The Great Remigration

Daniel Disalvo, City Journal, Summer 2012

A century ago, nine out of ten black Americans lived in the South, primarily in formerly Confederate states where segregation reigned. Then, in the 1920s, blacks began heading north, both to escape the racism of Jim Crow and to seek work as southern agriculture grew increasingly mechanized. “From World War I to the 1970s, some six million black Americans fled the American South for an uncertain existence in the urban North and West,” writes journalist Isabel Wilkerson, the author of The Warmth of Other Suns. {snip}

More recently, however, the Great Migration has reversed itself, with blacks returning to the South. In a broad sense, this reversal fits within a larger demographic shift among Americans in general, who are moving from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt. But the new black migration is nevertheless significant: not only could it portend major changes to the nation’s politics; it also testifies to the liberal North’s failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream. As the historian Walter Russell Mead has observed, that failure is “the most devastating possible indictment of the 20th century liberal enterprise in the United States.”

{snip} Today, 57 percent of American blacks live in the South—the highest percentage in a half-century.


Four factors help explain the Great Remigration. The first, and arguably most important, is the push and pull of job markets. States in the Northeast and on the West Coast, where liberalism has been strongest, tend to have powerful public-sector unions, high taxes, and heavy regulations, which translate into fewer private-sector jobs. In southern locales, where taxes are lower and regulations lighter, employment has grown faster; the fastest-growing cities for job creation between 2000 and 2010 were Austin, Raleigh, San Antonio, Houston, Charlotte, and Oklahoma City. {snip}

The second reason for blacks’ southward migration is the North’s higher housing prices and tax rates. {snip}

Third, high taxes in northern cities don’t always translate into effective public services. Public schools are a prime example: though class sizes have shrunk and average per-pupil spending has increased markedly over the last three decades, schools with large black populations continue to perform poorly. {snip}

Finally, many of the blacks moving to the South are retirees who, like other older Americans, are seeking places with better weather. {snip}

The political consequences of that summons may soon become apparent—though not in the North, where those left out of the middle-class expansion will remain and where the traditional liberal solutions to social problems will doubtless continue to be peddled. In the South, however, as the shared experience of discrimination abates and as more middle-class blacks succeed, the gap between the reality of their lives and the old political rhetoric may become too wide to ignore. “In neighborhoods offering the resources and opportunities that facilitate future socioeconomic mobility,” writes Harvard political scientist Claudine Gay, “the likelihood of believing that one’s fate is closely linked to the fate of blacks as a group declines, and pessimism about the severity of antiblack discrimination recedes.”

At the moment, black Americans are among the most reliable Democratic voters. As a group, they constituted 13 percent of the electorate and approached unanimity (95 percent) in voting for Barack Obama in 2008. As they move south and presumably bring their liberalism with them, they may help shift the political balance of power in these conservative states. Alternatively, as they move to states with better business climates, they may see their upwardly mobile and business-friendly attitudes reinforced. They may then slowly shift to the right, even if they remain Democrats.


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  •  “As a group, they constituted 13 percent of the electorate and approached unanimity (95 percent) in voting for Barack Obama in 2008. ”

    That is not “approaching” unanimity, that is unanimity.

    • IstvanIN

       But not racism!

      • jedsrael

        “As they move south and presumably bring their liberalism with them, they may help shift the political balance of power in these conservative states.”

        We err when we think of blacks as liberals. They are racial fascists who use the power of the centralized Fed. Govt. to advance their own racial progress.   We call them liberals because they support big govt., but they use govt. for extremely conservative ends.

        Whites who use govt. to hurt other Whites are liberals.

  • crystal evans

    Many of the upper income blacks are leaving the north for the south. In the south, the cost of living is a lot lower and they can afford a bigger house than they can up north. Also the south is more of a friendlier climate for business than in many states of the north. Before moving down south, many of them lived in predominately white communities where they had access to malls, nice restaurants, nice shops etc. In high income black areas in Atlanta, this is not the case. Many of them have to go into other areas to go to a movie, have a nice dinner or go shopping.

    • MikeofAges

       Also, in the end the cold North is the cold North and the warm South is the warm South.  This is geophysical nature, not even biological nature. Those who do not want to conform to the ascetic character of Northern life will not adapt even if they succeed. And certainly not, if they do not succeed.

    • blight14

       I hope you’ll understand that I don’t want ANY of them moving to my neighborhood, regardless of their financial status…..

  • Hirschibold

    I don’t know too much about global warming, but most projections hold that the ice caps melting means a rise in sea level of three feet, which means ultimately that large portions of the United States’ eastern seaboard will be underwater by 2100. So it seems that most of the land which would serve as the capital for a Balkanized black homeland would be underwater. This is bad news, as we all know that black people are generally less than proficient at swimming.

