Man Is Accused of Jihadist Plot to Bomb a Bar in Chicago

Michael Schwirtz and Marc Santora, New York Times, September 15, 2012

An 18-year-old suburban Chicago man, who the authorities say was enamored with Osama bin Laden and intent on killing Americans, has been arrested after attempting to detonate what he thought was a car bomb outside a Chicago bar, officials said Saturday.

There was never any danger that the suspect, Adel Daoud, would actually detonate a bomb. The plot, which ended with Mr. Daoud’s arrest on Friday, was proposed by undercover F.B.I. agents posing as extremists, according to a statement released by the United States attorney’s office in the Northern District of Illinois.

Mr. Daoud, a United States citizen who lives in Hillside, Ill., on the outskirts of Chicago, has been under surveillance for months, and in multiple conversations with agents expressed a desire to kill on a mass scale as revenge for what he believed was the persecution of Muslims by the United States, according to court papers.\


Mr. Daoud’s older brother, Amr, 21, said he and his family were surprised by the arrest. He described his brother as a devout Muslim who would go to mosque for prayers with their father every day at 4 a.m. He said that their parents had come to the United States from Egypt, but that neither they nor his two sisters were as religious.


“He’s a very peaceful guy; I never even knew him to be violent,” said Amr Daoud, a cigar salesman. “One time he got punched in school and he didn’t do anything. He’s a very passive person.”


About 7:15 p.m. on Friday, Mr. Daoud met with the undercover agent in Villa Park, another Chicago suburb, and they drove together to downtown Chicago, the statement said. During the drive, Mr. Daoud prayed that the attack would cause destruction and leave many people dead, according to the statement.

Once in Chicago, Mr. Daoud and the agent changed vehicles, taking a Jeep containing the fake explosive device and parking it in front of a downtown bar, officials said. Mr. Daoud then walked about a block into an alley, where he tried to activate the fake bomb by pressing a triggering mechanism. He was then arrested.



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  • Puggg

    This may have been for real. But I get suspicious every time I read “conspiracy” and “undercover.” I will reserve judgment until the actual trial.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, it looks like the FBI goaded him into it.

      • IstvanIN

         Is it just me or does the Federal government seem, more and more, to be into entrapment?  I am against Muslim immigration in any way, shape or form, but I also believe in justice and fairness.  The feds scare me.

        •  This is in NO way entrapment.  Nobody forced the poor little Muslim to attempt to blow up a Chicago bar.  This is no different than when the police leave an unlocked car in a bad neighborhood and then wire it up with surveillance equipment.

          • Puggg

            If the reality is as this story states, you’re probably right. But whenever I read “conspiracy” and “undercover,” I always think of Hutaree and Randy Weaver. I read somewhere else that another Muslim “plot,” the Liberty City 7, involved Miami-based Haitian Muslims (?) “conspiring” to blow up the Sears Tower when they didn’t know what city the Sears Tower is in.

          • SLCain

            No, it is exactly entrapment.  They induced him to commit a crime he otherwise would not of.  Actually, they didn’t even induce him to commit a crime – they induced him to commit a simulated crime.  How long will it be before the FBI starts using tactics like this against us?   Ask Randy Weaver.

            The solution to problems like this 18 year old egyptian miscreant is to not let him in to our country in the first place, not to cheer on the FBI in their now decades-long campaign of appearing to fight crime.

          •  n criminal law, entrapment is conduct by a law enforcement agent
            inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise
            have been unlikely to commit.[1]
            In many jurisdictions, entrapment is a possible defense against
            criminal liability. However, there is no entrapment where a person is
            ready and willing to break the law and the government agents merely
            provide what appears to be a favorable opportunity for the person to
            commit the crime. For example, it is not entrapment for a government
            agent to pretend to be someone else and to offer, either directly or
            through an informant or other decoy, to engage in an unlawful transaction with the person (see sting operation).
            So, a person would not be a victim of entrapment if the person was
            ready, willing and able to commit the crime charged in the indictment
            whenever opportunity was afforded, and that government officers or their
            agents did no more than offer an opportunity.

          • Major

            “They induced him to commit a crime he otherwise would not of.”

            You mean their Hadiths and Quran didn’t order him to do it? How refreshing.

          • SLCain

             “”They induced him to commit a crime he otherwise would not of.”

            “You mean their Hadiths and Quran didn’t order him to do it? How refreshing.”

            He would have not have committed THAT crime.  Perhaps he would have committed a crime on his own account someday – probably not blowing up a bar.

            This is all beside the point – which option is better?  1.) Not letting muslims immigrate, or 2.) Letting them immigrate, then  – playing on their hatred of us – inducing them to commit fake crimes, for which they will be imprisoned for the rest of their lives at our expense.

