When You’ve Lost NPR Listeners. . .

Mark Krikorian, CIS, September 17, 2012

The lefty site Alternet buries the lead in a report on a new survey of attitudes about immigration. The poll, conducted by the left-wing firm Latino Decisions for the National Hispanic Media Coalition, purports to demonstrate that Fox News listeners have the most anti-immigrant views, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I thought this figure from the survey itself was most telling:

It’s not much of a surprise that those who listen to Fox as their most trusted news source would be unfavorably inclined (“cold”) toward illegal aliens by 70 percent to 13 percent (despite Fox’s owner’s founding membership in the Billionaires for Open Borders club). But look at the rest of the bars—a majority of the fans of CNN, MSNBC, and PBS are also hostile to illegal immigration, by margins ranging from 2—1 to 3—1. And even a plurality of NPR fans are ill-disposed toward illegal aliens.


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  • Puggg

    If Fox News viewers are inclined to be opposed to illegal immigration, it’s not because of anything they’re watching on Fox News.  I know Fox Business recently hired Lou Dobbs, but I don’t know if he does immigration much anymore.

    Listen, Alternut:  The reason Fox News viewers are opposed to illegal immigration is because they are a self-selecting sample.

    • Lou Dobbs is cool, I wish I had charter back. Our elites are planning a North American Union. We have him, Buchanan, Governor Brewer when she’s on TV, and a few hosts and commentators. When people say Fox is anti-immigrant, I chuckle and think to myself, Fox has some hosts and commentators who occasionally bring illegal immigration up. a couple of commentators who do it frequently most of them not on a lot, and they want to say the alien side isn’t presented? They need to look at the facts. Mollock (Murdoch) is for amnesty and worked with Nanny Bloomberg on it, Fox also has elites in both parties who love illegals like, for example, Geraldo and Juan Williams for the Democrats and Karl Rove and Bill Kristol for the GOP.

  • The Gallup polls have been trending in the opposite direction. I can’t explain it, but apparently at a time of great unemployment, there are now more people who support increased immigration. You can find the polls by googling Gallup immigration.


    • NM156

      Mitt’s been yelling loudly to Latinos that he plans to go around blocked amnesty for illegals by cranking up legal immigration. Maybe the moronic, zombified, rank-and-file GOP member is now going along with Mitt’s plan. After all, who cares what mass immigration’s impact is as long as the immigrant is accounted for? However, this poll could be dead wrong about what America thinks. Polls are often laughably inaccurate. For reference on immigration polling, check FAIR: http://www.fairus.org/facts/public-opinion

    • toldev

       Polls that show that the public supports increased immigration just mean that a large percentage of the population is buying the pro-immigration propaganda that is spouted by the media.

    • Well, as they say, it depends. One question that’s asked is if “immigration is a good thing or bad thing for the country today?” Americans are probably too timid to say that they oppose ALL immigration, especially when you can let in a few Werner Von Brauns in the process. We’ve also been conditioned to believe “we are a country of immigrants”.  So not a huge surprise that a majority says immigration (legal or illegal?) is a “good thing.”
      A little more telling is another question, “In your view should immigration be increased, decreased, or kept at its present level.” Notice a very small minority (21%) says immigration should be increased, and 35% says it should be decreased, while a plurality of 42% says it should be kept at the “present level”. But what the heck is the “present level?” Most Americans have no clue that around 2 million legal and illegal immigrants enter the country each year, and of course few contemplate the implications of birth rates and chain migration. Yes, the elites rely on the apathy and general ignorance of the American public in order to advance their aims.

      • toldev

         Much of the problem is that the American people have been lead to believe that the problems of third world immigration are caused exclusively by illegal immigration. Conservatives are the main cause of this perception. While liberals deny that immigration of any kind causes any problems (which the public is not buying), the conservatives say somewhat plausibly that the problem is the manner of immigration, illegal verses legal. In reality, the manner of immigration, legal or illegal, does not matter. The problem is the type of immigrants.

  • humptydumpty

    No matter all the propaganda, most lucid people understand, these immigrants/ illegal aliens aren’t up to par. Years ago, immigrants had a viable future here. Any reasonable person can see with the naked eye, this society is too much for the new arrivals.

  • I wonder why Alternet doesn’t set up shop in Mexico?

  • Defiant White

    It’s as fascinating as standing on the side of a mountain and seeing two trains moving towards each other on the same track.  America is a train wreck because most Americans are GOOD PEOPLE.  They give to the needy, help their neighbors and like whites have done historically, care for one another.

    But now that same altruism is used against us by conniving, unscrupulous members of other races who profit by using our goodwill against us.

    Hitler saw it in Germany.  He knew these “others” were no match for simple Germans in con games, lying and corruption so the only solution was to boot them all out.

    • The only reason why illegal immigrants are tolerated is that they provide cheap labor for businessess. They are a docile work force because they are threatened with deportation if they complain about conditions or cause trouble. Mexico and Central America encourage illegal immigration because remittances that the illegals send home count as part of their GNP. Those who receive remittances tend to spend more at home than those who do not.

