Romney to Pledge to Fix Troubled U.S. Immigration System

Steve Holland, Reuters, September 17, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will pledge to Hispanics on Monday that if elected he will fix the troubled U.S. immigration system in an appeal to a rising voter bloc that overwhelmingly favors Democratic President Barack Obama.


Romney’s immigration remarks to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be aimed at shoring up a weakness in his candidacy: the fact that a huge majority of Hispanics support Obama.

“Americans may disagree about how to fix our immigration system, but I think we can all agree that it is broken,” Romney will say.

In excerpts of his speech released by his campaign, Romney did not get into the specifics of how he would patch up a deep divide between Democrats and Republicans on the approach to repairing the U.S. immigration system.


After promising during his 2008 campaign to take on the immigration issue, Obama never followed through, leading to disappointment among various Hispanic groups.

Romney will point to Obama’s inability to work on the problem as a failure.

“Candidate Obama said that one of his highest priorities would be to fix immigration in his first year in office. Despite his party having majorities in both houses of Congress, the president never even offered up a bill,” Romney will say.


Romney will vow to “work with Republicans and Democrats to permanently fix our immigration system,” while stressing that any plan must first ensure the integrity of U.S. borders—a problem on which the Obama administration says it has already made progress.

“I believe we can all agree that what we need are fair and enforceable immigration laws that will stem the flow of illegal immigration, while strengthening legal immigration,” Romney will say.


“While national unemployment is 8.1 percent, Hispanic unemployment is over 10 percent. Over two million more Hispanics are living in poverty today than the day President Obama took office,” Romney will say.


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  • Puggg

    The immigration system isn’t troubled, it’s unenforced.

    • crystal evans

      You are right. The immigration laws have not been enforced for years. The reason for this is that business are dependent upon cheap labor that illegal immigrants provide.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Few remember that in the last two years of the Bush administration, Republicans twice beat back the Bush-Kennedy-Democrat push for  “comprehensive immigration reform” (aka amnesty), Bush actually allowed a new head of ICE, Julie Myers,  to enforce U. S. immigration laws.

      One result was a series of dramatic work site raids with illegal aliens rounded up and deported.  And this was in the middle of the housing boom when demand for cheap illegal labor was still outstripping supply.

       Here is a Daily Kos sob  story about the stressful effects on illegal aliens of one of Julie Myers’ raids at Postville, Iowa:

      “For women . . . there was also the fear and confusion about the location of their sons and husbands. Some women went for days without knowing what had happened. As fear turned into confirmation that men were being held for deportation, women’s anxieties and stressers went up.”

      Naturally, one of President Obama’s first acts was to take the stress out of residing in the U. S. illegally.  

      • Julie Myers might have actually done good things while she was running ICE, but at the time Bush appointed her, she was a well known open borders advocate.  Claire McCaskill held up her nomination for a little while for that reason.  As time went on, though, McCaskill became open borders because Obama came into office, and she was an early endorser of Obama.

        Meanwhile, Claire McCaskill’s opponent has a lifetime grade of A+ from Numbers USA, and was one of the first to join Tom Tancredo’s immigration restriction caucus.  Yeah, I know, you’re getting tired of hearing me say it.

  • Andrew Lloyd

    That filthy traitor!  We expect this from Obama, but not from our own.  The fool will speed the destruction of his political party and the disenfranchisement of his people.  As we all know by now, only Whites vote Republican, and only Whites want a nation that resembles the historic America.  The minorites want something completely different.  In a previous era, they would string up a candidate such as this, and leave his body for the crows to feed upon.  Were it up to me, I would banish this dirty betrayer from the nation forever, put him on a driftwood raft far out to sea with a potato and hope for the best (that he met a miserable end).  There are no words harsh enough to describe this execrable human being.  

    • RisingReich

       I share your sentiment.  The more he talks, the less I like him, and I really didn’t like him to begin with.  Stupid dolt still believes he can ‘get the Hispanic vote’.
      He’s going to lose and deserves to.

      The reality of four Obama years looms large today.  Disturbing, discouraging, gut-wrenching – yes, but also a serious potential reality.

      November is just the beginning…

    • jedsrael

      We expect this from Obama, but not from our own.

      You are embarrassing yourself.   “Our own” are  african importers, abolitionists, emancipators, reconstructionists, integrationists, civil rightsists, affirmative actionists, multiculturalists, and interfaithists.Never expect anything but sadistic anti White privilege from “our own” when they get into power over us.

  • I can only name a few of the ancient Roman Emperors. There were some great ones, and then towards the end, you might as well have had a damp rag sitting on the throne. Reminds me of Romney. Kind of like with the Gilligan’s Island theme song in season 1 at the end where they rattle off the characters names and sing the “Movie star- and the rest.” Romney is the rest.

