brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • TeutonicKnight67

       You are either a non-Catholic or belong to a very liberal parish. I am devout and absolutely reject the “social justice” crowd. I hate illegal immigration, miscegenation and all other PC libtardedness that infects the current Church. I do NOT associate with “catholic” liberals so most of my friends are of the same mindset and we are numerous. I’d like to see a full repudiation of Vat2 and a return to our true roots as warriors against the screaming hordes of moslems.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Yes.  Christianity originated in the same desert that Judaism and Islam did, and is not indigenous to Europe.  If I were forced to pick a religion, it would be something native to Whites, like druidism or something.  Anything, as long as it didn’t come from the Middle East.

  • A lot of Catholics of my acquaintance could be put into the “head in the sand” category.  When you bring up what is obvious to many – they look at you with that “are you out of your mind?” look. Denial, denial, denial is the operative word with them.