     Oh well, I wish them the best of luck when Atlanta has become Atlantis, and my great-grandchildren are hunting deer in the great Northwest.

    • The__Bobster

      No, the original scare estimate of 17-20 feet was revised downwards to 9 inches a few years ago by the warmers themselves.

      And do you really believe that most of the U.S.  is less than three feet above sea level?

      • Hirschibold

        You don’t seem to understand the effect of a global change in sea levels. If you want to believe the same Neocons who are beholden to the Israel lobby pay their stooges to say on the subject of climate change, be my guest. You might also want to ask cattle ranchers on the plains how they’re doing this year, or how goes the barge traffic along the Mississippi this year.

    •  Global Warming! LOL, what’s next a thread on the imminent return of Planet X?

      • Hirschibold

         Southern California? I guarantee you’ll stop LOL-ing long before I do.

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      Been meaning to ask, if I may: why Leavenworth?

      • Hirschibold

         You mean the prison Leavenworth? The USD Barracks or the Federal institution? Sorry if I don’t get the question.

        • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

          I’m sorry, I thought you said you were going to be moving to Leavenworth, WA.  I live in western WA and was just wondering what draws a person there from out-of-state, especially someone who frequents a site like AmRen, seeing as how the whole of Central Washington has been all but ceded to the Mexicans. 

          • Hirschibold

            Leavenworth is as close as I can get to Deutschland in the states. It’s patterned on a Bavarian village. Yes, there are obstructionist, critical legal theory harpies crawling in those mountains and valleys, as Thras the Blogger has highlighted here:


            Besides, whatever happened to Bob Mathews, Harold Covington, The Northwest Imperative, etc? You’re saying it’s basically southern California in Washington now? What about Montana?

          • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

            Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful area.  I can’t imagine there’s much work, unless you have that figured out already.  Leavenworth is a bit of a tourist trap for locals and foreigners, picks up in the winter when SWPLs from the wet side of the state drive over to see the snow on the quaint Bavarian buildings, heavy during the summer months as well because the area is a mecca for outdoor recreation.  Expect to see a few tour buses full of Asian tourists every weekend.

            The valleys of Chelan County and plateau east of the Columbia River are heavy agricultural areas.  Lots of fruit, wine, and wheat production, and you know what (or who) that means.  My grandparents used to host at Lincoln Rock State Park north of Wenatchee and they told me the parks locked up the bathrooms because of the lovely cultural quirk of depositing used toilet paper in the wastebaskets instead of the toilet.  So the diversity started just using the bushes outside the doors.

            Leavenworth is probably 90% white or better, but the county is officially 20% hispanic.  Go there during the fruit harvest and you’ll think this is grossly underestimated.

            Wikipedia says just about all of the surrounding counties are 20% hispanic or more.  Yakima (Yakapulco) County is one-in-three.  And that’s Census data, so you know it’s low-balled. 

            That’s Central Washington for you.  If you never leave the mountains, you’ll think you’re in a white paradise.  But you’re never very far from La Raza over there, and it gets worse every year.

            Lived in Washington all my life, and if I can ever convince the wife to leave the People’s Republic of Seattle I won’t even think of stopping until I hit Coeur d’Alene. 

  • Ulick

    “it also testifies to the liberal North’s failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream”

    Yes, and England’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And Ireland’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And Scandinavia’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And South Africa’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And Australia’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And China’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And Israel’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And South America’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.

    And North Africa’s  failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream

    I’m noticing a trend here and it has nothing to do with the northern United States or even liberalism.  I’ve noticed that no matter where you go in the world; no matter what type of government; no matter whether the dominant class is white, Asian, Hispanic, or Arab — the poor and violent underclass will be disproportionately black, and an alarming rate of that country’s black population will be part of the underclass.

    It’s as sure as the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening.

  • jedsrael

    Author says it is cities’ fault that blacks aren’t integrated,

    which means author is fully up to date on the anti White flight movement. 

    It’s a trend in academia and government policy enforcement, especially at the HUD, where “too White” cities are sued for “not reflecting Diversity”.  Plaintiffs are state legislative black caucuses (even though “race doesn’t exit”) and local Civil Rights icons and legends who never “take a stand against” black crime.

    Read White Flight by Kruse, and learn that black dysfunction is cause ONLY by evil Whites who “abandoned the public space” when blacks moved in.

    The Universal Mantra:

    Evil Whites Always Hurt Innocent (all) Blacks; Good (atoning) Whites Must “Do More” For Blacks.

    • “If your White daughter isn’t dating a nasty diversity buck, you have more soul searching to do.”

      Rev.DeValleyism 2012

      • jedsrael

        The Rev. Jed just came out of the Whites Only prayer session and saith: Thou Shalt Be Exactitude In My Name.

        “If your White daughters isn’t dating a buck nasty Diversity, you have more soul searching to do.”