    • Epiminondas

      It’s worse than that, Darryl.  White nationalists and race realists have no one to vote for.  We would be better off going along with the Democrats to get the collapse underway more quickly.  

      • Americans are buying guns by the truckload, and the government is building bunkers and stockpiling ammo because this just isn’t sustainable. Any rational, honest human being, after running the numbers has to come to the conclusion that this experiment is over.
        Vote for Romney, vote for Obama- I agree it is a colossal waste of time either way, but if the Titanic is going down, I at least want a White captain at the wheel, call me sentimental.
        We survived the last great Depression because Whites were in the solid majority, and so many of them had farming skills. Today, with all of the non-whites used to being fed, with no self-sufficiency skills, the guns probably aren’t a bad idea. It’s really hard to see a happy ending here– am I missing something?

        • Puggg

          We survived the last Great Depression not only because whites were the obvious majority, but because blacks were still living under a system where a good hard whack in the skull would greet them with their first step out of line.  We don’t have the latter now, so imagine how rough the next GD will be.

  • Athling

    The first step to fixing immigration would be to return to the pre-1965 system. Can you imagine Romney publicly saying that?

    • crystal evans

      That would be awesome. What I would like to see is that the US change their focus from chain migration to skilled workers. Australia, for example has a list of skilled occupations where there is a shortage for workers, workers with the necessary skilled will have their skills accessed and if they meet muster, they are given a visa to immigrate.

      • The__Bobster

        Australia’s rules only apply to Whites, which is why the country is being flooded with violent turd world Muzzies and Zulus.

        • crystal evans

          Aren’t the Zulus and their ilk come in as refugees, not skilled workers. I am quite sure that Indians and other Asians have to meet the skilled worker test as well.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      More specifically we should return to the immigration system of 1954. 

  • Ulick

    “What we need are fair and enforceable immigration laws that will stem the flow of illegal immigration, while strengthening legal immigration,” Romney will say.

    Fair to whom?  This sounds like Romney wants to be “fair” (whatever that means) to foreigners.  Yet the only people that American politicians have a moral and Constitutional duty to be fair to are American citizens, and namely it’s historic citizens. 

    We mock black people who consistently vote for politicians who enrich themselves while doing nothing for their black constinuents.  We say, “Of course that black politician is going to be corrupt because his black constiuency doesn’t hold him accountable when he acts against their interests.” 

    Well, we white people aren’t much better.  We consistently elect white people who do nothing for white interests.  It’s increasingly looking like revolution will be the only option, but how can we count on white people who don’t have the fortitude to openly support white interests to actively revolt in favor of those interests?

    • RisingReich

       Hunger, my friend is required.  Everything will change when people start to get hungry.
      People still have too much to distract them.

       Until then, expect more of the same, unfortunately.

  • Athling

    If by “strengthening legal immigration” Romney means legally increasing Third World immigration then he is simply another clueless fool who doesn’t understand the problem — Third World immigration.

    • crystal evans

      The only way people from third world countries should be considered is if they have necessary skills that we have a shortage of in America. We have enough unskilled laborers and we do not need any more.

      • The__Bobster

        I wouldn’t even consider them then. It doesn’t take long to teach real Americans how to do a job.

        We don’t need more people, certainly not the low-IQ relatives who would follow them here.

        • crystal evans

          I agree with you that we should get rid of those visas that allow companies to bring in foreign workers when Americans who could do the job are out of work. I also believe that it is time we put a stop to chain migration. If new immigrants want to bring in their relatives, they need to meet a skills test as well.

  • crystal evans

    From what I have read, he had not given any proposals of his immigration plan. I am wondering if this is just talk to attract Hispanic voters.

    • Athling


      • jedsrael

        Hispanics may hate White Humanity, but I bet they hate blacks just as much as Asians and J-words do.

    • Epiminondas

      If Romney is trying to attract Hispanic voters, he’s even more of a fool than I thought.  They are NOT going to vote Republican above about 37%.  That’s it.

    • RisingReich

       Really stupid thing to do if that’s indeed what’s going on.
      As we all see here, all it does is further piss off and alienate voters who MIGHT actually vote for him.

  • jedsrael

    Evil: slowing down massive non white, anti White privilege immigrant swarms

    Good: wiping out White privilege through more massive non white immigrant swarms

    Romney: “What, me worry? My $200,000,000 assures generations of White privilege for my family. Too bad about yours- you should have worked harder.”

  • Unless the “fix” is to enforce it, I don’t want it “fixed”.  Remember what happened last time it was “fixed”?  25 years ago?  Yeah.

