State ID Laws: 10 Million Hispanic Voters Could Be Affected, Study Says

Warren Richey, Christian Science Monitor, September 24, 2012

New restrictive voting laws in 23 states could make it more difficult for a significant number of Latino voters to cast ballots in the November presidential election, according to a new study released on Monday.

Voter ID laws, tougher voter registration requirements, and efforts by state officials to remove noncitizens from their voter rolls could intimidate or deter many Latinos from exercising their right to vote, the report says.

The study, produced by the civil rights group Advancement Project, says there are more than 10 million eligible Latino voters “who could be deterred or prevented from voting in the 2012 elections” because of new voting laws enacted or proposed in 23 states.

The new measures include a photo ID law currently under court review in PennsylvaniaFlorida and Colorado are cited for attempting to remove noncitizens from their voter rolls by comparing information from the state’s driver’s license database with information in a federal immigration database.


{snip} The report is entitled: “Segregating American Citizenship: Latino Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012.”

“Voter suppression laws and policies threaten to relegate eligible Latino voters to second-class citizenship and impede their ability to participate fully in American democracy,” the report says. “Like African-Americans, Latinos have experienced decreased access and correspondingly lower levels of voter registration and participation than non-Hispanic whites.”


State officials have defended their new voting laws as legitimate efforts to fortify the election process against fraud. They say photo ID is necessary to travel by jetliner or enter a federal office building. The security of voting is no less important, they say.


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  • razorrare

    Translation…like African-Americans, Latino voters are to ‘expletive’ stupid to know how to get an I.D.

  • jedsrael

    Do any of us really belive that SCOTUS doesn’t to a man believe that the transformation of America is “taking too long” and won’t throw the election to Obama based on forced counting of the Amnesty votes?

    SCOTUS gave us Brown v. Board, so they will give us to the Mexicans and then to the Muslims.

  • Puggg

    If they are naturalized, then they have proof of citizenship.

    New York Times is worried about how easy it is to get fake IDs.  Why bother worrying, when photo ID is racist anyway?

  • The__Bobster

    “Proof of citizenship…imposes onerous and sometimes expensive documentation requirements”? It’s not hard to prove citizenship. In fact, for naturalized citizens, it should be very easy to prove citizenship, they have a recent paper trail to prove it.

    Nine states have passed restrictive photo identification laws that impose costs in time and money for millions of Latinos who are citizens but do not yet have the required identification, it said.

    If they are citizens then they have to have identification.

    • pillowman

      In MD, my Fiancé was turned down by the MVA to get a proper license because she was missing a stamp on her passport as she’s a White female from South Africa. At the same time a latino male was asked to show two cell phone bills with the same name and address and was promptly motioned to the picture booth. We were told we would have to drive to Baltimore to the INS office to receive and pay for the required stamp. I asked if I could paint her face with brown shoe polish and bring all of our cell phone bills and we were threatened to be removed by the good ole MD state troopers.

      • CoweringCoward

         Amen bro, went through all kinds of crap with the Thai wife, always seeing “latinos” waved around the rigamaroe!

  • Why would removing non-citizens from voter rolls deter Hispanics from voting, unless of course those planning to vote were non-citizens.

  • IstvanIN

    If they can get a driver’s license they can get a voter ID.  If they can not get a DL they probably shouldn’t be voting.

  • The “10 million” figure is baseless hypberbole.

    As I always say, there is no legitimate reason to oppose voter ID laws.

  • NM156

    Slap a liberal in the face…today! Why argue?

  • “Like African-Americans, Latinos have experienced decreased access and correspondingly lower levels of voter registration and participation than non-Hispanic whites.”

    The only reasons I can think of why Africans or Latinos might experience decreased access to anything is due to two reasons: ignorance, and/or laziness. I’ll consider a third possibility of “apathy” whereby since they don’t derive an immediate benefit or result from something they have no interest in its future outcome.

  • They weren’t going to vote anyway, unless the polling place was next to the liquor store.

    • CoweringCoward

       Or the taqueria rather.

  • since when do illegal immigrants have the right to vote ?

  • NorthernWind

    Here in Canada you have to be on the “list” and when you appear to vote (at a specific polling station which you are informed of a couple of week prior to the election) they ask you for your name and address and then require you to present a valid, government issued, photo ID (passports and some other govt issued documents are also accepted). Then you can vote. If you aren’t on the list, show up at the wrong location, or cannot produce an ID then you can’t vote.

    In the U.S. “civil rights” groups are fighting against vote ID and such because they want to perpetuate voter fraud. They want dead people and non-citizens to vote in order to ensure a second Obama term. Clearly, these “civil rights” groups are manipulating the people they claim to represent. In Canada we haven’t such any such complaints by Africans, Muslims, Natives, or other because we don’t have any “civil rights” groups actively making a ruckus.

  • Ten million hispanics? Hmm…that’s pretty darn close to that “12 million” figure our
    government has been using for the past 10 years when estimating the number of
    illegal invaders ( how many of those 12 million illegal invaders are hispanic)
    currently squatting on our soil.

    I am sure there is no

  • Jeremy Johnson

    People should have to pass some sort of intelligent or civics test before they’re allowed to vote.  It’s absurd and downright scary that the vote of a moron pothead on welfare with an IQ of 70 counts the same amount as an airline captain’s with a 130 IQ.  Oh, wait, that would be ‘racist’, since certain ethnicities have lower IQ’s than others.  And we wouldn’t want common sense to get in the way of the current anti-racism crusade of the state religion of multiculturalism.