  • “Alternatively, as they move to states with better business climates,
    they may see their upwardly mobile and business-friendly attitudes
    reinforced. They may then slowly shift to the right, even if they remain
    Democrats. ”

    Please tell me I’m reading an opinion piece from the “Onion” and it’s April 1.  This man is the first English language author to EVER suggest that Blacks have “business-friendly attitudes” unless you consider agitating for racial discrimination business friendly.  It’s kind of funny that the author cites states with LOW taxes and weak union power (RED RACIST STATES) as having better business climates.  Yet these were the same states that the blacks FLED in huge numbers for “better opportunities” and to escape the legacy of Jim Crow segregation!  I just laugh at everything now.  I was in a busy business district the other day when they announced QE3 on the TV and i just laughed at the top of my lungs while everyone looked at me like I was the crazy one.

    • If I don’t laugh I will surely break down and cry. There is a feces
      storm of colossal proportions on the horizon, and very few seem to be

      As I went into the gas mart the other day, I noticed a big sign on
      the door that said “EBT DOWN” in big bold letters. I asked the gal
      behind the counter, ‘do people get mad at you about that?’ and she said
      “You wouldn’t believe how many people freak out! More than one person
      has actually thrown items at me”. This is in a small town that is 85%
      White 13% Hispanic and 2% other. When EBT, welfare, or any other
      government assistance program finally cuts benefits, the USA will be in
      for one monstrous wake up call. QE3 will help make the bene’s near
      worthless anyway. Inflation is already creeping forward.

      Hold on tight, these coming years will be interesting.

  • Blacks just need to give up on whites and cut them off.

  • Defiant White

    With so many of them on welfare and other gubmint gibbsme, they can pretty much go wherever they want, can’t they?   Like their jungle ancestors, they move to whatever tree has the most low hanging fruit. 

    But I think the climate has a lot to do with it.  Why freeze while drinking your fotys in a small tenement when you can hang out on a Georgia porch and drink all night?  I never saw a black handle the cold well.  They start shivering like an unbalanced washing machine and the snot runs out their noses like a running faucet.  These are warm weather creatures.

    • IstvanIN

       Don’t ever let them control the heat or AC at work.  Their idea of room temperature, inside, is 80.  They don’t care how stuffy the office is, they have to wear sweaters.

      • crystal evans

        My husband worked in a hospital ward with 2 subsaharan African nurses who always set the thermostat to 80 plus. He told me I guess they wanted it to be as hot as it was in their country.

      I wish it was that straight forward.
      Having grown up in Buffalo, blacks don’t show any inclination to leave the cold.
      The one good thing about colder climes is that during the winter months, you don’t have to deal with idling blacks hanging out on the street.
      The really bizarre issue is Puerto Ricans. Why do they leave their island paradise to live in Buffalo?
      The answer is that New York is a generous welfare state. These people will suffer through a Buffalo winter as long as the government benefits keep flowing.

  • APaige

    The ‘third’ reason says it all. Higher taxes (money stolen from whites) have failed to improve public services. (for blacks) As an example, public schools: “though class sizes have shrunk and average per-pupil spending has increased markedly over the last three decades, schools with large black populations continue to perform poorly. Sooooo all liberal solutions (class size, more money, etc.) have failed….to educate blacks. Will the South be able to perform that miracle? (No)

    • Ed_NY

      Look at Kansas City, MO.  They have raised taxes on the White tax payers.  They spent billions trying to educate the black tax consumers and believe it or not, they failed!  I see a pattern here.   Spending money trying to educate blacks always ends in failure.  What a waste.  When will the majority learn?

  • libertarian1234

    I can’t help but note how much hand wringing goes on over blacks when they make up just a little under 13% of the population. 

    They’re the empire’s most privileged subjects.  And the reason they are is because they have no reservations about burning down their neighborhoods, which terrifies the powers that be. 

    This a good lesson for the rest of the citizens.  If you are willing to resort to non-stop violence, you can get almost anything you want in this country.

    And, even the police will have more respect for you.

    Whites are not respected and are used as the nation’s door mat, because they’re not inclined to break the law.

    • IstvanIN

      I agree with you, which leads me to the question: since whites are both more productive and easier to control than blacks, why do our betters import so many black Africans?  I know the end goal is genocide of whites, but if you wanted a people to control aren’t we the better choice?

  • Why is this a failure of Whites?

    Why is nothing ever a failure of blacks??

    Reason (implicitly admitted):  Whites are superior and more capable and therefore should be responsible for making everything ‘right’.

    Blacks are NOT capable and so nothing is their responsibility.

  • dukem1

     Keep hitting me on the head!!!  It feels so good when you stop!!