    Obviously there wasn’t strong enough enforcement attached to that “fix”.  We tried it their way 25 years ago, so can we try enforcing our  border, or can the Democrats admit that they want to give ballots and food stamps to aliens in exchange for votes?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    The make-or-break issue for patriots and for Hispanic ethnic warriors is whether or not the federal government will reward the 15 million or so illegal aliens in the U. S.  with a path to citizenship or legal status.

    The euphemism for  this is “comprehensive immigration reform.”  That’s President Obama’s goal and he makes no bones about it:

    “…we need comprehensive immigration reform. I’ve said it before. I will say it again. I will say it next week. And I’ll say it six months from now. We’ve got to have a system that makes sure that we . . . have a pathway for legal status for those who are living in the shadows right now.” (President Obama, press conference, June 29, 2011)

    So far Romney has never said anything remotely approaching that.  Considering the news media in America is wholly-owned by the enemy and would slaughter him with tearful woe-is-me illegal alien stories if he were to be so bold as to spell out a  strong enforcement agenda, this vagueness is understandable. America is almost under the full control of diversity totalitarians.  Let us be grateful we have a chance of electing someone to the office of the presidency who is much less likely to reward and embrace mass third world immigration and the loading up of the federal courts with hostile ethnic warriors than his opponent.

  • This is going to sound strange, but I say just open the borders wide with NO enforcement.  It’s not like we have anything to save now anyway.  Make U.S. citizens out of all the non-whites and get this train running off the cliff.  This will escalate civil unrest and completely destroy any semblance of a first world nation.  The sooner this happens the better because the whole system will collapse spectacularly.  Many people will die in the unrest, sure, but many will die anyway in the years to come.  When the crash happens and the Government is not there to feed the pet diversities, things will get crazy very quickly and the silly liberal whites will be wiped out or come running to us with their tails between their legs.

    • Epiminondas

      Any white  liberal running towards me under those conditions will be quickly shot.  You can’t reform these fools.

      • IstvanIN

         If we survive I hope that no pity is given to any Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, types or any member of their families.  I truly hope that their families suffer the way they want us to suffer.  The most innocent Kennedy must pay for what that family has done to us as an example.

        • There is no” innocent” Kennedy! Not one!

    • RisingReich

       “silly liberal whites will be wiped out or come running to us”….
      Traitors WILL NOT be forgotten, NOR WILL THEY be forgiven.

      These are the people primarily responsible for the destruction of this once great Nation, and they are responsible for our dispossession.

      I will take great pleasure in seeing that this group suffers mightily, if I’m given the chance.

    • NM156

      Yeah, your idea is strange all right…

  • Epiminondas

    What fools these Republicans be.  No matter how hard we try, we can’t get the liberal establishment to understand.  Those of you who think Romney will be an improvement over Obama are going to be in for a huge shock.  

    • Charlie Sheen would be an improvement over Obama.

  • JohnEngelman

    Immigration is not a problem that can be fixed in ways everyone will approve of. It is a controversy that can only be resolved in ways that will leave millions of Americans displeased with the resolution.
    According to a Gallup poll released June 7-19, 2012 42 percent of Americans want immigration to remain at its present level; 21 percent want immigration increased; 35 percent want it decreased. 

  • jedsrael

    Let’s play together with sexy headlines:

    Romney looks to shift direction of race  (Breitbart)

    “My plan is to help the middle class,” the Republican nominee says in a new TV ad in which he promises to cut the deficit, balance the budget, reduce spending and help small business. Also, he adds: “We’ll add 12 million new jobs in four years.”

    Romney looks to shift the direction of White race downward (AmRen)

    “My plan is to help the illegal alien class,” the Republican nominee says in a new TV ad in which he promises to cut White privilege, but increase it for his White family, balance the budget by cutting VA benefits to White vets, reduce spending on White advancement and hurt small business. Also, he adds: “We’ll add 12 million new Amnesty workers in four years.”

  • Guest

    Watch the way Romney tilts his head to the side when he makes a point that he wants you to interpret as kindness.

    He isn’t effeminite,  but he’s not tough and manly, either. He tries to come off as sweet and caring, and if he’s elected, THAT’S WHAT WILL DOOM US.

    • Dr. Möbias

      Is there an echo in here?

  • Guest

    Watch the way Romney tilts his head to the side when he makes a point that he wants you to interpret as kindness.

    He isn’t effeminite, but he’s not tough and manly, either. He tries to come off as sweet and caring, and if he’s elected, THAT’S WHAT WILL DOOM US.

  • jedsrael

    Watch the way Romney tilts his head to the side when he makes a point that he wants you to interpret as kindness.

    He isn’t effeminite, but he’s not tough and manly, either. He tries to come off as sweet and caring, and if he’s elected, THAT’S WHAT WILL DOOM US

    • Dr. Möbias

      Yes, I do believe there is an echo chamber here.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    It is a vile, despicable creature. It’s a politician. It will espouse virtually anything, claim virtually anything to everyone and have no compunction about it, including prostituting himself, his wife, his children, his mother and his dog, to get elected.

