Posted on September 6, 2012

Open Racism? ‘Vote Black’ Buttons at Democratic Convention

Joe Newby, Examiner, September 6, 2012

A controversial button making its way around the Democratic convention says that “once you vote black, you never go back,” Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit on Wednesday.

The button is emblazoned with the familiar Obama logo and reads “Obama 2012.”

According to an article at the Atlantic, the button does not appear to be official merchandise.

“The sentiment is a little controversial — when I tweeted it Monday, some conservative tweeps were up in arms,” David A. Graham wrote at the Atlantic.

“Between booing God and open racism among the delegates, the Democrat Convention is self-destructing in the eyes of the nation, as we speak,” a post at the Baltimore Sun forum notes.


webpage that says it is not affiliated with the Obama campaign sells merchandise with the phrase on it.


The site sells t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers and buttons — all saying the same thing.