  • SirMarlowe

    When the Negroes started migrating to the northern cities in large numbers in the 40s, and 50s, the economy was booming; the automobile industry was the core of the economy. The northern cities were thriving: prosperous, safe, and well organized. The White Northerners, whether descendents of the British or second or third generation European ethnics (Germans, Italians, Scandinavians, Poles, Ukrainians, etc.) had very little experience with Negroes; when the Northerners found out that Negroes were loud, unruly, aggressive and violent, the Northerners gave them a wide berth.
    Whereas there was an established structure in the Southern states, i.e., de facto segregation, there was no established structure in the north. The Yankees did not know how to deal with the Negroes, so their inclination was to move away; this was the birth of White flight.
    White flight meant that the Negroes eventually took over such cities as Detroit, Gary, Indiana, Cleveland, Ohio, and others. The Negroes were left to their own devices and have proven to be not capable of running the cities that they have taken over.
    In order to escape these chaotic Negro-dominated cities, many contemporary Negroes are left with the choice of moving out to the suburbs to live with White ethnics and others who do not want them, staying in cities that have been fully destroyed by themselves and their Negro Brethren, or moving South where there is still some semblance of the structure that existed when they or their parents of grandparents migrated north.
    In short, the Negroes migrated to the north into cities that were well-organized, safe, and prosperous; it took them roughly 50 years to destroy these cities and, now that these cities are veritable unlivable hell-holes of crime, violence, drugs, and general destitution, many of the Negroes who are able want to get as far away from them as possible.
    Now that they have their freedom, and southern Whites are no longer allowed to keep the Negroes in line, how long will it take the Negroes to fully destroy the southern cities?

  • JDInSanDiego

    Blacks are moving to the south to be around blacks.

  • MikeofAges

    OMG, can’t anyone give blacks credit for failing at anything, as in, in large numbers, failing to adapt to Northern conditions of life. How many generations have to go by before you stop blaming whitey for this circumstance? For that matter, some white Southern migrants to the North have failed to adapt well. People have characteristics, both genetic and cultural. Both of these persist, the genetic for genetic reasons and the cultural for reasons which are both psychosocial and, well, cultural.

  • KenelmDigby

    I have always thought that American blacks should have been confined to a ‘Pale of Settlement’ -(such arrangements were used in variious European nations in the middle ages) – the Pale of Settlement being comprised of the former slave states of the south and east of the USA.

  • Link to the original article is missing. 

  • potato78
  • scutum

    Let me see if I can rebut the premises of this article.

    1) Most blacks came North during both wars to work in defense plants. My parents liver in Oakland CA just prior to WWII and it was lily white.

    2) Housing prices in white neighborhoods are higher because all of the working class neighborhoods have been integrated and ruined.

    3) Inner city schools are not under performing because of racism, not enough funds or poor teachers. You cannot teach someone who doesn’t have the motivation or intellect to necessary to succeed academically.

    4) Blacks are moving South as they retire to get away from the terrible neighborhoods they have created in most Northen cities.

    5) Blacks will never vote for a conservative party; they will always vote for the party of Gibs Me Dat.

    * The majority of the public was against entering both World Wars. In fact Woodrow Wilson ran on a plank declaring American boys would never be sent to fight in Europe. As usual the elites completely ignored the wishes of the vast majority of the American people, just as they are doing now.

  • JackKrak

    Sorry, I will never believe that the “push and pull of the job market” has ANYTHING to do with where blacks live.

    •  Push over, hinkey….pull your mama over here, cracker…Dat ma’ket be mine now.

  • Ed_NY

    Like someone once said, “minorities seldom agree, except in their efforts to reduce and oppress the majority”.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    What could be the problem, blacks have a huge sense of community and are very law abiding?
    Take note of the stock photo accompaning this story.

    “Shawnte Alexander, 26, of San Francisco, was allegedly driving a 1992 Lexus SC300 south on the Golden Gate bridge when the vehicle struck the buffer and came to a stop at the toll plaza, CHP officials said….Officers determined that Alexander had been driving under the influence of alcohol and arrested her. While trying to get her into a patrol car, a CHP officer was kicked in the face by Alexander, who also spit and thrashed around and had to be restrained, according to the CHP.”

  • MikeofAges

    “Credit for failing” is a strange concept. But failure is human. You have to credit people for having that capacity. If you don’t, you understand nothing about others and you might be keeping them from understanding themselves as well.

  • anarchyst

    For those that promote the idea that the “greatest generation” ( those who lived during WW2) were that “great”, I beg to differ.
    It was the “greatest generation” that brought us the “civil rights (for some”) laws, affirmative action, quotas and set-asides for minorities and women, thereby shutting out white males from honest social competition in contracts, job opportunities and other desired areas.
    No, the “greatest generation” was not that “great” . . .  white males are paying for their political and social decisions (and will continue to pay dearly). . .

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    why do we always have to integrate?

    Why don’t all these people move into black ghettos?