      • toldev

         I think there is another reason as well. Entitlement programs like social security and Medicare are Ponzi schemes. Politicians know this. Mass immigration is seen as a way of bringing in more “investors” and keeping the scam going.

      • I’m not sure how “docile” they are. Anyone who would have the bravado to
        march down our streets, (while waiving their beloved rag of mexico) ,
        complete with a list of demands they feel entitled to, probably isn’t going to meet the definition of docile.

        In fact, mexican and other hispanic illegal invaders strut around with a sense of arrogance and entitlement which is disturbing to say the least. If an employer threatened to report them to immigration, they would turn around and sue you for “discrimination.” Of course, there would be dozens of hispanic “advocacy” groups available to assist them, by providing top-notch legal assistance.

        They flout our immigration laws because they know nothing will happen to them, while having the audacity to eschew those who object to their invasion as being “racists.”

        Sorry, but these people are anything but docile…

    • It’s not altruism and they’re not benevolent. It’s vicious racial self-loathing and selling out and supporting the destruction of America for a third world, illegal invasion. These white liberals are as bad as the minorities they love so much.

  • Americans are hostile to illegal immigrants because these people chose to break the law instead of waiting their turn to enter this country legally. The result is that they overcrowd public schools and hospital emergency rooms since most of them have no way to pay for their medical treatment.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    Liberals don’t allow themselves to be brainwashed completely = good development.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    To be honest the chart (see the original Alternet article)  is comparing those disposed to using the term “illegal alien” (versus other terms like “undocumented immigrant” et al).  The source Alternet story (written by Solange Uwimana) is worded very poorly, however, so I can see how the mistake could be made.

  • They all know.


    Scroll down to where Savannah Guthrie says “17th in Science.”

    Obama knows.

    Then again, Obama knew all along:  He basically admitted that he knows that the relationship between poverty and crime is that crime causes poverty, not the other way around:


    •  That’s interesting considering his intense hatred of whites.

  • Karl Roverrated.  Another person who I started this year merely disdainful toward, but I’ll end the year hating with a red hot passion.  One of these days, I might be able to tell all.  Until then, you’ll have to use your own imagination.

  • Marc B.

    I don’t know why this is surprising. It wasn’t only conservatives to shutting down switchboards and jamming fax machines and email boxes of the house and senate offices in 2006 and 2007 to stop the Amnesty bills. Liberals have traditionally opposed illegal immigration because it drives down wages and drops down the living wage. To some extent they actually DID look out for the working man prior to the era of Clinton presidency (NAFTA, GATT, & WTO entry).

    Post-modern leftists ignore those realities and have accepted most of the West destroying Cultural Marxist Agenda as good policy. They gladly support tyranny if it benefits their over-all agenda, and act as if the US Constitution is one of  their roadblocks to creating a utopia.  There is nothing liberal about these treasonous enemies of Western Civilization anymore. They are a bunch of totalitarian mandarins.

    •  While opposing illegal immigration isn’t partisan, if they pay attention to MSNBC or NPR they probably agree with the hosts that enforcing our laws and not helping big business ironically is racist.

      • Marc B.

        Not really, because there are still plenty of traditional liberal types who still listen to NPR, hence many of the comments out of alignment with the pro-amnesty NPR agenda. New Left listeners haven’t yet completely taken over. There are people who still vote democrat but do not agree with a lot of their positions, and illegal immigration is a wedge issue on the left that is purposely glossed over to avoid damaging the coalition building.       

        • They don’t look like they gloss over it. Both parties have tried last decade to give us amnesty. Since Obama became president, he’s sued states that crack down on illegals and rewarded illegals with an executive amnesty. Their convention this year liked to rub it in America’s face, even having an illegal alien speaker.

  • JohnEngelman

    She reminds me of liberals who favor forced school busing, while sending their children to private schools. 

  • NPR? MSNBC? That so isn’t true. Libtards who make up the tiny audience of pro-invasion, Brewer-hating, anti-white, racial guilt demagoguery  networks like MSNBC (they hire Sharpton, Matthews, Maddow, and O’Donnell, all four say “racist” as soon as regular people say hello) and NPR (they love illegals) and those who watch CNN (the over-the-top clown Navarette is prominent on their site) to watch CNN instead of just because it’s on AGREEE WITH GEORGE BUUUUSH  (who they say they hate so much, then uhgree with on this and have the nerve to tell you you didn’t stand up to Bush even though actual conservatives stood up to him on his support for the third world invasion,  spending, and federal control of education (the Patriot Act is also quite evil) and stopped his am-nasty bill) that illegal aliens should be put over US citizens. It’s not most people though, sane Democrats cringe at MSNBC and the lib media and it’s true most Americans regardless of party want our laws enforced and our country maintained. 
    How can liberals claim Fox News is both “the pro-Bush channel” and “the anti-immigrant channel” at the same time? That’s like being the pro-Communism channel and the anti-Communism channel at the same time!

  • NPR is big on propagandizing for illegals upon my misfortunes watching it. They love talking about how they’re these poor victims, it’s rather sick.

  •  That’s a real shame. I remember when Gallup used to be reliable.