  • tickyul

    Never happen….I do not trust either party.

    One sign of a failed country……it can no longer truly fix any of its very pressing problems.

  • tickyul

    I agree….Romney is coming across as feckless and wimpy.

     The glassy-eyed followers of Osama will easily put him back into the Blackhouse…..for AT LEAST another 4 years.

  • JDInSanDiego

    “but I think we can all agree that it is broken,”
    I disagree.  We simply need to enforce our laws and cut off the benefits.

    “I believe we can all agree that what we need are fair and enforceable immigration laws”

    We already have them.

    • The part that’s “broken” is the wall that needs to be there.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    A slew ethnic warriors, all with life tenure, throughout the federal judiciary and constituting a majority on the Supreme Court.

  • Why is it than whenever politicians go before Hispanics, they must pander to them with
    promises to fix our “broken immigration system,” which we all know means giving
    amnesty to those who violated not only our immigration laws, but also sovereignty?
     No other group demands our immigration
    laws be thwarted in order to reward their illegal invading raza. When is enough
    going to be enough with this?

    The system is not “broken.” It’s simply not enforced.

  • I think he will propose the following: Have them register as guest-workers and give them some form of ID card with no privileges of voting or benefits. Anyone who refuses to register for a card is automatically ejected in the course of a stricter enforcement. Anyone who breaks another law, has a record, doesn’t have a job or erroneously used a SS card or collected benefits gets ejected.  Those remaining can apply for citizenship but only after paying a registration fee, a yearly renewal fee and getting to the back of the line. While not the perfect solution we would wish for, it seems to be the only political solution to soothe the masses enough to get him elected. It would probably reduce the current number of illegals by 50% over 4 years. It is far better than Obama or any other liberal legalizing all of them.

    • Andrew Lloyd

       The traitor’s plan might look something like that.  The problem with electing the traitor is that he will force many Republicans to work with him, to avoid making the party look like a FUBAR.  Thus, the traitor has a greater chance of passing his anti-White betrayal than an Obama administration would, especially since the Republicans will have at least one of the arms of Congress.  The best solution would be to have Obama trying for an amnesty, opposed by the Republicans, with an outcome of gridlock and nothing being passed.

      • Time and demographics are against an endless gridlock. The dregs are gaining in numbers and will vote themselves more benefits and programs. It’s already happening in California.

    • Beth

      Illegals break many laws such as drunk driving which is a huge problem with them.  Any illegal caught drunk driving should be kicked out.

  • mobilebay

    We’d better all deluge the RNC with our demands (yeah, we can demand too). Let them know that with over twenty million Americans unemployed, we don’t need legal immigration any more than we need
    illegal aliens here. How can any candidate speak out in favor of foreigners when we are hurting? I can’t understand the mindset of the candidates. We need people like Kris Kobach, Virgil Goode, Tom Tancredo, Joe Apario, Jan Brewer and anyone who puts Americans first and only!

  • JackKrak

    The only thing “broken” about the immigration system is that it lets in too many people.

    Seems like an easy thing to “fix”.

  • Unless  Hitler is reincarnated or some other leader with huge brass ones comes along, this is the current political reality. Not what we would wish for… but the probable outcome. Do you think any candidate would win by saying “Round them all up, men, women and children and deport them in rail cars back to Mexico?” It will never happen, not in our lifetime. Reality sometimes sucks.

  • The factthat he must pander to hispanics and make promises to fix a system that is not “broken” but unenforced shows how far we have fallen as a nation. The
    fact that any politician would meet with a group that is holding this country
    hostage in the name of their invading la raza is outrageous.  Moreover, exactly what have hispanics done to
    be elevated to leadership status in this country other than to break our laws,
    procreate recklessly and demand handouts!

  • Yes….no wonder illegal invading mexicans (we can say hispanics, but it’s primarily mexicans responsible for the invasion) walk around with sense of arrogance and bravado
    which is second to none. They have our White politicians groveling at their
    feet, telling them how important they are to America.

  • Puggg

    Where is there cheap lettuce?

    I’m making a rhetorical point here.

  • newscomments70

    And we pay for the public schools to teach them to hate us.

  • potato78

    “No Matter What, 47% of people, who never pay tax in this country, will vote for Obama.”

    Actually giving them hopes is not enough.  I would say: send them to
    some poor countries for some training and work, let they work their way
    back to US.  That is a real motivation and they will know how luck they
    were back in US. 

  • Sam

    He’ll fix it alright just like Reagan did. Give all the freeloaders amnesty.

  • We do not need any immigration, legal or not.