Posted on September 6, 2012

Mississippi NAACP Official Convicted for Casting Deceased’s Absentee Ballots

Tony Lee, Breitbart, September 5, 2012

A Mississippi NAACP executive is in jail after being convicted of voter fraud for fraudulently casting absentee ballots, including for four dead people.

Lessadolla Sowers, who is a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee, was convicted and sentenced in April for what a judge said were crimes that cut “against the fabric of our free society.”

Lessadolla Sowers

She was given a five-year sentence for each of the ten counts of voter fraud for which she was convicted, but the sentencing judge allowed her to serve the terms concurrently, according to the Tunica Times.

Matthew Vadum, author of Subversion, Inc., notes Sowers’s DNA was found on the inner seals of five envelopes that contained the absentee ballots, and liberal groups like the NAACP and ACORN have had a history of such shenanigans.

According to Vadum, the NAACP National Voter Fund has done everything from registering a dead man to vote in Ohio in 2004 to filling out fraudulent voter registration cards. In addition, ACORN, the community-organizing group Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe exposed aiding actors posing as sex traffickers, has had at least 54 people employed by or directly associated with the group convicted of voter fraud. {snip}