            And whatever tactics the FBI comes to employ against muslims (actually, they wouldn’t even say it was against muslims, just against “terrorists”) they will eventually see fit to employ against us.  Any number of things written on this blog – just the writing of them, I mean – could very likely someday be called crimes.  Do any of you want to get locked away because you felt compelled to write a rejoinder to some government snitch trolling this board?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “Mr. Daoud, a United States citizen who lives in Hillside, Ill.”
    “He said that their parents had come to the United States from Egypt.”
    “….was enamored with Osama bin Laden and intent on killing Americans,”

    Yet we still allow these people to become citizens in OUR country that THEY hate. Someone please explain to me how this type of immigrant is a benefit to America?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “Someone please explain to me how this type of immigrant is a benefit to America?”

      I feel the same way…about 0bama!!

      Let’s see — America hater, budding Chicago “activist,” muslim sympathizer — yeah, the boy bomber DOES have a lot in common with the American President!!

      I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

      Braaack Obama, Audacity of Hope, p. 261


  • Puggg

    Maybe Jared Taylor speaking in Australia had an effect.

    • IstvanIN

       nah….if they were serious they would bring bring back the white Australia policy and make swearing allegiance to the Queen mandatory for citizenship.  Neither is likely to happen.

  • Major

    “Diplomats are for resolving disputes among friends. War is for stopping scumbags from destroying civilizations. 

    Nukes are for making them stop anything they are planning and force them into survival mode. Ask the Japanese.

    If Julius Caesar, a softy (actually) had the choice of chopping off all the right hands of the Gauls (which he eventually did, against his own feelings) and nuking say, Lyon, I think he’da nuked Lyon.

    But he was a MAN! A smart man. A great man.Once one has proven that reason and kindness have no effect, the greatest brutality must be brought to bear.

    Pompey stopped the pirates of the Mediterranean for a thousand years, but it wasn’t pretty. Even Roman Senators were shocked by his methods.

    How does one deal with a brutal culture with nothing to lose? Turn Mecca and Medina to glass. Done. We cannot sit idly by and wait for Iran or some other Mad Mullah to get nukes…they will use them.If you agree that 911 was savage using civilian airliners as ICBM’s….you know that the savages will use nukes….once they get them.

    Does Obama make you feel safe? Do you think he’d retaliate forcefully?Look at this coward now….while our diplomats are killed…our troops killed by our “allies”….

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I want to get the most evil place.

    Well, that would either be the mayor’s office or Ayer’s place of business.


  • KenelmDigby

    That 1965 Kennedy Immigration Act was America’s destroyer.
    In saner times, Egyptians would simply have been unabashedly rejected out of hand, for settlement in the USA.
     How I wish we could return to sanity and honesty.

  • potato78

    “He’s a very peaceful guy; I never even knew him to be violent,” said
    Amr Daoud, a cigar salesman. “One time he got punched in school and he
    didn’t do anything. He’s a very passive person.”

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes, there’s more to this story, thanks to what the msm are and are not reporting:

    An attorney representing a suburban teen accused of a jihadi terror plot to blow up a downtown bar described him as “an immature 18-year-old.”

    Oh, in that case, it’s OK for him to attempt to blow up a bar full of people.

    During a brief appearance Monday, a boyish-faced Daoud. 

    How soon before the msm drag out a photo of a 10-year old Daoud to enhance their coming sob stories about him??

    During the court hearing on Monday, Daoud’s attorney, Thomas Durkin 

    Braak Obama has nominated Thomas Durkin for a Federal judgeship.

    Add to that: Adel Daoud graduated from the Islamic Foundation high school in Villa Park and attended prayers there.


  •  I would be a leftist if the Left actually was interested in punishing the bankers responsible for the crisis.  Turns out they just want to shake down GM for the diversities, and Luther Burbank for $450,000 for “community organizations”.

    I would be a leftist if the Left was actually interested in the white working class.  Turns out they only care about putting their precious diversities illegally here from Mexico in the front of the line.

    I would be a leftist if the Left actually cared about the environment.  Nope, their main concerns there are to make energy more expensive and suppress nuclear technology, in order to advance a sustainable green future of subsistence agriculture.

    Back when I believed that the Left actually cared about anything other than their hare-brained social engineering schemes, I called myself a leftist proudly.  It took me a while, but in the years since I left college, I realized that the Left doesn’t care about white people and our environment.

    So now I’m stuck telling people, I’m a rightist, but, I like conserving the environment, and I don’t like fat-cat bankers asking for government handouts when they gamble away their capital.

  • “suburban man”.  As if he’s a white American.

    Maybe it was agent provacateurs.  Either way, he has shown that he doesn’t want to live around Americans.  I don’t want him living in my country, either.  Go home, asshole.